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A car has frozen over, covered with .05 inch of ice. Assuming that the driver gets into the car and starts the car up, warming the car up to a constant temperature of 85 degrees F, how long does it takes for the ice to melt off the top of the car. Assume that there is 1/16 inch of #4 Insulation (OK, I'm totally making this part up) connected to the roof and that the roof is composed of 1/8 inch of hardened steel.

How long would it take if the temperature increased linearly from 30 degrees F at ignition to 85 degrees F within 5 minutes?

(This silliness brought to you by a frozen car and a diseased mind. Though I've gotta think there has to be a way to solve this problem.)


Nov. 28th, 2005 06:50 pm
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Gimme Cookies or I will DESTROY YOU!
.... where are my cookies?!?!?!
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Another Halloween Night. Another Gorefest (tm) Halloween Party. But this year is different. Someone's invited a madman along and he's a real cut-up. Now Billy, Bobby, Marie and Sue are all caught inside the tangled web of the Chainsaw Murderer Who Bears Absolutely No Resemblance To Jason. Will they survive the night or will they, too, fall victim to the ancient evil residing inside that old Warehouse?

Haunted Dancefloor of Death.
Ever Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight?

... I'll have to play with this some. It seems more lame than silly but cool.
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From a conversation I just had with Srivansa.

Where's John? At the ASFPM... conference?
I keep trying to saying concert and I don't know why, because I don't want to hear engineers singing.
I mean, really, what would we sing about? The stress on a tensor field due to two dimensional gravity flow along a concrete channel?

I've got the stress, baby.
Because this friction's killin' meeeee....

I should not be allowed to breed, man. I scare even me, sometimes!

Edit: If you don't get it, it's really bad geek humor and probably not even exactly correct (Friction is a force, of sorts, and would, therefore, cause stress... but one typically discusses stress based on a force applied upon an object, not a counterforce...
.... I couldn't think of anything else to fit in a crappy blues song ;)

... Man.. geeks should not be allowed to have senses of humor. THIS is what happens. THIS HERE.
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So today, I just started a case in St. Louis County, Missouri.

On the Meramec River.

Now my question is.. my question is..
Is Meramec's"Mouth"er (the Mouth of Meramac, in Missouri) trying to get Meramec to carry me?
That is.. is Meramec's "Mouth"er making the Meramec carry me.
Or am I up another creek without a paddle ;)
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"Why didn't you keep your fuckin' mouth closed?"
"I was just saying... she's one fucked up bitch."
Johnny and Billy looked down at the cold dead eyes, the cold dead hungry eyes. Luckily, there was a iron fence between them and the rabbits.
"Bunnies. Fuckin' bunnies, man."
"Told you she was batshit. Fuckin' vampiric bunnies."
"Oh, shut the fuck up already!"
"Told you it was a fuckin' bad idea... trying to sleep with that bitch. Told you there was something wrong with her!"
"Stop being suck a fucking cu... uhm... turn around, Johnny." Billy poked him from behind,
"What? What's up?" Johnny turned around.
Squirrels. Fuckin' vampiric squirrels.
"Jesus fuckin' christ, that girl was batshit." Johnny muttered once more before pulling out his stakes.
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If your pet had a livejournal, what would he or she do with it? What would he or she post about?


May. 25th, 2005 12:11 pm
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I have a question!

Professor Trivial, wherever you may be.

If you put the lime in the coconut and drink them both up whilst playing "New York City" on a banjo in the same room as a recently transmogrified and sadly soon to be doomed to a sudden plunge in a random planteoid atmopshere sperm whale who happens to have just eaten a portion of the original Apple Pi (or iPi if you like) and also a 2.5 dimensional bunny rabbit with a penchant for mischief who just happens to be singing the Aria from an alternate dimension's version of "The Janitor of Seville" while doing the electric boogaloo on a 10 foot by 10 foot twister board, can I achieve universal chaos? Or am I missing something?

Thank you,

Your admirer,
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I'm an engineer and I'm OK
I sleep all night and I calculate the average head of a storm with a 1% chance of occuring each year assuming a constant flowrate, Q, and various hydraulic characteristics such as cross-section shape all day.

I feel... good today. It might be that I had sex this morning. It might be because, upon talking to Dr. Lockwood last night, she saw it as a challenge to give us what we need instead of "Well then I can't help you". It could be the fact that I'm wearing my bright red shirt and new bright red and blue tie.
It might be I just woke up in a good mood.

I'm a crazy person today, though. You should watch out. I added both strawberries AND blueberries to my bottle of water this morning ;)

Discussing Last Night )

Maybe everything had to fall to shit in my life for things to get better, for me to get the experience to know what I need out of these things... what I need my girlfriend to be doing, what I need from a job, even what I need out of couples counseling.
That's the optomist's point of view in any case. The pessimist in me suspects shit happens because.. she happens and I should know because shit happens to me often.
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Kick Ass then Narf


EDIT: This post brought to you by my Dorky Girlfriend who seems to believe my new Mantra is KATN (Kick Ass, Take Names)


Mar. 25th, 2005 01:00 pm
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I'm trapped on a carousel of time
I can't get off. I can only look behind.
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Now, from Paramounds Entertainment.. the newest, scariest disaster movie ever: 3 to 6 inches!
BE GLUED TO YOUR SEAT as the half a foot of snow DESTROYS National Monuments

Movie Clip: My God! The Washington Monument! It's Fallen over!
Curse You, Mother nature! Curse you!

GASP as the snow grinds government to a halt!

Movie Clip: My God! The snow caused Air Force One To Fly into the ocean! The President is Dead!
My God! The Snow has caved in The White House! And Congress!

ANGUISH at the desperation of common people just like yourselves!

Movie Clip: Hovering Helicopter: And as you can see below you, this is the 100th car in the 243-car pileup on the Beltway! Hundreds dead! Hundreds more injured! When will this madness end?!?!

3 to 6 inches! Coming to a theater near you!!
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My megahertz...
My megahertz so bad.
My megahertz...
My megahertz so bad...
My megahertz so bad, baby, even my gigahertz a tad...


Jan. 17th, 2005 12:21 pm
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Also, a Public Service Announcement

Hidden behind this cut because it's sex related )

And now you know.

And knowing is half the battle.


Jan. 5th, 2005 08:01 pm
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My hovercraft is full of eels!
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More songs should have a tuba in them. Tubas are just fun :D

Oompa. Oompa. Oompa
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My SPOON is Too Big!!

Oops :)

Sep. 9th, 2003 06:11 pm
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(>Public<) BANZAI KAMIKAZE CAT ATTACK! TwiLITE graces Livvy with godlike powers.
(>Public<) Ovelia says, "Yay, godlike powers."
(>Public<) BANZAI KAMIKAZE CAT ATTACK! TwiLITE, being a fickly god, takes them all back.
(>Public<) Ovelia says, "ERIS!"
(>Public<) Jedi Master Mayrel graces Livvy with a turnip.
(>Public<) BANZAI KAMIKAZE CAT ATTACK! TwiLITE says, "fuckle too"
(>Public<) Mommy warns, "I heard that, TwiLITE!"
(>Public<) Ovelia is sooo offended. ;p
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LITEThePixie: What do you mean you don't wanna join a pirate crew? Why the heck not?!?! :)
SamMulder78: 'cause I don' wanna!
LITEThePixie: Why nooot? Pirate Crews are fuuuun!
SamMulder78: Umm....'cause I want my own boat? s:)
LITEThePixie: >.> <.< You can not do this to me! I promised I would serve with Captain Trillikun!
SamMulder78: I will kidnap you!
LITEThePixie: I may not permit this injustice.
SamMulder78: You may not? I'm kidnapping you, you don't get a choice in these things!
SamMulder78: *ties you up*
LITEThePixie: XD And have your evil way with me? ;)
SamMulder78: Maaaaaaaaaaybe...
LITEThePixie: but but but but.. I wanted to be on the ship so I could start a mutiny and take over and toss her on an island somewhere and get into REAL trouble with cursed Aztec Gold!
SamMulder78: ...
SamMulder78: But that means you'll die! I can't allow that!
LITEThePixie: Not really. I can not die! It is cursed gold.
SamMulder78: But that means Trillikun will come back in 10 years and kill you by breaking the curse!
LITEThePixie: ... hmm... Not if I strand her on an island with naught but SEA TURTLES!
LITEThePixie: And definately absolutely positively NO RUM
SamMulder78: It will not work. I will kidnap you and keep you for my very own mine instead!
LITEThePixie: But I WANNA Take over The Bas Peeeearrrll
SamMulder78: (black)
LITEThePixie: Not if it's trilli's ship ;) Trust me :)
SamMulder78: K s:)
LITEThePixie: *quotes this for LJ. He's giggling rather hard*
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Josh sends Lain thereafter to kill Thara Frog. Ee hee hee.
Lain >.> "Things do not look good for Lainstar Runner."
You say "Eh?"
You say "Lainstar Runner is good. She is good at sports."
Lain says "Yes, but Josh is sending her off to kill Thara Frod."
Lain says "Frog."
Lain says "Which, given his maniacal cackling, can't be good."
You say "So do you do everything Josh says to do?"
You say "if Josh said to kick Gackt in the shins, would you?"
Lain says "Hey, he sent me, I have no choice. o_o/"
Lain says "That's one mission I cannot accept. =_="
You say "If Josh said to give Soreth a big old smoocheroo, would you?"
Lain >.>
You say "If Josh said to abandon bastardized and chase after Pee Wee Herman, would you?"
Lain says "..."
You say "my point exactly!"
Josh says "LITE."
Lain eyes Josh. "Where the hell have you been getting your plan ideas from? o.O"
Josh says "It's nothing personal, but I have to destroy you now."
TwiLITE eeps and runs.

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