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It is Saturday morning. No school today.
Life is good with fuzzy kitties in my lap.
Last night was... odd. I don't remember an awful lot of it. I was so exhausted, mentally, that I shut down bits of myself here and there. When I relaxed, bits and pieces of it came back, but I never felt right.
Problem is... that's about the time I get the direct connection to by subconscious pixie self. I remember talking to Soreth about stuff, but not what about. I remember trying to force Soreth and Trillian to talk.. and, in the end, succeeding :)
I feel vaguely... wrong, disturbed... after experiences like that. It's like as if some totally different personality takes over for a night and then I come back to myself and I'm all "What the hell?"
And the images.
A torrent of images for about half an hour in the middle of a talk with Soreth. We were talking about magick and about seeing the future and I got a torrent of vivid images of possible futures.
*shakes his head and tries to clear the memories out, lest it happens again*

It snowed last night. In general, I don't like snow. That's because *I* am the one out there... walking/driving in it, shoveling/snow blowing it, trudging through it. And we do get alot of snow here in Buffalo. I must agree that a thin blanket of snow has a certain sort of allure, though. It does look pretty.

This month's TMBG Unlimited (which JUST came out apparently) is really amusing. Especially where they do "While My Guitair Gently Weeps" by the Beatles in their backwards voice. Ehehehehehe. It makes me want to go back and listen to their live versions of "The Joker" and "Yellow Submarine" again.

So... assuming the weather stays clear, we'll b going out to see the new version of "Ocean's 11" tonite. I cannae wait. I saw the original last week and it was cool, but now I wanna see them breaking into today's Las Vegas! :D

Not much else to say. Peace y'all!
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Lots of stuff to discuss.
I've been a busy busy boy. Final weeks are upon me. I had my first exam this morning, the evil Advanced Math one. For those like [ profile] mythagon.. you.. you.. MATH MAJORS, I HATE YOU ALL! Any of you who want to do Math full time. Math is EVIL!
At least Advanced Math was
PDEs and ODEs and Eigenvectors, o my!

So.. yesterday was weigh-in day. Boy, do I have a story about that! See, officially my weight is 264. Neither an increase or decrease. HOWEVER, before Sunday it was 260. I dunno why or what happened, but Saturday I was 260.5 and Sunday I was 264.5.. then 264 and today 263.
I wonder if it's because I've got a bug.

You wouldn't know about that. I have some sort of bug. I've been exhausted for three days straight (since Sunday), get nauseous when I move too much and am pissing like a river.
I had a similair bug last year.
It's not fun.
Not at all.

So, I've started work on my web page again. You can check what I've been up to HERE. As you can see, I've started more or less all over. I like what I've got so far :)

It's been a stressful day, between the test, trying to get hold of a dentist (I have a big ass crack in one of my teeth. I don't know WHERE it came from, but I know I gotta do something about it. Hopefully not including a drill!), finding out that my "dental coverage" is only good if I accidentally lose a tooth. (I hate having no dental.), getting some paper work I needed to get done done and gassing up my car and adding this stuff i got that's supposed to clean the engine out.

Speaking of the car, I got a new book: Car Repair for Dummies. While I don't plan on repairing it, it's got a lot of good stuff about maintence and what certain sounds and actions might mean. By the sounds of it, I may need to get my spark plugs looked at. Let's see how the engine cleaner works, tho.

What else?
A friend of mine said something that surprise me today. It's sort of two-fold. On one hand, he surprised me by telling me something I didn't know (then again, neither did he.) On the other, he surprised me by telling me that YET ANOTHER off-handed prediction was right.
It's kind of scary, but I do have a knack for predictions. Especially ones about personal relationships. I don't know why that's specifically so, but... *shrug*

Can't think of anything else I wanted to say. Talk to y'all later!
Ciao, babes
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The Maly Magick Survey

The basics -

Magickal Names (if any): LITE
Specific area of magical practice: Fate and Mind magicks
How long have you been practicing? About 7 years?

The totems -

Do you have any totems? Yep
Real animal totems:Wolf and Raven. Haven't looked lately so possibly some cat can be added to that as well. I should go and look.
Mythics: Pixies, sprites, Lepreachauns.. basically any of the faerie with playful natures
Do you have any familiars? If you mean familiar in the strictest sort of sense... maybe Friend Wolf. He's been known to come help as necessary. My cats sometimes get involved too, but rarely (But then I practice magick rarely nowadays). In a less than strict sense as I sense maly uses, I have a gaggle of pixies who follow me around. Or used to.. come to think of it, tho.. my shoes haven't "untied itself" or my Walkman wires "tied themselves" lately. I should check on that.
Own any images/statues IRL of your totems? Yep. Especially Wolves. No ravens, actually.. but Wolves and cats.

The gods -
Any heirarchy you particularly like? Nah. I rarely get involved with gods. I used to try to get into the celtic gods but it didn't work for me. Honestly, I believe in a vague undefinable sort of divinity prevalent in the entire matrix of the universe over specific characterizations of that divinity.
Name one god/goddess who you particularly like, and why? I've always liked the fool in all his various aspects.. Kokopelli, Friend Coyote, Loki, Eros... though the fool I particularly like is closest to Friend Coyote. Mischievious, fun-loving and all too human. The fool has a million faces (inlcuding ours). He/She often has really good intentions at heart that don't always work as well as he'd like. The fool, in my eyes, is a concentrated dose of what binds us all together.. humanity. Imperfect, often-well meaning and often misunderstood.

The other stuff -

Solo practicioner or groups? I used to do things in a sort of group. A few people I hung around with online and in real life who all seemed to be aimed at approximately the same goals (making life better for ourselves and our friends). In the end for various reasons it dissolved. I do magick by myself and, for the most part, by myself. But, as mentioned earlier, I rarely do magick nowadays. There's simply been no real need.
Favorite impliments/tools: My self. My ritual usually simply consists of me closing my eyes, clearing my thoughts and concentrating on what I need. If I feel like I need some psychic backup I break out my collection of gems. That's it.
Do you own any ritual clothing? What kind? I've got a purple ritual robe. I've never actually used it FOR ritual, tho. I've used it for halloween a couple times, tho :)
Do you believe in using magick in a negative fashion? No. There is never a good enough reason, in my book, to use magick for hate or anger. Never. The very worst you should do is sort of tug on the pants of Mommy and Daddy and say "Look! (Said mage) is being very bad and not using their divine powers properly! Punish him/her!" I don't need nor want the negative karma. I get enough from how I act without conisciously working magick on it.
Do you hate "them?" (the Christians): Which them? All Christians? Dear god no.. honestly I try very hard NOT to hate. But there are some people who just get down under the skin. Extremists are one of these people. It used to be the only extremists I hated most WERE Christians who were trying to save my soul for his lord Jesus Christ. I've since changed my mind. I hate Extremist Muslims more. The Extremist Christians may want to save my soul, but not by killing off 6,000 innocents.
Name the most magickal place you've ever been: There's a place to the South-West (?) of Buffalo in, i THINK, Cattaragus County. A mist filled valley surrounded on both sides by lush green hills. I don't know it's name.. but I've never experienced magick as strongly and... beautifully as I have there. So it was a double pleasure. It was beautiful eye candy and the magick was... nice. I also came home with half my gaggle of pixies from there. I sort of.. picked them up.
Who's the most magickal person you know? Magickal in what sense? Complexity of Soul? Strength of Power? I've met all sort of very magickal people. Some I respect because they've been able to keep the magick of youth alive in themselves, continuing to see the world with child-like glee. Some were strong in power and fearful in angrer. Some had souls like ice sculptures.. all different colours and pretty angles. I'm not sure how to answer this.
Is there any area of magick you'd like to learn more about? I'd like to learn more about divinity. I've dabbled into it, but not enough that I've been really happy with what I've been able to do.
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It's been a while since I've written again, I know...I'm a slacker or something...
So, what's going on in my life?
Well, I went to the Taste of Buffalo yesterday. Lots of fun. Blew $30 on it, but was stuffed all day and tasted a lot of great food from shrimp marinara to shephard's pie. It was lots and lots of fun :)
So, in other words.. I dunno if I'd call it a religious identity crises, but I'm seriously asking me if I'm really a witch. I don't do any ceremonies, though I do believe in the same beliefs as most modern wiccans. On the other hand, it seems like the ranks of wiccans are being filled with women sick to death of a patriarchal religion (mostly christianity) and seek not balance, but to find a women's only religion (which IMHO, is NOT what wicca is about..)
So, I keep asking myself what I wanna do. I considered Zen... and, though, I do like some of the Zen beliefs, I dislike their whole idea that to reach enlightenment you should give up your Self to become part of the cosmic whole. That once reaching Nirvana, you cease individuality and become part of the whole...Blah.
On the other hand, I just took This Test and was declared 100% Neo-Pagan based on my beliefs. Not necessarily Wiccan, though.. just Neo-Pagan. Hmm. I dunno.
Oh well... can't think of anything else spectacular. I'll just close this thing up.

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