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Oh, DW, I haven't forsaken you entirely. I've mostly been posting a lot of very locked down entries. Mostly because no one wants to hear me whine about work.

I think R has hooked on to a new show: Bob the Builder. He loves all the trucks but he swears Scoop is his favorite (which shows that this boy REALLY loves diggers.) Boy is already a bit of a TV addict, so he'd watch nearly anything happily..

.. including, I may add, Futurama. One morning I had Futurama on and the boy woke up. I wasn't inclined to turn it off. R saif, afterwards, he wanted to eatch the Robot Show again.

Speaking of.. the boy's beginning to develop an appreciating for imaginative play. It's gone past him saying he's a bunny, or lately, a chickadee (I may be at fault for him saying he's a chickadee..) If I talk in a Robot Voice, he calls me Robot "What are you DOIN Robot?" "*in robot voice* I am tickling Robot Child."

.. actually the Robot voice kinda annoys my wife a bit, but she can get over it. I only do it to play with the boy and the boy loves it.

Robert's birthday came and went. He did well. He got some brand new books, some wooden blocks, TINKERTOYS (WOO!), Duplos, a metchbox Car Transporter, and a BRAND NEW Fire Truck. All of which are his very favorite toys EVER! ESPECIALLY the Car Transporter (K and I did well there..)

He also got some moneys for gifts, but we've decided it was high time to start putting some money away for him for college and opened him up his own savings account. As long as K keeps working, we'll add to it too, which.. I feel good about.

We're still happy K is working. It just works out well, for the most part, for everyone. Well, except for last week. Last week was crazy for me and I couldn't work from home, and K is being groomed to handle desktop support by herself since her coworker will be out of office for.. six weeks, I think? And R.. R had a fever. So he couldn't go to school. It was.. kinda crazy trying to make that work. But we got through it and the boy is on the upswing.

What else?

I've been playing a lot of Guild Wars 2 lately. I've got a guild I like that's active and fun and often silly. I've got a character I generally enjoy playing except for when I get surrounded. Thiefs are good for sneaking up behind you and sticking a dagger in your back, not for trying to take on a group of more than 2 or 3. I can generally use my shortbow on a small group, but if I overaggro.. and I still sometimes do.. I get squishy...

.. um.. yeah.. maybe two people care about that and I'm one of them. So.. yeah.

Posting and working some more.
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Twas a good weekend. What with K working the $[Oil and Gas Company] job Friday night and Saturday (thus, me hanging out with boy Saturday) and just being exhausted after a VERY long month of March, I took the weekend off.

Saturday with the boy was fine. We played with his train set (He got a wooden train set for Christmas and dad got him add on parts. K and I are having as much fun building the tracks, I think, as R is having playing with the trains on them.) We went to unpluggits. It was good daddy/boy time. And K came home, exhausted and achy and took a long, long nap.

Sunday, we did some errands, a little cooking, and I played my new game: Kingdom of Amalur - Reckoning.

When we got our tax rebate back, the bulk majority of it went to debt, but a little went to fun money. I spent my fun money on the game, the first DLC (Legend of Dead Kel) and the strat guide.

I'd heard good things about the game and I have good things to report. The game is some cross between Dragon Age, Diablo and Skyrim. I don't have time to do the part where I explain how the game works, and such. Maybe later. I'll say this..

The visuals are.. cartoon-realistic. Not uberrealistic, but pretty nonetheless. Special attention has been drawn to making your fighting visuals pretty. You'll ooo and aaah as your Chakrams go flying all over the place destroying baddies left and right, you'll smirk as you sneak up behind that guard and assassinate him, as he crumples to the ground and you cover his mouth to keep his death screams quiet, you'll be amazed as your longsword cuts hither and dither destroying all in front of you.

The background music is decent. And the voice acting is superior. I don't know if everyone involved in the project lent their voice, but I don't think I've CLEARLY heard the same voice over and over again, and that's special. Many of the natives have plenty to say, when prompted, and none complains about an arrow to the knee in passing.

The actual gameplay.. I'm playing on normal and I'd say it's sufficiently challenging. The normal "yellow" baddies are relatively easy, unless I'm getting swarmed, and the bosses are definitely a fight.

I haven't gotten far enough along to really comment on the story. But there is a metric ton of quests: the main quest, quests for each of five guilds you can join (and no issue, so far, with joining all of them.) and some sort of overarching quests for each of the main area: a town under attack by a plague brought on by boggarts, a town at the mercy of an evil witch and her trained army of spiders (No, I am not kidding. And, yes, the witch is named "The Widow". And yes, she is a Dark Elf.) and, in the last mini area I was in, a lovelost fisherman taunted by a "water nymph")

The enemies are varied. Most of them are fae. What strikes me is they make a point of differentiating the summer court and the winter court, so why am I fighting brownies, pixies and boggarts which are typically considered summer court?

All in all, I like this game and I'd recommend it.
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So as of yesterday, he's totally on milk. We've stopped the use of the ultra-expensive formula. Which is good news altogether. A week of his milk, even if we were to go fancy and organic would cost something like $20 a month, maybe $30. Not the $300 we've been paying for his formula.

And that's good news, for him, for our budget, just altogether good.

The next thing on the list is to wean Robert off the Prevacid. K is REALLY nervous about this. I'm less so, but still nervous. We both fear acid rebound, that with giving him less of the acid reducer, his body will actually OVERPRODUCE acid, hence he'll be up all night screaming.

So long as the Dr. has us wean him off it slowly, slower than he weaned off the formula, probably, we're comfortable with the idea. And it WILL Be.. freeing to have him off the Prevacid. It'll give us even more freedom to go where we want when we want and feed him when he/we want without worrying about it.

So.. all good news for small boys.
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So... two weeks ago, we went to the GI who gave us a plan. By last week, we were supposed to start a milk challenge for small boy.
And we would have, had it not been for a tummy bug that hit Monday and kept his appetite depressed throughout the whole work week. We decided that we would wait on the challenge until he felt better.

By Saturday, his appetite had returned.. and then some! He SUDDENLY has the sign down for more food. He may think it's the sign for food, since we've only ever used it with food, but.. anyways, he's constantly demanding more! MORE MORE MORE!

By Saturday night, we agreed we were OK with starting the milk challenge. So it started Sunday.

Sunday his appetite is even stronger. I wonder if he's going through a growth spurt. He's eating (for him) huge solid food meals and still drinking a fair amount of formula too.

Anyways, he got his milk at 9:00 and, while it hasn't been 24 hours yet, if he had any sort of intolerance to milk, it would apparently have shown up sooner rather than later, so..

.. this is exciting! It really is! Him passing milk is a HUGE step towards us being able to maybe just feed him from our plate when we go out or have lunch or whatever (his getting more than two tiny teeth would help too.)

So.. I am excited! And happy that he's tolerating it well enough so far!
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Pretty decent week, pretty decent weekend.

We went townhouse hunting on Saturday. Sadly, we have to leave in another 6 weeks, tops, so we need a place to go. We found a place about a mile from where we live now, which is good because that makes the whole daycare thing easier. Rent is reasonable and the house was nice, so.. we put in an application. Here's hoping.

The little boy is sitting up now. This puts him a step or two away from crawling *fear*. I hope he doesn't start crawling until after we've moved. Trying to babyproof the house while breaking it down would be.. not so much fun.

The new daycare seems to be working well. At the moment, it's just Robert and Cecilia's other kids, and Robert loves the attention and is thriving with it.

Due to a surprising gift from my inlaws (surprising in that I GOT a birthday gift at all), I went and preordered Civilization V this weekend. It comes out.. about the time we're moving, actually. We're both really excited about this game. K started playing Civ back when she worked the night shift in Rochester, and was excited to find out that I was interested in it too and we both have had fun screwing around with Civ IV, so... this should be good.
Games K and I can share are always somewhat better than games we can't. :)

And that's pretty much it, for now. Busy week ahead.. well, half-busy, half duller-than-Enya. Oh well.
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I know I haven't been good about posting things. My bad...

Anyways, my annoyed face, let me show you it.

On Tuesday, I got word from Boy's daycare that the State had been through and they'd screwed some things up. And could we please get some paperwork resigned immediately, because the doctor signed her name in the "print name" part and also, make sure she fixes the how long he can take the drugs for part of the form, because it should only say up to six months after the form was signed, not "Until Further Notice" as the doctor wrote. Sure, we'll do our best, but both K and I work all day.

Please note.. we didn't actually get new forms to sign, just the old forms, with highlighter showing where the doctor had screwed up.

On Wednesday, we were asked if we could get the form signed by Friday. I said we'd do our best, but both K and I work all day and don't get home until long after the doctors close.

On Thursday, they threatened that if we didn't have the paperwork signed by today, they wouldn't give him his medicine Monday. THAT.. is a major problem. K calls the Daycare immediately to find out specifically what we need, since we were never given any clean forms to sign, only the last forms with marks about what was wrong, and they tell her that she a doctor's note, signed by the doctor, should do.

And Today, K drops the boy off and they say that if they don't have the form by.. I dunno what time, they're going to call us to pick him up. K pointed out we both work, they told us to send someone else. WHO? Our family is in Buffalo, you stupid bitch!

If I have to go and pick the boy up, he is never ever stepping another foot in that place. Truth be told, I think it's high time we reexamine our options, because while I don't want to go back to not being able to make ends meet, budgetwise.. they have not given Robert the quality of care we'd like, we've had to argue with them about his medicine and pointedly ask how come he's not getting Tummy Time anymore. And I can't say I feel happy about the way we've been treated either.

I half wonder if they're trying to shove Robert out the door, if they're trying to make us upset enough we'll pull him out. There was an incident while we were on vacation and there's been a shakeup and we haven't been very happy with the way Robert has been treated and have had to get.. picky.. with the staff (Hi, is Robert still getting Tummy Time? You guys haven't written anything down for a couple days.)
Either that, or the bitch in charge has absolutely no idea how to KEEP customers. I certainly as hell wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.

GI Checkup

Jul. 8th, 2010 08:12 pm
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Well.. the boy got seen by the GI Specialist. All around good news. According to the GI's scale, he was 13 lbs. 1 oz. which now makes him proportionate. That is, he weighs what he should for his size.

Though I have to admit to being unimpressed.. the first words out of the lady's mouth was "Are you still breastfeeding?" Um.. no? Not since the little incident that landed the boy in the HOSPITAL? Was it not in your records or did you just not check?


The GI specialist, once she got her story straight did say he was doing well and that at 6 months we could try to give him actual food. Fruits and vegetables only, for a start, but that's OK. Cereals might contain milk in them and that's the wrong stuff.

Past that... we're still not sure she's the right specialist for us. I think we're going to look around to see if we can do better.


Jun. 17th, 2010 07:58 am
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So, the boy's been to daycare enough that a thought's really begun to filter, through. We got lucky. We're blessed.

This little boy.. who's gone through everything the little boy's gone through, dealing with his GERD, is happy and sociable. He loves his daddy and he loves his mommy. He loves smiling and giggling (not hurt by the fact that mommy and daddy love his smiling and giggling too. Positive Reinforcement, I'm sure.) He loves smiling and flirting with anyone who gives him attention.

He's getting some real muscle. His size and weight is progressing normally (even though he is a little small for his age, which will likely change, I'm told, as he gets older.) He's where he should be, developmentally.

In other words, despite everything, he's not just normal.. he's HAPPY, he's CHIPPER. He's "NORMAL".

He's an attention-seeking little dork who thrives on the spotlight (sounds like another dork I know. ;D )

It boggles the mind. I'm glad to say it, but it just.. boggles the mind how a little boy could go through what he's gone through with the gas pains and the spit ups and the not getting enough food and still be growing up to be so normal, relatively speaking (He DOES have me for a dad. He's never gonna be NORMAL.)

We weren't sure how he'd do with Daycare, but he's thriving there, as he's thriving everyplace else in his life and that's a truly gratifying thing.
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So we got the results from the pH Impedance test on Tuesday. His acidity is still too high, despite the Prevacid, so they've put him on an additional acid blocker, Zantac.

That is to say.. he gets Prevacid twice a day and Zantac thrice a day, except that the Prevacid and Zantac should be taken at least four hours apart and, oh yes, for maximum efficacy, the Zantac and Prevacid should BOTH be taken half an hour before eating.

Needless to say, our (and his) schedule just got alot more complicated!

So.. we're hoping this works. If this doesn't work, they'll have to do ANOTHER test, but I don't know it's name off hand.

Meanwhile, little boy has taken to talking very loudly. Mostly just variations of "Ayaiyaiyaiyaiyai" or "Ahyahyahyahyahyah" but it's amusing regardless (except when he's talking loudly when we're trying to watch TV. Oh wells.) He's also taken to deliberately grabbing things. He'll hold on to my finger while I feed him. Yesterday he grabbed his ring of keys, and started to move it up to his mouth. He doesn't yet have the dexterity to put the ring IN his mouth, but he's working on it!

Kinda funny to see these small milestones in action.

Anyways, that's the news, for now.
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But I'm not really sure what.

Squirm's doing.. pretty much significantly better, with one little issue. He's spitting up, about once a day, white.. with purple or brown streaks. We have no idea what it is, where it's coming from or if it's a problem. He's acting alot better, though. He's our happy and rather Chatty little boy.

Him acting OK has helped us both cope alot better and things have quieted down alot at home. Not quiet, per se. There's still the hustle and bustle of daily life with two of us at work and a little boy at daycare (albeit daycare is K's mom for another week), but.. this is expected, and thus easier to cope with.

Not much else really on our radar. Boy's got another appointment next Wednesday. We need to start planning out trip to Buffalo in late July and make sure we're OK to visit Matt and Amy for July 4th.

That's pretty much it!


Jun. 1st, 2010 09:38 am
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On Friday, someone I was friendly with on CC (that I could become friends with as I got to know better) had an interview in DC. New Carrolton, actually,  but the job is likely in DC. She said before she headed back to Ithaca, she was trying to see people, and so Saturday morning, K, I and the Squirm met her at Tyson's Corner. We went to TGI Friday's and ate, the Squirm flirted. Michelle held the squirm and took a picture with the Squirm. And then I got dizzy. Really dizzy. It bothered me for a while, til after I laid down for a bit of a nap. No idea what happened, but.. it sucked.

 But the GOOD news is Michelle is pretty sure she rocked the interview, so.. hopefully I'll have another new neighbor worth seeing.

Sunday was quiet. Sunday afternoon, K says "I don't want to be inside all day. Let''s go outside." I say "OK, but not the path near our house again. It's a little too extreme for me. (especially when we're pushing a carriage) So we look around and we find two good choices nearby, a Botanical Garden and a Nature Education Center, but the Education Center's closed, so we agree that Monday, we'll head to the Botanical Garden.

Monday was out 2nd Anniversary. We got up, did the things we had to do, got out the door about 1:00 for what wasn't precisely a romantic lunch out at Bertucci's since the boy woke up before the food got here and so it was an "eat fast while the other is walking around bouncing the boy" lunch, but such is life with a child...

Then we went to the Botanical Garden, by way of Petco so we could get Fuzzy Food, and by the time we got there, it was HOT. REALLY hot. And the botanical garden was all outside (very nice, what we saw of it, but.. it was HOT out!) and we had no water bottles, no suntan lotion, nothing. So.. we kinda melted in the sun.

We agreed to go back, and better prepared next time.

Today, K is back to work. I'll let her talk about that, as she wants, since she can better explain what's been going on through her head, but it's a mixed blessing.

Grandma T is watching the boy and doing in-hotel child care. This probably works out for the best as it gives K a chance to get back into the swing of things without worrying about the boy unduly.

Also, today Sims 3: Ambitions comes out. I am excited. I don't have time to get into the details of the game, but there'll likely be a "OMG, this game is so awesome!" review post in the near future.


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The boy is now 10 lbs., which is good. It means he's putting on more than the 1 oz. a day they want him to be putting on, despite any spitups or such.

He's doing well enough that we got the OK to try to feed him every six hours at night so we can all get a little bit more sleep. Not that he loved that last night, but he may have been really gassy yesterday.

K and I are really unimpressed with the people responsible for making sure the boy is on COBRA. We had to fax over a birth certificate. We did on Friday. On Monday, K tried to call and they're only open weekdays from 1-5 and they can't tell us for 2-3 days whether or not the birth certificate was received or not. And when K asked what else was required besides the birth certificate, if any, K never got a good response.

So.. the Squirm still doesn't have health insurance and, to be honest, we're kinda pissed off about it.

That's pretty much it. Some good news, some bad news. Mixed bag.
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Just got back from Baltimore. K's parents come to Baltimore every year for Preakness. K's dad grew up very near Pimoco and got into Horse Racing when he was young.

ANYWAYS.. we usually go up to Baltimore to see them. And this year, we felt especially indebted to do so, since they'd been so wonderful over the last three months.

Well, we got there and K's mom is totally coo'ing over Robert. "Oh my god! Look how big you are! You have fat! You have baby fat! You're such a handsome little boy! Oh, a smile, was that a smile?" and K's dad is sitting there watching his handsome grandson and smiling widely and they present us with... a new present.

While in Buffalo, I think K's mom was amused to see that we've already started reading to Robert. But Robert LOVES his Boyden Board Books (he's trying to "Ooooo" along to Snuggle Puppy now. It's awesome as hell.) and they give us.. a new book! "Stories and Rhymes for Every Bedtime" and, honestly, I'm just kinda floored they did this. K's mom goes nuts for clothes shopping and has an obsession with bibs, but this is the first time they've broken out of the mold.

It's a collection of 365 poems, stories and rhymes. There's some short, short rhymes, some longer rhymes and a handful of actual stories. Alot of the more well-known childhood rhymes are in here: The Grand Duke of York, This Little Piggy, If Wishes Were Horses.. and some shorter, smaller rhymes and it's just.. an awesome present.

As I said, I'm kinda floored here!

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We noticed that despite putting the squirm back on the formula, he's been pretty gassy still, and spitting up alot more. K attributes it to the fact that his body is readjusting to formula after so many different food sources in a week, but I'm not sure she's right. When the gas didn't go away on Monday, K called the GI Doc's nurse, who... was dismissive, and suggested we just burp him more and do your best.


We were both kinda unhappy about that, but the Nurse also said she'd check with Squirm's GI Doctor, Dr. Chao, and get back to us today.

K called at 12:15 to say that she'd heard back from the Nurse who said that Dr. Chao was taking this seriously and wanted to do.. what I guess is the Gold Standard in Reflux Diagnoses, the pH Impedance Monitor. Basically, they're going to tape a spaghetti-sized monitor in Squirm's mouth and test his pH for 24 hours. This will, I assume, tell them what they need to know about the severity of Squirm's GIRD.

I am thankful the doctor is taking this seriously, though I fear that Squirm will hate the monitor.

I just want this to be over soon. It frustrates me that he's still not doing as well as we'd like, despite switching back to the formula. I want someone to diagnose it, and fix it.
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I bet if I told people that by Friday evening, we were just beat, that.. none of you would be shocked.

This weekend was Kid Gloves weekend. We tried to relax a bit, take it easy on ourselves and get some well-earned relaxation. That is.. we didn't do much. I played my game for a bit. We watched some Farscape. We took care of the boy (who was readjusting to the formula. I guess three different food sources in one week was hard on the boy.. he spent a good part of the weekend gassy and unhappy, but it seems to have passed some, thank goodness.)

We never had huge plans for Mother's Day anyways, which is just as well. We went out for breakfast at a local Waffle King we like. The boy slept in his carrier so we enjoyed.. well, the screaming of other kids, including the one behind me having a fit.. but, it was a family-friendly establishment, so what can you expect?

And K got a gift from Mr. Robert. Another Willow Tree statuette, which brings us up to three: one with a husband and wife together, one with a woman holding a baby bump and now one with a husband, wife and a blanket-wrapped baby.

And.. that's pretty much everything worth reporting. I'm still.. pretty exhausted, mentally. Especially because the boy spent so much of the weekend bawling due to gas and exhaustion, Really hope that's over and done with. I know he was awake and doing the Squirmy Dance (Eyes open, making happy noises and moving his entire body already.) as I was leaving.
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Today is three months. We've only had him three months and in that three months we've been to the hospital three times, all with the same problem, horrible reflux.

This is NOT what I expected out of fatherhood. I expected not being able to play my games as much, giving up things, at least for a while, that I wanted, including sleep.. these were things I expected.
Not the constant heartache of a chronically sick child.

So... the boy will be bottle-fed. He definitely does better on the bottle than he does the breast (Clearly), which *IS* kinda sad, but clearly also just is.

I have alot of thoughts and they're all kinda a mess right now.

At least he's home and doing better.
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He's still in the hospital.

They're suspecting that something in K's breastmilk irritated him enough that he started bleeding. I'm not sure how this works.

They don't want to scope him unless they have to, so they're operating on the hunch that it was the breastmilk. Assuming he does well on the elemental formula he was on when he was doing well for.. potentially 24 hours, we might all go home tonight. If he starts spitting up blood, however, he'll need to be scoped and he's staying there a while.

We're alot happier with the care unit he's in. They seem alot friendlier (not all the nurses in the NICU were very friendly) and accommodating. I took K down for dinner last night and the nurse happily took Robert out into the nurse's area for a bit. Robert flirted with everyone (which apparently was just the kind of thing that the nurses could use after a long shift) and K got a break.

Ended up taking K home last night. She was exhausted and needed the sleep badly. Nurses promised us that they'd call if anything happened. So far no calls, so I'm guessing it's been a quiet night for Squirm.

We'll get back to the hospital once traffic has cleared a bit.
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The squirm is at the emergency room right now. He's been spitting up bright red blood with his milk and we don't know why. Unfortunately, I have to go to work. One of my cases has gone nuclear and I need to be there to help my boss be ready for a huge phone call Monday. But I'm half-preparing to have to rush back home.

The Oil Spill..
Looks like they're currently predicting that it might hit South Florida within the next couple weeks and could make it's way up the Eastern Seaboard.

There's been alot of talk about Exxon Valdez, how this thing could be worse than Exxon Valdez, which is bad because we look back at Alaska right now and the Oil Spill STILL hasn't been cleaned up. 18 days later.

I feel a rant about deregulation coming on, but not today. I *AM* concerned about the Oil Slick coming up the Atlantic Coastline. That would be Bad with a capital B. And of course, our idiotic governor wants to push Offshore Drilling RIGHT NOW. Not that I don't understand the argument behind offshire drilling, but right now feels like the wrong time to push it.

Anyways.. will keep people in the loop, re: Squirmy.

EDIT 1: Robert is being admitted. We aren't sure where. They're trying to put an IV in him now (and he doesn't want to) and they're telling K no food, for the moment. It's all I've got.

See this? This is my angry, frustrated "What the hell is it going to take until my boy is OK" face.

Still gotta stay at work as long as I can...

EDIT 2: K is a wreck. Boy has a heplock in and a line, but no IV fluids yet. Meanwhile, he's hungry and the GI doctor says nothing by mouth. He's been admitted for at least a day, but it will likely be more as they clear his system out and get a chance to scope him.

EDIT 3: GI Specialist saw Robert. They're thinking that K's breastmilk may not be safe still. They're saying we'll probably have to formula-feed him for.. a while longer. Apparently, he's getting some soon. If he still spits up blood while on the formula, then... we have a problem and the boy gets scoped. So... hopefully, I guess. The formula DOES seem like it works.
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More good news. The GI Specialist says he put on 28 oz and 2 inches of height in 3 weeks, which is fantastic news for SuperSquirm.

So happy is the GI Specialist, that K can start breastfeeding again immediately. The GI specialist feels positive about it and that it's likely that he'll still do well on her breastmilk. We're hoping so.

The BAD news is that K is still on the Elimination Diet of Doom for a couple more months. But.. we'll deal with it a little while longer. If it's for the squirm's benefit.


That's the news. Still pretty good news, all told.

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