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I'd like to file a complaint. The engineer responsible for this Pregnancy Process has done a lackluster job.
Oh, I'll give you that the process does seem to reach the desired conclusion, so it's an acceptable process, but there are so many unwanted side effects! I think that the engineer in question should seriously consider a redesign!

I'm at work today. My wife is not. After a week straight of getting up at somewhere between 3:30 and 4:00, the wife was up this morning at 3:00. 3:00! Two and a half hours before we have to wake up.

It wouldn't be so bad if she could turn over and go back to sleep. Thank god *I* was able to do that last night. But, no. K's brain goes on overdrive.

On top of all that (and possibly in part because of all that), K's stomach is giving her issues as well. It's been much more acidic than usual.

I feel bad. There's nothing I can do. There doesn't even seem to be anything she can do. But it sucks.

I guess, on the plus side, according to The Bible, the n00b is developing muscles this week. Which is interesting.

In non-pregnancy news, we saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this weekend, and enjoyed it. We tried to get K a netbook and failed and I tried to get into a little bit of trouble, game-wise and failed (I learned a valuable lesson last year: don't buy a game until you've read the reviews, unless you KNOW you'll love it e.g. Sims 3)

Next week we're off on vacation. That means this week we prepare for vacation. Make sure to run laundry once during the week. Plan out a few things. And Pack, obviously.

On top of that, as my cubicle (and everything in it) is being moved from the fifth floor to the fourth floor while we're on vacation, I HAVE to clean my cubicle up. Put things back together, get rid of things I can get rid of. Stuff like that.

And that's the news that's fit to print


Jul. 15th, 2009 07:17 am
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Apparently, Weird Al is putting out an 'internet single' that includes five different songs being released one after another.

His latest, "Skipper Dan" was released yesterday and I kinda like it. I'm not sure, but I'm thinking it might be a style parody of Weezer's 'Red Album'. The song reminds me strongly of "Pork and Beans" in some places. v
But then again I could be wrong.

I'm mostly tickled because the song is about a guy who works at the "Jungle Cruise" ride in Adventureland.

I like this song better than the last two singles ("Whatever You Like" and "Craig's List".)

I've been playing alot of Guild Wars recently. Actually, I restarted from the last time I played and decided to try to be a Ranger. With a Monk Secondary Class, but I'm not doing much with that just yet.

We're probably going to see Harry Potter this weekend. I've heard at least one really good review, so... well, we're going to see it anyways, but it's good to know they didn't totally screw it up.

In a week and a half, the wife and I are headed up to Chautauqua for vacation. I'm excited for a week of doing very little.

And.. that's just about it.
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I don't really have time to write the three or four journal posts I'm half thinking of writing right now, so in no particular order, things I want to record:

1) Enough with Sanford already! The man seems to be in love and it's heartbreaking to watch, and I get that it's news in a "Train Wreck" sort of way, but this is his personal life. Move on, please.

2) We lost another engineer, Khin. I don't know the details, but he's in the hospitable for the foreseeable future. Needless to say, he also had a bunch of active cases that we have to reassign now. Meh.. this is past bad now.

3) Beginning to feel guilty about the planned family vacation at the end of the month. It couldn't come at a worse time. Not that there *IS* a good time until case loads start decreasing. :p

4) Am beginning to doubt that come August 1st I'm going to be a team lead anymore, don't know what I think about that yet...

5) Talked to company Monday. Potential stuff brewing with my company too. Don't know what the results might be (don't know barely ANYTHING about what happens on August 1st. :p K, I may need to take the laptop with us on vacation so I can keep half an eye on my work email since all of that will, no doubt, start coming out while we're gone.)

6) July 4th Party with [personal profile] spydielives!! *excited* I hear she's got the new Boom Blox too :D

7) I am playing Sims 3 again. Playing Riverview now (Betty Simovitch (will become Betty Newbie) is pretty cute, but where's Bob?) as the Broke Family on Normal Speed. Definitely a challenge, but I swear I WILL get that family out of their trailers and into a nice house... well.. maybe just the kids or grandkids. We'll see.

That's it.
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So, now that I have some extra time, let's talk about what we did on Monday.

First we visited a bunch of Casinos.. and got into a BIT of trouble. )

Until we both got overly hot and overly tired... )

... and ate at the Hard Rock Cafe... )

and arrived back in time to catch the Cirques Du Soleil Show and go home. )

We need to go back. To see the rest, to catch more, to see another Cirques Show. Dunno when, but we need to go back.


Apr. 8th, 2009 10:49 am
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*checks email*


(this is not a perfect recollection, but it's close enough)

*calls up K* Am I reading what I think I'm reading?
K: Yeeeeeeeees.
Me: Your parents booked the Family Vacation in Orlando?
K: Yeeeeeeeees.
K: Maaaaaybe.

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I'd put my Lakes Icon here, if'n I had all my LJ Icons.
So let's pretend this is a paid/seed account (which it will be soon) and that my icon is the Great Lakes, hmm? Cool!

EDIT: mwahahahahaha ;) Thanks, [personal profile] cesy! *cuddles his icons* >;)


So as some of you are no doubt aware someone very special (in a good way, not a short bus sort of way) is getting married relatively soon in Vegas. My wife and I have been invited and have agreed to go (so long as Zombie Meat isn't on the menu. No, don't ask. Just don't.)

ANYWAYS, as it turns out this particular wedding is about a week before our first Anniversary.

So I suggested that maybe we stay up in Vegas for a couple days, maybe go see a Cirque Du Soleil show (we both fell in love with La Nouba) down in WDW, check out the strip. Just hang out and have a good time. She liked the idea. :) So we're working on putting together a game plan. :)

To this effect, I happened to be at Borders yesterday to finally pick up Turn Coat, the newest Jim Butcher book and while I was there, looked for a good Vegas Guide. I found one I think will do, the Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas. Yes, published by the same people who gave us the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World we used so extensively last year. :) I think it'll work for us. :)

And I'm all excited about spending a little bit of a vacation in Vegas and enjoying the sights and sounds a bit. And I'll be able to put Nevada on the list of States I've visited. :)

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