Apr. 1st, 2009 07:32 am
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So.. for whatever reason LJ is no longer blocked at work. For how long? Couldn't say.

It's.. well, as K would point out it isn't Ironic, per se, but it's something.

LJ was taken away from me a while back, when I actually cared. Before CC. Before LJ was involved in so much stupid garbage it should never have gotten involved with.

It was hard, but I learned to get along without LJ and I daresay LJ learned to get along without me. Those who wanted to keep an eye on me started seeking me out on CC or probably getting occasional updates from K.

Now LJ is back and... everything's changed. I just don't see me getting anywhere close to as personally invested in this site and the stories here as I was when a few years ago.

So... maybe not Ironic that LJ has been given back to me, but.. something...
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This is going to be a usual splork, so... I shall be verbose (as usual!)

I guess let's start with livejournal, ever so quickly, before I move on.
I started livejournalling in 2001. At the time, I was still in college, as were most of my friends. I had all the time in the world to hang out online, as did my friends, and we used it.
But times change and people grow up, get jobs, and get busy. So it is. I don't feel bad about it, it just simply is. And maybe people didn't have as much to say anymore. It's funny how one day seems to run into another when your life becomes... regimented. Wake up, eat, go to work, go home, cook/eat, do chores, go to sleep.
Not to suggest everyone's life is like that. I'm really describing my own.

Enter Calorie-Count.
I came in looking for a place to help me find the support I need to stick with the weight loss.
And I found it, and more.. I found a whole different community. One that was active and fun and interesting. I met people who could make my work days pass by quicker and would amuse me, and I did cherish it.
And I made friends with people. I met some of them in person and strived to meet others in person. I'd still like to meet more of them in person.
I gave back to the community, in a very useful and helpful way that earned me great admiration in some and great enmity in others.

But... along came a bully. Well, really, the bully was there the whole time, long there when I entered the scene.
And.. drama happened. Lots of drama happened. I got caught in the middle of some of it. Some of it happened without me.. IS happening without me.
I could detail the drama, but.. really, the specifics don't matter. And, also, I'm posting this publicly, so best to be wary.
The point, however, was that a bully was on the website and me and the bully... didn't get along so well.

It's not fair to say that my leaving C-C was ONLY about the bully. I was using the site less. Alot less.
I'd stopped answered most questions because most questions would annoy me. It'd be the same question for the billionth time, or someone who's obviously trying to do something unhealthy like try to be 90 lbs. And there weren't many questions I deigned to answer. So.. mostly I chatted.
And also I used c-c as a personal journal, in a way I wasn't using livejournal. I'd tend to get more comments and I felt safer talking about family garbage there. And [ profile] ecwoodburn wasn't.. happy about that. I know she wanted me to post on LJ more, felt my journal had gotten too quiet.

So... anyways.
Thanksgiving comes and thanksgiving goes and I'm already quite uptight about.. stuff (public post. Leaving it there.)
And then I hop on C-C and I see... more drama. Downright nasty drama.
And I see the site maintainer saying that they were really trying to push out code and didn't have the time to play policeman on the journals and...

And... I left. Well, first I went back and made all of my entries private (which was a real pain, let me tell you!)
You can say I overreacted. Maybe I did. Maybe it was the rash actions of someone who was already upset about a weekend, but..
.. well, now it's a couple of days later, and despite the fact that my friends want me to come back and despite the fact that the site maintainers have implemented a new stronger block code which doesn't stop the bully from existing, but does make it so I no longer need to interact with that bully, not on the boards, not in other's journals, not in my own journal.
(Which, my mind suggests, means nothing as a truly dedicated troll just gets some new acounts, the way another troll on the site has.)
And... I'm not sure I really WANT to go back. I miss my friends, and I sort of miss the active community, though, really, I wasn't doing very much with it.
Mostly, I think, I miss the people who were special to me.
And.. I've directed them here, to my livejournal. Some of them have gotten livejournals. Some think I'll be drawn back to c-c like a moth to a flame.

I'm not sure there's a point here. Mostly, I'm just talking.

Maybe the point is... I know my friends want me to come back. I'm not sure I want to. That's why.
I want you all to be a part of my life, to not vanish, but I'm not sure I really want to go back there.
Besides, if we get enough of you here, we can do some neat things. Create an online group where we can all chat and cheer each other on? That's easy. Post in each other's journals. Yep, that too. Not so much with the forums, but... hey, that's OK by me. I wasn't using them anyways.
*shrugs again*

That's about all I gotta say.


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Dear God. Kristen dressed Merlin up in a Santa Hat.

Suppose this works for a Holiday picture until I !lazy

Ho Ho...
... Ho
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Yes, I've been happily tagging, when I can, today.
I've done a couple the last couple months, a couple at the beginning of this year and, just for the hell of it, a couple around the time I started this journal...

Ye gods, has my journal changed alot in four years...

Back in 2001, I didn't write much about myself, certainly not the long rambling posts y'all have come to expect.
I wrote about my friends, random events in my life, random bits of work and such.

My first month, I talked a little bit about the work I was doing with Dr. Rabideau, a little about events going on at ChaoticMUX, a little about friends I talked with (It's WEIRD going back and seeing arabella's name in my journal..)
I was very nosy :)
And alot more flighty, in terms of my writing.

Also, four years ago, my subjects were much more entertaining...
I may try to make a conscious effort to make my subjects more entertaining again...

I won't get into all the other differences between me now and me four years ago...


When I (eventually) finish up, I'll probably post links to some of the bigger tags, for myself and/or anyone else who cares.
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OK... testing to see if I can post with Lochjournal. So far so good.

*boing* a little more than a day and Kar and ara are here!
*boing* *boing* *boing*

In other news, it's been an iffy day. I blew my stack at this one guy in my RP group. He knows who he is. I blew my stack because I don't feel like he really cares about the RP.
I asked if everyone was cool with a certain night: Fridays. The resounding answer was.. yeah.
So we start roleplaying and that person comes to one Friday and then stops.
Then he asks we move the big rp session from Fridays to Wednesdays. I'm not thrilled, but I ascent to it. Throughout the week.. including just the day before I was like "Be here Wednesday". He didn't make it. He had to run out and get tickets.
I do understanding that, at times, things crop up in your life.. but that's three meeting he's missed. And when HE had suggested the day.
So.. I'm pissed. And we're going back to Friday. He can RP.. but he's lost to the main RP group.. he'll have to go his own way. He's missed too much important stuff and I don't know how to really write him into the story. He just shows up occasionally to find out what's been going on with people.
I hope I'm not being too harsh, but people need to be at these meetings or else they miss out. It's not fair to me, who is STILL the host of this game,to run around trying to bring people who can't be bothered to make the meetings, in.

Oh well.
1 1/2 days and we'll be going to Darien lake! =D

here's hoping it posts!

this is a test to see whether or not it edits as well as it posts...
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This new default pic comes courtesy of Trillian. It's based on a picture she drew of my ChaoticMUX form. I added a background and colored the TMBG shirt, but otherwise it remains unchanged. I like it :) It's nifty!
Bask in the niftiness!


Jul. 14th, 2001 10:41 am
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My account is paid! =)
Yaaaaaay! =)
*considers 7 other pictures to post*
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OK, enough of that.
So I just got done playing with the colour schemes in the friends section, what do y'all think? I tried to mix it up a little (I loved the navy blue.. it worked, but.. I saw Vissith's friends page and the colours worked well n stuff. So.. i thought I'd try it. I like it :)
I think I'm going to buy the $25 full year paid journal.. just so I can have 10 pics.. I can have smokey n cleo n mousey n mystery pics.. and maybe my Picture (which is cool) and maybe a TMBG sign or something. i dunno. I just think I wanna do dat.
And speaking of, I've had my third compliment on my music in like.. two or three weeks. It's making my ego inflate. I mean.. *I* knew my music was good, but WOO! Apparently others think it too! For those of y'all who dun know.. my music can be found here at MP3.Com

Ooo.. Talking heads! I love this song! (And She Was)
The world was moving, she was right there with it.. and she was.
The world was moving, she was (floating above it?).. and she was
And she was.

Got a meeting for ChaoticMUX tonight... still don't know exactly what we'll talk about, but it's an important wizard-type-meeting and from it we should get a few things done (or else.. *grouch*). Then, the plan is to have a players meeting with me and any other staffies who can make it and all the players who can.
In other ChaoticMUX news, Trillian wants me to start up my roleplay that I WAS gonna do on Chaotic a while back. Based vaguely on White Wolf, the idea (I call Neogenesis) is that Magick comes back to earth right now.. and people gotta deal with it and the fact that all sorts (good and bad) have awesome magickal powers... it should be interesting. I guess I'll give it a shot.. but only if there's enough interest to get it started. Three or Four players at least who can meet weekly.
That's all I gotta report, I guess..


Jun. 25th, 2001 10:51 am
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Did I ever mention how much I love the little animated star smileys I picked out? :)
I do.. quite a bit. They're cute n fun to watch :)
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This is my first post to LiveJournal. It's been an.. interesting day.
Let's start with the fact that I had to stay up till early this morning with Josh (my 17 year old brother) because he needed to go to the hospiral for an EEG to see if he has epilepsy (we don't know yet. I'm hoping no.)
Then I got to campus, did some work and finally got the new computer ordered for me. It's sweet! Pentium 4 (I dunno how fast), Zip 250, CD-Rom, 40 gigs Hard Drive.. and BLACK! It looks cool! Tommorow I'll install the extra software I need (Office, Surfer, ArcView and GIS etc. etc.)
I guess that's it.

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