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Jun. 1st, 2010 09:38 am
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On Friday, someone I was friendly with on CC (that I could become friends with as I got to know better) had an interview in DC. New Carrolton, actually,  but the job is likely in DC. She said before she headed back to Ithaca, she was trying to see people, and so Saturday morning, K, I and the Squirm met her at Tyson's Corner. We went to TGI Friday's and ate, the Squirm flirted. Michelle held the squirm and took a picture with the Squirm. And then I got dizzy. Really dizzy. It bothered me for a while, til after I laid down for a bit of a nap. No idea what happened, but.. it sucked.

 But the GOOD news is Michelle is pretty sure she rocked the interview, so.. hopefully I'll have another new neighbor worth seeing.

Sunday was quiet. Sunday afternoon, K says "I don't want to be inside all day. Let''s go outside." I say "OK, but not the path near our house again. It's a little too extreme for me. (especially when we're pushing a carriage) So we look around and we find two good choices nearby, a Botanical Garden and a Nature Education Center, but the Education Center's closed, so we agree that Monday, we'll head to the Botanical Garden.

Monday was out 2nd Anniversary. We got up, did the things we had to do, got out the door about 1:00 for what wasn't precisely a romantic lunch out at Bertucci's since the boy woke up before the food got here and so it was an "eat fast while the other is walking around bouncing the boy" lunch, but such is life with a child...

Then we went to the Botanical Garden, by way of Petco so we could get Fuzzy Food, and by the time we got there, it was HOT. REALLY hot. And the botanical garden was all outside (very nice, what we saw of it, but.. it was HOT out!) and we had no water bottles, no suntan lotion, nothing. So.. we kinda melted in the sun.

We agreed to go back, and better prepared next time.

Today, K is back to work. I'll let her talk about that, as she wants, since she can better explain what's been going on through her head, but it's a mixed blessing.

Grandma T is watching the boy and doing in-hotel child care. This probably works out for the best as it gives K a chance to get back into the swing of things without worrying about the boy unduly.

Also, today Sims 3: Ambitions comes out. I am excited. I don't have time to get into the details of the game, but there'll likely be a "OMG, this game is so awesome!" review post in the near future.


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The boy's still doing really well. Some meals he handles better than others, but he's still doing lightyears better than before we went on the expensive formula. We're all set to see the GI Specialist tomorrow at 3:00 (in fact, I'll be working from home tomorrow so that getting to the office is easier. I might be able to stop into Chat, but I won't, likely, be able to Chat all day. Working from home is hard.)

Truth be told, I'm not sure what the GI Specialists is going to suggest. We SUSPECT she's going to suggest K keep pumping and feed the boy a mixture of breast milk and the expensive formula in order to continue to put weight on him, but.. we'll see, I guess.

The boy's doing so well, we got to go out again Saturday and stop over at a friends' house to play games for a couple of hours. It was good.

We've been enjoying the Taste of Summer. I even was able to find some fresh corn at the market yesterday, which totally made my day (I love corn. Corn and Fresh Peas in a pod are probably my two favorite foods.)

Mother's day next week and I still have to get a gift together. We've already discussed what I'm getting for father's day (So, says I. The new Sims 3 Expansion Pack is coming out on June 1st. When can I get it? Well, says she, I want to get back to work somewhere around June 1st.. can you wait til Father's Day? OK, I can wait until then.), so it's incumbent on me to come up with something relatively cool for her.

That's about it. Today's got slow day written all over it. It's warm and humid and I'm tired and not entirely awake.


So... K and I each have a favorite book we like to read to the boy. K loves "Goodnight, Moon" and has it memorized, whereas I love a book called "Snuggle Puppy" and have memorized it!

The boy has taken to smiling while we recite these books to him before bed. I'm not sure what he's smiling at.. if it's the attention, or that he knows it's part of bed time, or he's just amused by us, but it's definitely the book!

So, imagine a small child, wrapped up into a boy burrito with a binkie in his mouth GRINNING HUGELY while I go "OoooooOOoo, snuggle puppy of mine, everything about you is especially fine."

It makes it hard to get through the book without laughing.

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Firstly, I don't think there's anyone who reads this who doesn't have a DW code if they want one, but if you do, I have, like, a metric butt-ton of them.
OK, it's really 13, but it feels like a metric butt-ton.


The Sims 3: Ambitions is scheduled for "Summer 2010". It looks like a career-based expansion pack. Needless to say, I'm very interested.
However, there's been a small problem. As I think I mentioned, a couple months ago, my motherboard died. We got it replaced with something similar to the one I WAS using, so most of my hardware would work with it, but.. for reasons I couldn't understand, after installing The Sims 3, it would not run.
It would get to the starting screen, the screen would go black and then.. back to my desktop, with no error messages, nothing.
With the next expansion coming, I realized I REALLY wanted to play Sims again.
So I tried calling EA support to help me figure it out.
After being on the phone for an hour and a half and being kicked off their chat thrice (the chat would claim to be looking for people to help me, but when I was finally in queue, I got booted with no explanation but that no one was available to answer the Chat.), I finally gave up, frustrated. K suggested I try again yesterday morning.

So, I did. I called.. well, 10 minutes before their phone lines opened and then again 11 minutes later and after waiting over 30 minutes (and being kicked out of Chat once again), and just as I was bitching at Kristen how PISSED I was at EA Support, I got a nice lady from Texas who helped me figure it out (I needed to update my video card driver. Duh.) and, in short, I finally have Sims 3 up and running again. Woo!

So... I poked around with Sims 3 as I could during the day.

Meanwhile, little boy had given us a long night of not sleeping much and a longer day of.. still not sleeping much and K and I were getting cranky at each other. Luckily, I'd had an idea the day before, which was.. since K's parents were here and coming over, maybe we could ask them to babysit for a couple of hours and we could both go see "Alice in Wonderland."

They agreed, and we both made it to the 3:30 showing. We were out and free and it was great! We both really enjoyed the movie (but then.. it was Tim Burton. Tim Burton seems to have this thing for Johnny Depp, but past that, I love his stuff ;) )

It was date time, something we hadn't had in a month.

Came home, dealt with cranky baby, but both still a little happier for getting out.

Then I played a little more Sims 3 til we went to bed and LAST night, the boy slept. So thank goodness for that.

And that was my weekend so far. Not bad at all, all told. And I have my Sims running again! :D Woo! :D
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So... I picked up the game yesterday afternoon. Came home, installed it and played it..

Decided to port over to the family I'd been playing earlier, the MacKenzies. They have about $20,000. Hopefully enough for a vacation. I'd decided that one of my Sims was interested in learning Martial Arts. Why? Well, he was an Evil, Insane Criminal and it just sounded right to me, so off to Shang Simla, China.

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Oh, and BTW... someone already found the music on Sims 3: World Adventures and placed some of the soundtrack on YouTube. I know some of you will find this quite a find ;) The link is here. Share and enjoy. :D

Cause, yes, I am linking to the Sims 3 World Adventures soundtrack at work! ;D
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So.. Sims 3: World Adventures comes out today. I've purposely disconnected myself somewhat from the stream of information, mostly so that when I sit down and lay tonight SOMETHING is still a secret. :) .. at least until I start reading the strat guide today ;)

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I don't really have time to write the three or four journal posts I'm half thinking of writing right now, so in no particular order, things I want to record:

1) Enough with Sanford already! The man seems to be in love and it's heartbreaking to watch, and I get that it's news in a "Train Wreck" sort of way, but this is his personal life. Move on, please.

2) We lost another engineer, Khin. I don't know the details, but he's in the hospitable for the foreseeable future. Needless to say, he also had a bunch of active cases that we have to reassign now. Meh.. this is past bad now.

3) Beginning to feel guilty about the planned family vacation at the end of the month. It couldn't come at a worse time. Not that there *IS* a good time until case loads start decreasing. :p

4) Am beginning to doubt that come August 1st I'm going to be a team lead anymore, don't know what I think about that yet...

5) Talked to company Monday. Potential stuff brewing with my company too. Don't know what the results might be (don't know barely ANYTHING about what happens on August 1st. :p K, I may need to take the laptop with us on vacation so I can keep half an eye on my work email since all of that will, no doubt, start coming out while we're gone.)

6) July 4th Party with [personal profile] spydielives!! *excited* I hear she's got the new Boom Blox too :D

7) I am playing Sims 3 again. Playing Riverview now (Betty Simovitch (will become Betty Newbie) is pretty cute, but where's Bob?) as the Broke Family on Normal Speed. Definitely a challenge, but I swear I WILL get that family out of their trailers and into a nice house... well.. maybe just the kids or grandkids. We'll see.

That's it.
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Just in case you have ANY doubts, yes, I will probably be talking about Sims 3 all week for a week or two, at least until something else worth posting about happens.

The thoughts I realized as I played yesterday... )
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I've gotten a little chance to play Sims 3. A couple of hours, no more... but... my first impressions are... )
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I've been playing The Sims since 'The Sims: Livin' Large' came out in 2000. When The Sims first came out, it looked dumb, honestly. Not helped, I'm sure, by the descriptions of it.. 'Virtual Life', 'Virtual Dollhouse'.

I already had a Virtual Life on ChaoticMUX, what did I need a second one for?

But.. I tried it and I found I really enjoyed the game. I enjoyed the challenge of keeping these little virtual people happy and successful.

Sims 2 came out in 2004 and it was a whole new ballgame. If Sims 1 was a game about the challenges of meeting your sim's person's needs, Sims 2 was much more about the family as a whole and passing things onto future generations.

Sims 2, as I recall it, was The Sims.. but, in every way better. The Life stages were better. The Wants and Fears were better. The jobs were better. The fact Sims could age was very much better.

Now Sims 3 comes out today... still very much in line with the main idea that was behind The Sims back in 2000.. It's STILL Virtual Life. It's STILL a Virtual Dollhouse, though a significantly bigger dollhouse now.. or perhaps a room full of them all arranged to make a Virtual Town. I dunno.

I don't know for certain how great Sims 3 will be, but the reviews have been uniformly positive and everything I've seen suggests this will be a truly awesome game. Hopefully I come back in a few days to say "Yes, this game is as awesome as I'd hoped it would be!"

I'll probably do some sort of review/writeup/gameplay story later... almost certainly SOMETHING
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So, apparently the Prima Guide has been leaked as well now. There's alot of good news. It's clear, from what I've seen, that the game is going to rock my socks off.


I don't want to be entirely spoiled.

So, I know that to do that, I've got to go into hiding. At least for four days. No Sims 3 Community at all, no SimPrograms, and definitely not SnootySims, since they seem to keep getting the leaked info..

So.. for four days, I'm.. well, not entirely offline, but just avoiding these communities.
In four days, I'll have the game and the Prima Guide and it will be officially OK to know what's to know, but for now.. for now, I'm going to just stay quiet and avoid the linkies. :D

However, I may babble Monday or Tuesday about the game, a preview based on the information out there. :)
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So, I'm going to just go ahead and say it. It bothers me, personally, that Sims 3 was leaked and that some people have gone out and downloaded the illegal copy already and are playing it.

Truth be told, I'm EXTREMELY excited about Sims 3. Seriously, on a scale of 1 to 10, my excitement is approximately 15. I read about it nonstop, talk about it nonstop. I'm probably driving my poor wife batty.

But I'm not going to download it because as excited as I am, I want to do this legally and just wait the next 11 days.

Look... I'm not here to preach morality to people. If you're OK with downloading the pirated version, then that's your deal. It's not my deal.

But, that said, there's something inherently unfair in the fact that this option exists and that, realistically, there's no real consequences to people pirating the game two weeks before the rest of us legally get our hands on it.

Really, I know.. this is a bit silly. Because piracy is EA's problem, not mine.
But it bothers me nonetheless.

This is not a post to make people feel guilty. I'm not here to tell you off or anything. I'm just saying something that I feel strongly that I had to say somewhere, and since this is my journal, this is where I'm going to say it.


May. 21st, 2009 07:10 am
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This was going to be a snarky post about the RNC. When I last looked, the RNC was gearing up to vote on a resolution to rename the Democratic Party the Democratic Socialist Party. Which is, frankly, stupid and also factually wrong.

But they didn't pass that resolution.

Instead, they passed a resolution to call on Dems to stop pushing us towards Socialism.. which at least has a little more basis in fact, though I don't think is going to make an awful lot of difference in the political battle.

It also doesn't, as far as I can tell, help the Republican party make money or win elections. There's undoubtedly a core of far right republicans who buy that the Democrats are Socialists/Communists, etc.. but the bulk of the country, from what I saw, didn't buy it when the RNC said that a year ago, so I'm not sure what makes the RNC think they'll buy it now.

I get it for what it is, an attempt to brand the Democratic Party. Just as the Dems have branded the RNC 'the party of No' recently. But I'm not sure how effective this will be. Time will tell..


Sims 3 is coming up in 12 days. My excitement, already on high, has gone to LUDICROUS (Spaceballs Reference). Seriously! I've been reading alot of articles, looking at a Sims 3 Board and, I am so freakin' excited, man.

... not much else to say. See some of you in Vegas, soon!
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And now we're officially at the busy time of the month or so...

Tonight, we're off to go visit [personal profile] spydielives. She needs help getting something from her car and we decided to make it a social meeting. It'll give me an excuse to finally give this golf game back, which is.. cute, but better with two players than one and kinda not my thing as a one player game (I TRIED!)

This weekend, K's parents are heading down to Baltimore for Preakness. We're going to meet up with them probably a little after dinner. We're thinking that we'll head to dance practice tomorrow, come home to eat and then head off to the Baltimore Science Museum and do a nice'ish dinner in the Inner Harbor.

The weekend after that is scheduled to be busy. I forget why. Must not be important. Apparently, however, we're heading off to Vegas. Flying up Saturday Afternoon and flying back to BWI on Tuesday, which gives us a day to go wander around the loop and see whatever it is we may want to see. Not that we've planned that out too much. We should probably give it SOME thought.

Nothing going on the weekend after that, thank god. Somehow, I suspect that "Collapsing from Exhaustion" will be on the agenda that weekend. Well, and dance practice.
EDIT: As K points out, there is something of SOME import that weekend, but plans for celebrations are, as of yet, a little unclear.

The Tuesday after that weekend, June 2nd for those paying attention SHOULD be a busy day. Something's happening that day. I forget what. It must not be important. However, this cute little teaser is supposedly related to that. (That teaser really is cute. :) )
Oh, and I think we're stopping off in Vienna to get out first week worth of vegetables. That's as I recall it, in any case.
*imagines K comes home, H meets her, they ZOOM off in H's car, H speeding the whole way so he can go back home and play something, K clutching to the door in pure terror...
... come to that, maybe K should drive that day...*

Also, we need to be seriously talking Disney when we get back. We do have time to get things planned, but figuring out things (such as "How long will we be down there?") would be good.

I feel like someone zooming around in about five different directions at the same time.

But there are worse things.
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It's no surprise that I am SUPER excited about Sims 3, and it's no surprise that.. I'm a little worried as well.

I read a bunch of Sim fan sites and one of them, a UK-based fanboard, asked the dreaded question, "What if Sims 3 fails to deliver?"

On EA's failures in the last couple years... )

That said.. why I don't think Sims 3 will be one of those failures... )
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On June 2, Sims 3 will be out in our local stories. I am, as of you've no guessed, a bit excited about this. :)

Sims 3 blather )

Today's amusing Sims 3 Fact: Snob Sims can imply that your mother is a Llama.
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Thing the First: Open Beta Party. I've got a place in mind that I personally think will be best for all of us, the Tastee Diner in Silver Spring. It's drivable, it's near a metro, it's got wi-fi, it's mandated by law to be wheelchair-accessible and they said they could EASILY handle a group of 15 or 20. No reservation needed.

I'm waiting to hear from Mayorga Coffee, also in Silver Spring. Numerous people have suggested it as a possibility, so.. I contacted them to go "O Hai, U Has Party That Day?"

I really want to get this finalized soon, though, so... I hope to hear from them real soon.

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