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So I did something yesterday that it was high time to do (and that I haven't done in, like, a year or more).

I lifted weights

Well, to be fair, I used Weight Machines, but it's a START!

I did six machines (that's all I felt I could do), leg press, leg extensions, leg curls, shoulder press, forward press and lat pulldowns.

By that time, I was sore and a little weak, so I just walked on the treadmill for a while.

Back to the gym today for Cardio only (OK, maybe I'll do some lat pulldowns but ONLY because my shoulders ACHE and i know reexercising a muscle helps relieve the ache for me.)

Still.. feeling very proud of myself. I'm back on the wagon, and with luck can stay there and really lose this weight before Marie gets there and I'm still floundering in the 260s.

And if I get to 260.. I'll be hunting the iTunes Store for the perfect reward (1 album.. whatever album I want.)

Weighed In

Sep. 15th, 2008 07:09 am
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Weighed in Saturday. 1.8 lbs. lost last week - Total Loss of 4.8 lbs. since I got back on the diet. Not bad given a couple weekends ago.

So, Marie, that marks me as 17.6% completed with our challenge. How YOU doin? ;) Don't think I've forgotten about our challenge. I still intend to win it! ;)

Speaking of.. going to the gym today. I want to get in the habit of going thre days a week (it hasn't happened yet, but I'm working on it.) Sadly, I know I won't be going to the gym Wednesday because I have to pick K up at the metro station and we have to go dress shopping for her.

Freestyles (the Arthur Murray dance competition we signed up for) is in about two weeks. If anyone in the DC area can get up to Vienna and would like to see me dance, send me a PM and I'll give you details. :)
Anyways, Freestyles starts about 6:00 on Friday September 26th and lasts through Midnight the 27th. There'll be students dancing (including us), instructors dancing, food, socialization. it'll be a formal affair, so we both need to wear formal clothes. K has a semi-formal dress which MIGHT be OK as she's a newcomer, but we're looking for one or two formal dresses for her anyways.. with a solid colored skirt. I also need to get on the internet and get two black vests for me. I've got everything else already.

That's.. about it. :) Still losing weight. Mini-golf next weekend. Freestyles the weekend after and then K's ditching me the weekend after to go on an adult retreat through her church she really wants to go to. So... busy weekends ahead!
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Where to begin...

First of all, the diet is.. mostly going. I am still struggling against stress and tiredness (and I did SOMETHING to my back on Sunday I'm getting over.), but... in general, I have more good days than bad. I've decided, for now, to back my weighing in to once a week.

So, I'm still in this, Marie, and I still intend to win! I'm planning on stopping by the gym and take a light workout today. If what I did had to do with the extra-long workout I did on Friday (I walked for 40 minutes instead of 30), some light moving MIGHT be the soup de jour. Perhaps about 30 minutes of 4 or so mph, no slope. Just to get back into things.

K and I had a discussion this morning about dance classes. We agreed that for now, at least, once we get through Freestyle on the 27th (dancing competition), we're going to take it a little easy on the dance classes and space them up. K is missing choir and I'm finding I'm finding the Thursday classes and practices very to too challenging for me.

Plus, somewhere in all this, I need to start studying for my PE I want to take next year.

The job remains.. draining and stressful more often than not. There are days I'm barely getting through. I'm not quite sure what, if anything, I can do to relieve this. I'm just trying to deal with the stress better (going to the gym will help with that.)

K and I are still ticking along best we can. At least there's nothing between the two of us that is stressing us out. Kristen remains a source of compassion and caring and someone who'll at least listen me vent about the daily stresses, and who knows when to back off and let me play my games. In short, things are still fantastic with her.

So.. wish me luck in getting through everything, keeping going, staying on track with the diet, studying for the PE and working through the stress in a relatively healthy way.

Oh. Yeah.

Sep. 2nd, 2008 07:16 am
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I went a little bit off the wagon over the last two weeks. Not terribly, but a little bit.. until last weekend.

To be fair, I didn't have a multitude of choices. I was either driving and at the mercy of whatever looked half good as we got hungry, or in a hotel. Oh, and at a wedding where I had no choice.

Some of my choices were bad. Very bad.

I won't get into the details, but.. my body reminded me just how much it prefers HEALTHY food part of the way home Sunday and throughout yesterday.

Message Recieved. Thanks for the reminder, body. :p I'm back on track.

The wedding was OK. It was a Christian Ceremony, but not a full mass. I think I had to try not to roll my eyes when the priest spoke of Jesus bringing the couple together and, etc. And the homily was terrible (not the material so much as the priest's speaking style. He was worse than William Shatner.)

And now.. Jesus.. has brought you.. to this place.

It went on and on and on and I have no real memory of what he said.
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So, out of the blue, on.. Friday.. I randomly remembered a little fact from when I was dieting last. It seems that, for reasons I DON'T understand, diet soda seems to not help me lose weight. I remember entirely quitting a little while back, and it DID seem to help with the weight loss.

As of last week, at least while I was at work, I'd typically have 4 12 oz. cans of pop a day, typically. 48 oz. of artificial sweeteners and... whatever else it is that might be somehow interfering with the scale, at the last, being nice to me.

So as of last Friday, I decided to take it easy on the soda. It does seem like it's helped because, seriously, Saturday, Sunday and Today, the weight dropped a bit.

I don't get it, but I also remember the OTHER reason i quit diet sodas was that I had no idea how truly good for me the artificial sweetener was. Say what you want about sugar... it's long and short term effects on the human body are pretty well known.

So... I've continued to eat well, continued to exercise, continued doing well.

As of this morning, I've lost 4.2 lbs. since I started this challenge with Marie. Marie, that's 15.5% of the weight I need to win. I'd be worried if I was you ;)

Current BMI: 32.5.. working my way back down to 29.7 (That's 244, when I beat Marie) and then beyond.
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My first disappointment this morning.

My weight log for the last four days looks like this:

8/12 270.0
8/13 270.0
8/14 268.6
8/15 270.0

That, honestly, pissed me off. How could my weight remain basically stagnant for four days? I couldn't POSSIBLY be on a plateau already.

Then I calmed down. And remembered that the scale is very rarely our friend.

Here's the reality, though. I've eaten well ALL week.. well, since Monday. I've exercised the best I could (dance class did not happen yesterday. Something else happened and had to be sorted through immediately.). I've taken the stairs up to my floor two days in a row and I walked from the Metro stop to work today, instead of taking the bus.

Eating Better, Exercising... so why isn't the weight catching up? Who knows? Weight is an aggregate measurement anyways. It measures EVERYTHING in me, water, fat, bone, food, poop. Too much salt will make it go higher (and there is a possibility that the enchiladas I made MIGHT be a bit salty.) Other things too.

I guess.. I'm in this for the long haul. I got kinda close to goal last time.. well 30 lbs. away and I let it all slide. Now I'm back. I REALLY want to get to goal. I know it's going to take time and effort and sweat and tears, but I also know I've got a great support communities here that's going to remind me of everything I just reminded myself above. And who would also remind me that.. eating well, going to the gym twice this week, walking to work and taking the stairs are all signs of success and a good week, weight be damned.

I'm going to continue to hope that the scale treats me nice. It's a quick and dirty way to see success, though not the only one. I'm also going to try not to sweat it. I'm doing my best and it's been a busy week. And real life, as I know from experience, happens.

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Marie (Salome190) and are challenging each other. The first one of us to lose 10% of our body weight (I have to lose 27 lbs. She needs to lose less.) wins.

Marie and I had a competition of sorts a couple years back where I tried to catch up to her weight (and did), but she did a better job than me of getting back on the wagon before me, but we were both floundering, so hopefully this works to inspire the both of us to work hard to lose the weight.

And, well, if we trash talk each other along the way, it's just in fun.

Speaking of..

Hey Salome, I lost 1.4 lbs. since yesterday (water, I'm sure)
I'm 5.16% there. You should be afeared!

And I went to the gym yesterday and walked half an hour and ate well, despite the dinner of chocolate fondue (which..was OK, but we used a microwave fondue system. If I do this again, I want to try the actual fondue pot next time. The chocolate might stay melted longer.)
Dinner yesterday was a study in portion control :D

*slides leftover chocolate fondue over to Marie*

Now... as for Wii Fit. Well, first of all, let me point out that it's a bloody pain in the touchas to find. We ended up finding a copy at Toys R Us, but... good luck finding one!

So... I got it, unwrapped it, made it work.. and first thing it does is tell me to pick a Wii (I already had one, no prob) and do a Body Test. It measures me, asking how heavy my clothes are (choices are light, 2 lbs. and heavy 4 lbs.) and then proceeds to do two balance/posture tests. It's clear that the game is very hung up on the idea of posture as an indicator of overall health. I can see it some, but it seems like it's just one indicator of many.

Anyways, so I take my test and.. my poor Wii blows up like a balloon, showing I'm obese. Well, THAT'S inspirational :p

Anyways, so I've taken my body test and it tells me that my balance is weak (i knew that) and then to training.

You can train in one of four ways.. Strength Training (Lunges, Pushups, all perfectly legitimate exercises you can do with just your body), Cardio (the unlocked exercises include a hula hoop thing, step aerobics and running in place), Yoga and Balance exercises. Most of the 40-some training games are locked, but you unlock them by spending time training in Wii Fit.

So, I started playing around with each. I decided to start with the balance first and, for me, many of these games are hard, but I DON'T have good balance. One of the games is to move your weight to the left or right to hit soccer balls and that game is TOUGH, at least for me. Another game is a slalom where again you move your weight to the left or right to curve your skier to the left or right to get in between the flags. That one was easier and I enjoyed better. Also, the ski jump which just requires for you to lean your weight forward and straight.

The Yoga I'm excited about because Yoga, to me, equals a good stretch and some flexibility training which I lack, but what bothers me is that many of the moves are in no particular order. I can do the Sun Salutation, but the one before it, the Tree Form.. my balance sucks, so no, I can't balance on one leg. I tried, believe me.
One of the things I DO like, though, is that there's a score, of sorts, on the Yoga. Based on what, you ask? Based on keeping your balance. Basically if your center of balance stays within the preset range, you get points. It gives you something to aim for and probably helps you figure out how to do the move right.

The Strength Training I haven't done much with, mostly because I DO have a gym membership. But like the Yoga, there's a handful of exercises you can do with just your body to build up your muscles.

The Aerobic stuff is pretty amusing. I especially like the running in place. For a short three minute run, you appear to be running around a small island filled with amusing things to see. Dogs playing, people in the park. It was kinda amusing. I SUCKED at the hula hoop stuff, so that frustrated me, but I imagine that's as much form as anything else. The Step Aerobics were kinda amusing, though.

Final Thoughts.
Look, Wii Fit is only a game. I don't think there's anything that can REALLY replace a good workout in a gym, or a Yoga Class or whatever. And everything is in small 1-3 minute bites, which probably isn't ideal for cardio workouts. However, if you're looking to just get active again, or have something to do on your days off from the gym, this can't hurt much. It's amusing, it gives you an aim, and points and it's actually fun. So for that, I'd recommend it. :)
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I have just decided on Calorie-Count (and needed to point here)

I am hereby challenging myself!
I started Counting Calories and actively trying to lose weight on Monday, April 17, 2006.

I did really well for a while. Really well. And then I overtrained, got overtired and overstressed and took a break. But I'm back.

With a new very motivating challenge to myself!

My one year anniversary, on Calorie-Count, with the weight loss and health gain, is April 17, 2007.

By April 17, 2007, my challenge to myself is to lose 75 lbs, which puts me at the unbelievably small (at least *I* haven't been there in, like, forever) weight of 231.

I'm currently, as of this morning, at 250.6. So, I need to lose 19.6 lbs. in 14 weeks.

I say it's possible. Not only is it possible, but I say I can do it! :D

If I DO achieve the goal, then I go out and get myself a $50 iTunes Gift Card to use as I please! :D

I say... I've got the capacity to lose that other almost 20 lbs. by my 1 year anniversary! :D

On your mark, get set, GO! :D

(I need to go home so I can make myself an amusing little real life counter I can put somewhere. Possibly in the computer room :D. This challenge requires a counter! :D )

EDIT: It occurs to me (my inner Gerri speaking) that I'm holding onto a goal like this with both hands because it's something POSITIVE in my life. Thus the importance. It gives me something to channel energy into and get a positive response, it's a goal for someone as goal-oriented as I.
Thus, really, there's no negative aspect for trying to do this.
Plus, really, who doesn't want a $50 iTunes Gift Card? ;D

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