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Yes, I'm a dork. Yes, I know no one cares, but I'm going to post anyways.

Guild Wars 2 Map Completion - Currently 91%.EDIT: 92% Left to do:
1) Finish Frostgorge Sound,
2) Malchor's Leap
3) Cursed Shore.

That's it.
I know those last two will be REALLY ANNOYING, but I have faith I can do it.

And after that?

Legendary Weapon will likely be my next big project. That'll take a while.

I just am excited to be this close to map completion. Go me!

GW Update

Feb. 3rd, 2010 08:08 am
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I need a GuildWars Icon. I'ma have to download GimP again and see what I can come up with...

I finished the EotN mishes and have unlocked Hard Mode. That's TWO Campaigns I can play in Hard Mode now.

I cheered yesterday because I was all "I've completed the game!", but I haven't. There's still plenty left to do. Dungeons to go through. Skills to find. Heroes to unlock. That's OK, I like a challenge!

After I truly FINISH EotN, I'm probably going to go back to trying to finish proph. Abbey and I are working on Factions together, so I don't feel right going too far ahead than her in that.

I'm in a new guild now. The old guild kinda kablooeyed. (Yes, that *IS* a technical term!)
I guess the old guild leader decided to leave the guild to be with her honey, and that disbanding the guild and the alliance was the best thing to do. I don't disagree with that decision, but whatever.

I'm with my CC friends now in their guild. That means I get to harass S (Abbey) over email, over whispers AND over the guild channel. Muahahaha.

That's all the Guildwars stuff that's worth posting about now. Mostly, I just wanted to publicly cheer that I'd unlocked Hard Mode in EotN :D
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I keep meaning to post, but I'm never really sure WHAT to say.

Life is.. finding it's groove, but we're not exactly doing much, just getting through.

K is veryveryvery pregnant now. Chances are, if you're reading this, you're on her filter and you know what's going on with her, the aches, the pains, the sleeplessness. I think we're both at a stage where we're ready for the kid to pop out already and we can get on with our lives.

Things have been slow. We both are working on limited amount of spoons. There's alot to do and we'll get it done, though indubitably, some of it will be last minute.

The new office is settling down and I'm finding a new groove here as well. It's different than the old place, better in some ways. I'm enjoying not driving and find the commute taking an hour doesn't really bother me cause, honestly, there were plenty of days it took an hour anywyas, and then I had the stress of dealing with traffic.

My computer was returned to me a week or so ago, with one slight issue. We replaced the hard drives, both of them, with a single hard drive. What that meant is that I retained my music and lost all of my ratings. For over 10,000 songs. Gah.
So I'm rerating my stuff. Again. Not a project I was really looking to do, but.. oh well.

Still playing Guild Wars. Two or three times a week. Maybe not as much as I'd truly like, but as much as I truly can, at the moment. I'm still moving forward in the game, and that's important to me. All sorts of drama going down with the guild I joined in GW, but none of it has to do with me and I'd rather ignore it and keep playing.

Birthing Classes seem to be going positively. It definitely seems to be working for K, which is the important part.
I'm learning alot of stuff. Stuff I needed to know. Not only what K wants (and doesn't want), but also.. what my roll in the whole day is going to be. That is precisely what I needed. Knowing my roll and the expectations of me, I feel alot more confident and ready for the big day.
And that's without the script that K's class wants me to read to help me feel calm and confident. Calm isn't normal for me, but confident is, if I know what to do.

And that's what's going on over here, my quick life update.
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I don't really have a random video game icon anymore. Maybe I should fix that...

I started playing Nightfall well over a year ago. I was bored and I was looking for something to play and enjoy and I found the idea of being able to create your own party to be interesting, so I picked it up, played for a bit, went as far as I could on my own and then quit in frustration.

I'm not really used to play online RPGs and I didn't know anyone else playing and the thought of asking a stranger to help me never even occurred so I went as far as I could and then stopped.

A few months after, I started again. I'd learned a few things from playing Diablo about not spreading your powers too thin and decided a new character would give me a chance to fix some mistakes. And it did. And more importantly, I met a girl on CC who was also playing Nightfall and got me through the one mission I STILL Couldn't do by myself.

From that point forward, I not only found a new small group to play with (Not Nightfall, though, Prophecies. They don't have Nightfall.) but I started asking for help (including finally ditching my guild who were never active or around to help me.)

Now here I am.. two missions away from complete. I could, theoretically, be entirely done with the game by tonight. Or possibly tomorrow or Friday. But.. I am SO CLOSE.

What then? Well, I could play another campaign, play around with Hard Mode.. there's still plenty left to do. Guess we'll see what I decide. :)

I'm just excited. I don't finish many games. As K points out, I don't play many games that finish, but many of those I do play I never finish. This game, I will almost certainly finish.

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