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I guess my question is.. where is the line? Where is the line between what is acceptable or what is not?

I've written things I don't think I'd want moved over to another site without my permission. Here's an example: The Calorie-Count Diet. I spent serious time and effort working on that and if that were to appear.. on livejournal or dreamwidth or wordpad or ANY other site without my prior approval, whether it was attributed to me or not, I think I'd be kinda upset, because the message would be that I don't really "own" those words.

Same goes for.. alot of things. Let's talk fanfic. Alot of the people on dreamwidth are into Fanfic. What if someone wrote a great fanfic.. you or someone else you know, and then someone else posted it, without your permission, onto another site?

Perhaps you'll say that the difference is in.. intent. Comments are responses TO something, whereas things like a fanfic or the CC Diet were the something itself that was commented upon.

But my question is.. where's the line? Where's the line between things I DO own, and things I do not?

For the record, I do think the individual in question is being ridiculous. I think that instead of taking it up with the users who ported over her responses, she's trying to demonize the site as a whole, which is unfair and kinda passive-aggressive.

But as I keep thinking about it, I do have to wonder... if it's OK to port over here comments, properly attributed, without her permission, is it OK to port over more? Perhaps her journal? Perhaps only selected journal pieces?

... do you get what I am saying?

EDIT: I'm aware (now) that the line, as [staff profile] denise sees it, is between journal entries and comments, and I can respect that line. It's sensible, though arbitrary.

I'm not really looking to make a big deal out of this, so much as to state I PARTIALLY agree with the complainer. PARTIALLY.
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2) I have a question. Why Sheep? (*waits for the obvious "Why NOT Sheep?") But seriously, why a sleeping Sheep?

3) Waiting on Sims Sheep. Also, K said someone I know might be considering working on a Blue Canary Sheep. :D

4) Today's Downer: Remembered iPod. Forgot Headphones. D'oh!

5) I have Invite Codes if people wants them. :)

6) Much happier with my color scheme. The navigation bar itself might be a little TOO vivid, but otherwise, I'm happy. :)


Apr. 30th, 2009 07:08 am
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Happy Open Beta Day! Woo! :D
In.. about 14 hours or so, I should be the proud owner of a Seed account. :) I should also have plans to hang with [personal profile] zorkian, [personal profile] janinedog and figure out what I'm doing while [personal profile] phoenixsong hangs out with [personal profile] synecdochic Sunday. Woo, and double woo! :D
(I'd hang out with D and others Sunday, except I'm not so much interested in the Stitch part of Stitch n Bitch ;) )

Yesterday was, except for a brief shining moment just before bad, kinda craptastic. Work sucked me totally dry (I'm mostly over that now, though. It just is...) and my brother decided to start some STUPID Internet Drama with my wife (I haven't figured out what, if anything, to do about it. I'm not sure it's worth it to get into it with him, but at the same time I'm sick of his Passive-Aggressive garbage and I haven't ever explained to him why certain things are...)

However, that brief shining moment... :D
We checked out of Bronze I. We were able to show that we knew what we were supposed to know to move forward into Bronze II. :D When I go in to Dance Practice tonight (K is staying home to snag a seed account, but I'm totally going), it will be as a Bronze II student. :D

Details about checkout, cut for the non-interested. )

We left feeling... exultant! We'd passed. We'd checked out. We had things to work on and most of these things were things we knew about already, and all of those things were things we could definitely get alot better at in the next nine months or so (approximate time it takes to get through a dance level is nine to ten months.)

So... here we are. :)
I don't remember the exact date we started Bronze I... It was after the wedding, officially.
But as of last night, April 29, 2009, we started Bronze II

So... what do we have to look forward to?

Alot of refinement. That's how Arthur Murray works, in general. They start off with the very basics, which is what we've learned in Newcomers and Bronze I and they build up on that.

Each dance has it's own feel, it's own motions, and it's own.. emotions. Bronze II, in short, will have us working to make each individual dance look... more like that dance should look.

In specific, we'll be adding cuban motion to our Latin dances, which will be, I think, our biggest challenge of Bronze II. We'll be completing our rise and fall action in Waltz, going all the way to our tiptoes, which will be new to us. it looks like we're going to work on control, balance, etc. alot more, and maneuverability, trying to get around a crowded dance floor. And some work on dealing with Tempo and Rhythm.

Oh, and add things to our repertoire as well. I mean, that goes without saying, right? ;)

*looks up* Spammy, ain't I? ;) Well, at least I cut out a big part of it. :D
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1) After I can't imagine how much work, [staff profile] mark finally figured out what went wrong with my journal import and fixed it. I have my livejournal in it's entirety here again. :) Now to go back to porting over my CC stuff..

2) Suggested a place and time for the DC Metro Area Open Beta Party. Hopefully it works for everyone. :)

3) Heard from friends about possibly getting to see the Hoover Dam while I'm in Vegas next month. Would I be interested? Well, let's see... large large river, huge hydraulic structure.. mmm.. yep! :D

4) DW Seed Accounts Going on Sale - K and I will probably both get seed accounts. :)

5) One of my cases of Doom in the City of Atlanta FINALLY went out after what felt like an interminable amount of back and forth between the requester (who didn't know what he was doing), me and the FEMA reviewer. It's done! Huzzah!

6) I went back to the gym yesterday. I put on one of my Disney podcasts and started walking, so that when we finally do get to WDW in October, I'll actually be able to handle all the walking hither and thither.
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I do want to discuss this weekend when I get a chance, but for now I'll say I have invite codes! Posting here since I know I have friends reading this, via my feed and just checking out the site. :) If you want invite codes, reply to this entry! :)

Comments are screened.
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Well... after some thought I've decided it was time to conglomerate. I trust that eventually someone ([personal profile] zorkian or someone else) will figure out why my LJ port failed, but until then I'm porting over stuff from CC, so that everything I've posted of value in the last few years ends up here. :)

This means porting things over manually. By copying and pasting the entry, changing the time, etc.

Can I point out how big of a PAIN this is? Especially when I forget to click the backdate button and have to go back and fix that (losing the time).

If I might make one suggestion, make it easier to backdate. Here's what I suggest...
Let's get rid of the 'Don't show on reading pages (allows dating out of order)' button. Honestly, if I'm going to go to the effort of clicking 'Edit' next to the date AND to change the date, I intend to either backdate or.. foredate (?) and it's going to be out of order. The button's just a hassle.

Not a bug. Just a complaint/suggestion
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Well folks...

It's a bit of a wave of movement, isn't it? Suddenly, more people are Beta'ing and a bunch of people I know want in. :) I feel all part of the herd. Baaaa and stuff. ;)

Anyways, I officially disconnected Loudtwit last night. I was only doing that to try to get SOME content into my journal, but... looking back, most of it wasn't, really. It was me just screwing around and singing to my twitter.

I suspect that this is going to be my last livejournal post. I'm in the process of porting everything over to my dreamwidth (as soon as we figure out what bug stopped my journal from being ported over in it's entirety), INCLUDING my CC journal (because alot of the gall bladder and wedding planning stuff is there, and nearly all of the weight loss/exercise/health stuff) and sorting through it all.

Somewhere, in all these pages and pages and pages of journal entries is the story of my life. From relatively humble beginnings as a student finishing up school, to finding the one whom became my wife, to moving to DC, getting my first job, to getting my second BETTER job, to losing my mom, to getting married to.. where I am today.

So, for those of you looking to keep tabs on me, I invite you over to my dreamwidth page:

Goodbye and thanks for watching.

PS Do not ask me for invite codes. I don't have any. :) K thinks I'll get some when we go open. You can talk to me then. :)

OK: I set up a feed. [ profile] dw_hkellick

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