Movies 21-30

Apr. 23rd, 2019 12:49 pm
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#21 George of the Jungle*, 3/5, Mar 24th
Doesn't quite stand the test of time, but it's still fun.

#22 Speed*, 4/5, Mar 31st
This does stand the test of time :-D

#23 Iron Man 3*, 4/5, Apr 2nd
#24 Doctor Strange*, 4/5, April 3rd
#25 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2*, 3.5/5, April 4th
#26 Thor: Ragnarok*, 4/5, April 8th
Lars is rewatching all Marvel movies before Endgame. I'm only joining in on some of them.

#27 Avengers: Infinity War*, April 12th
Yeah... I'm still not a fan of this movie. I hope Endgame will change my opinion of it, once I get the full story, but for now it just frustrates me to no end. This article explains why very well.

#28 Ocean's 8*, 4/5, April 13th
Awesome movie! Almost as good as Ocean's 13... definitely better than Ocean's 12.

#29 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle*, 4.5/5, April 14th
I love this movie! So much better than I had ever expected, and even on my second watch-through I laughed out loud constantly. The actors all did a great job of playing "teens", and I think especially Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black must have had SUCH a laugh taking the mickey. Great movie.

#30 Downsizing, 2/5, April 19th
Very different from what I had expected. The trailer and/or the cast had made me believe it was a comedy - that was VERY far from the case and took some getting used to. Unfortunately I found it very bleak and half-way depressing. Especially as I couldn't really figure out what the purpose was! The plot seemed... irrelevant. A shame, because I was very intrigued by the premise.

week in review / week on horizon

Apr. 22nd, 2019 10:59 am
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We went to my mom's house on Easter, per tradition. Instead of hiding eggs in her yard, this year she decided to do an indoor hunt with eggs containing a sequence of clues, which the kids tore through in less than five minutes. It was pretty funny to watch. We also played the kids' favorite Looney Labs game, Just Desserts, followed by a version of Monopoly my mom had that was based on the Muppet Show. The cheapest property on the board was the Swinetrek, so I chanted "PIGS! IN! SPAAAACE!" every time someone landed on it. Unfortunately Connor got upset when he couldn't get the properties he wanted and started running low on funds, so we probably won't play it again any time soon. He's very happy with Yoshi's Crafted World, though, and I told him I'd play along with him on that sometime. Meanwhile Will spent the day replaying the original Picross game on the DS.

I saw Shazam on Friday with the usual suspects. It was goofy and heartwarming, apart from the scenes between the villain and his father, which were gratuitously dark. Not sure where it fits in with the rest of the DC Universe, though, since it takes place in Philadelphia and not a fictional place like Gotham or Metropolis or Atlantis. Not that I really care all that much, since I'm not emotionally invested like I am with the MCU. Speaking of which, I have my Endgame ticket for Friday night, since I couldn't go Thursday. Hopefully I will find time to rewatch Infinity War before then.

Tonight is the final rehearsal for the spring handbell program, with concerts on Thursday, Sunday, and the following Monday. I really like the songs we're doing and I'm looking forward to getting them in front of an audience. After that, I will spend Mondays in May rehearsing for Beethoven's Ninth, and some other night of the week rehearsing the handbell pieces for the regional festival in New Orleans in mid-June.

Hip Hop is Life

Apr. 17th, 2019 03:44 pm
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For [personal profile] sjnt
This playlist is an amalgam of mainstream hip hop that I like, some less well-known stuff that people have introduced me to, and some hip hop from other countries that I learned about after watching a documentary on netflix and reading about hip hop worldwide. The title comes from the idea that hip hop is a genre that is always evolving; it has a vitality that keeps it fresh and new.
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Inarticulate Wonder

Apr. 16th, 2019 06:49 pm
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For [personal profile] sylvaine
I'm glad you picked this one because it's one of my newer ones and reflects what I'm listening to a lot right now. This started with the Coil, Mount Shrine, and Portishead songs and grew from there. The theme is really trying to describe these things about life that are truly indescribable. We give them names, we make metaphors about them (roads, devils, light), but we somehow can't really define them. I wanted a playlist that would make me think about things as I listened. It's a mix of loud and contemplative.

The tracks:
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(no subject)

Apr. 14th, 2019 09:47 pm
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Also I cut my hair with E’s nail scissors. So not an adult after all.

Automated DW dev instances

Apr. 14th, 2019 05:44 pm
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[personal profile] roadrunnertwice posting in [site community profile] dw_dev

I had some fixes I wanted to attempt and it looked like the Dreamhack service might be sleeping or something, so I put together an automated way to bring up a Dreamwidth dev server.

It seems to be in decent working order now, so I'd love it if some other people could give it a try and suggest improvements!

One caveat: make sure the develop branch on your fork (or whatever branch you set it to check out) is recent enough that #2412 is merged.

Five OLDEST songs on my laptop

Apr. 13th, 2019 08:55 am
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1878 - Frank Lambert "Talking Clock"

1904 - Alessandro Moreschi "Ave Maria"
1909 - Ada Jones with Victor Light Opera Company "Yama Yama Man"
1910 - Lucy Isabelle Marsh "My Hero"
1924 - Reese Dupree "One More Rounder Gone"

Five questions about music

Apr. 12th, 2019 06:06 pm
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[personal profile] sylvaine  posted answers to the fridayfive questions and I really like these so …

1. What are the five oldest songs on your iPod, computer, or phone (whatever device you store your music on)?

Mandelbrot Set – Jonathan Coulton

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Apr. 10th, 2019 06:10 pm
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Meme from [personal profile] darkmarcy 
"No googling allowed on this meme. Every answer must start with the first letter of your middle name."


Animal.............. Giraffe
Girl's name......... Gretchen
Boy's name.......... Gustavo
Color............... Green
Food................ Gravy?
Something you wear.. Greatcoat (if you're Sherlock Holmes)
Drink............... Grey Goose
Place............... Georgia
Restaurant.......... Good Time Charlie's on Broadway in San Antonio, TX
Reason to be late... Gotta play with the dogs!
Job title........... Gondolier

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