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Sitting at my computer now, having slaved over (again) a writeup for a project due tommorow. I was sort of put in charge of it (since everyone else claims to be busy), but I've done my duties and I'm handing the writeup to the rest of my group.
I hope they finish it up... and well.
It's a chance I'm taking, but A) it IS NOT simply my responsibility to write up the entire project. It's mine and theirs (three other people) and I'm not going to do all the groups work for them.
I'm already fairly bitter about being the only one who put things together last week for our trip to Letchworth. I don't mind doing my fair share of work, but I'm not going to do all the work for all four of us...
Anyways, we'll see tonite whether they did anything or not. If they don't, I'll go to Dr. Rabideau, explain the problems and say we need an extension. There's nothing else I can do, I have my own things to do!

In other news... things become clear for the May 10th Pre-Commencement dinner.
It will start approximately 5:00 or 5:30 at night. Dinner will be at about 6:30 and everyone will probably be home by 10:00 (latest), though... no one's worried about what time we all come home.
The problem is... May 10th also happens to be Josh's Talent show... which... he won't be able to participate in.
I feel somewhat sorry for Josh. I hope he takes it well.
We'll probably mention this AFTER the play. He's miserable, at the moment!

So, we DID have dinner with Marc Monday. We met him at Pizza Hut and had some personal pan pizzas.
Ladies and gentlemen, Marc SHAVED... the terrible looking beard is GONE. Heck, even the mustache is gone! I'm still in shock!
I hope he stays shaved, personally.. the beard he was growing really did look terrible.
Dinner was... OK... I wouldn't call it PLEASANT... not like dinner with mom and Josh, but... OK.
Marc now has 6 more kittens. That makes 12 cats in his house.
I thought we had too many cats... but Marc.. Marc has WAY too many cats. Even if 6 of them are just cutie babies.
He wants us to come over and see them. I'm doubting i'll go.
Anyways, I get all the kitty love I need from Bandit.

So... I went out and got Tropico: Paradise Island. It's a cool expansion and DOES address some of my gripes (like how long it takes to build anything) and adds to it. I'm planning on playing it tonite (as long as I don't spend the entire blipping night working on the writeup which I DO NOT WANT TO DO!)

The guy from Information Technology FINALLY got to my computer today. He said that both memory chips are dead (which is odd), so he put one new in and will put the other new one in tommorow. It'll be good to have my computer back again :)
Though I must admit, I was getting attached to how fast the Sparc 5s in Bell Hall are. Mine is really slow in comparison!

Went back to the gym today. First time in near a week. Did cardio for 47 minutes and some weight machines and free weights. Tommorow, if I'm not finishing the writeup, I'll go back and try for 60 minutes of cardio.

That's all the random thoughts I have atm.

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Well, I think the cold finally broke last night. I feel better (for someone who woke up way too f'in early to feed the goofball and never fell back asleep).
Other than being a little tired, I feel OK, tho.
I'm excited... in a matter of hours, I'll hang out with [ profile] trillain-san (again) and meet [ profile] tallin and [ profile] phinnia at the Galleria Mall. And a good concert is expected tonite.

The last couple days have been a bit of a blur. I despise being sick. Truly 100% despise it. Blah. But I caught up on some good reading and saw a couple of decent movies and I'm feeling mostly better which is good for hanging out at a mall.

Got my first GIS project. I hate to say it, but it excites me... I enjoy doing this stuff. I know I can do it and do it well.
Cocky? Yeah, but with reason.. I CAN do this.

My life has suddenly gotten Superbusy.
This weekend, of course, Jen and Robby are here and we'll hang out with friends and see a concert.
Next weekend is my brother's play. I'm excited to see the end results, but I'll be relieved when it's over, too. He's SOOOO UPTIGHT before the play. I know he'll be good, though and I know the play will be good, so it's all good. It'll be cool to see some of the extended family coming down to see Josh, too. Freddie's coming down, of course, and my uncle Jeff and aunt Janice (and possibly their kids: Jaime, Jonathon and Josh). I like my family most of the time. They're coolies :)
The unfortunate part is that this would be the weekend of the SARPA roleplaying event I enjoy being a part of.. but... family is a priority.
Besides, I ask alot of them, too... more on this to come.
The weekend AFTER I'm up in Syracuse at another conference and giving a presentation on my thesis project.

Other busy weekends are.. may 10th and 11th. Why?
I finally gradjeeate undergraduate university!
Only 9 years later! :P
The plans are.. as the first ever Environmental Engineering class, the faculty are going to take us and one guest (we have to pay for any other guests we take with us) to Daffodil's, a super fancy-schmancy restaurant. So (and I think I may have mentioned this), I'll bring Josh, mom and grandma.
And then Saturday, I walk on stage, shake the dean's hand and walk off in front of my attending family (not sure how many people will attend, since I'll just do this again next year, too)

In other news, tommorow is Marc's birthday. He WANTED to come over here and cook US dinner, but we nixed that idea. Instead, we might meet HIM at some restaurant or other. I'm SO thrilled (not). Still.. it'll (hopefully) be a decent dinner out... silver lining and all that.
Hopefully, I'll have worked up an appetitite at the gym, too!
I miss the gym :(
I'm such a freak.

Not much else I can think of that I need to say. So, I'll go attend to my guests and watch "Whose Line'' with them.
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I'm feeling better than I was yesterday. I really was beginning to feel crappy. The throat just kept hurting and hurting to the point I thought I'd choke on simple cold water. :P (Thank god I was smart and bought some Jolly Ranchers before going down to Letchworth. It didn't help MUCH, but it did help :P )
I'm feeling better, as I said, but my voice sounds all...odd. I dunno, methinkx maybe my vocal chords are gooed up with mucous or something. *shrug*

So, yesterday... yesterday was LOVELY!
Between not sleeping well due to hurty-throat, the work computer memory chip dying.. and then letchworth.
Let me TELL you about the trip to Letchworth :P
It started at 12:00.. it was rainy and yucky.
Heather and I loaded the stuff into Heather's car and waited for Chris.
About 10 minute late, Chris shows up. No problem, really.
So we get on the road. No probably getting there.
So 1:45 we pull in, get Dave Herring (head Park Engineer) and go to the first collector. Pop the Diver into the computer to find out that NO DATA WAS RECORDED! NONE! ZIP! ZERO! ZILCH!
Not only that, but the tests we did (Temperature, Conductivity and pH) seemed to take forever.. at least temperature and conductivity.
So, 7 1/2 hours after we left, we returned to Buffalo with very little data and lots of frustrations. (Though Dave Herring probably is more frustrated)

And now a thoughtful discussion *snicker* and a poll )
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So, if the weather holds out, we're headed to Letchworth today. I'm simultaneously glad (our group will get it out of the way) and annoyed (our group wasn't exactly prepared.)
I spent most of yesterday getting things ready: getting the conductivity/temp meter calibrates, opening the pH tape, making a prototype water collector (Jean was supposed to do this. She got all the stuff, but she didn't put it together. Not that it was difficult. Actually, I felt very engineer-ish duct taping a sampling cup to a long extendible poll) and heading out to ECMC (WITHOUT GETTING LOST! HA!) to get sample bottles for the Nitrate tests they are doing.
Meanwhile, everyone else.. didn't do much.
It's all our faults that we didn't get on it all sooner. We knew we were going out today, we just didn't DO anything for it.
I'm a little irritated at one person, in specific, actually.. Heather. She's extremely talkative, extremely bossy and, so far, hasn't done much for the GROUP. *annoy*

On another topic, my work computer is broken :(
Well, it's not the end of the world. At least I don't have to pay for it!
Basically, the memory chip seems to have kablooed. As such, I'm sitting on a Sun in the Bell Lab. I can still read email and lj and stuff.. just not from my very own work computer.

As I said earlier today, I'm afraid I may be coming down with something. My throat is really sore (and has been all night) and that's (unfortunately) usually a sign that I'm going to be sick. *sigh*
It seems like everyone involved in the Buffalo trip is suddenly sick.
Curse you, Lord Murphy :P

In other other news, I've started building again.. on MattRhost (run by [ profile] thematt). I forgot how much I enjoyed just building without worrying about the running of the game. I'm just happily building a spacestation. It'll be of the usual LITE fare.. with "puzzles" and pop culture references (for example, the Genesis Device I want to stick on the spacestation, probably in the science section) and I'm just having fun building it and planning it :)
Yay, fun :)

Not a whole lot else I feel the need to talk about, so I guess I'll finish this up.
Hasta, my peeps!
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It's been a pretty good couple days. Not as good as Tuesday, but pretty good.
Yesterday I wore my contacts. First time in a while. I need to get used to them again. Unfortunately, I forgot that they make me tired. But I survived. I'm okee. I would have put them on again today, but I didn't sleep well, so I didn't want to make myself any more tired than I already was.
Actually, yesterday was a busy day.
The story (I know you want to know!) started Tuesday. I got an email saying that commencement was May 11 at 1:00 PM (y'all are cordially invited to UB to see me get commenced , if any of you can and care to make it) and that all people who were to be commenced were on a certain web page. Go to the web page and make certain your name is spelled properly.
So I go to the web page and look for my name.. not there. Look more.. not there... use the netscape "find in page" feature.. it is, in fact, not on the page. Looking, though, I noticed that none of the Environmental Engineers were on the list. So I email Peggy Lane (Engineering secretary) and ask what's going on. She emails me to say she hasn't put Environmental Engineering students on yet... but wait, I hadn't filled my paper work on time, so i wasn't eligible to get my diploma in June.
So after a bit of running around by myself and the environmetnal engineering advisor, Dr. Rabideau, we realzie I won't get my diploma in June, period. But they can "sneak" me and Samuela (who also forgot/didn't know to fill out her paperwork too) into commencement and we'll shake hands and etc. but we'll get our diplomas in September.
That's fine with me, I'll be in grad school still anyways, so it's cool with me if the diploma comes in September. As long as I can go to commencement and shake hands and my family can gush proudly and stuff, it's all good.
I also got my new printer yesterday. It's an Epson Stylus C60. Quality of printout is good and it's MUCH faster than my 8 year old canon. So I'm very happy with the printer :D
Today, like I said, I didn't sleep well.. Made it through groundwater. Barely. Luckily there's a test tuesday, so I don't have to go to class. Yay sleeping late :)
Decided that I NEED to take a nap.. so eat my lunch and sneak out of the trailer and off to home to sleep for two hours. Get up, get dressed up, go off to the design class to discuss stuff.
The plan is to go to Letchworth State Park Tuesday afternoon at noon and come home... whenever. Not sure when we'd be home.
So, off to the Meet and Greet (hosted by R&D and GRA Engineering). Basically, like 8 people from the 2 companies arrived, met those of us environmental engineers (and some chemical and civil engineers) who showed up. They chatted with us, offered food, and took resumes. I handed a resume to the project manager from GRA (R&D is mostly process work... pumps, water and wastewater treatment.. not what I wanna do for the rest of my life. GRA is bigger.. they do remediation and stuff, too.. so I handed them a resume and told them I wasn't graduating for another year and a half.
I feel cool.. I had my resume on fancy paper and in an envelope. Most of the other resumes I saw were on plain white paper. I think it looks more professional to have yer resume on the fancy stuff, personally...
Other than that, got home, played with the kitty, wrote up some homework and the other LJ post and here I am!
Talk to ya dorks later!
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Today's been a good day. A REALLY good day :D
It started this morning when, after bitching and whinging (and yes, I mean the g to be in there. A friend uses the whinging and it amuses me) about my weight loss, and I got a reading of 254. I KNEW that 70 minutes of Cardio would pay off.
Go to school, practically sleep through groundwater (I can't wait till the good stuff is discussed), hang out on Chaotic for an hour, go to the gym for.. less than I'd like..come back and cruise around for books to spend my $15 gift certificate and find out Terry Pratchett's released two more older Discworld books.
Run out to get them... well.. one... they had "Moving Pictures" but not "Eric" but I found Eric at Media Play, so yay!
I love discworld books! I love new reading!
Go to my second class (nothing special. I'm either going back to Letchworth Tuesday or over spring vacation, I'd prefer vacation), go home, we go out to buffet (yay, favorite restaurant, stop by the bank and my income tax has come in! YAY, MONEY!
So... now there's one thing I have to get... a new printer. The one I have now works, but it's damned expensive to get ink. The printer is, like, 8 years old. So I'll go to CompUSA tommorow, prolly, after school and look.
We WERE at Wal-mart to look there. Didn't find a printer, but I did find a SmartMedia 32 meg card for under $30 and grabbed it. So now I have another half an hour of music for my iRock! YAY!
The best news of the day comes when I check LJ, though...
Zoo Tycoon is doing what I'd hoped and adding an expansion pack of prehistoric animals: Dino Digs. I'm so excited! 20 new species, new buildings and staff. I'm so excited... :D
So that's been my day...
And now, a few random online tests.

I'm putting alot behind lj-cuts lately, aren't I? )
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This is probably going to be another long post. To spare your friends page, I shall hide my ramblings behind an lj-cut tag

And now on to the show... )
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As maybe can be guessed by the Subject, this is probably going to be a longish post. Lots of thoughts bouncing around in my head I want to touch on, briefly or... less than briefly.

Let's start with the DiSC test. What is it? It's a personality profile that tells you something about your basic personality: your drives and how you are wont to be. I had to take this test for the design course. The results were.. interesting. Truth be told, the results were dead on about me.
My results were as such...
I am strongly dominant. I want control. Simply put, I need to be in charge. If I'm not in charge, I'm generally not as happy as I could be.
I'm very focused on the tasks in front of me. I'm not, in general, interested so much as the people responsible for getting the tasks done as much as I am for getting the tasks done.
I'm professional. During business meetings, I expect us to stay on track and not run off on wild tangents about what people did this weekend or what some other person is doing.
For feedback, I look to myself and those who have more knowledge in the subject at hand than I. Sure, it's cool if my peers think it's good work, but if an expert or my professor or my boss like it, then *I* know it's good work.
I'm very future oriented. Things happen now in order to get to some result I hope for and want in the future. I'm willing to sacrifice the present for some prefered goal in the future.
I have a very strong personality. I tend to dominate others in that fashion as well. Shy is not I. I'm very verbal.. if I have something that I need to discuss or that's bothering me, I'll just say it.
I tend to think nonlinearly... I can go from steps 1, 2 and 3 to 8 and 9 without any problem. I'm very multifocussed.. able to do three or four things more or less at once. I tend to set a very fast pace for myself that way. As I said before, no dawdling.
I got my results from a professional who helped explain the results of the DiSC test. For those interested in taking the DiSC test, you can take a free version of it HERE and while you may not be able to get all the answers I got, I might be able to supplement a few. I'm lax to explain the test more than that because I'm afraid to do so might give it all away and change the results of the test.
If you DO take the DiSC test, please tell me what your answers are. I'm rather curious :) I suspect I know what a few of you are, but I'd rather not say, again in the hopes of making sure I don't sway the results.

So there's that...
In other news, I'm annoyed.. I'm annoyed for a variety of reasons. My main annoyance is Sid Meier's SimGolf. I bought this game a couple days back and was ready to play (time permitting). I'm still rearing to go. Problem is.. I loaded up, sent it to play and it gave me error messages. I can't get the terrain to load. So what I see are things floating on a "black" terrain. This sucks.
I emailed tech support and the best they had to say is that they were aware of the problem and hope to have a patch out soon.
I guess I'll wait.
On the PLUS hand, if I had played SimGolf, I'd never been able to complete "Running Through The Rainforest" (more on this later).
In other news, my mom is apparently sick. Apparently because I have no idea what she is.. she just says she feels crappy. She's not stuffy, she doesn't look all that bad, she just says she feels crappy. S'cool though.. the weather sucks and *I* dun wanna go anywhere anyways.
And that's reason #3.. the weather... a couple days ago it was bright and sunny and 50. Now it's snapped back... I would have been OK if it had just snowed. Snow I can handle... but NOOO.. it snowed.. and hailed.. and freezing rain.. and rain.. and more freezing rain.. back to hail.. rain.. hail.. freezing rain
Now the ground is slick and slippery and I really DON'T want to drive in it at ALL! Hell, I don't even want to walk in it...
Stupid Weather. :P

And this is a fitting segue into why the pixie is a putz. The pixie has been a putz all day.
I woke up really early, mind.. like 3:30.. tried to sleep for 45 minutes and gave up, went downstairs and screwed around on the computer for another 45 minutes and then went back to bed. I'm a bit tired. This may be part of the reason why I've been so putzy.
Woke up.. made lunch... forgot to put the fork in my lunch pail. So I had to eat salad with a spoon. That was... interesting.
Anyways, put lunch in trunk along with bags. Drive to school.. slowly (the crap weather had started already and I wanted to be careful driving).. was so worried about driving safely that I turned the motor off, turned the lights off, opened the door, locked the door... and preceded to lock my keys in the car.
Called home and mom tells me to call AAA, so I do.
I call AAA, tell them where the car is, tell them to meet me in the front of the Alumni Arena, pick up a Time magazine (to read while I'm waiting) and a Diet Dr. pepper and wait... on the wrong side of the Alumni Arena. Called back over an hour later to find out that they'd been there and I was never in the right place... stupid me. So ask them to call back, wait on the REAL front of the Alumni Arena (you know.. where the front lobby is.. not just a pair of stairs and a door :P ) and get the keys out of my car.
Feeling stupid, I then precede to eat the salad with a spoon.
I go back to the Career COunseling center to get them to take one last look at my Resume before Monday ( a few minor changes were suggested, but otherwise the resume finally looks good! WOO! :) )... get back into the trailer... and the power goes out.
So I stood around for like 20 or 25 minutes, talking to the other guys in the trailer (some of whom are going home in this terrible weather. I would, but for a 3:30 class... we're going to do the teamwork workshop.. you know.. the ROPS COURSE (if you don't know what I'm referring to, you've never been stuck doing a leadership workshop. Consider yourself lucky. It's an amusing way to waste an hour and a half, but I'd rather be at home...)

And now the end.. why I rock.
As I said earlier, since SimGolf WON'T WORK I looked for other things to do... picked up Dance Ejay 2 and decided.. what the heck.. i'll play with it.
By the end of the night, I finished my... *goes to and counts* 19th song (not including remixes which don't count because some of them I did simply because of the vocals wouldn't let me keep in the song because of copyright laws...)
Let me be the first one to say that this song really rocks. I want to make a few minor adjustments before I post it to (with a certain sample that comes in a little too early for my taste and cuts out a little too late), otherwise I'm completely satisfied with the song. it really rocks. :)
For me, that's the test the song has to pass.. if I don't think the song rocks enough, then it's simply not good enough. I don't know if I can explain it much better than that.. I look for a lot of things.. it needs to have continuity and development. It needs to express a theme of some sort (for example Theme to "Haunted Dancefloor of Death" is a near perfect halloween song. It just speaks, to me, halloween... even if I took the sound effects out (heaven forbid) it would speak halloween to me. It just sounds, to me, like a typical slasher film theme. This song, on the other hand, does what I'd hoped to get out of Hunting with the Tribe.. a song that says "Lookie me! I'm a song about a jungle!"
Truth be told, I'm half-considering switching the titles. I'll name THIS one Hunting with the Tribe and the other one Running Through The Rainforest.. it sounds, to me, like it'd make more sense.
Except I won't. I've already named the other Hunting with the Tribe. S'all there is to it.
Anyways, I was lucky and found a whole bunch of great free samples off the ejay web site that I'm rearing to play with and I may end up with a new song on my hands soon. Yay new songs! :)

That's all I can think of to report, so I shall post this.
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First off, let's start with the astoundingly cool news.
I just bought myself some new pair of jeans today. Why? Because I had a little extra moolah and I could.
So I head off to Walmart (had to go that direction anyways. My mom needed me to drive her.) and go try on some jeans.
I can squeeze into a 40-32 set of jeans. That is.. 40 waist, 32 legs..
40 waist! ^.^
(Keep in mind, when I started this diet, I was getting into 46-32 jeans.)
It's so much easier to find pants and shorts in 40-32 :)
*does a dance*
And so, for the moment, at least, 40 is my new lucky number.
Yay lucky number 40 :)
May my new lucky number be 38 or 36 :D

This was a yay weekend. Friday was an okee day. Had a UBEESC meeting which, like most UBEESC meetings, no one attended (well, not NO ONE, but very few people.). Went out and got Sid Meier's SimGolf in which, if I get a chance to play it, will be cool. Building my own Golf Resort = yay :)
Worked out a first draft of my resume (as I posted yesterday)
Listened to an hour of Nicole and went to bed.
Yesterday was a busy day... went to the gym (which has been REALLY busy lately. It's hard to work out as much as I'd like when people are all over the equipment, ya know?)
Went to go see The Count of Monte Cristo. It was good! I enjoyed! I think most of you would enjoy too! Go see!
Then I went to play midnite bowling. It was cool! I scored 108 and 110 in consecutive games (not bad when last week my best was maybe 80) and my friend TJ got *268* 8 strikes (out of a possible 12). Go TJ! Go me! =)
Woke up late-ish, went to the gym... jesus christ, it's warm out.. it must have been over 50 degrees out there. It was nice :) I liked :)
Went to Walmart and mentioned the jeans.
Which brings us back to my LJ.
So, like I said, it's been a Yay Weekend.

And now a rant about Gun Control in Utah )
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I am highly amused (and a bit flattered) right now. My mom comes up to me this morning (as I just woke up and just before she had to go) and says "Howard, what are you planning to wear to New York?"
Um... probably a dress shirt, tie and a nice pair of pants.
My mom nods and says I need a new dress shirt, then. My two dress shirts have started to look sloppy. Apparently, I've lost enough weight that my dress shirts don't fit right. I find this highly amusing and rather cool. So, as long as my check DOES come today, I'll go get a couple of new shirts to wear.
And a 1 and 2 and a YAY WEIGHT LOSS! :D

Actually, I can note with another sort of amusement that my waist size has dropped approximately 5 inches. I've gone from the last notches of a sized 46 belt to half-way on a 40-42 sized belt.
And again... YAY WEIGHT LOSS! :D

So, the AWMA dinner meeteing was rather cool. Arrived at 5:30 for the open bar. I chose not to partake of the flowing alcohol and walked around, instead, with a glass of diet cola. A couple classmates (Jean Balent, her boyfriend whose name I can't think of, and Natalie Sauer) arrive and we sort of huddle in one corner talking about this and that. Throughout the open bar, people kept coming up to us, shaking our hands and meeting us. They were thrilled to see UB students (and one student from the Buff State geology department) at the meeting. They hinted, in a not so subtle fashion, that they had lots of money they'd be willing to spend for worthwhile causes (one man at the table we were sitting on, stood up, laughed (much like Santa Clause) and said "Wow, we gotta lotta money!") including us university types.
Dinner was good. I had the cornbeef and cabbage. I was shocked and amazed when they handed me my plate with, I kid you not, a eighth of a head of cabbage and a HUGE side of corned beef (let's not forget the previous courses (potato soup, salad and a fresh-baked roll.. PLUS desert) with a few potatos and carrots on the side. Certainly not a bad dinner for $10. Then there was a presentation on creating a landfill without a leachate collection system.
What is leachate? It's water that gets caught up in a landfill, either from the waste itself or infiltration from rain events and, having gone through the landfill, needs to be treated. It can't be left in the landfill or it might leak out and contaminate the ground around it.
Anyways, they created a landfill for concrete kiln dust (CKD) (some some of leftovers when making concrete, I guess.) which tends to be very dry. As it is dry, they don't feel leachate as a problem because it will just naturally settle into the system and get sucked up the CKD. I'm not certain I believe it as A) water + concrete = hard and water landing on a hard surface on concrete won't catch the water and B) it looks like they assumed the water would mix equally with the CKD, but it probably won't. I dunno, though... I'm not an engineer YET.. it just made me wonder.
In all honesty, it's cool to be able to listen to such a talk and understand it. I feel all smart now :)

UBEESC meeting at 3. We'll be talking about the coming trip to New York (which, if I get the check I expect and it's as big as I hope, I'm in... more on this soon), the Greater Buffalo Environmental Conference in May, the upcoming design competition and more.

To New York... I'm not sure what to expect, but I'll (most likely) be going to New York for the day on February 5 for a NYWEA conference. Tuesday is the students day and there'll be a round table discussion and other goodies I'm not 100% certain about. They've offered to reimburse us up to $500, so hell.. I'll go :) I'm not certain what to expect, but I'm sure I'll enjoy myself. The only question is when we're all going (as in... are we taking the 6:30 AM flight in or the 10:00 AM flight in), since I WAS going to take the 10:00 AM flight in, but i don't REALLY wanna be the only person trying to get a cab to the convention when everyone else is there.

What else? Gotta pick up materials for my EngiNet course. It's all fixed up, so I'll take Biological principals from that (and see if I can get into it or not.) This might be tough because I'll be watching a tape and NOT in a classroom situation and I'm not sure I'll enjoy it.

Probably going midnite bowling again tommorrow.. past that, no plans this weekend.

That's all I can think of to post. Laters!
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I've had three (possibly all three... need to go to the EngiNet people tommorow since they haven't emailed yet) of my classes so far. I know you're all desperately curious (... not), so I'll tell you about them.
on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have two classes: Groundwater and Design.
The groundwater class, so far, is exactly what I expected. At the moment, it's boring as it's all repeated stuff I've seen many times before. I hope it to get more interesting in a month or so, once we start modeling actual sites. (which is the reason I'm sitting in on this class)
The design class... well, where to start.
The design class is trying to learn from the mistakes that the practicum made last semester (that was the class from hell that seemed to take all my time). Dr. Rabideau is trying something radically different (but it looks better) from the practicum.
The design class will be working (this year) with Letchworth State Park (and the state parks commission). The problem is this: Letchworth State Park is a camping ground for a few thousand (up to, I think, 10,000 or so people during events) people each year. Their water source comes from seven collectors around the park. These collectors collect (just under the surface) groundwater, given them only basic treatment and serve to the different watering station (and a few cabins) around the park.
Now it has come to light that the groundwater may be being aversely affected by fertilization of the ground in Letchworth. (quick explanation: fertilizator contains phosphorus. Phosphorus makes algae grow and grow. Algae grows, dies and becomes organic waste which consumes oxygen and drives the quality of the water down. This is part of why Lake Erie used to be so godawful nasty in the 70s). So the following questions need to be answered: Is the groundwater under the influence of the surface water. And (assuming it is), what do we do to take care of the problem? (treatment system design, maybe... not sure yet)
On Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays I have GIS applications. This course really excites me. I took a course in GIS a while back, but to be honest, it wasn't very useful to me. It was basic stuff for geographers and planning people, but no really ENGINEERING applications were discussed. In this class, we'll get into real engineering applications of GIS including spatial analyst, 3d analysis and scripting languages to make a front end for C++ or Fortran programs. I have to do a project for this class and I'm thinking I'll make a visual frontend to POM to display the interesting features (velocity, temperature, concentration. Whatever I like.). Like I said, I'm really excited :)

Had lunch with Dave today (did I mention he's going to UB now?) we ate at the commons and had Chinese. Yum :) He was telling me of his new addition (his 2 year old cat he got from the SPCA after Pud died ). Apparently, she's very affectionate. Loves to cuddle up to him. Purrs if you look cross-eyed at her. Yay, affectionate cats! :) I have to meet her :)

Dinner meeting tommorow for AWMA. I'm excited.

This stands as living proof on how stupid we really are. Gods... like [ profile] trillain just said on Chaotic... you can't force McD and BK to be responsible because we don't eat well. It's a choice on our part. I know *I* was educated (in health) on how to eat properly. It's a choice... we choose to go and get a quick dinner and McD instead of stay home and cook something. This has to be the stupidest argument I've heard in a while...

Anyways, another test (I think it's rigged. It seems like EVERYONE gets Cheer Bear)
See what Care Bear you are.
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Well, as of tommorow morning, my vacation is officially over :(
I'm ready for school, though. Excited, even.
What classes am I taking?
I'm taking:
Environmental Engineering Design
GIS Applications (an engineering-based GIS application course to give me the info on GIS I really wanna know that the geography course didn't)
Groundwater Modelling (the first half of the course will all be review, but the second half looks interesting and coolies.)
and POSSIBLY I'll be taking an EngiNet course on Biological Principals for Env. Engineers. It all depends on whether I'll be charged extra for the Enginet course. If I am, I won't take it and I'll actually register for Groundwater Modelling. If I won't be charged, I'll just sit in on the class and not do any homework (I just want to learn about the modeling of groundwater. While my interests are in surface water, I want to have a backup plan of being able to do groundwater (the field seems a bit more open anyways))
Ah, the games we play, eh?

In other news, UBEESC is making me a busy bee. On Thursday, I'll be attending an AWMA (Air and Waste Management Association) dinner. It's $10 to get a good meal and rub elbows with people in the air pollution and landfill management business in the Buffalo area.
I'm just going for the dinner, really.
On the other hand, on February February 5th, I'll probably fly down to New York for the day to be part of the NYWEA (New York Water Environment Association) annual conference (NYWEA is more in my interest region. So I'll be rubbing my elbows with potential employers there. Note to self... try really hard to get a freaking resume done by then). The plan is to leave fairly early and come back in the early evening. Literally, just for the day.
Ah, the joys of being an engineer.

What did you guys think of the Golden Globes? I'm still bummed that Lord of the Rings won NOTHING. I thought it was the best damn film of the year. :)
Actually, I just went and saw LotR again today with Josh. My third time. The movie is STILL packed. It's THAT good :) Well, *I* think it's that good! :)

As most of you know, I met [ profile] trillain at the Galleria Mall saturday. twas cool. You can read her journal for an account of what we did. it was cool. As I said, we need to meet more than once every 6 months. :)

I still want to know ONE THING...
how is it that everyone else is a Zorilla. I'm beginning to feel outnumbered by skunk-things. And me, just a hen!

*thinkles* What else?
Oh! my weight! My weight for the week is *drumroll please* 257. Woowoo! :)

Can't think of anything else I need to report.
See y'all on the flip side.
No, the OTHER flip side.
Yes, that one.
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No more school!
No more classes!
No more being a TA!
No more practicum projects!
No more sadistic advanced math!
No more overstress!
... well, for a month, at least.

Choices, choices, choices.. do I work on my web page? Play a computer game? Work on this summary of my classes?
These are choices I can deal with :D
What summary? OK, so I had four classes: the practicum, the math class, the fluid mechanics and the groundwater class.
The practicum class I learned nothing new in except how frustrating doing what you learn in classes can be in practice.
The math I learned pretty much out of the book. It's a good book, too!
The fluids book sucks, though. It was a good class. So I'm doing a summary of what I learned in that class.
And I want a summary of the stuff I learned in groundwater too. It will take a while.. but it'll be all good.

My plans today include.. doing nothing, going to the gym, doing nothing, doing nothing, going to my brother's holiday concert and doing nothing.

Hey, all you TMBG fans.. check this song out
Double Take - Birdhouse In Your Soul
a capella Birdhouse! Coolies! :D
The Brown Derbies are doing their own version, too. But I don't have it yet.

What else? Oh, my weight! I didn't post it yesterday. Well, my weight is 262 lbs. Not as big as a drop as I'd LIKE, but it's been a stressful week and I don't think stress is good for a diet...

Can't think of anything else worth saying, at the moment. Hasta, folksies!
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Lots of stuff to discuss.
I've been a busy busy boy. Final weeks are upon me. I had my first exam this morning, the evil Advanced Math one. For those like [ profile] mythagon.. you.. you.. MATH MAJORS, I HATE YOU ALL! Any of you who want to do Math full time. Math is EVIL!
At least Advanced Math was
PDEs and ODEs and Eigenvectors, o my!

So.. yesterday was weigh-in day. Boy, do I have a story about that! See, officially my weight is 264. Neither an increase or decrease. HOWEVER, before Sunday it was 260. I dunno why or what happened, but Saturday I was 260.5 and Sunday I was 264.5.. then 264 and today 263.
I wonder if it's because I've got a bug.

You wouldn't know about that. I have some sort of bug. I've been exhausted for three days straight (since Sunday), get nauseous when I move too much and am pissing like a river.
I had a similair bug last year.
It's not fun.
Not at all.

So, I've started work on my web page again. You can check what I've been up to HERE. As you can see, I've started more or less all over. I like what I've got so far :)

It's been a stressful day, between the test, trying to get hold of a dentist (I have a big ass crack in one of my teeth. I don't know WHERE it came from, but I know I gotta do something about it. Hopefully not including a drill!), finding out that my "dental coverage" is only good if I accidentally lose a tooth. (I hate having no dental.), getting some paper work I needed to get done done and gassing up my car and adding this stuff i got that's supposed to clean the engine out.

Speaking of the car, I got a new book: Car Repair for Dummies. While I don't plan on repairing it, it's got a lot of good stuff about maintence and what certain sounds and actions might mean. By the sounds of it, I may need to get my spark plugs looked at. Let's see how the engine cleaner works, tho.

What else?
A friend of mine said something that surprise me today. It's sort of two-fold. On one hand, he surprised me by telling me something I didn't know (then again, neither did he.) On the other, he surprised me by telling me that YET ANOTHER off-handed prediction was right.
It's kind of scary, but I do have a knack for predictions. Especially ones about personal relationships. I don't know why that's specifically so, but... *shrug*

Can't think of anything else I wanted to say. Talk to y'all later!
Ciao, babes
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Another long entry, I fear.
Where to start?
Let's start with Pep Boys, I'll get the bitching done first.
So, those following the saga of my car problems have heard, i think, the latest (and not at all bad) theory that I got a load of bad gas. The bad gas plugged up the fuel filter once already and the new one is, supposedly, already dirty. This support my theory.
Anyways, I was agitated at the first mechanic because despite paying for a new fuel filter, my car was stalling and flooding. Badly. I had to trouble getting the car home three days in a row.
As you may recall, I found out I was law on transmission fluid. So I went to Pep Boys to get some. I explained the problems I was having and they suggested I bring the car into THEM to check the engine.
So I brought it in Wednesday night.
Thursday was the day that wouldn't end. More on that to come. When I called Pep Boys, though, they were like "We had alarms all over. The spark plugs need replacing. The distributor cap too. There was electricity ARCING. By, the way, this will clear up your problem with your Check Engine light."
(note: up to lately, my car's one oddity is that the Check Engine light is on all the time. I've learned to live with it and it doesn't bother me. I didn't want to pay extra money to fix that. It wasn't REALLY a problem. )
Did I mention they wanted $550 ?
Now, I just had the other mechanic look at the car LAST week and he said none of this.
LITE doens't LIKE being taken for a ride!
So... we told them we weren't interested in putting that kind of money in my old car and brought her home. As we picked her up, they mentioned that it was all IMPORTANT.
Anyways, once we got the car warmed up, it drove fine.
That's the key, though, to get the car warmed up.. without flooding it out.
It spent last night at school, in fact, because it flooded out.
At the moment, it's QUITE temperamental.
She's home now, though. So.. *shrug*
Still.. I kept the paperwork from Pep Boys. Just in case the problems persist. I can take it to the first mechanic and see if he mentions anything on the list. If so, maybe it IS legit. if not.. they WERE taking me for a ride.

So... going back.. The Day That Wouldn't End. That was Thursday.
Thursday started up TFE (Too Fucking Early). I had to be at school at 8:00.. And since the car was at Pep Boys, that meant I was walking to school.
And I had to be there at 8:00 to stay there all day to work on the pilot plant.
To fill in more details, this is the last project from the Practicum. The class had to get a Water Treatment Pilot Plant (already designed and put together) operational and run it for 8 hours to see if it works.
So we started the pre-run work (making sure the influent was ready to go etc.) at 8:00.
Let me describe the pilot plant to you. Maybe you care, maybe you don't. I'll tell you anyways.
Here's the basics.. first you need some sort of influent. We used a Kaolin clay mixed in tap water so that the turbidity (def: 1 a : thick or opaque with or as if with roiled sediment b : heavy with smoke or mist from Webster of 20 NTU.
The influent first meets up with a coagulant, a chemical used to bind the clay together into a bigger particle called floc. Since to do that, the chemical needs to mix with the clay, it first goes through a rapid mix (an inline doodad that swirls the water all about) and then through a system of basins called Flocculators. In these basins, the floc is formed.
Assumedly.. if you set your speeds right, the floc does NOT settle in the Flocculators but DO need to settle. hence we have a Sedimentation basin for the floc to settle into.
The remaining material is filtered out in a sand material.
In real plants, the effluent is then chlorinated, fluoridated and sent out to the distribution system. Our pilot plant didn't do that.
So.. I spent near eight hours watching the plant operate.
Plus, it didn't even operate well. We had to keep backwashing the filter because it was plugging up with clay since the settling basin didn't work too well.
Also, in the middle of the day I had to go and do some paperwork. Problem being.. I left the papers at home. So I had to get home. A classmate lent me her car... a beat up old white dodge that makes my car look well behaved.
The seats wouldn't go back.
So i drove in this tiny car with my knees behind the wheel and in 2nd gear since drive kept pooping out.
But I got home.. and I got my papers and came back.

And eventually the day ended and I went home to, i THINK, start work on my GURPS character. More on THAT later

Yesterday was.. better. I had the presentation, as you may recall, on desorption during resuspension events. And the car flooded and wouldn't go home. But we had a nice dinner out.
This is a cute story. Let me tell it.
My brother tried out for the musical monday. He wanted the male lead, Horace Vandergelder (the play is Hello Dolly).
So all week, he's been excited and obnoxious and unbearable because he REALLY wants the part and he's got the voice for it and he KNOWS he can do it.
We were ready to kill him.
Anyways, he said that if he got the lead, he wants to go to Pizzeria Uno, his favorite restaurant. And we agreed.
So yesterday comes and, grumpy from the car not starting, I come home and josh is like "Dress nice, cause we're GOING TO PIZZERIA UNO!"
So, he's got the male lead.
Go Josh :)

OK, so Friday I come home and I finish work on my GURPS Char. What the heck am i talking about? [ profile] trillain, [ profile] xb95 and [ profile] draci. I don't know much about the plot, but we get 100 points to spend on "normal self" and 50 more points to spend on becoming another species (elf, winged folk, were, reptile man..) or on MAGIC.
So my character is gonna be a Druidy type of character. Human, Male, lots of magic. Yay magic :)
Not much else to say yet.. I'm excited about roleplaying, tho :)

Can't think of anything else worth discussing it. So I'll finally post this.
Ciao folks!
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Well, I think I found yet another problem (and hopefully the main one) with the car. The transmission fluid was way low. So I added to "normal" level. Yay fluid.
The car drove pretty well on the way to school, but it isn't a LONG drive.
On the other hand, compared to the drive HOME yesterday where the car was switching gears oddly on me. One minute in 1st and then in 3rd and then it stalled on, then I was in 3rd. It was a scary ride home. But I made it home, called the mechanic and he said.. check the transmission fluid. I did and it was below "do not drive"
I just hope no damage was done to the transmission.
I hope.
And I hope that adding the tranmission fluid this morning solves the majority of my car woes.
Hope hope hope.

What else? Did I mention I have a presentation today? I have to present "modelling a jump in base in a confined and unconfined aquifer using analytic elements" for advanced groundwater. I hate presenting. :P But, I think we got a good presentation so that's good. :)

Got another presentation on Friday. This time on "Modelling desorption of hydrophobic contaminants from sediments during resuspension". I gotta get all the materials for that one, though since everyone but me has stuff they SWEAR they're gonna give to me.


Alright, who's the wise guy picking my song list?
"Carful of Pain" by the Arrogant Worms just came on. Talk about ironic.

Can't think of all that much else to write about. Gotta stay home tonite and finish my math homework and, hopefully, watch the second half of "Jack and the Beanstalk: the Real Story"
Hasta, folksies!
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Lots to talk about today.

And this week's weight is.. *drum roll*... 264!
That means I've lost a WHOLE POUND this week :P
God damned Plateaus. On the other hand, at least I posted a loss instead of a gain.
Yay, loss!

I had a nice surprise when I got into the trailer today. It's all decorated for christmas. There's streamers all over and bows and little silver bells. And by each office is a little stocking with candy inside. It was a nice surprise and it DOES give the office an extra cheery touch.
And it puts LITE in a holiday spirit (up until I turn the radio on and hear more blasted christmas carols. I can take a few. A few are even catchy (and I LOVE what Bob Rivers does to them >:D )) but a whole month of them is always enough to drive me batty and make me feel very grinch-like.

So, I saw "Heist" on Saturday Night. It was a good movie. Da pixie man gives it four stars out of five. Lots of twists and turns and you're never quite sure what's going on or who has the goods (The movie is called Heist. It's about a Heist.), Gene Hackman or Danny Devito. In the end, it was a lot of fun. A great movie romp!

Then last night, I watched the first part of Jack and the Beanstalk. The idea sounded interesting. What happened if Jack and the Beanstalk actually happened? So the first two hours was a retelling of the story and setup for the next two hours in which a more modern Jack goes and visits (for lack of a better word) Faerieland. For those of you who missed the first two hours, poor you :( It was cute and tuesday's end to the program looks cute too.

This amuses me... some people simply can't let go.
Player Name On For Idle Are You In The Holiday Spirit Yet?>
eStebe 22:47 1m I didn't misspell WHORE, I have a log.

What else? My checks were finally shipped off last Saturday. I had to order new checks. Don't recall if I ordered the "furry friends" (kitty and puppy poses together) or.. the ones with the amusingly bright background. Regardless, though, they've shipped.

What else?
Do you realize I have only five more days of class? Yay, end of classes! Yay, upcoming christmas vacation.. Boo, finals and final projects.

That's all I can think of to say for now. Hasta, folksies!
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Lots of fun things to talk about.

Do you know what I hate more than changing my schedule around to be at a meeting? Getting stood up for the meeting. My practicum group was SUPPOSED to meet at 4:00 in Jarvis 120 today.
I was there.
No one else was.
Including, I think, the person we had to meet.
So I hung around on campus for near two hours longer than I would have needed to otherwise.
Bah, I say.

Plus, we're supposed to meet at 8:00 AM tommorow (of course, my hope is... since I don't think anyone met with Todd, we CAN'T put the filter together until we do and, hence, no 8:00 meeting. That' my hope in any case) and then I have another meeting at 12:00 for a groundwater project.
Whee meetings.

And I need to do math homework again this weekend. Yes, the same math homework that nearly killed me two weekends ago.
13 problems this time (instead of 12). But I have a PLAN!
It's due Wednesday.. so.. if I start it today, I only need to do 3 problems a day and it'll be done by Tuesday night.
Plus, I may have a little extra time this weekend to do more than 3 problems. The point is, it doesn't need to ALL be done by Saturday.
Yay plan! ^.^

Today is Nicole radio day! Yay! trying to decide already what I shall request.
I'm thinking of requesting one of my own.
I'm THINKING of requesting Illudium (Full name: Illudium Pu-36 Explosive Space Modulator.
The Illegal (cause I don't have the rights to the wav samples of marvin the martian I used) vocal version.

I'm on a weight plateau again. Worse than that, it seems like I'm GAINING weight.
Though, this catches me as odd.
This morning I weighed myself and realized.. I had to take a pee. So i did.
I went back to weighing myself (i triple check. I'm a freak like that.) and I weighed 0.5 lbs. MORE than before the pee.
Can someone explain that to me?
Anyways, due to the plateay, I fear this means I shan't weigh 250 by new years day. So I am henceforth changing my goal.
I want to weigh 255 instead.
Now if I could go back to losing weight.

I had a Fluids test today. The third. I either did VERY well or I was so off base it isn't even funny. I'm not actually sure yet. I guess I'll find out when I get my test grade, eh?
Here's hoping, right?

What else?
I think the psychological effects of the happy light have worn off. Hopefully the very really physiological effects are just getting ready to take place, though.
Yay Happy Light!

Note: When I tried posting this the FIRST time, it wasn't yay this and yay that.. I was pure bitchy. Now I'm home and I'm yay this and yay that.
What does that say to YOU?

OK, so I'm saving the best (or, actually, worst) for last.
I want to talk about Stebe.
I'm not gonna be happy with just dropping it. I just... I can't do that. When i'm angry, I need to let people know.
I'm screwed up like that.
So... I want to give an account of my side of this argument. For myself if no one else cares.
The whole thing started Tuesday. I posted I was grumpy at certain people on ChaoticMUX. Stebe was one of them.
In.. a conversation I don't even fully recall, he said eris@discordia was a "hoar" (I don't remember the conversation, but I do distinctly remember the misspelling.) I happen to disagree.. I have a bad relationship with much of discordia, but eris was OK.
So I was unhappy about that.
The REAL start of the argument was Wednesday, though. After a good night sleep, I was less grumpy and feeling apologetic towards people who had annoyed me Tuesday. I don't remember WHAT Stebe said that pissed me off (it wasn't the orange thing), but the WAY he said it reallly ticked me off. He sounded nasty and .. arse'ish
So I told him he was an arse.
And I /gagged him.
In retrospect, I should have just /gagged him quietly and gone on with the rest of my day, but... hindsight is 20/20, right?
Stebe took great offense to this. And he got mad. And posted a +bbpost suggesting I take a vacation from Chaotic because, to the best of his knowledge, 2 people (ara and scoob) had left because of me.
I'm still a little.. sensitive, bewildered, upset, angry.. over ara and scoob leaving. I can't say as I still really understand what happened. All of a sudden, i was sexist and racist and beyond contempt. I'd been friends with ara for near 9 years. scoob for a little less. And suddenly, I wasn't even worth talking to anymore.
So.. it's a sensitive spot for me.
A sensitive spot, Stebe has harped on again and again and again.
Between the two, I got VERY pissed at him.
Hence, when yesterday rolled around and I'd been under the happy light and felt better, I thought about it and I *STILL* think Stebe is being an immature ass.
So, Stebe read that in my lj. And then quoted that portion of my journal so everyone could read it and decide I was an ass.
[ profile] kalidor responded thusly, and I think it sums up my own feelings.
Begin Quote:

Lessee, you are dragging it out, trying to make a public spectacle, (of course... the spectacle seems to end up being you) and .. well ... only you seem to care? Yes ... I think the evaluation of your personality .. is .. uhm .. well correct. Perhaps you should do whut others like you have done in the past. Make a personal bulletin board that only your friends are allowed to read, so as not to pester the rest of us. Of course, the people with those boards .. mostly decided to leave anyhow... but .. more is the better.

End Quote:
Then, as I hear tell (and I have no proof of this), Stebe contacted lj_abuse and complained about my post.
So... let's review. I /gagged him and made a couple of rude comments.
He posted not one, but two +bbposts and complained, i think, to lj_abuse.
So.. like.. WHO is being the immature asshole here?
So today comes around and this is really pissing me off. I'd LIKE to take him somewhere private and just thwap him around.
Not that I would.. I'd just LIKE to.
So today comes around and I'm pissed at him and I make a couple more comments.
And he responds by mailing the ChaoticMUX adminning and complaining about me.
Now, I admit some fault.
1) I should never have told him I was /gagging him.
2) I shouldn't have made the comments
However, I'm not the one totally twinking out.
(personally, I'm curious to see how he responds to this post. Not that i'm worried, I'm just curious.)
So, like... I've promised I'll stop making any comments to Stebe on Chaotic. He can just sit in my gag until he apologizes for the way he's acted and is acting.
But.. here.. here I won't bother to censor myself. After all, if you don't like what you read, why read it? It's still my personal (if live for the world to read) journal.

That's all I have to say about that. Well.. for now. Maybe more later as more on the Stebe argument.. happens.

In closing, let me offer CONGRATS TO [ profile] thepoet_khayman on his baby, Lazarus Kaine Matthew!!
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Well.. first off... *ahem* I HAVE HARRY POTTER TICKETS FOR TONITE! :D :D :D
Right! Now that I've gotten THAT off my chest...

What's new? Well.. I'm feeling better now. A couple of nights of good sleep and The Sims: Hot Date has helped my mood incredibly.

The Sims: Hot Date.. yes.. I got that Wednesday. It's as cool as I'd hoped! :) I love the new interactions.. I love downtown and I love trying to go out on dates (even if I'm not good at it yet... All in all, it's a GREAT addition to The Sims (so much better than House Party.. though.. the addition of House Party is nice because I can now make dance clubs and stuff with the dancefloor.) All in all, I love it and I suggest you Sim Freaks GO GET IT! NOW!

Had the UBEESC meeting today... once again.. barely ANYONE came, but.. we have some plans to get some people next semester and they're good plans,, we're hoping to go to Chicago next year for WEFTEC (Water and Environment Councel something something conference) which is this HUUUGE Conference for Environmental Engineers and those who work in "The Industry". Some of us (not I) want this year and thought it was GREAT and LOVED it, so I'll try to go next year :D

Yes? Oh.. Ok...

November TMBG Unlimited came out yesterday... it's... lacking somewhat. There are a couple of good songs (some of the live material is good.. I LOVE Fingertips!), but I like the NEW stuff, personally.. ya know? I loved it when they were giving out the new material. Ah well, right?

What else? Oh.. check THIS out. Doesn't this ROCK?!?!?! One of the citizens at ChaoticMUX drew it for the Winter Holiday Party (I hope to be able to make this and any other pictures made into christmas cards.) I'm hoping I can convince [ profile] doubletake to draw a few too. Between the two of them, we should have lots and lots of cool pictures and that will ROCK!

My brother just called... he made Select Chorus! Go Josh! Congrats Josh...

and SPEAKING of Josh.. a poem Josh wrote Wednesday Night in order of Merlin. Let me quote it for you...
(As a note, he's still playing with it..)

Whirlin' Merlin
By Joshua Kellick

My name was Merlin
And if you had a lap, I would go curlin'

I loved everyone and everything I knew
I was happy that I got to know you

Once I was carried through the front door
You all showed me a love I never knew before

Do not be sad that I am gone
Just think of me when the clock hits dawn

Remember the fun we had
Remember that I was an angel and never bad

Picture me pouncing you when you least expect it
And how I purred when I used you to knit

I was your best friend
And always will be

Do not cry
That is the key

I will wait for you in heaven
We will rejoice
And we will play like you used to when you were seven

I must go now
But do not forget
The happy times we had
And promise me you will stop being sad

And now... the quote of the day
Hermione: It's called the Devil's Snare....oh... It likes the dark and damp....
Ron: So light a fire then!
Hermione: (wringing her hands) Right, but there's no wood!
Hermione: Oh right!

-From "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" by J.K. Rowling

(not that I'm excited to see Harry Potter tonite or anything...)
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This may be another long one. Lots of things on my mind.

As y'all know, Flight 587 crashed in Rockland, New York yesterday morning 3 minutes after takeoff. All passengers and crew are presumed dead as well as a few (and thankfully ONLY a few on the ground.). An estimated 300 people died last night in the worst "accident" since the TWA 800.

The blame is being placed on the engine. The engine that the plane used had "Been known to have problems with cracking" and 7 such problems with the engines had been dug up. This engine is used on litereally thousands of planes (INCLUDING Air Force One, so says with no catastrophic failures to date. The left engine that apparently failed had just been overhauled recently and both engines had had a maintence check the day before.
It's hard to say that American Airlines are, therefore, criminally negligent.. or negligent whatsoever. Of the 7 such problems with the engine, none of them had caused the engine to fly off the plane as happened in Rockland.

I'm not an Aerospace Engineer so I can't speak much on how planes are made or manufactured or even how an engine falls off or blows off a plane. However I fail to see how an accident causes the engine to fall or blow off.
Does anyone know?

And what about the sprayed fuel over Jamaica Bay? Why did the pilot start losing his fuel? He must have known he was about to crash. So why didn't he SOS? This also seems suspicious. He must have known he was going to crash if he started losing fuel. He must have known SOMETHING was wrong.

Add this peace to the puzzle. The US Government has said time and again that in order to keep the peace, they would lie or simply not tell the truth. So it's altogether possible they KNOW that this is sabotage but to keep us all from panicking some more, they'll say it was an accident.

Of course... if they hold with this story, I think you can probably kiss American Airlines, the biggest airplane company in America (i THINK) goodbye. I can't imagine consumer confidence in flying was high before yesterday but I'm sure it's gotten lower since. Will the government allow AA to go bankrupt?

I dunno. But like I said, it all seems a little too suspicious to me.

And if it WAS sabotage, I have some uncomfortable questions to ask:
1) Where was the FBI? or NSA? Why wasn't someone aware that this was planned?
2) How was this allowed to happen? Why hasn't airport security BEEN beefed up since the 11th. As [personal profile] kolys has said, airline security is STILL a joke. It's a joke at the borders too. As someone who lives near the border, my family and I go in and out of canada a bit and the security there is still... pathetic.
What will it take for security to increase? How many more thousands need to die?

*shakes his head*

On a more personal vein... yesterday was... interesting

Let's start with my presentation. Did I mention to y'all that I had to give a presentation yesterday on UBEESC to the GSA (Graduate Student Association) to try to get members? Well.. I did.. one problem.. we'd made a powerpoint presentation and the computer couldn't see Disc A!! So I start my presentation with "Well.. pretend there's this beautiful presentation behind me..." and go on from there. That was... interesting.

Oh.. and I found a SECOND Phish song I like: Cavern.
So I've decided I might give Phish a second chance and try to download some of their stuff and see if I like it.
So... anyone know of any good Phish I should give a chance? if so, please comment and tell me!

That's all I can think of.. so.. you're quote of the day!

"I can't stand it! I know you planned it!
But I'm gonna get it straight, this Watergate" - Beastie Boys "Sabotage"

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