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I read alot of Diet and Food books. Honestly, I find the topic really interesting because they're information that affects ALL of us, since we ALL eat, and most of us, myself included, need to diet.

The entire subject of Food and Exercise and Nutrition is so.. absolutely complicated. Overcomplicated, maybe.

But that's a rant for another time.

So I picked up Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think We Eat" by Brian Wansink. You've heard of this guy. We all have. He's the guy who... invites a bunch of people over to a superbowl party and offers free wings. Then has the wait staff only bus away the leftovers bones from half the tables and then at the end of the night when everyone goes home, counts all the chicken wings eaten to see whom ate more, those with the chicken wing bone remnants in front of them, or those whose chicken wing bones were taken away (the answer is.. the one with the chicken bones in front of them).
He's the guy that invites people over to a restaurant he knows to try out a fresh soup recipe he knows, where half the people in the crowd have a bowl that empties, and half have a bowl that refills itself from the bottom up and then sees how much soup each person had.

This book 'mindless eating' is about.. all the little cues we take around us that instruct us to eat, whether we need to or not. It's about understanding those cues and then using them to your advantage.

I've only started reading the book, but it's interesting, and kind of scary, honestly.

He gives the details of one experiment. He works together with a Chicago movie theater for a presentation of .. well, the movie doesn't matter. Five days before the movie, they pop the popcorn. Then they let it go stale in a clean environment. Then, right after lunch one day, they offer free popcorn and free drinks to the movie patrons. Half the group gets a Medium Tub of Popcorn. Half the group a large.

During the showing, it's clear no one's enjoying the popcorn. "It tastes like Styrofoam", complains one guy to the management, forgetting the popcorn was free and demanding his money back.

And yet.. despite that, everyone ate it. They kept shoving it into their mouths. And worse than that, those eating out of the large tub, eat more of this garbage than those in the medium tub.

The question is.. why eat this stuff if you don't enjoy it? The answer is.. there were cues all around that day that made people, without even thinking about it, eat. The movie itself. The sound of other people eating popcorn. And, yes, the size of the bucket.

As I said, really interesting and yet really scary. We do this eating without any real clue we're doing it.

It's a really interesting book. I might say more as I finish it, but as of where I am, I'd suggest it to anyone who is also interested in Food and Diet books.
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So here it is, less than 24 hours before I have Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

So, without any further ago, what *I* think will happen in the last HP7, My predictions... )
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Today's been a good day. A REALLY good day :D
It started this morning when, after bitching and whinging (and yes, I mean the g to be in there. A friend uses the whinging and it amuses me) about my weight loss, and I got a reading of 254. I KNEW that 70 minutes of Cardio would pay off.
Go to school, practically sleep through groundwater (I can't wait till the good stuff is discussed), hang out on Chaotic for an hour, go to the gym for.. less than I'd like..come back and cruise around for books to spend my $15 gift certificate and find out Terry Pratchett's released two more older Discworld books.
Run out to get them... well.. one... they had "Moving Pictures" but not "Eric" but I found Eric at Media Play, so yay!
I love discworld books! I love new reading!
Go to my second class (nothing special. I'm either going back to Letchworth Tuesday or over spring vacation, I'd prefer vacation), go home, we go out to buffet (yay, favorite restaurant, stop by the bank and my income tax has come in! YAY, MONEY!
So... now there's one thing I have to get... a new printer. The one I have now works, but it's damned expensive to get ink. The printer is, like, 8 years old. So I'll go to CompUSA tommorow, prolly, after school and look.
We WERE at Wal-mart to look there. Didn't find a printer, but I did find a SmartMedia 32 meg card for under $30 and grabbed it. So now I have another half an hour of music for my iRock! YAY!
The best news of the day comes when I check LJ, though...
Zoo Tycoon is doing what I'd hoped and adding an expansion pack of prehistoric animals: Dino Digs. I'm so excited! 20 new species, new buildings and staff. I'm so excited... :D
So that's been my day...
And now, a few random online tests.

I'm putting alot behind lj-cuts lately, aren't I? )
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well, I forgot all about hosting "Whose Line is it Anyway?" last night. I have really good reason, tho. I went with my friends Dave and Carl and their friend Paras with the idea that we'd be going to Lasertron then Dave left, upset and depressed (I guess he's having a really tough time with the fact that most of his friends who have been with him for years and years are all leaving town for college or real jobs. I can relate, but...) and Carl and Paras and I ended up hanging out till 11:00 just shooting the sh*t and playing video games. I completely forgot about Whose Line Is It Anyway. Sorry to all my ChaoticMUX friends for that.
Today I'm supposed to be taking my first official Driving Test. Silly really as I've been driving for a month now... in the day, in the night, in the rain (on a train, with a fox, in a box.. no I will not eat green eggs and ham, I will not eat them Sam I Am) and even went on the thruway.. albeit once. But whatever... it'll make my mother more comfortable and it'll cost only $30 and 45 minutes. So whatever.
I think I've got plans to go out Midnight Bowling tonight with my baby brother.. I haven't been Midnight Bowling FOREVER, so I'm definitely looking forward to it.
In other news, Alana finally read my journal and posted accordingly. I expected it (and am shocked it took her so long to reply!). I've no comments about them, tho. Tis not worth it.
I just read a book called "Doc Sidhe".. a really interesting premise... faerieland exists etc. etc. etc. but that the faerie world DID move on past the dark age world we usually picture it as to a world much like (in this story) the 30s... it's a really cool premise. I keep picturing what such a world would be like if it were like today (with computers and such)...
Well, time to wrap this up. Toodles from Buffalo-ville.

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