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It has been.. a heck of a Week. )'

That's been my week. Busy doesn't do it justice.
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We've had... a little bit of excitement on this end in regards to the pregnancy.

Might be TMI. Regards Bodily Fluids and such. )


In less TMI excitement... the FEMA contract I've been working for the last three years is over and everything's changed (but not entirely. Anything that came to us before August 1 will stay with us, including all the cases I currently have and a few that we have to assign today.)

I'm all moved in to my temporary office (mine for.. either six weeks or through September, I'm not sure.) and am at least capable of doing work, though I'm definitely lacking in space and that's a bit of an issue, but I'm doing my best to get around it.

I will admit to being excited to get through the transition and begin working on the new contract, partly because I'm hoping for something a little more new and interesting, but mostly so I don't have to work with.. some of the individuals I've come to dislike working with under the old contract.

More on this as more becomes clear. The future is as clear as mud at the moment, so...

I'll post more about the vacation when I have time. But I've got some major work to do today.
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I don't really have time to write the three or four journal posts I'm half thinking of writing right now, so in no particular order, things I want to record:

1) Enough with Sanford already! The man seems to be in love and it's heartbreaking to watch, and I get that it's news in a "Train Wreck" sort of way, but this is his personal life. Move on, please.

2) We lost another engineer, Khin. I don't know the details, but he's in the hospitable for the foreseeable future. Needless to say, he also had a bunch of active cases that we have to reassign now. Meh.. this is past bad now.

3) Beginning to feel guilty about the planned family vacation at the end of the month. It couldn't come at a worse time. Not that there *IS* a good time until case loads start decreasing. :p

4) Am beginning to doubt that come August 1st I'm going to be a team lead anymore, don't know what I think about that yet...

5) Talked to company Monday. Potential stuff brewing with my company too. Don't know what the results might be (don't know barely ANYTHING about what happens on August 1st. :p K, I may need to take the laptop with us on vacation so I can keep half an eye on my work email since all of that will, no doubt, start coming out while we're gone.)

6) July 4th Party with [personal profile] spydielives!! *excited* I hear she's got the new Boom Blox too :D

7) I am playing Sims 3 again. Playing Riverview now (Betty Simovitch (will become Betty Newbie) is pretty cute, but where's Bob?) as the Broke Family on Normal Speed. Definitely a challenge, but I swear I WILL get that family out of their trailers and into a nice house... well.. maybe just the kids or grandkids. We'll see.

That's it.


Jun. 16th, 2009 07:01 am
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Got the newest Weird Al single off iTunes this morning, "Craiglist". It's a spot-on style parody of the Doors. It's Weird Al at his best doing what he can do and none else do, some real good style parodies.
If you like Weird Al and like the Doors *eyes [personal profile] kareila*, I suggest getting this song for $1.29

Driving up to Philadelphia early Thursday. I've got Project Management Training. It should be interesting and a break from some of the garbage going on over here.

Work's been especially stressful lately. Another one of our engineers quit a week ago and so that means extra work load for all of us. I've now got 14 active cases on my docket, some of which aren't giving up without a fight. It's made work incredibly stressful and frustrating.

One day someone's going to tell me that the Powers that Be have managed to actually get a new contract started. I don't know when that day will be. Especially since the contract was supposed to begin last March. But.. one day.

And that's about it from over here. K's been writing up about the CSA so I won't post much about that except to say that finding ways to use some of these recipes has been tricky at times, but we've picked at least one new recipe I like, so that's a benefit. CSA pickup today after K comes home (and eats, maybe.)
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Where to begin...

First of all, the diet is.. mostly going. I am still struggling against stress and tiredness (and I did SOMETHING to my back on Sunday I'm getting over.), but... in general, I have more good days than bad. I've decided, for now, to back my weighing in to once a week.

So, I'm still in this, Marie, and I still intend to win! I'm planning on stopping by the gym and take a light workout today. If what I did had to do with the extra-long workout I did on Friday (I walked for 40 minutes instead of 30), some light moving MIGHT be the soup de jour. Perhaps about 30 minutes of 4 or so mph, no slope. Just to get back into things.

K and I had a discussion this morning about dance classes. We agreed that for now, at least, once we get through Freestyle on the 27th (dancing competition), we're going to take it a little easy on the dance classes and space them up. K is missing choir and I'm finding I'm finding the Thursday classes and practices very to too challenging for me.

Plus, somewhere in all this, I need to start studying for my PE I want to take next year.

The job remains.. draining and stressful more often than not. There are days I'm barely getting through. I'm not quite sure what, if anything, I can do to relieve this. I'm just trying to deal with the stress better (going to the gym will help with that.)

K and I are still ticking along best we can. At least there's nothing between the two of us that is stressing us out. Kristen remains a source of compassion and caring and someone who'll at least listen me vent about the daily stresses, and who knows when to back off and let me play my games. In short, things are still fantastic with her.

So.. wish me luck in getting through everything, keeping going, staying on track with the diet, studying for the PE and working through the stress in a relatively healthy way.


Aug. 22nd, 2008 07:19 am
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Stress is not good. It's not your friend. it affects you biologically and it makes weight loss really hard.

The last couple of days at work, I feel like I've barely survived. They've been very stressful. So it's not really a shock that my weight has shot up. I've eaten a little more than I had last week, but not much. I'm pretty sure the shoot up is just the stress. That and not having had the time to drink as much water as I normally do.

The stress left me feeling exhausted and used up especially yesterday at class. I BARELY made it through class. We were doing Cha-Cha and I kid you not, I could not get my legs to move the way I knew they were supposed to. It was like

Me: OK, that's the beat. Move
Legs: No.
Me: What do you mean No? MOVE!
Legs: OK OK OK..
Legs twitch a little out of time.
Me: Goddamit. :p OK, now move. Next beat.
Legs: No.
Legs twitch again out of time.

So... not going to sweat it, but I am hoping a good relaxing weekend and some water will help turn the weight back around, since I know I've been good the past two days, no matter what my weight says.

Going to the gym today, but I may take it easy, since I'm still feeling wiped and I don't want to hurt myself.

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