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As maybe can be guessed by the Subject, this is probably going to be a longish post. Lots of thoughts bouncing around in my head I want to touch on, briefly or... less than briefly.

Let's start with the DiSC test. What is it? It's a personality profile that tells you something about your basic personality: your drives and how you are wont to be. I had to take this test for the design course. The results were.. interesting. Truth be told, the results were dead on about me.
My results were as such...
I am strongly dominant. I want control. Simply put, I need to be in charge. If I'm not in charge, I'm generally not as happy as I could be.
I'm very focused on the tasks in front of me. I'm not, in general, interested so much as the people responsible for getting the tasks done as much as I am for getting the tasks done.
I'm professional. During business meetings, I expect us to stay on track and not run off on wild tangents about what people did this weekend or what some other person is doing.
For feedback, I look to myself and those who have more knowledge in the subject at hand than I. Sure, it's cool if my peers think it's good work, but if an expert or my professor or my boss like it, then *I* know it's good work.
I'm very future oriented. Things happen now in order to get to some result I hope for and want in the future. I'm willing to sacrifice the present for some prefered goal in the future.
I have a very strong personality. I tend to dominate others in that fashion as well. Shy is not I. I'm very verbal.. if I have something that I need to discuss or that's bothering me, I'll just say it.
I tend to think nonlinearly... I can go from steps 1, 2 and 3 to 8 and 9 without any problem. I'm very multifocussed.. able to do three or four things more or less at once. I tend to set a very fast pace for myself that way. As I said before, no dawdling.
I got my results from a professional who helped explain the results of the DiSC test. For those interested in taking the DiSC test, you can take a free version of it HERE and while you may not be able to get all the answers I got, I might be able to supplement a few. I'm lax to explain the test more than that because I'm afraid to do so might give it all away and change the results of the test.
If you DO take the DiSC test, please tell me what your answers are. I'm rather curious :) I suspect I know what a few of you are, but I'd rather not say, again in the hopes of making sure I don't sway the results.

So there's that...
In other news, I'm annoyed.. I'm annoyed for a variety of reasons. My main annoyance is Sid Meier's SimGolf. I bought this game a couple days back and was ready to play (time permitting). I'm still rearing to go. Problem is.. I loaded up, sent it to play and it gave me error messages. I can't get the terrain to load. So what I see are things floating on a "black" terrain. This sucks.
I emailed tech support and the best they had to say is that they were aware of the problem and hope to have a patch out soon.
I guess I'll wait.
On the PLUS hand, if I had played SimGolf, I'd never been able to complete "Running Through The Rainforest" (more on this later).
In other news, my mom is apparently sick. Apparently because I have no idea what she is.. she just says she feels crappy. She's not stuffy, she doesn't look all that bad, she just says she feels crappy. S'cool though.. the weather sucks and *I* dun wanna go anywhere anyways.
And that's reason #3.. the weather... a couple days ago it was bright and sunny and 50. Now it's snapped back... I would have been OK if it had just snowed. Snow I can handle... but NOOO.. it snowed.. and hailed.. and freezing rain.. and rain.. and more freezing rain.. back to hail.. rain.. hail.. freezing rain
Now the ground is slick and slippery and I really DON'T want to drive in it at ALL! Hell, I don't even want to walk in it...
Stupid Weather. :P

And this is a fitting segue into why the pixie is a putz. The pixie has been a putz all day.
I woke up really early, mind.. like 3:30.. tried to sleep for 45 minutes and gave up, went downstairs and screwed around on the computer for another 45 minutes and then went back to bed. I'm a bit tired. This may be part of the reason why I've been so putzy.
Woke up.. made lunch... forgot to put the fork in my lunch pail. So I had to eat salad with a spoon. That was... interesting.
Anyways, put lunch in trunk along with bags. Drive to school.. slowly (the crap weather had started already and I wanted to be careful driving).. was so worried about driving safely that I turned the motor off, turned the lights off, opened the door, locked the door... and preceded to lock my keys in the car.
Called home and mom tells me to call AAA, so I do.
I call AAA, tell them where the car is, tell them to meet me in the front of the Alumni Arena, pick up a Time magazine (to read while I'm waiting) and a Diet Dr. pepper and wait... on the wrong side of the Alumni Arena. Called back over an hour later to find out that they'd been there and I was never in the right place... stupid me. So ask them to call back, wait on the REAL front of the Alumni Arena (you know.. where the front lobby is.. not just a pair of stairs and a door :P ) and get the keys out of my car.
Feeling stupid, I then precede to eat the salad with a spoon.
I go back to the Career COunseling center to get them to take one last look at my Resume before Monday ( a few minor changes were suggested, but otherwise the resume finally looks good! WOO! :) )... get back into the trailer... and the power goes out.
So I stood around for like 20 or 25 minutes, talking to the other guys in the trailer (some of whom are going home in this terrible weather. I would, but for a 3:30 class... we're going to do the teamwork workshop.. you know.. the ROPS COURSE (if you don't know what I'm referring to, you've never been stuck doing a leadership workshop. Consider yourself lucky. It's an amusing way to waste an hour and a half, but I'd rather be at home...)

And now the end.. why I rock.
As I said earlier, since SimGolf WON'T WORK I looked for other things to do... picked up Dance Ejay 2 and decided.. what the heck.. i'll play with it.
By the end of the night, I finished my... *goes to and counts* 19th song (not including remixes which don't count because some of them I did simply because of the vocals wouldn't let me keep in the song because of copyright laws...)
Let me be the first one to say that this song really rocks. I want to make a few minor adjustments before I post it to (with a certain sample that comes in a little too early for my taste and cuts out a little too late), otherwise I'm completely satisfied with the song. it really rocks. :)
For me, that's the test the song has to pass.. if I don't think the song rocks enough, then it's simply not good enough. I don't know if I can explain it much better than that.. I look for a lot of things.. it needs to have continuity and development. It needs to express a theme of some sort (for example Theme to "Haunted Dancefloor of Death" is a near perfect halloween song. It just speaks, to me, halloween... even if I took the sound effects out (heaven forbid) it would speak halloween to me. It just sounds, to me, like a typical slasher film theme. This song, on the other hand, does what I'd hoped to get out of Hunting with the Tribe.. a song that says "Lookie me! I'm a song about a jungle!"
Truth be told, I'm half-considering switching the titles. I'll name THIS one Hunting with the Tribe and the other one Running Through The Rainforest.. it sounds, to me, like it'd make more sense.
Except I won't. I've already named the other Hunting with the Tribe. S'all there is to it.
Anyways, I was lucky and found a whole bunch of great free samples off the ejay web site that I'm rearing to play with and I may end up with a new song on my hands soon. Yay new songs! :)

That's all I can think of to report, so I shall post this.
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It's been a looong, depressing week. I haven't posted because there's been nothing TO post. I'd stay home, look at the snow, shovel, come back inside and watch movies. No gym, no going out, nothing.
Today I have alot to report.
Today I think I experienced the highs and lows life has to offer: from the beginning (birth.. well.. not fully.. but you'll understand) to death to everything in between.
Well, probably not everything...

The day started early. Woke up, look outside and there was SUN! The sun WAS OUT! Wooo! Woke up, got dressed, posted to livejournal etc. I took some pictures of the snow outside. I plan to shrink them and post them so that all you bastards wishing for a white christmas can see what it REALLY means... at least in Buffalo.
The driving ban had lifted, we were all in the midst of major cabin fever and we needed things.. so we made a list, checked it twice, but didn't bother figuring out who was naughy and nice.. and we headed out.
Before going out, however, I started to scour the house. My MP3 player is missing and I'm not certain where it is. At this moment, I'm pretty certain it isn't in the house. HOPEFULLY it's in my car (which is at the mechanics.)
Did I mention my car? Let me tell you.. Wednesday (in the middle of a snow storm), we brought the car into my mechanic. My first time driving in the snow... I hated it. It was NOT fun. Mom says I did a decent job of it.
Anyways, he called me Thursday. There was problems with the electrical system. Electricity was arcing and he wasn't certain why. Problem: Thursday afternoon and Friday the city shut down. The city is STILL in a state of emergency and not dug out (as you can tell by reading [ profile] phinnia's livejournal. So, as far as I know, he hasn't been able to locate the problem yet, forget being certain how to fix it and how much it will cost. So the car is at the mechnics and HOPEFULLY the mp3 player is in it. Otherwise, I need a new one. I can't work out without it... it's just waaaay too boring to do cardio without SOMETHING to listen to. The radio may work for a day or two (and I may try it tommorow), but I'll probably get bored of it quickly.
Life lesson #1: Shit happens. It just happens. You make the best of it and move on. I don't really want an extra expense to get a new mp3 player, but I need something, so i'll get something.
So... anyways... we need to go out.
First stop... Tops Supermarket. Got some stuff for homemade spaghetti sauce, some milk stuff like that. Nothing special. Just keep in mind we have frozen onions and milk in the car.
Stop two... I KNOW I mentioned my mom is hell-bent on getting a kitten, right? So she drives all the way to the SPCA (luckily, it's open and accessable) to A) get pre-approval so that when she FINDS a kitten, she can adopt it no problem and B) look for kittens.
I (silly me) figure there's absosmurfly no way that there will be kittens. The SPCA has been closed for a couple of days.. how would they get there? I was wrong.
There were 7 kittens there when we came in. Not all of them were "good enough" for us. Two were longhairs and we prefer shorthair breeds (partly because brushing kittens is not easy nor fun and partly because we just like the way they look better. When we think of cat, we think of something along the lines of an american shorthair, applehead siamese or russian blue. Not a long-haired persian or even a Maine Coone with the big fluffy tail.), one was a hisser... there were three that got out attention, though.
One was a little orange and yellow striped kitten (you'd probably call it tiger) who was happily chasing a toy mouse around the play room. I had dreams of calling such a cat Spitfire or FireBolt or something akin to that.
The next was a little grey cat who reminded me of Smokey without the white in his fur. He was trying very hard to get the ball out of one of those toys where the ball is in a circular track. It kept trying and trying and we thought it was very cute (We like playful troublemaker type of cats.)
The next was a little mostly black cat who LOVED the teaser I was shaking around. It jumped and lunge and was too cute.
So mom was like "we need to decide." and it was a difficult decision. In the end, I think it was when I lifted the little grey one and it put it's head on my sweatshirt and looked sweet that decided it for us. So we got the little grey one.
When I say we got, I don't mean we brought it home. Tommorow they're closed. Monday, he'll get fixed, Tuesday they're closed and Wednesday we'll bring him home.
We'll probably call him Sherlock (we were bouncing names around in the car and that one came up. Choice #2 is Shadow.) but... who knows, right?
Once I get the kitten home Wednesday, you can all expect pictures of course.
So, with that stop out of the way, next stop was Blockbusters to return some videos and return more. We ended up leaving with Saving Silverman and Scary Movie 2, which my brother wants to watch and I don't care to.
Next stop, Target. Mom is looking for photographic paper and she likes the cheap walmart and target brands which are as good as Kodak and HP, but cheaper. We also leave with a thermal top for myself and a couple of other things.
Next stop, Barnes and Nobles. Mom is looking for a certain book. No luck, though.
By then, it's about 2:00 and my belly is yelling that if we don't eat soon, it'll start eating me from inside. So we go out to eat at the Buffalo Wild Wings.
Finally, we go to Rite Aid and go home.
Listening to the messages, my friend Dave's grandmother, Eva Niles whom I knew from when I worked in Beechwood Nursing Home has passed away. Eva hasn't been the same since an accident a couple weeks back and her health has been deteriorating. I haven't gone to see her because I don't want to think of her as any way besides how she was when I worked there (more on this in a few). So I told Dave I'll be at her Funeral (Monday morning at 11:00).
Issue: Monday is New Years Eve and we were SUPPOSED to have a big New Years Eve bash, but he's not up to it (he wasn't looking forward to it anyways, for a few reasons none of which I'll discuss.) I suggested that we modify the bash to a few small friends and I'd be glad to host. In other words, if he can get away from his family, come to my house... hopefully we can get Carl, his girlfriend, maybe our mutual friend TJ. Whatever. Just a small Friendly New Years Eve party.
I hope it happens. I really do. I don't wanna be stuck spending New Years Eve with my mom. I love her, but.. that's not my idea of a blast of a time. On the other hand, mom says if it doesn't happen, we'll try to go see a movie, so that's cool.
Eva Niles... I remember her very well, even if she never remembered my name, she certainly remembered me. She hassled me and I hassled her (and for people who know me, that's how I treat the people I love. I give them hard times and joke with them.)
I remember that the nurses (who disturbed and angered me because I never felt like they cared a bit... well, most of them.) complaining that she'd take these fortified orange drinks, bring them into her room to drink and forgot about them completely. They went bad and the nurses had to clean it up. She was such a matchmaker. She'd always ask me.. am I married? She'd often point to some of the female workers on the floor and said "I bet she's single. You should ask her." She'd also come and help me put table clothes on the tables. It gave her someone to talk to when her family wasn't here. I remember, she loved to play bingo. (she loved all the activities. Hell, she was jewish and she'd go to the catholic masses and stuff, because she wanted to be out and about and do things.) One day, I was her "lucky charm". I came over (having finished my floor) to help her play bingo and as I sat, she won not once but twice. If I saw her in her room, she'd offer me one of her many peppermint patties her family would give her.
I do remember Eva Niles. She was... definately a personality. (Much like the rest of her family)
Continuing on with the day...
After calling Dave and taking a nap, we went out AGAIN. This time, we started off at Rite Aid (her last prescription had recieved part of a shipment, so she got some.). we went off to the mall and, despite the fact that I figured it would be swamped, it wasn't. We were at the mall to look for thermals for my mom and a snowblower (all sold out. Surprise Surprise, I guess.)
Then we went to Walmart where I got some more thermals, some of my flavored water (yum!) and a bedspread for my mom.
Came home, watched Saving Silverman and then watched the news.
Now they're saying we might want to stay home tommorow due to blizzard-like conditions (not because of new snow coming done, but high wings resuspending the snow into the air and whiting out our vision. Not to mention a REALLY cold Wind Chill.)
Let the frustrations continue.
And so, that's my day... a new family member, the death of a person I liked and frustrations with life.
I guess I'll post this and head to bed. Good night everyone. Have a safe and warm New Years Eve if I don't write before then. And wish me luck in finding something cool to do!
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Lots of stuff to discuss.
I've been a busy busy boy. Final weeks are upon me. I had my first exam this morning, the evil Advanced Math one. For those like [ profile] mythagon.. you.. you.. MATH MAJORS, I HATE YOU ALL! Any of you who want to do Math full time. Math is EVIL!
At least Advanced Math was
PDEs and ODEs and Eigenvectors, o my!

So.. yesterday was weigh-in day. Boy, do I have a story about that! See, officially my weight is 264. Neither an increase or decrease. HOWEVER, before Sunday it was 260. I dunno why or what happened, but Saturday I was 260.5 and Sunday I was 264.5.. then 264 and today 263.
I wonder if it's because I've got a bug.

You wouldn't know about that. I have some sort of bug. I've been exhausted for three days straight (since Sunday), get nauseous when I move too much and am pissing like a river.
I had a similair bug last year.
It's not fun.
Not at all.

So, I've started work on my web page again. You can check what I've been up to HERE. As you can see, I've started more or less all over. I like what I've got so far :)

It's been a stressful day, between the test, trying to get hold of a dentist (I have a big ass crack in one of my teeth. I don't know WHERE it came from, but I know I gotta do something about it. Hopefully not including a drill!), finding out that my "dental coverage" is only good if I accidentally lose a tooth. (I hate having no dental.), getting some paper work I needed to get done done and gassing up my car and adding this stuff i got that's supposed to clean the engine out.

Speaking of the car, I got a new book: Car Repair for Dummies. While I don't plan on repairing it, it's got a lot of good stuff about maintence and what certain sounds and actions might mean. By the sounds of it, I may need to get my spark plugs looked at. Let's see how the engine cleaner works, tho.

What else?
A friend of mine said something that surprise me today. It's sort of two-fold. On one hand, he surprised me by telling me something I didn't know (then again, neither did he.) On the other, he surprised me by telling me that YET ANOTHER off-handed prediction was right.
It's kind of scary, but I do have a knack for predictions. Especially ones about personal relationships. I don't know why that's specifically so, but... *shrug*

Can't think of anything else I wanted to say. Talk to y'all later!
Ciao, babes
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Another long entry, I fear.
Where to start?
Let's start with Pep Boys, I'll get the bitching done first.
So, those following the saga of my car problems have heard, i think, the latest (and not at all bad) theory that I got a load of bad gas. The bad gas plugged up the fuel filter once already and the new one is, supposedly, already dirty. This support my theory.
Anyways, I was agitated at the first mechanic because despite paying for a new fuel filter, my car was stalling and flooding. Badly. I had to trouble getting the car home three days in a row.
As you may recall, I found out I was law on transmission fluid. So I went to Pep Boys to get some. I explained the problems I was having and they suggested I bring the car into THEM to check the engine.
So I brought it in Wednesday night.
Thursday was the day that wouldn't end. More on that to come. When I called Pep Boys, though, they were like "We had alarms all over. The spark plugs need replacing. The distributor cap too. There was electricity ARCING. By, the way, this will clear up your problem with your Check Engine light."
(note: up to lately, my car's one oddity is that the Check Engine light is on all the time. I've learned to live with it and it doesn't bother me. I didn't want to pay extra money to fix that. It wasn't REALLY a problem. )
Did I mention they wanted $550 ?
Now, I just had the other mechanic look at the car LAST week and he said none of this.
LITE doens't LIKE being taken for a ride!
So... we told them we weren't interested in putting that kind of money in my old car and brought her home. As we picked her up, they mentioned that it was all IMPORTANT.
Anyways, once we got the car warmed up, it drove fine.
That's the key, though, to get the car warmed up.. without flooding it out.
It spent last night at school, in fact, because it flooded out.
At the moment, it's QUITE temperamental.
She's home now, though. So.. *shrug*
Still.. I kept the paperwork from Pep Boys. Just in case the problems persist. I can take it to the first mechanic and see if he mentions anything on the list. If so, maybe it IS legit. if not.. they WERE taking me for a ride.

So... going back.. The Day That Wouldn't End. That was Thursday.
Thursday started up TFE (Too Fucking Early). I had to be at school at 8:00.. And since the car was at Pep Boys, that meant I was walking to school.
And I had to be there at 8:00 to stay there all day to work on the pilot plant.
To fill in more details, this is the last project from the Practicum. The class had to get a Water Treatment Pilot Plant (already designed and put together) operational and run it for 8 hours to see if it works.
So we started the pre-run work (making sure the influent was ready to go etc.) at 8:00.
Let me describe the pilot plant to you. Maybe you care, maybe you don't. I'll tell you anyways.
Here's the basics.. first you need some sort of influent. We used a Kaolin clay mixed in tap water so that the turbidity (def: 1 a : thick or opaque with or as if with roiled sediment b : heavy with smoke or mist from Webster of 20 NTU.
The influent first meets up with a coagulant, a chemical used to bind the clay together into a bigger particle called floc. Since to do that, the chemical needs to mix with the clay, it first goes through a rapid mix (an inline doodad that swirls the water all about) and then through a system of basins called Flocculators. In these basins, the floc is formed.
Assumedly.. if you set your speeds right, the floc does NOT settle in the Flocculators but DO need to settle. hence we have a Sedimentation basin for the floc to settle into.
The remaining material is filtered out in a sand material.
In real plants, the effluent is then chlorinated, fluoridated and sent out to the distribution system. Our pilot plant didn't do that.
So.. I spent near eight hours watching the plant operate.
Plus, it didn't even operate well. We had to keep backwashing the filter because it was plugging up with clay since the settling basin didn't work too well.
Also, in the middle of the day I had to go and do some paperwork. Problem being.. I left the papers at home. So I had to get home. A classmate lent me her car... a beat up old white dodge that makes my car look well behaved.
The seats wouldn't go back.
So i drove in this tiny car with my knees behind the wheel and in 2nd gear since drive kept pooping out.
But I got home.. and I got my papers and came back.

And eventually the day ended and I went home to, i THINK, start work on my GURPS character. More on THAT later

Yesterday was.. better. I had the presentation, as you may recall, on desorption during resuspension events. And the car flooded and wouldn't go home. But we had a nice dinner out.
This is a cute story. Let me tell it.
My brother tried out for the musical monday. He wanted the male lead, Horace Vandergelder (the play is Hello Dolly).
So all week, he's been excited and obnoxious and unbearable because he REALLY wants the part and he's got the voice for it and he KNOWS he can do it.
We were ready to kill him.
Anyways, he said that if he got the lead, he wants to go to Pizzeria Uno, his favorite restaurant. And we agreed.
So yesterday comes and, grumpy from the car not starting, I come home and josh is like "Dress nice, cause we're GOING TO PIZZERIA UNO!"
So, he's got the male lead.
Go Josh :)

OK, so Friday I come home and I finish work on my GURPS Char. What the heck am i talking about? [ profile] trillain, [ profile] xb95 and [ profile] draci. I don't know much about the plot, but we get 100 points to spend on "normal self" and 50 more points to spend on becoming another species (elf, winged folk, were, reptile man..) or on MAGIC.
So my character is gonna be a Druidy type of character. Human, Male, lots of magic. Yay magic :)
Not much else to say yet.. I'm excited about roleplaying, tho :)

Can't think of anything else worth discussing it. So I'll finally post this.
Ciao folks!
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Well, I think I found yet another problem (and hopefully the main one) with the car. The transmission fluid was way low. So I added to "normal" level. Yay fluid.
The car drove pretty well on the way to school, but it isn't a LONG drive.
On the other hand, compared to the drive HOME yesterday where the car was switching gears oddly on me. One minute in 1st and then in 3rd and then it stalled on, then I was in 3rd. It was a scary ride home. But I made it home, called the mechanic and he said.. check the transmission fluid. I did and it was below "do not drive"
I just hope no damage was done to the transmission.
I hope.
And I hope that adding the tranmission fluid this morning solves the majority of my car woes.
Hope hope hope.

What else? Did I mention I have a presentation today? I have to present "modelling a jump in base in a confined and unconfined aquifer using analytic elements" for advanced groundwater. I hate presenting. :P But, I think we got a good presentation so that's good. :)

Got another presentation on Friday. This time on "Modelling desorption of hydrophobic contaminants from sediments during resuspension". I gotta get all the materials for that one, though since everyone but me has stuff they SWEAR they're gonna give to me.


Alright, who's the wise guy picking my song list?
"Carful of Pain" by the Arrogant Worms just came on. Talk about ironic.

Can't think of all that much else to write about. Gotta stay home tonite and finish my math homework and, hopefully, watch the second half of "Jack and the Beanstalk: the Real Story"
Hasta, folksies!
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Start with the Good News. The mechanic called this morning. The problem is that the fuel filter was really badly clogged. It won't cost much to get them to change it (less than $100) and I should have my car back by tommorow.
That IS good news!

Now the Grumpiness.
I got very upset at people on ChaoticMUX yesterday. Not just one or two but a few. People who were being stupid.
One off on some tangent about Jewish people.
One who begged me to nuke someone who (and you know who are) *I* still like, even if you don't. *I* still respect him, even if his opinions are unpopular and disliked (for good reason, but... as [ profile] nissacrosseyed would say "Hate the Sin. Love the Sinner."), I still liked him.
One who, sometimes I swear, belongs on a roleplay mux where she can vent out her need to screw with others.
And one who has absolutely no problem calling people "hoar" and "anal" and doesn't care what people think about him.
That said, the problem is half mine. On days I wasn't so worried about my car or such, I'd probably be able to laugh this stuff off as just a silly thing _____ does. Everyone has their quirks: some good, some bad. The truly wise person can simply accept people for who they are.
That shows how far away from being the truly wise person I can be sometimes.
To me, I see it as... everyone was just acting out in their own particular way and before the night was over, it was too much for me and made ME grumpy with people in general.
That's the 20/20 hindsight vision, by the way. At the time, I just figured everyone had something up their ass. Maybe they do... while it isn't unknown for a large number of people to act out at once, there's usually some CAUSE for it!
What the cause(s) is/were.. I dunno. I probably never will know.
I dunno.
Truthfully said, if they all start acting out again, I'll abandon my "the truly wise person..." approach and just yell at them because, no matter what their reasons, no one should have to put up with anyone's shit.
Especially if it's stupid shit
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Well... today is monday. That means it's time for the weekly weigh-in!
I know yer as excited about it as I am (not!)
Anyways.. with all due haste. This week's weight is... 265. That means 35 lbs. gone! WOOHOO!

Not much going on in LITEsville. The car went into the shop today. Hopefully it'll be fixed tommorow thru wednesday and I'll pick it up wednesday (wish i could pick it up tommorow, but I have class till 5 and the garage closes at 5)
Until then.. I'm back to walking to school.
At least I'm more fit than I was this time last year so walking to be school should be no problem!

Wow.. 35 lbs. gone. Go me! ^.^

OK.. not much else to say. Post later when I have things to talk about...
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My car is having problems. It stalled out on Friday and it flooded/stalled out over and over on Saturday at my friend Todd's house. So tommorow, we're gonna try to bring it to my grandmother's mechanic and see what's wrong with it and get it FIXED!

Yesterday was... OK.
Like I said, I got a call from my friend Todd Freyburger. He is a high school friend who moved down to Pittsburgh with his job.
So... we had made plans to see Monsters Inc. last night.
So I'm correcting papers (I HATE correcting back homeworks, btw. Blah.) when he calls and asks if I want to come over. So I say "OK, when i'm done."
So he gives me directions and I try to get there.
Ladies and gentlemen, Todd's directions SUCKED! I got lost because he told me to go down to the end of Campbell Boulevard which put me in PENDLETON!
FINALLY, I get my map out and find his house.
We hang out for 45 minutes to an hour, watch Iron Chef, whatever.. then we decide to go get coffee and the car won't stop stalling out!
Finally, we leave the car there and go see Monsters Inc.
I probably would have enjoyed it more, if I weren't worried about my car.
Get home, talk to mom, tell her what happened, go to bed and make all SORTS of calls.
Go to the gym, get my car and bring it home (it started! yay! But I think it's driving a little funny.)
Went to take a nap, finished grading papers and here I am.
Altogether a less than excellent day.
I think I'm also kinda bummed because I have classes tommorow too and I really enjoyed the vacation!
On the other hand, I have my visor and that should help keep my ass organized. Hopefully. I'm having so much fun with my visor :D

Not much else to say.

I'll post my weight tommorow. That should be good news for all :D

OK, posting this...

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