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Two experiences, both similar and yet different, both I want to touch upon briefly.

First, I went to a Farmer's Market last night )

And then this morning I went shopping, looking only for Food. )
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I was talking last night to [ profile] salome190 over gtalk yesterday, throwing thoughts out and trying to put into words thoughts that were bouncing around my head. I feel like it's leading me to a new "Diet Manifesto", an updated and better version of what the C-C Diet was (though Erik and Igor wouldn't necessarily approve of this one and I wasn't posting it to their site ANYWAYS!)

More Food/Diet Stuff. Move on if you aren't interested. )
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Hopefully the tags WORK THIS TIME! If not.. oh well, I'll fix it from

It might surprise none of you that I'm back on the wagon. I'm feeling good
about it so far. K and I are trying to keep each other honest and doing
well, but whereas K might be "disappointed" if I don't do as well as I
could, I've got my friend Marie, from CC, also checking in once a day and
SHE will kick my butt if I don't keep going. Or worse, she'll mock me ;(

It probably won't surprise anyone that that bee in my bonnet, re: whole
foods is still very much there. I'd dearly like the chance to substitute
some of the stuff in my diet (and honestly, by and large, MY diet is pretty
decent in comparison to the average diet. We homecook (Making Split Pea Soup
Tonight! Mmm.. Good night for soup too, as it's still so freakin' COLD
out!). I eat a Salad with a Mix of different vegetables at least Five days
of Seven. All in all, my diet's pretty decent, though, honestly it could
clearly be better too.

So.. this weekend, K and I are going to hit a Farmer's Market that,
apparently, is open year-round in the parking lot of K's Church. And hope
we're lucky. Barring that, I go to the grocery store and take as much time
as I need to attempt to find the items closest to Food. It'd be nice to find
Bread, for example, without so many freakin' additives. Probably going to
ditch the Wegmans Super-Yogurt too. Dunno if I'll substitute for another
milk-product or not. Honestly, am not worried.

Not a whole lot else to say. Thank God it's Friday!
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I got interested in Food (I agree with Michael Pollan, by and large, that a great majority of the American Diet is not Food so much as Edible Food-like Substances. If your product has been processed beyond it's identity as plant or animal, than it's not Food, it's Modern Chemistry.) back when I started dieting. It was sort of a natural progression for me, from caring about what (and how much) I put into my stomach to caring about precisely what I put into my mouth.

Cut for Length )
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I've had a bee in my bonnet about the CSA K and I joined Sunday. The more I
read, the more certain I feel that we just took a great new step for us.

Cut belatedly because it's long )
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I'll admit that I struggled for a title to this post.

This morning I was pokin' around the internets when I saw a post from [ profile] chite who is a local friend. She had just signed up for a Share in a Local Farm Commune, Potomac Vegetable Farms that had a Farm sorta near our dance studio in Vienna.

Truth be told, K and I have been interested in being involved with a Farm commune for a while. There are lots of reasons why to get involved with a local farming commune. The first is taste. I, at least, have been big about trying to get local produce IN SEASON because it just TASTES better. Stuff picked early in Florida and shipped via various warehouses until it appears, looking ripe or almost ripe or even likely overripe in your local supermarket... Meh.

Nothing is as good as farm-fresh produce. That's why Farmer's Markets rock, by and large, because they bring in the local produce and they sell it, still ripe and delicious. Not freeze-dried and packed and yadda yadda.

The other problem at least the two of us have is.. we get stuck in ruts. What do you want to make today? I dunno. Feels like we've done our favorites til we're sick of 'em. I think we both have hopes that.. being presented with a pumpkin or a turnip will make us go "OK. Now we have this. What do do with it?" and being adventurous and stuff.

So I call K over it and we consider our options. And decide to just go for a Mini Share. (There are three Share Types.. a Regular Share is about 1/2 a bushel of fresh vegetables a week, a Mini Share is about half that. The other one, the Robust Share.. we're not doing anytime soon.) We might have been a Regular Share work for us, and then again, it might have been a few too many vegetables a week. We don't know yet. We don't really even have a good feel for how much food a 1/2 or 1/4 of bushel really IS and if we even have the room to STORE what we get.

All we know is.. starting the first week of June, we start getting 1/4 a bushel of FRESH locally-grown RIPE produce a week and we keep getting fresh ripe local vegetables for 24 weeks, til the first week of November. And a loaf of fresh homemade bread from Mid September through the first week of November (because we wanted to try it.)

Grocery Shopping and Cooking won't be the same for those 24 weeks. What will we ever do? ;)

And on top of that, the pickup place, the Vienna Farm, acts as a mini-farmers market, selling stuff they, themselves, aren't producing such as sweet corn, apples, and apple cider. ;)

Interestingly, and making us feel a bit lucky, we signed up early this morning, about 11 AM. As of about an hour ago when we checked, the shares are all sold out. We got our share in just in time. PHEW! :)

So.. I'm feeling really good about this, and really excited about trying new stuff (fresh, delicious stuff.)
.. the big question will be what to do with our tomatoes. ;p K and I hate the texture and taste of raw tomatoes. We can try to find a way to cook the crap out of them, I guess.

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OK, please allow me a few minutes to complain.

I eat typically at a joint called "Noodles and Company." The food there is good, fresh and usually relatively low-cal (Kinda high salt, but you can't have everything, right?)

In front of the register is the Tray o' Doom. I'm not kidding here folks. The deserts look deletable. They call to you too. You'll be sitting there minding your own business and the cookie goes "Hey! You! HEY! Yes, you! The one with the Credit Card! EAT ME!"

And it looks so good. It's chocolate chunk, your favorite. It's a bit on the big side (maybe 12 inches or so diameter) but it's calling to you.

Hey! You! EAT ME! EEAT ME!

So you, being a good calorie-counter, look at the packaging on the wrapper. It lists ingredients. That's good. But no calorie information. Well... no matter. How bad can a cookie be, right?

So next time, before you go, knowing that the Tray O' Doom will be out and will be calling to you, demanding your attention, looking oh so appetizing, you check the calories on the beastie.

500 Calories.

Let me say that again, in case your brain farted the way mine did:  500 Calories.

For a Cookie.

What the hell did they use to bake this Cookie? LARD?!?! A whole stick of butter? How the hell is this cookie 500 calories?!?!

So, sadly, there'll be no Cookie today.
But.. the moral of the story is.. don't trust the Tray O' Doom.
And always check the Calorie Content of nommy-looking things BEFORE sticking them in your mouth. You may get a rather unpleasant surprise.

*grumblegrumblegrumble*Stupid Noodles and Co. and their stupid delicious too-high-cal Cookies *grumblegrumblegrumble*

And, no, I can't just have half of it. Not yet. :/

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