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I read alot of Diet and Food books. Honestly, I find the topic really interesting because they're information that affects ALL of us, since we ALL eat, and most of us, myself included, need to diet.

The entire subject of Food and Exercise and Nutrition is so.. absolutely complicated. Overcomplicated, maybe.

But that's a rant for another time.

So I picked up Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think We Eat" by Brian Wansink. You've heard of this guy. We all have. He's the guy who... invites a bunch of people over to a superbowl party and offers free wings. Then has the wait staff only bus away the leftovers bones from half the tables and then at the end of the night when everyone goes home, counts all the chicken wings eaten to see whom ate more, those with the chicken wing bone remnants in front of them, or those whose chicken wing bones were taken away (the answer is.. the one with the chicken bones in front of them).
He's the guy that invites people over to a restaurant he knows to try out a fresh soup recipe he knows, where half the people in the crowd have a bowl that empties, and half have a bowl that refills itself from the bottom up and then sees how much soup each person had.

This book 'mindless eating' is about.. all the little cues we take around us that instruct us to eat, whether we need to or not. It's about understanding those cues and then using them to your advantage.

I've only started reading the book, but it's interesting, and kind of scary, honestly.

He gives the details of one experiment. He works together with a Chicago movie theater for a presentation of .. well, the movie doesn't matter. Five days before the movie, they pop the popcorn. Then they let it go stale in a clean environment. Then, right after lunch one day, they offer free popcorn and free drinks to the movie patrons. Half the group gets a Medium Tub of Popcorn. Half the group a large.

During the showing, it's clear no one's enjoying the popcorn. "It tastes like Styrofoam", complains one guy to the management, forgetting the popcorn was free and demanding his money back.

And yet.. despite that, everyone ate it. They kept shoving it into their mouths. And worse than that, those eating out of the large tub, eat more of this garbage than those in the medium tub.

The question is.. why eat this stuff if you don't enjoy it? The answer is.. there were cues all around that day that made people, without even thinking about it, eat. The movie itself. The sound of other people eating popcorn. And, yes, the size of the bucket.

As I said, really interesting and yet really scary. We do this eating without any real clue we're doing it.

It's a really interesting book. I might say more as I finish it, but as of where I am, I'd suggest it to anyone who is also interested in Food and Diet books.
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This Friday, the wife had a.. um.. moment of clarity.

Once upon a time, our household was more healthy. We both exercised and we were definitely eating better. But... stress and other issues got in the way.

This Friday, the wife had her own moment of awakening and said "I need to exercise and I need to eat better. Do I have your support?"

Memo to anyone who is in a long-term relationship. There is only one correct answer to this question.

In an effort to get some better food, we ended up going to another local Farmer's Market. We'd been to one in the church of K's church on Hunter Mill Road, but frankly, it was... disappointing. When I go to a Farmer's Market, I'm looking for good, fresh produce. The stuff at the first Farmer's Market was... disappointing. So we found another one off Little River Turnpike (kind halfway between us and [personal profile] spydielives and it was MUCH more impressive. There were at least four fresh fruit and vegetable stands. We left with alot of stuff... potatoes, broccoli, beets, green beans, strawberries.. I forget what other produce, and fresh wheat bread.

Then, after practice and Star Trek, we came home and figured out what to DO with it all.

Our fridge is absolutely PACKED with healthy food. There's large containers of chicken on wild rice, containers of green beans with almonds, containers of bulgur with savory greens (dinners for K), container of salmon with life and herbs (dinners for me), containers of Baked Beets and Garlic (for me). I'm not kidding, the fridge is TOTALLY PACKED!!

On top of that, K has been slowly exercising. She's.. half-guilting, half-inspiring me to actually get down to business myself.

So... we shall see where this leads. Hopefully someplace good.
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Today is my 1-year anniversary on, and with my Lifestyle Change :)

If you'd told me a year ago what kind of success I'd meet one year into this whole lifestyle change thing, I would never have believed you. In just one year, I've dropped 72.5 pounds, 4 pant sizes and a two shirt sizes. I've jogged a 5K, bicycled 15 miles at a time, and lifted 150 lbs (even if it was only for two reps). I've learned to cook healthy, and learned to love it. I've become truly interested in nutrition. I've made many friends, many of them very important to me, found and gave support, started a very popular daily chat with a life all it's own, became a moderator, written an incredibly popular post, and I've had a HECK of alot of fun.

It's important sometimes to remember that Success isn't just a number on a scale or a measurement, but a voyage. I want to take a moment to thank all of you. This year has truly been a life-changing voyage of discovery (and I'm not just talking about expanding my knowledge of how to lose weight healthfully) and each of you, not just my friends on/from Calorie-Count, but those of you on Livejournal, have been a part of it with me. It doesn't matter how close we've become, or how long we've known each other, what's mattered is.. you were here to EXPERIENCE My successes with me.

I wrote a post, on Calorie-Count, about my year-in-review, which you can view here, if you like :)

But if not, I must post this :)

The Dreaded Before Shot

This Saturday (gotta love the smile!)

How about THAT?
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I have just decided on Calorie-Count (and needed to point here)

I am hereby challenging myself!
I started Counting Calories and actively trying to lose weight on Monday, April 17, 2006.

I did really well for a while. Really well. And then I overtrained, got overtired and overstressed and took a break. But I'm back.

With a new very motivating challenge to myself!

My one year anniversary, on Calorie-Count, with the weight loss and health gain, is April 17, 2007.

By April 17, 2007, my challenge to myself is to lose 75 lbs, which puts me at the unbelievably small (at least *I* haven't been there in, like, forever) weight of 231.

I'm currently, as of this morning, at 250.6. So, I need to lose 19.6 lbs. in 14 weeks.

I say it's possible. Not only is it possible, but I say I can do it! :D

If I DO achieve the goal, then I go out and get myself a $50 iTunes Gift Card to use as I please! :D

I say... I've got the capacity to lose that other almost 20 lbs. by my 1 year anniversary! :D

On your mark, get set, GO! :D

(I need to go home so I can make myself an amusing little real life counter I can put somewhere. Possibly in the computer room :D. This challenge requires a counter! :D )

EDIT: It occurs to me (my inner Gerri speaking) that I'm holding onto a goal like this with both hands because it's something POSITIVE in my life. Thus the importance. It gives me something to channel energy into and get a positive response, it's a goal for someone as goal-oriented as I.
Thus, really, there's no negative aspect for trying to do this.
Plus, really, who doesn't want a $50 iTunes Gift Card? ;D
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As days went, it wasn't the worst day in the world yesterday.

As I thought I was instructed, I took one pill before I went to bed on Tuesday night and one an hour before the appointment. K drove me to the appointment and.. it turns out I should have taken two pills before the appointment. Ah well.
So.. he numbs me up, puts on my CD (I was instructed to bring a CD to listen to during the appointment so I grabbed "Barenaked Ladies Are Me" and "Apollo 18"), and.. he gets to work. There were a couple times of pain, apparently deadening the gum around the tooth isn't the same as deadening the root, so I felt some pain there (not extreme, but not good either. I hate pain.) until they got to deaden the root. The guy did a good job, though, and I like him. So.. I got the root canal done and a two fillings. In a couple months or so, after the first of the month and after I've gotten money back from the dental insurance (My insurance sucks. It's of the Pay Now and we'll pay you back later variety :P), we'll cap it and do some more fillings near my front teeth.
He said he'd call today to check on me as well.
So, anyways, it didn't hurt alot. He suggested a combination of advil and tylenol which seemed to help.

And then we went home (stopping by Giant so K could run in and get some tylenol and some flowers, because she's a dork who loves me ;) ) and I let K take care of me. Well, I sort of had to. The drugs I did take definately messed with me, bouts of dizziness and tiredness followed.

We did watch 5 episodes of Firefly, including "Our Mrs. Reynolds", and I'll admit, neither of us is getting that much into it. It's amusing, but... it's... well, we aren't getting into it.

What else?

Half-thinking of going to see "Pick of Destiny" real soon. Want to talk to K to see if it's OK to borrow the car and do it. Maybe tomorrow after work? ;D

Gotta figure out when to go to the gym too. If I go see Pick of Destiny tomorrow, then this weekend. Otherwise, tomorrow.

That's all I gotta say now. Special thanks to Kristen for being a good sport and taking care of me yesterday :)

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