Aug. 20th, 2012

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 Last weekend, K and I did date night: Burgers and Batman.

K's more of a Marvel Girl, but I think she has a soft spot for at least the newish Batman Trilogy. Actually, I guess I'd say the same about myself.. I prefer Marvel, but I always loved the Batman animated comics and have a soft spot in my head.. er.. sorry, a soft spot for Batman. ;)

The movie was intense! And good, but INTENSE! Not helped, I'm sure, that we decided to go see it on the IMax Theatre.

K gets out of the theater and says "Wow, I'm so full of adrenaline, I have no idea when I'll sleep." I blew her off because I felt fine.

Go home, pay the babysitter, get ready for bed, get into bed and.. nothing. Not tired.

I take half a Melatonin and go back to bed. Still nothing.

I get up, go into the computer room and, on a whim, I started watching a playthrough of Arkham City because I was kinda looking for a cool new game to get with birthday moneys and I only thought of that game when I got home.

I stayed awake past 1 AM. I, the guy who is usually asleep at 10 PM, could not sleep until 1:30 or 2:00. 

There's a moral to this story, regarding being careful what movies you watch in the IMAX theatre before bed.

Thankfully, the boy slept until 8:00 or so, so I could cope, even though I was tired.

Oh, and yes, I did get Arkham City. 

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