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So, now that I have some extra time, let's talk about what we did on Monday.

First we visited a bunch of Casinos.. and got into a BIT of trouble. )

Until we both got overly hot and overly tired... )

... and ate at the Hard Rock Cafe... )

and arrived back in time to catch the Cirques Du Soleil Show and go home. )

We need to go back. To see the rest, to catch more, to see another Cirques Show. Dunno when, but we need to go back.
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I want to post about what we did on Monday, but I'll say it was a long, good day and we visited quite a bit of the strip (though I want to go back and see more of it at a later date), that I had my first trip to a Hard Rock Cafe, and enjoyed it, and that we saw Circque Du Soleil's "Love", which we both agree was somewhat random at times and not quite as good as "La Nouba".

Yesterday, we stayed home. We were both EXHAUSTED. We hadn't slept so well over the last couple of nights and were just.. beat. It also gave us a chance to get some things done.

Among the things I did was.. well, I've been thinking for a little bit it might be time to reinstall Windows. In a perfect world, you wouldn't need to do this periodically. In truth, however... you do. :/ The computer had been acting odd. If I had iTunes on, it wouldn't go to sleep. Sometimes, I couldn't get sound at all and iTunes refused to work. I had no idea why. So.. I reinstalled Windows.

Just in time for Sims 3 in 5 Days.

I'm at the stage of my Sims infatuation where I don't want to be spoiled. I've learned alot, but I know almost all of it's out there now, and I want SOMETHING to remain a surprise, so I'm keeping away from screenshot threads and spoiler threads.
If you're a 'friend' and you spoil the game for me, I will be rather disgruntled at you.

Still catching up with update, I'm sure, but all in all, I hope to have a cleaner, faster computer again, without the issues. I hope so!

Not much else to say. Got plenty of work to catch up on, so I'm going to end this.
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Well, here I am, up at an ungodly hour in the middle of the hotel room because my body is still on Eastern Time. Stupid Time Difference. :p

It's... different out here. Every time I go outside and see the vast mountains around me, covered not in trees and greenery, but.. just big brown lumps in the distance, it weirds me out slightly. Every time I actually LOOK around, past the added greenery to see just how barren and scrub-like it is down here, it weird me out slightly too.

But I'd never been to Sin City before.

For the record, when they say "Well, it's going to be 95, but it's a DRY HEAT." it DOES NOT MATTER. It's STILL Freakin' HOT out there and it still makes you sweat!
Though at least it isn't like breathing through Pea Soup, so I won't say it totally doesn't matter.

Today, the wife and I will head out to see the Hoover dam with [personal profile] kareila and [personal profile] alierak and then, hopefully, come home for a nap befor eheading out to [personal profile] zorkian's and [personal profile] janinedog's wedding. So we CAN last the night and dance the night away instead of going "O Hai, Exhausted. *plunk*" and being out of the game early.

Tomorrow, since we're going to be here the extra day, we hit the strip. We found a tourism guide-y thing down here and were looking at it last night over dinner. We need to go here, we need to see this, we want to go here. Mostly, I think we want to make the best of our planned day here to see what we can.

And then Tuesday, we take the grueling (and it was grueling. It was a long, exhausting trip trapped in a small seat being kicked around by kids whose parents didn't know how to (or didn't care to) control them. ) trip back to DC.
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1) After I can't imagine how much work, [staff profile] mark finally figured out what went wrong with my journal import and fixed it. I have my livejournal in it's entirety here again. :) Now to go back to porting over my CC stuff..

2) Suggested a place and time for the DC Metro Area Open Beta Party. Hopefully it works for everyone. :)

3) Heard from friends about possibly getting to see the Hoover Dam while I'm in Vegas next month. Would I be interested? Well, let's see... large large river, huge hydraulic structure.. mmm.. yep! :D

4) DW Seed Accounts Going on Sale - K and I will probably both get seed accounts. :)

5) One of my cases of Doom in the City of Atlanta FINALLY went out after what felt like an interminable amount of back and forth between the requester (who didn't know what he was doing), me and the FEMA reviewer. It's done! Huzzah!

6) I went back to the gym yesterday. I put on one of my Disney podcasts and started walking, so that when we finally do get to WDW in October, I'll actually be able to handle all the walking hither and thither.


Apr. 8th, 2009 10:49 am
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*checks email*


(this is not a perfect recollection, but it's close enough)

*calls up K* Am I reading what I think I'm reading?
K: Yeeeeeeeees.
Me: Your parents booked the Family Vacation in Orlando?
K: Yeeeeeeeees.
K: Maaaaaybe.

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I'd put my Lakes Icon here, if'n I had all my LJ Icons.
So let's pretend this is a paid/seed account (which it will be soon) and that my icon is the Great Lakes, hmm? Cool!

EDIT: mwahahahahaha ;) Thanks, [personal profile] cesy! *cuddles his icons* >;)


So as some of you are no doubt aware someone very special (in a good way, not a short bus sort of way) is getting married relatively soon in Vegas. My wife and I have been invited and have agreed to go (so long as Zombie Meat isn't on the menu. No, don't ask. Just don't.)

ANYWAYS, as it turns out this particular wedding is about a week before our first Anniversary.

So I suggested that maybe we stay up in Vegas for a couple days, maybe go see a Cirque Du Soleil show (we both fell in love with La Nouba) down in WDW, check out the strip. Just hang out and have a good time. She liked the idea. :) So we're working on putting together a game plan. :)

To this effect, I happened to be at Borders yesterday to finally pick up Turn Coat, the newest Jim Butcher book and while I was there, looked for a good Vegas Guide. I found one I think will do, the Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas. Yes, published by the same people who gave us the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World we used so extensively last year. :) I think it'll work for us. :)

And I'm all excited about spending a little bit of a vacation in Vegas and enjoying the sights and sounds a bit. And I'll be able to put Nevada on the list of States I've visited. :)
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I wish I could be a geek on "Beat the Geeks", but I have totally useless knowledge.
I doubt there'd ever be a They Might Be Giants Geek.
Much the pity.
I suppose I could try for MUX geek, but there are waaaay too many MUXes I'm not on nowadays.
Do you know I've been MUXing for 9 years? I'm a dino.

So, in the wake of the NYC Conference, I've already been invited to not one but two new conferences. One, I believe, March 15-16 in Syracuse. A student-run conference where I'd have to give a presentation on my thesis work and another one in June sometime (forgot where), where my thesis advisor would give a presentation on the thesis work... Dr. Atkinson's like.. yeah, there's this conference in June. I put the project in... did I mention I put your name on the project? Oh, well I meant to...

I'm feeling much better. I took another nap (I was exhausted this morning) and felt much more normal when I woke up. I hope I'm getting better. I'm ready to go back to the gym...

Not much else to report. Mostly amused that i was asked to do another two conferences.
Still.. I DO like to travel :)

Hasta, folksies!
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A blow by blow account of my trip to New York. Warning: LONG POST! )
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and everything looks beautiful, when you're young and pretty...
not that I'm pretty.
Not that I'm necessarily YOUNG anymore either...

Well, today I'm off to the Big Apple, the Big Enchilada... the... the... oh, never mind...
Manhattan, here I come!
I'm really quite excited. I'd be even more excited if I wasn't feeling stuffy.
I think I'm fighting off a cold that comes and goes via different symptons (late last week it was a sore throat, now I've got a runny nose and sneezies :P ).
That said, for better or for worse (hopefully for better), I still feel pretty much OK enough to go take a Jet Blue to New York City at 5:00 to attend tommorow's NYWEA conference (which is actually going on Monday - Wednesday, but my club, UBEESC, is only going down for Tuesday)

I'm leeeeaving on a Jet Blue
Hope I enjoy the city, too.
It's so snowy.. I could cry....

The plan is to be at the airport about 3:00 for a 4:50 flight out (if the weather clears up, later if it doesn't :P ) and get picked up by my cousin Freddie (half of why I'm excited to go. I love hanging out with Cousin Freddie!), sleep over at his pad for the night, get up earlier than I'd like, take the mass transit down to the hotel the conference is at, hang out at the conference until UBEESC leaves for it's 8:00 flight back to Buffalo. Get my car out of long term parking and go home.
That's the plan at least. I'll write about what happens when I get back... probably Wednesday.

In other news, it's time to tell y'all my weight. I'm quite happy because I actually showed progress this week! Today's weight is... *drumroll* 255 lbs!
Yes, that's right, I have now lost 45 lbs.
55 more to go :)
Yay me!
*does a dance*

What else?
What about that Superbowl, eh? That was fun! An all-out brawl (personally, I do prefer the shoot-outs, but it was a good game nonetheless)
The commercials were lacking somewhat.
There were some good ones...
Specifically most of the Bud Commercials.
The E*Trade Musical Monkey
The retirement firm (the Barry Bonds / Hank Aaron commercial)
The H&R Block commercial was cute too...
The pepsi commercial...
wow, it sucked.
Last year's Pepsi commercials were sooo much better.
Ah well.
No good FedEx commercials either. No anything spectacular from the car agencies...
The Bud commercial with the Clidesdales (sp?)... wow. That was... that was good. Go Bud!

That's all I can think of to post.
Check y'all laters, dorks y dorquittas!

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