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So, we found out Wednesday Night, I guess, November 14, that Glitch was going down for good. I was all sorts of bummed, as I posted. Still am, because I really liked Glitch and I was really getting into the community, but.. at least the timing worked out.

I got paid on 11/15. WE got paid, both of us, on 11/15. We looked at our expenses for the month and it was agreed I could get *1* video game of my choosing.

So was it to be Guild Wars 2, which at least one friend was bummed to hear I didn't have yet, or Borderlands 2, which another friend is begging me to get. Decisions, Decisions.

Well, as you can guess by the title of the post, I got Guild Wars 2.

I've kinda been blown away by the game. I mean, the reviews have been uniformly positive, but.. wow.

Firstly, you can start with one of five different species of characters: Human, Charr, Asuran, Norn and Sylvan. Each Species has it's own.. starting story. Though they do end up converging to the same story relatively quickly.

You'll very quickly get pulled into a very busy world. There's always something going on, something to do. On one hand, you can (should) explore. There's plenty to explore. There's 26 HUGE areas. Inside the areas are people to help (always worthwhile), a butt ton of events going on, usually related to the story, or the people you're trying to help. And Dungeons a plenty. As far as exploration goes, there's Vistas too, places where you can look around and look at the gorgeous work the set designers have done.

Along the way, there's bits and pieces of your personal story to tell. Each race has it's own personal story, all of them meeting.. someplace past where I've been so far. :D

I always like games that continue to add content, preferably free content, along the way, and I came in at a good time to see that that ArenaNet is doing that, at the moment, and just released a new area/dungeon for High Level people. Which is nice.

Have I mentioned crafting? Not yet? Crafting is a huge part of this game, so far, with eight different crafting disciplines. You can make weapons, armor, food, jewelry, bags. Pretty much everything you might want in game. You can only have two craft disciplines at a time, but switching back and forth only costs money, which is pretty plentiful if you keep playing.

I really like this game. It's a well done game that keeps you engages and keeps you wanting to play.
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