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Capitol Steps was good. :) There was a fair amount of repeat songs, a few songs with a few different words ("Beginner Takes It All" included lines, this time, about 'that Plumber Joe' and 'My Friends' *amuse*) and some never before seen songs.

Some songs.. they really really really REALLY need to take out of circulation. The Supremes' Song, "Stayin' Alive" just HAS to go. It was cute a few years back. Now it's overused (I've seen it four times in 3 years) and anyways no longer the point with Obama president-elect.

But they had some GREAT new Material (Seeing Putin, Medvedev and.. some unknown third person dancing around, clapping their hands, etc.) to "Midnight Raid to Georgia" had me nearly rolling along the floor laughing. It was AWESOME! :D

Though Tina Fey does a much better Palin then the Capitol Steps does. (The Capitol Steps performer kept dropping her accent. Though.. how she was going to deal with foreign powers like Russia... also left me rolling along the floor (she whipped her hair out of the bun, and started running her hands down her body. Then... THEN.. to show that Biden knows how to play the game, he, too, started running his hands around his body. Oh my god, it was funny.)

So.. all in all, a great show! :D

Studying.. is going along. I did a lot on Saturday, a little on Sunday and will do a little more Wednesday. It's tough.. and I'm really struggling with the questions, but.. I'm also probably learning too.
I had a nightmare Saturday, though, that the test was five weeks ago and woke up freaking out (feeling kinda freaked out most of yesterday, really)

Speaking of the Presidential Candidates, I nearly died.. there was a Producer Event in Norway last week, and they released a couple of official videos. The first was a fight between Biden and Palin at the steps of city hall (Palin picked a fight with Biden, they fought for a while and Palin kicked Biden's butt.) and then.. a dance-off, I guess, between Palin and a less-than-adequate McCain. Which was.. mind breaking. :)

There are other videos from the Norway Producer Event, quite a lot, really. So.. some real details about what the game entails are filtering through.. and I'm REALLY impressed.

I have some less-than-lovely things to say about EA and some of the directions they've taken recently. Alot of the stuff they've put out recently has not lived up to expectations. Spore.. was.. OK. Just OK. It didn't deliver up to the hype it's still getting. Simcity Societies.. wasn't good at all. MySims.. crap. Simcity Creator.. crap. Not to mention that I'm not thrilled with the DRM software, SecuRom, they keep sticking on the games.
But Sims 3... clearly they've been LISTENING to their players. I have no doubts whatsoever that, so long as the game runs, that this game is going to deliver and will be better than Sims 2. No doubt.

In fact, i was obsessing to K about Sims 3, and kinda sad because I realize once I GET Sims 3.. Sims 2 will probably go away. K may play it, here and there, but.. it'll be like saying goodbye to an old friend. Sims 2 and I have been buddies for five years so it'll be sad to see some of it go. K points out it might be worth it to 'say goodbye' properly. :) So... I've spent some time and will probably continue to spend some time, when I can, playing Sims and living their lives out for them. :)

Which is good for my SimGod blog. It gives me something to talk about. :D

So.. *checks time* Time to get to work. See y'all at lunch. :)
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You arrive in a small room. It is dark. You see in front of you a strange paperback that says "Choose your own Adventure: HK's weekend." You open up the book and read the following.

To study for your P.E. Exam - Turn to Page 2
To finally unpack all the bathroom stuff and set it up - Turn to Page 5
To unpack and set up Digital Picture Frame - Turn to Page 4
To begin going through your music collection to get rid of garbage - Please turn on iTunes

And in the back, a scrawled Recipe

Super Easy Anyone Can Make It Homemade Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup
4 cup vegetable stock
4 cups water
6 cups chicken broth
2-3 lbs. chicken, cubed
4 large carrots, sliced
6 celery stalks, sliced
1 large onion, sliced
8 oz. Egg Noodles
Pinch of Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Salt and Pepper

Combine everything but Egg Noodles in a large soup pot and boil, simmer for 20 - 30 minutes, until Chicken is cooked through, add Egg Noodles and Cook as Directed.

Serve with Grilled Cheese Sammiches. :D :D :D
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My big plan for this weekend: Big Studying for the PE

The book o' doom came Wednesday. So.. the big plan this weekend is to begin to look at the stuff I need to look at before getting into the "Good Stuff", to remind myself how to do Integral Calculus and Differential Equations and Probability and all that stuff I haven't even thought about in at least five years.

Next week, it's time to get the Practice Problems. This, I think, will be what I REALLY need to study. Not just reading the book and remember HOW to do this, but actually having problems to solve.  If I can solve the practice problems, I can do the PE

Gods, I'm giving myself homework...

Still, this is important. Very important. And it'll be totally worth it if I pass this. I can get out of LOMRs. :D

K will be studying with me. She needs to sit down and start going through her SISCO stuff, so she can take her SISCO exam. That'll open things up for her as well, in a similar way that my passing the PE Exam will do.
Plus, as she admits, it'll just be easier for her to make herself sit down and study if I'm studying too.

Still... I don't think I'll be 'over' this until I'm knee-deep in water (figuratively) and trying to remember how to solve Manning's equation for Open Channel flow. (at least I USE some of this stuff at work!)

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Part the First:

I don't want to think about how much money the wife and I spent yesterday. Nearly all of it was actually necessary, though.
List of things we got:
- K - updated winter wardrobe
- H and K - New Cell Phones (I messaged a bunch of you last night with my new 703 number (I figure.. if I'm staying in the DC area, it's time for a local number)
- H and K - New Knives (we registered for a 15 piece knife set for our wedding and decided to finally buy them. They're niiiice and they cut things GOOD (Yes I know that's not gramatically correct. Trust me, they cut GOOD not Well. OK? OK? OK!)
- PE Review Book ($160 for this, but it's necessary and, with luck, something I'll be using for a looooong time.)
- Plane Tickets to Buffalo for Thanksgiving

So... we've done OUR part to help bolster the economy ;p

The P.E. Review Book is big. It flags the beginning of yet another stage of my life. The exam I want to take is about 7 months away. That means I want to take the next six months reading all 1,088 pages of this book (and the last month doing practice exams) and make sure I actually understand stuff I learned years ago and, by and large, don't regularly use. The good news is I DID understand this stuff once upon a time and haven't entirely lost it (I was looking through the book online and I do at least VAGUELY remember alot of this stuff)

So.. this is Big. Big Big Big BIG!

Part the Second: Anti-American Repulican

First of all, let me preface by saying that I DO NOT think ALL Republicans are Anti-American, but let me tell you what I DO think is Anti-Americans, messing with the election system to make your candidate win. Voter Fraud. Laws meant to try to dissuade the poor from voting. THAT is Anti-American.

Some of the people McCain has hired are Anti-American. They want to win at ALL costs.. and if they can't convert you over to their side, they want to make sure you don't vote.

For the record, this has been an ongoing issue. It was a DEFINITE issue in 2006 (and thought to be connected with the U.S. Attorney Scandal of 2006. Some attorneys wouldn't 'play ball' with Bush/the RNC and thus Bush and Gonzales fired them.) Someone screams voter fraud and a stupid law appears on the book that would make it harder for Americans, especially those that are poor, to vote.

Don't believe it's happening? Read the Wall Street Journal. 200,000 new people in Ohio Registered 200,000. Worried about voter fraud in Ohio came up and a Republican Judge tried to put the Kabash on 200,000 new voters until the Supreme Court overruled them. This is UNACCEPTABLE.

THIS is UNAMERICAN. This is UNACCEPTABLE. This country was founded on the idea of all (free white) men getting a vote on how this country should be run, not just those that agree with a certain party.

And it's especially ironic in the face of Sarah Palin, who likes to visit "Pro-American" parts of the country (EXCUSE ME?!?! Listen, you stupid woman, but we love America in New York JUST as much as you love it in Alaska or Texas. Just because we don't agree about how the country should be run does NOT mean we're Anti-American. For God's sake.. is that how you see the world? There's "Us" (The Right-Wing Christians of the world) and everyone else, who's out to get you and everything you stand for? What a sad, pitiful life.)

And then.. and THEN Michelle Bachman (R) Minnesota who not only suggested that Obama is Anti-American, but a number of members of congress are as well. Excuse me? Is this the 1950s again? Are we really back to McCarthyism? That's just.. just.. I don't believe people still believe this shit.

I just hope and pray that the lies don't work, that the voter fraud scare doesn't work this time and that ALL Americans get a chance to vote (and knock those assholes out of government.)

And now.. some amusement, why politicians shouldn't roleplay online (MMPORG for those of you in the know)

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Where to begin...

First of all, the diet is.. mostly going. I am still struggling against stress and tiredness (and I did SOMETHING to my back on Sunday I'm getting over.), but... in general, I have more good days than bad. I've decided, for now, to back my weighing in to once a week.

So, I'm still in this, Marie, and I still intend to win! I'm planning on stopping by the gym and take a light workout today. If what I did had to do with the extra-long workout I did on Friday (I walked for 40 minutes instead of 30), some light moving MIGHT be the soup de jour. Perhaps about 30 minutes of 4 or so mph, no slope. Just to get back into things.

K and I had a discussion this morning about dance classes. We agreed that for now, at least, once we get through Freestyle on the 27th (dancing competition), we're going to take it a little easy on the dance classes and space them up. K is missing choir and I'm finding I'm finding the Thursday classes and practices very to too challenging for me.

Plus, somewhere in all this, I need to start studying for my PE I want to take next year.

The job remains.. draining and stressful more often than not. There are days I'm barely getting through. I'm not quite sure what, if anything, I can do to relieve this. I'm just trying to deal with the stress better (going to the gym will help with that.)

K and I are still ticking along best we can. At least there's nothing between the two of us that is stressing us out. Kristen remains a source of compassion and caring and someone who'll at least listen me vent about the daily stresses, and who knows when to back off and let me play my games. In short, things are still fantastic with her.

So.. wish me luck in getting through everything, keeping going, staying on track with the diet, studying for the PE and working through the stress in a relatively healthy way.

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