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Hoover Dam was pretty cool. I'm.. impressed with how BIG it is. It really is an engineering marvel.

It was hot there, though. BRUTALLY hot, and that drained alot of my strength away. Made it hard to keep going. Maybe it's good the wedding ended at 10:30 as I don't know that I would have made it to midnight.

Was really good to see Jen and Robby again. And was really good to finally MEET David and Emily.

Wedding was... well, location was beautiful. The couple were beautiful. The reception was fun. Sadly, I didn't hear enough of the wedding to honestly say it was beautiful. I wish the microphones had worked, because I really wanted to hear it, but... oh well. :/

Got to dance a little, but kinda pooped from the dam. We had fun, though, and that was the important thing.

And that, in short, is the scoop.

Off, today, to the strip. K's not up yet, so I don't know when we'll go (we might hang out here until we can at least print up our Southwest Tickets. Dunno.)
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And now we're officially at the busy time of the month or so...

Tonight, we're off to go visit [personal profile] spydielives. She needs help getting something from her car and we decided to make it a social meeting. It'll give me an excuse to finally give this golf game back, which is.. cute, but better with two players than one and kinda not my thing as a one player game (I TRIED!)

This weekend, K's parents are heading down to Baltimore for Preakness. We're going to meet up with them probably a little after dinner. We're thinking that we'll head to dance practice tomorrow, come home to eat and then head off to the Baltimore Science Museum and do a nice'ish dinner in the Inner Harbor.

The weekend after that is scheduled to be busy. I forget why. Must not be important. Apparently, however, we're heading off to Vegas. Flying up Saturday Afternoon and flying back to BWI on Tuesday, which gives us a day to go wander around the loop and see whatever it is we may want to see. Not that we've planned that out too much. We should probably give it SOME thought.

Nothing going on the weekend after that, thank god. Somehow, I suspect that "Collapsing from Exhaustion" will be on the agenda that weekend. Well, and dance practice.
EDIT: As K points out, there is something of SOME import that weekend, but plans for celebrations are, as of yet, a little unclear.

The Tuesday after that weekend, June 2nd for those paying attention SHOULD be a busy day. Something's happening that day. I forget what. It must not be important. However, this cute little teaser is supposedly related to that. (That teaser really is cute. :) )
Oh, and I think we're stopping off in Vienna to get out first week worth of vegetables. That's as I recall it, in any case.
*imagines K comes home, H meets her, they ZOOM off in H's car, H speeding the whole way so he can go back home and play something, K clutching to the door in pure terror...
... come to that, maybe K should drive that day...*

Also, we need to be seriously talking Disney when we get back. We do have time to get things planned, but figuring out things (such as "How long will we be down there?") would be good.

I feel like someone zooming around in about five different directions at the same time.

But there are worse things.


Feb. 8th, 2009 07:51 pm
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So as of Friday, I have officially quit Calorie Count. For those who've actually watched my account there, never fear, I'm about to make it easier and just post here. Sadly, this does not mean my accessibility to LJ has increased any or that I have suddenly more time to read/respond to posts, but it does mean I'll be posting here more often, via email, mostly. It also means I've finally changed my setting back to make all new posts, by default, public.

So... what's on the horizon?
Well, short term.. I NEED to get my hands on Super Mario Kart for Wii. I played it over at Joey's house this last weekend (K's brother, for those who aren't sure) and it was awesome fun. :) I thought I might like it. Now I know. :)
We're hoping to get a few local people (and possibly Joey and his girlfriend Julie) to this Friday's Arthur Murray Valentine's Day guest special. You'll learn the basics of two dances (not sure which two) and then get to practice them with us. :) We've never successfully gotten guests before, so we're hoping this will be a first. ;)
Um.. in about a month from today, the contract I'd been working under ends. The good news is.. I'm fine, I have a job.. the bad news is.. I still don't know what, specifically, or where. Nor do I have a clue what it means for the work I'm currently doing (does it get left with Baker? Does it go with me?). No clues whatsoever.
Which is less than thrilling to me, btw.
In.. about 8 weeks, will be Freestyles. K and I will be competing (sort of) with all the local Arthur Murray schools. My father and Elaine (my stepmother) are coming down to watch us, and K's parents are considering doing so themselves, so this will be a Big Deal (tm). This would have been a big deal anyways. We're each doing 10 dances and we're learning some pretty nifty moves. ;) Just you wait, some of you lucky guys, til you see the two of us in Vegas at the end of May. ;) We're going to knock your socks right off you, without even stopping to take your shoes off! ;)
K's family is TALKING family vacation. Who knows if it'll happen (or if we'll have money to make it happen), but on the table is the possibility of Orlando, where they own a timeshare. This would, for K and me, mean a second chance to go to WDW. I repeat, this is not a definite, just a possibility, one of many. But it's an exciting prospect in any case. :) I LOVED WDW and I'd LOVE a chance to go back. :D
Oh, and Sims 3 has been reset to ship out June 2nd (to arrive June 3rd), and as we ALL know I'm very much looking forward to THAT! ;D

And that's all the news on the horizon. As I said in my Facebook status a couple days back, this is looking to be a busy year, in a good way. :)
And I'm really really excited about being able to show off the dancing to some of you people. ;) We've learned a few tricks since the wedding ;) And a few more dances ;)
Muahahahahaha. >;)

Oh. Yeah.

Sep. 2nd, 2008 07:16 am
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I went a little bit off the wagon over the last two weeks. Not terribly, but a little bit.. until last weekend.

To be fair, I didn't have a multitude of choices. I was either driving and at the mercy of whatever looked half good as we got hungry, or in a hotel. Oh, and at a wedding where I had no choice.

Some of my choices were bad. Very bad.

I won't get into the details, but.. my body reminded me just how much it prefers HEALTHY food part of the way home Sunday and throughout yesterday.

Message Recieved. Thanks for the reminder, body. :p I'm back on track.

The wedding was OK. It was a Christian Ceremony, but not a full mass. I think I had to try not to roll my eyes when the priest spoke of Jesus bringing the couple together and, etc. And the homily was terrible (not the material so much as the priest's speaking style. He was worse than William Shatner.)

And now.. Jesus.. has brought you.. to this place.

It went on and on and on and I have no real memory of what he said.
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Let's see. Where to start?

On Friday, I DID go to see "Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny". It was.. pretty much what I expected, movie-wise. It was amusing and I enjoyed seeing it (And I need to go and see the Rock and Roll History Museum, dagnabit!)
Oh, and I get awesome points.
Why, you ask, unknowingly?
I've heard the soundtrack for about a week before and there's a bit part for young JB's dad. Well.. I listen to the part and I say "That sounds like Meat Loaf." but why would Meat Loaf be in a Tenacious D movie? And then I see the movie and it LOOKS like Meat Loaf.
Finally surf over to IMDB yesterday.. and.. it IS Meat Loaf.
*boggle* :)
One annoyance about the movie.. you know you're in the Old Dominion when.. when a movie which is rated R for F-bombs and sexually explicit discussion isn't played until 10:30 at least. That's right.. the first showing was 10:30 or 10:35 in all the theaters local to me. *boggle*

So, Saturday.. I just take it easy. I'd gone to bed after midnight, but was up bu 7:30 or so. Stayed up, ended up reading and couldn't/wouldn't put the book down until a little before noon. We take the rest of the day easy, watch some Firefly and get ready for Kristen's office party Saturday Night.
Kristen's office party was at the Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, the cool museum that's basically a full hangar with planes of every shape and size, along with some very nice space artifacts, including the Enterprise (the first Space Shuttle).
It was there last year as well, but.. K wasn't happy with it. it was six hours long (we stayed for all of it, which may have been bad us) and K only saw one person she knew. The food was cold and the house band was awful.
This year.. it was only four hours, and more of K's coworkers were going. We didn't catch them all (Too many people and it IS an airport hangar, so it's HUGE), but we found K's boss and at least two of K's coworkers, so that was cool. The food was.. warmer, except for the part of the hangar which was uber-air conditioned, and the house bad... was potentially worse than last year. Ah well.
So, next year, we may or may not do K's office party if it's back at the Udvar-Hazy Center.

Went to sleep late again, got 6 hours of sleep. K goes to church. I get some things done around the house... and then go to sleep for another two hours, waking up just before K gets home.
On Saturday, we'd gotten one of those "Adult and Community Education" booklets. K was looking through it and I wondered to her, if they had a course teaching the certification she's working on.. and.. they do! Awesome! So, she's giving that alot of thought (it's expensive, but it might be worth it if she can grok this stuff and pass the test. :) ). I start looking through it myself and there's some interesting looking cooking courses. I think I may take one :) Lots of different ethnic cooking courses. Will have to decide :)
What else?
[ profile] ecwoodburn started feeling sick, so we took it pretty easy. We finished Firefly last night and will, no doubt, watch Serenity within the week.
Oh, wedding planning. We finally started talking about this last night. We both agreed we really want/need to come in on Christmas with more to say than some vague ideas. We need actual answered. More "We've discussed it and we want it... on a Saturday, inside, in a place with windows showing a nice landscape that isn't all city." Something like that.
Also, after some delays, I finally got down to work and picked a replacement groomsperson, [ profile] kareila. A friend of ours (I want to say it was [ profile] sattruckguy, but I'm not sure, as I wasn't at this wedding), had a gal on the groomsperson side. She wore a dress with colors matching the tuxes the other groomsmen wore. [ profile] ecwoodburn was at that wedding (not I), and she thought it worked pretty well. I just know that [ profile] kareila is a dear friend of mine and has been for a very, very, very long time :)
Also, amusingly, this continues the "All the tall people on Howard's side and all the short people on Kristen's side" trend ;) Hee ;)
The other amusing question will be "Which one of our bridesmaids will walk down the aisle with [ profile] kareila ;)

And that was my weekend!
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Well, folks, it was quite a day! :)

Yesterday was a very special day. Of course it was my birthday, but it was also the day that I planned on asking my beautiful girlfriend to marry me. :)

I had the idea a while ago, as silly as it sounded, of.. having a Hobbit Birthday.. of giving the Precious Ring to her on MY birthday ;)
Yes, folks, I am THAT big of a dork! ;)

So... we made plans for my birthday. Kristen's present to me was a Capitol Steps show, a comedy troupe who do a weekly musical comics tore about today's politics. And we made plans to go out to a fancy restaurant for dinner, a place called The Aria :)

So.. the plan WAS to take her out to dinner, somewhere in dinner, drop to a knee, say a few words, and propose, and then enjoy a show :) That was THE PLAN..

Now, then, this is how it REALLY HAPPENED. :D

First, I'm supposed to meet her in LaFayette Park, so we can walk to The Aria. I meet her there (after some frustrations about figuring out where she's supposed to be), and we head on down towards The Aria. Now, since we both have planned on going out, she's all dolled out, nice dress, jewelry, makeup, etc... so I look at her bracelet and see the design. I ask "Oh, is that anitque scrolling" and she starts to giggle!
"What?" I asks, knowing I'm found. "Nothing." she says. "Come on, tell me." I say. "Can I tell you later?" she asks. No. I know I'm found, but I want to hear her say it.. so I press and she finally admits she started to think a couple days ago that I was going to give her her Engagement Ring today. Just a feeling she'd had. DAMMIT!
Your attempt has failed: Abort? Retry? Continue? Feh, I'll continue with plans.
I laugh "Oh, what a way to take away from my birthday" I say "Yeah, I'm going to give you the ring today and have someone else be the center of attention. Hellooo.. you're dating a LEO! Seriously!" And.. she believed me! SUCKER!

We head to The Aria, while we talk about work and C-C and stuff, and stop in "The Shops" which was a still-under-construction place near work she wondered about.

Got to the Aria, figured out how to get in, and sat down. The restaurant, from what little we saw of it, was nice. Kinda fancy and romantic. The service wasn't great, though, and the food was too spicy for K. But.. it was different. We'd never been there before and I WANTED someplace special. K admits she'd be willing to give it another try, but it doesn't have the staying power of a restaurant we really LIKED, ya know?

The meal's going and I'm having total stage fright. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG.. i gotta do this! I'm gonna fuck up! I can't do this! I'm unscripted! AIIEEEEEEEE!!! I step into the bathroom, unhide the ring from it's hiding place, tucked into the recesses of one of my pockets, and come out, waiting for the big moment.

And.. she doesn't notice any of this. The food's too spicy, she's too cold, and she's probably dehydrated. Finally, though, dinner's done and the check's arrived. She signs the bill, gives it to the waitress... and I'm in front of her down on my knees.
Yes, folks, I totally FAIL at going down to one knee.

I start by saying "Kristen, I never COULD keep a secret from you. We've been together for three years, some good, some bad. We've been through arguments and joy. And now is the time to ask.. would you marry me?"

Kristen, meanwhile, looks TOTALLY surprised. She got so caught up in the here and now, she totally forgot/lost track of the thought I might ask her to marry her tonight... finally she starts giggling and says "Okay. *pause*, Yes!" and hugs me tight.
I had SURPRISED HER! I hadn't been capable of being secretive and sneaky enough, and apparently by simply acting a little more snuggly than usual, she knew something was up, but in the end I surprised her.
And then the grin sort of pasted on her face and she was giggling through the rest of the night.

From there, we went to the Capitol Steps show.. and loved it! Mind you, we were both in great moods already, but the show had both genuinely funny moments and OMGWTFBBQ moments (*In a sketch about AIrport Security* "Your Baby's Wet." "I'll change it." "No time for that. Huge Line Behind You. *tosses the baby over his shoulder*' Audience: OMGWTF!AHAHAHAHA!!!). During intermission, I got 3 CDs for me (for the very reasonable price of $30) and Kristen got me their Book, Sixteen Scandals. Saw the rest of the show and then paused, after the show, to get it signed. Yay, Book signed by Captiol Steps! :D

And then, after the show, we called our respective parents. Mom had already half-suspected (she's been bugging me every day since I got the Ring "Are you engaged yet?!?!") and I left a message with Dad. Meanwhile, Kristen's parents were both very excited and very.. verbose.

And so, folks, as I said to Kristen, yesterday I woke up with my girlfriend and went to bed with my fiancee! :D

And now, I send you Here to see! :D

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