Dec. 1st, 2010 12:28 pm
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I am now unemployed. I was let go as of.. 9:30 or so. I'm sure my company THOUGHT it was doing right by me by letting me go the first of this month ensuring that I had medical insurance all month, but... I had no warning. In fact, I even had an assignment this morning and thought I was OK.

I don't even know how I feel anymore. I was beginning to feel certain. I even believed that bullcrap that if you expect the best, the best will happen.


I'm upset. I'm angry. I'm outraged. I'm worried. I'm scared. And maybe the teensiest bit hopeful that this only opens up a chance for the job I always wanted from the beginning that will open up as soon as I'm ready to look for it.

We have a semi-sorta plan. At least for the next week or two. This week, I won't accomplish much. I have a move to be in charge of, plus a boy. Then we figure out internet and I'll be trying to job hunt while watching the boy.

So much for Holiday Miracles. I never even got candles for the menorah and that's just.. not gonna happen.

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Gah. What a day. What a two weeks, really.

So... I came in today, knowing full well it was my last day. As of yet, I had no news at all. Neither good nor bad, and I was cautiously optimistic because.. well, no news means the company isn't going out of their way to can me either.

12:00 nothing. ARGH!

2:00. Nothing. I catch my boss and ask him and he tells me there's no news. At all. So I ask him.. do I come in? What do I do? And he tells me he has no answer. And.. I'll admit it, I nearly lost it.

I mean.. for Pete's Sake. My contract ends today. They've already told me that my charge numbers aren't good past today. I'm as prepared as I can be for the worst, but I'm definitely feeling like I'm being dragged along by people too lazy to make a decision about my employment future.

Let me pause a moment to say.. I'm so glad that the nightmare with S is over. He was a jerk and I'm glad that he is no longer a pressing concern. And I feel sorry for the poor souls stuck with the MT-2s. They've been given an impossible situation.. too much work for not enough money and there's gonna be ALOT of stress and pressure on people to get cases closed.

But anyways.. as of the moment I left work, I still had nothing. Nothing to charge tomorrow, just direction to go ahead and come in tomorrow.

Well, I just checked my email before heading to bed and I've been given direction. Talk to A, head of our local GIS department. Assumedly, he has work for me. Yay, work! Yay, employment!

*hopehopehopes that he's right and we can go back to dealing with the stress of the move and a cranky 9 1/2 month old and etc.*
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I keep meaning to post, but I'm never really sure WHAT to say.

Life is.. finding it's groove, but we're not exactly doing much, just getting through.

K is veryveryvery pregnant now. Chances are, if you're reading this, you're on her filter and you know what's going on with her, the aches, the pains, the sleeplessness. I think we're both at a stage where we're ready for the kid to pop out already and we can get on with our lives.

Things have been slow. We both are working on limited amount of spoons. There's alot to do and we'll get it done, though indubitably, some of it will be last minute.

The new office is settling down and I'm finding a new groove here as well. It's different than the old place, better in some ways. I'm enjoying not driving and find the commute taking an hour doesn't really bother me cause, honestly, there were plenty of days it took an hour anywyas, and then I had the stress of dealing with traffic.

My computer was returned to me a week or so ago, with one slight issue. We replaced the hard drives, both of them, with a single hard drive. What that meant is that I retained my music and lost all of my ratings. For over 10,000 songs. Gah.
So I'm rerating my stuff. Again. Not a project I was really looking to do, but.. oh well.

Still playing Guild Wars. Two or three times a week. Maybe not as much as I'd truly like, but as much as I truly can, at the moment. I'm still moving forward in the game, and that's important to me. All sorts of drama going down with the guild I joined in GW, but none of it has to do with me and I'd rather ignore it and keep playing.

Birthing Classes seem to be going positively. It definitely seems to be working for K, which is the important part.
I'm learning alot of stuff. Stuff I needed to know. Not only what K wants (and doesn't want), but also.. what my roll in the whole day is going to be. That is precisely what I needed. Knowing my roll and the expectations of me, I feel alot more confident and ready for the big day.
And that's without the script that K's class wants me to read to help me feel calm and confident. Calm isn't normal for me, but confident is, if I know what to do.

And that's what's going on over here, my quick life update.
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Cut because I know the only one who gives a crap is me. )
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I'm really enjoying The Sims 3: World Adventures. I'm really digging the tombs which is probably the most un-sims-like addition to a sims game every (there's an actual point to them.) There's not much depth to the actual world environments otherwise, but the tombs are fun!

I'm also feeling GW tugging at my interest again. Luckily, I have a four day weekend approaching and there WILL be gaming!

I had to go home early yesterday due to a migraine. Gah. I've only recently started suffering from them but I already hate them and what they do to me. It used to be that the rain would play hell with my sinuses. I wonder what changed.. :/

Thanksgiving is going to be quiet this year. Just K and I and a few things we're going to make together (Turkey Breast, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, stove top stuffing.) I have hopes that it's enjoyable (and a whole lot less awkward then the year we went to K's church for Thanksgiving. That was just.. awkward. Thanksgiving should be about a feast with family, not total strangers. :/).

I think we have plans to stop by Amy's place for desert and games Saturday. Excited about that too.

Still adjusting to the new cubicle. It's busier than I'm used to. And alot more open. A couple of us were having a slightly.. heated conversation in B's cubicle yesterday (next to mine) and today someone stops by and lets me know that she heard alot of it...

This morning I had my arm around my wife and I felt a very pronounced kick. Guess we woke up Babyboy.

And that's the weekly check in. Have a great holiday all!
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I finally know where I'll be sitting next month. They put up a large sized seating chart near the elevator and near our section.
By the looks of it, Rabeya and I will be sharing an office.
I'm not complaining. I took a peek inside (the advantage of getting here early, since the office is still occupied) and it's certainly big enough.
I have to admit, mostly I'm all amused that I'm getting to use an office for a month or two. :D
I'm going up in the world! ;D
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Crossposted to Calorie-Count

I'd like to file a complaint. The engineer responsible for this Pregnancy Process has done a lackluster job.
Oh, I'll give you that the process does seem to reach the desired conclusion, so it's an acceptable process, but there are so many unwanted side effects! I think that the engineer in question should seriously consider a redesign!

I'm at work today. My wife is not. After a week straight of getting up at somewhere between 3:30 and 4:00, the wife was up this morning at 3:00. 3:00! Two and a half hours before we have to wake up.

It wouldn't be so bad if she could turn over and go back to sleep. Thank god *I* was able to do that last night. But, no. K's brain goes on overdrive.

On top of all that (and possibly in part because of all that), K's stomach is giving her issues as well. It's been much more acidic than usual.

I feel bad. There's nothing I can do. There doesn't even seem to be anything she can do. But it sucks.

I guess, on the plus side, according to The Bible, the n00b is developing muscles this week. Which is interesting.

In non-pregnancy news, we saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this weekend, and enjoyed it. We tried to get K a netbook and failed and I tried to get into a little bit of trouble, game-wise and failed (I learned a valuable lesson last year: don't buy a game until you've read the reviews, unless you KNOW you'll love it e.g. Sims 3)

Next week we're off on vacation. That means this week we prepare for vacation. Make sure to run laundry once during the week. Plan out a few things. And Pack, obviously.

On top of that, as my cubicle (and everything in it) is being moved from the fifth floor to the fourth floor while we're on vacation, I HAVE to clean my cubicle up. Put things back together, get rid of things I can get rid of. Stuff like that.

And that's the news that's fit to print


Jun. 16th, 2009 07:01 am
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Got the newest Weird Al single off iTunes this morning, "Craiglist". It's a spot-on style parody of the Doors. It's Weird Al at his best doing what he can do and none else do, some real good style parodies.
If you like Weird Al and like the Doors *eyes [personal profile] kareila*, I suggest getting this song for $1.29

Driving up to Philadelphia early Thursday. I've got Project Management Training. It should be interesting and a break from some of the garbage going on over here.

Work's been especially stressful lately. Another one of our engineers quit a week ago and so that means extra work load for all of us. I've now got 14 active cases on my docket, some of which aren't giving up without a fight. It's made work incredibly stressful and frustrating.

One day someone's going to tell me that the Powers that Be have managed to actually get a new contract started. I don't know when that day will be. Especially since the contract was supposed to begin last March. But.. one day.

And that's about it from over here. K's been writing up about the CSA so I won't post much about that except to say that finding ways to use some of these recipes has been tricky at times, but we've picked at least one new recipe I like, so that's a benefit. CSA pickup today after K comes home (and eats, maybe.)
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1) After I can't imagine how much work, [staff profile] mark finally figured out what went wrong with my journal import and fixed it. I have my livejournal in it's entirety here again. :) Now to go back to porting over my CC stuff..

2) Suggested a place and time for the DC Metro Area Open Beta Party. Hopefully it works for everyone. :)

3) Heard from friends about possibly getting to see the Hoover Dam while I'm in Vegas next month. Would I be interested? Well, let's see... large large river, huge hydraulic structure.. mmm.. yep! :D

4) DW Seed Accounts Going on Sale - K and I will probably both get seed accounts. :)

5) One of my cases of Doom in the City of Atlanta FINALLY went out after what felt like an interminable amount of back and forth between the requester (who didn't know what he was doing), me and the FEMA reviewer. It's done! Huzzah!

6) I went back to the gym yesterday. I put on one of my Disney podcasts and started walking, so that when we finally do get to WDW in October, I'll actually be able to handle all the walking hither and thither.
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Yesterday was an incredibly 'meh' day.

Firstly, my mother had a bad day. She got very upset with my brothers, and fell. To the best of my knowledge nothing's broken or severely damanged, but she upset alot of doctors and nurses, and upset herself. And upset me, by proxy :p

Also, we got news, from work, that a big contract that I was hoping we'd get, we failed to even get on the Short List. Which IS really bad news, and puts me in a Spot (tm). Because I really want, feel I NEED some design experience before I Get my P.E. and it doesn't look like I'll get it working for my current company.
And, at this stage of my life, transferring to another office outside of the DC area just is NOT an option.
So, after Christmas, I'll tell Manas, straight out, that I'm looking for a new job, and then.. follow through. Maybe I'll try to look within the AECom Structure. Maybe not. I dunno. But I'm giving myself notice. I'm done with LOMRs.
And.. that's more than a little frightning because I HAVE a job here, a rather well-paid job (When we need money to save for a wedding), and all my experience is with LOMRs (which is why I NEED to diversify), and I may be able to get a job, but will I get a job where I'm paid something close to what I'm being paid now? I'm not accepting a job where I'm paid less than $45K. Not down here and not with some (if not fully applicable) experience.
Which COULD be problematic if I'm going for basically an Engineer I position, because I don't have experience in any other field.
I'll figure it out :p Somehow :p

So... that's the news that's fit to print.

Will call mom later to see if she's having a better day :/
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I am now a certified floodplain manager.

You may now refer to me as Howard B. Kellick, E.I.T., CFM
Or, you know, just Howard.
or.. LITE.. even.

but not LITE, E.I.T., CFM, because that just sounds silly.
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I hate trying to read Federal Regulations. I've just spent what feels like eternity, but was probably only about 45 minutes reading FEMA regulations on "Identification and Mapping of Special Hazard Areas". This is important for my jobs, but it's dry and boring and NO ONE likes it.
So I'm taking a small break so I can think like a human again.

.. Yes, I AM typing from work. I have my own cubicle (Tommorow I shall bring that picture of Kristen to put in here, if nothing else.) with plenty of office supplies.. highliters, pens, post-its, paperclips etc. etc. etc.

No, I am not giving out my Work Number or even my Work Email... not unless you're superspecial and I believe you have need of either. In any case, it's easier and just better to reach me by my cell phone.

Work is OK... I think I'm vaguely shocked that I AM at working and AM, after about 4 months of working min wage and having way too much time on my hand, here from 8 to 5 every day doing.. something I hope I'll love.

I should probably go back to reading regs, though. Don't wanna spend TOO much time goofing off. Certainly not on my first day.
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Oh, what a weekend it's been. Mostly good.
The fun started Friday Night. Dave called and we went out Midnite Bowling, which was cool. I haven't been Midnite Bowling since... July? When I went with Josh. It was... OK... but we fought and we got tired and not funness ensued. So, Dave and I went Midnite Bowling. We met TJ there (who can actually bowl) and the three of us had a good time. I got a total of three strikes (in general, I suck at bowling :) ) all night.
The good part was, Midnite Bowling used to be really taxing, but it wasn't too bad. Yay, being fitter! (Especially since Weight Loss isn't what I'd like it to be. More on this later.)

So, I get home by 3:00 and go to bed.

Wake up semi-late (I think, like... 9) on Saturday, get dressed, go to the gym, call Dave and make soms plans for Saturday Night. Saturday Night, we go to Lasertron (YAY!) and then stay up till about 2:00 with Dave, Carl and two of their friends Pahras (who I like but don't quite consider a friend as I don't know him too well ) and Marc, whose birthday it was. We played Baldurdash. A good time was had by all.

Something else happened Saturday, though, that was most definately not good.
I found out from (I THINK) scoob that some person (I suspect I know who, but I won't post it) was going to send an incriminating livejournal entry to my old boss, Dr. Aref but that (again I think, not sure) scoob and ara talked him out of it.
Luckily, I'm alot calmer now, otherwise the rest of the entry would be full of angry talk about who would be so... the best word I can come up with here is shitheaded... to do that. To try to get me fired over my own personal thoughts.
I do suspect I know exactly who did.
As a direct result, I have decided that it is high time some of my journal entries (I refuse to make the entire journal friends only) friends only. As such, if you are someone who reads my journal but are not on my friends list and you notice that a few posts have disappeared, you know why. Or if you wonder why I haven't posted, you also know why.

So Sunday comes. Wake up late again. Go to the gym. Practically die.
Note to self: half an hour straight of jogging is still too hard. I need to break it up a bit more still. I'm thinking maybe I'll do fifteen minutes of jogging, do my weight lifting AND THEN come back for the other fifteen minutes of jogging. At least until such a time as I can do a half hour without needing to go find someplace to sit down in between.
Anyways, I still plan on making one or two days of pure cardio a week as I did last semester. For the moment, those days are planned as Tuesday and Thursday, but it's all schedule dependant.

Today, I feel good. Grumpy, though. My weight loss has slowed down quite a bit. Not stopped... I'm still losing weight. More than that, I'm losing dimension (look! I'm 2D! ;) ) Seriously, though... even though it isn't showing in that number the scale gives me, my waist is still getting smaller. I know I go through periods where the scale number doesn't change much, but the weight loss continues. I can't explain it (especially since I highly doubt I'm gaining muscle mass that fast) but.. it happens. I just hope that the scale number catches up to actual fat loss soon. I'd like to be able to say I'm 250. :)
Oh, how much do I weigh now? I'm 259. I apologize for not posting last week, but I had gained weight over christmas/new years and I was ashamed (totally my own fault. i could have gone to the gym a BIT during the week, but it was cold and I had no car and no radio and I just didn't WANT to walk in the cold and try to keep my mind wandering for an hour), so I didn't post anything. It was 260 then.. I've lost about a pound this week.
Hopefully, I'll lose another pound or two for next week :)
I wanna be 250, dammit!
The idea of weighing less than I did when I graduated high school and having more muscle mass appeals to me.
Honestly, I probably AM thinner now than I was when I graduated high school (I was about 255). If not, I'm close.
This is why I continue to exercise. It feels good.. to be fitter, to be able to enjoy things like Lasertron and Midnite Bowling and not be winded by them.. to be able to say... I'm thinner than I've been in *8* years!
I look better too :)
Who wants to come over and feel up my muscles? ;)
Come on, don't be shy... I know you want to ;)

Anyways, time to get back to reading the POM user manual...
Oh, did I ever mention what POM is?
OK, POM (the Princeton Ocean Model) is a hydrodynamic model developed for ocean turbulence. What *I* plan to do with it is use a version of it developed for the great lakes, or something akin to it (possibly GLFS (the Great Lakes Forecasting System) to model the hydrodynamics of Lake Ontario throughout an average year.
Before doing that, however, I need to understand how these programs work. So that's why I'm looking through the information about them now.
Which I shall go back to doing.


Jan. 10th, 2002 08:46 pm
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I'm such a masochistic bastard...
I'm still sore and stiff from yesterday's half hour jog.
So what do I do?
I work out even harder today. Half an hour jogging on the treadmill, half an hour on the elliptical and then (what I didn't do yesterday) weight lifting.
On the plus hand, I don't think I'm as sore as yesterday.
On the minus hand, I'm more sore than I was before I worked out.
On the plus hand, jogging is a really good cardiovascular workout. Better than walking. That's why I'm trying to make it a habit.
That and the fact that I'm severely masochistic.
Oh well.. It will be worth it in the end. Honestly, it will...

Not much else to report. Had that meeting with Ching and Dr. Atkinson and I found out what I'd get paid for RA ($519 per two weeks, a slight pay cut from being a TA). Otherwise, it's been an uneventful if sore day.

Oh, by n by.. if I was worried about the little one not jumping, he's definately jumping now. All over. Onto the chair. Onto my bed. Onto me. He can jump. Now we need to get him to work on his pounce.. it's still pretty pathetic :)

Time to go to press :)
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Hello Livejournal'ites.
I know my friends out there in ChaoticMUXland and Otherwise want to know what I've been up to, so I'll tell you.

I've been up to work, mostly. I've given up on that PEST program ever being useful like I want it to and have just been using the bruteforce method to find out the direction and magnitude of groundwater flow that best match the head measurements I have. It's actually been pretty effective, so I'm not unhappy. I actually have answers, and that's good.

In other news, I went to see American Pie 2 Tuesday Night. It was lots of fun. At least as dirty as the first movie, but still as cute, if not cuter. I enjoyed the movie immensely.
Next on my list of movies to see: Rat Race.

In even other news, I've decided to take my diet to the next level and plan to (finally) go to the gym today and try to figure out how to do what I need to start losing weight.

In even more other news, I finally figured out EXACTLY what to do about Neogenesis. Instead of playing tommorow and let it die naturally, I'm taking an approximately two month vacation to write out and change the rules and hope to start it back up in two months, around Halloween.

mp3.com amuses me. I ordered my own 2nd CD "Scintillate Scinitllate Asteroid Minific" once for a cheapie price and for reasons I'm still not certain of, I got two CDs. So now I got an extra CD I'm still trying to decide what to do with. I think I know what I'll do with it, if the person in mind wants it.

That's all I can think of, TTFN
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2 1/2 days until two of my very best friends are here in Buffalo.
3 days till we're on the road off to Six Flags Darien Lake for a day of fun in the sun, water, bumper cards, laserlight show, games um.. OK, all of Darien Lake =)
*boingboingboingboingz all happy-like*

Gotta bring the car in to get the muffler changed today. That's my big evening plans. Well.. that and the big Neogenesis meeting for the week, since.. while I guess I may be here Friday night, my friends will be there soon after and I'll prolly be waaaay too excited :)

So the plans are to get my muffler fixed, go out to dinner, return my mother's defective external CD-Burner, come home.. RP online whilst doing laundry. Call Jen.. make sure plans are all set. Get tickets tommorow. Get the car gassed up, cleaned and check tires on Friday...

Full set of plans, huh? :)

Sure seems like it here. Plus, in the middle of it all, I work every day and have to keep the house clean.

Not much else going on here. I'm kinda stuck at work till I get to meet with the boss tommorow. Can't get any sensical answers out of this PEST program. Might be PEST. Might be SPLIT. Can't tell. That's pretty much it, tho.

Talk to y'all latahz!
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Trying to figure out how to use PEST (stands for Model-Independent Parameter ESTimation) in any sort of useful way. What a pain, man!
Blah blah blah
In other news, I'm not tired like I was yesterday. I actually slept last night. Part of it was the rain, I think. Rain (sans Thunder) is very relaxing to listen to for me. I like it. Of course, when it thunders.. that's a completely different story. Thunder keeps me up. It's too loud to sleep through. At least I'm not afraid of it anymore, tho...
I think I've decided that after work I'm gonna get our Dance E-jay (if I can. Family is having yet another fight. Mom and Josh again...) and take a crack at taking the soundbytes out of Illudium Pew-36 Space Modulator whilst keeping the quality of the song. (It's probably at the moment one of my favorite). Then again, I also intend to start work on a cover for Scintillate Scintillate Asteroid Minific, my second album so I can have mp3.com sell it (Of course, if anyone wants to buy it.. that's another story).
I'm amused by something I said when to myself when the first album came out two Halloweens ago. Basically I said.. in the first album, I was getting my groove on. In the second album, I'll REALLY begin to rock hard. It's not at all wrong. Not to say that some of my first album songs weren't great (I mean.. C'mon.. Is This A Dream? Ready 4 Takeoff? Battle in Zero G?)...and that all of my second album songs are as great (I still think I'm gonna take another crack at 'In The Circle' one day and see if I can't make it have more of a point than it does..).. but, in general, the quality of my songs have DEFINATELY gotten better. I've learned how to do new tricks with Mixman Pro (such as can be heard on "Breaking Windows"), use a new program (Dance Ejay) which allows me to do certain things Mixman doesn't and just gotten altogether better. Just my musings.
That's all I can think of worth talking about now.


Jul. 11th, 2001 11:05 am
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I can't get onto #tmbg *whine*
I can't get Visual Pest (a program I need for my graduate research) to install either, since I don't, apparently, have the Serial # I need =P
In other news, my ChaoticMUX meeting went will. Almost all the current staff showed up, which is good. We've got some plans to start a new Chaotic =D =D =D and to deal with current Chaotic until then. Plus, if a certain twinky neonazi starts his sh*t again on Chaotic, we can start punishing his sorry arse.
So, as Trillain said.. she scared me yesterday by appearing at the Galleria Mall at the same time my mom and i were there. My mom was looking for new clothes and I'd just gotten into trouble by getting the Startopia Strategy. And she was like "Hi" and I turned around and there she was.
It occurs to me we've probably seen each other there alot before but never knew what we looked like so didn't say hi...heh.
That's it, short journal today. More to come if there's more to say.

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