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So, I was talking with the wife and we're looking at our numbers and we're thinking it might make sense to go back to Buffalo a little later than my birthday (since we're almost certainly going to use up all our PTO for the July Vacation in Chautauqua)

If we suggested instead hitting Darien Lake on August 29th, would people want to come along? *hopeful*

This post is open to anyone, but I'm especially looking at my friends in Buffalo and Rochester. :)
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I have to say... over the last few years I've noticed our best July fourths have been local. This year and two years ago were probably the best because there wasn't huge amounts of travel or stress or anything. We hung out, did our thing and saw fireworks, which is, for me, what July Fourth is.

We got up. I got up earlier than K, of course, and Simmed for a bit while she slept. Then she got up. We got dressed, grabbed lunch at an... OK Italian Place at the Fair Oaks mall (It was there, we tried it. It was... OK.), stopped by Wegmans to get.. a few items and then went over to Amy and Matt's. They were both setting up, but we were welcome to stop over whenever, so we did. K hung up upstairs and chatted with Amy whilst Amy made Cake Batter Cookies (which were very nommy) and I went downstairs and played Wii.

See.. Amy and Matt got the new Boom Blox, Boom Blox Bash Party and I wanted to play it. Which I've been told I'm welcome to come over any time and do. :) So I did. :)

The game's better than the first and I may have asked for it for my birthday in August. :)

The guests are set to arrive a little before 7, so we help Amy and Matt set up a little (OK, so I washed down some tables, but I HELPED! ;) ) and then the party starts..

There were set to be 15 people there, but it ended up actually being, for the most part, 9 of us. Two others had stopped by, grabbed some food and, I guess, decided they weren't actually comfortable so split. But of the 9 people there, I already knew 8 of them (we met Nick and Roberta during Amy's Inauguration Party this last January and Kevin and Robyn a little while later for their superbowl party) so it was a pretty comfortable evening with friendly type people we were comfortable with. Boom Blox came out for a little little bit, but mostly we ate, we talked, we played .. I think it was Guitar Hero, not Rock Band.. oh, and we watched a helluva fireworks show.

The fireworks show was SPECTACULAR. Especially the finale which was, I kid you not.. it looked like a Volcano of fireworks.. bursting here and there and there and everywhere and smoke rising and magma coming out to kill us all and..

Poor Luna (Nick and Roberta's dog) was so not happy with the Fireworks, though. Poor Puppy. :(

So I guess we're all already on for next year. :D Which is fine with us. It was a great time! :D

Now the question is when do I come over next and play Boom Blox again? ;)
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If you can read this, you're officially invited to join K and I for a Birthday Celebration in mid-August to go to Darien Lake Amusement Park in Western New York, about midway between Buffalo and Rochester.

Unlike in the past, I can not offer a place to stay for anyone.

I haven't picked a specific weekend yet, but it'll be either the weekend of the 8th or the weekend of the 15th. No specifics are planned just yet.. Saturday could be a good day to go. Then again, Friday could as well.

Are you interested in joining us, yes or no? And if so, what are your preferences?
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Busy weekend, celebrating Dreamwidth and the Launch of the Open Beta.

Started early for us. We headed out of the house a little before 11 and met up with [personal profile] zorkian and [personal profile] janinedog at the Smithsonian Station where we did the whirlwind tour of the Air and Space museum and the Natural History museum. They barely saw anything, and I wish I'd had more time to be watch them explore things, but... who knows? Maybe some time in the future. :)

Piddled around the Smithsonians and then walked over to the Metro for the DC Open Beta party. The DC Open Beta party was big. There were.. about 18 of us, I THINK. If I had one wish, it was that I'd actually caught everyone's names, but I met a few new people in any case. And the milkshakes at the Tastee Diner were pretty good (not as good as at Cheeburger Cheeburger, however.) and the server was great. Patient, fun.. I liked him. :)

Unfortunately, it did run a bit late and by the time we got home, I was exhausted, my feet ached. I think I got the cats fed, and fell into bed.

Sunday, started way too freakin' early *gnash* but.. I was busy. :D

.. actually, I created a bunch of icons this weekend. :D

Userpics are fun

.. why yes, yes I *AM* a TMBG fan. :D

I'm still trying to find the perfect picture for another Engineering Icon I want to use.. I can imagine it in my head, but finding the picture has been less easy...

And then we got what we needed done (laundry, lunches, etc.) and headed up to B'more for Stitch n Bitch with [personal profile] synecdochic where I saw a few familiar faces, but otherwise met a whole nother crew of people, some of whom I've yet to trace down through dreamwidth (but I'm looking for you *stalkstalkstalk*) And Denise is cute and sweet and not at all scary (at least not yet. She hasn't yelled at me. ;) )

Left, unwillingly, at 8, but got home just in time to feed the cats, clean up and fall once again into bed.

Today is a normal day. Back to work. Sad.
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Thing the First: Open Beta Party. I've got a place in mind that I personally think will be best for all of us, the Tastee Diner in Silver Spring. It's drivable, it's near a metro, it's got wi-fi, it's mandated by law to be wheelchair-accessible and they said they could EASILY handle a group of 15 or 20. No reservation needed.

I'm waiting to hear from Mayorga Coffee, also in Silver Spring. Numerous people have suggested it as a possibility, so.. I contacted them to go "O Hai, U Has Party That Day?"

I really want to get this finalized soon, though, so... I hope to hear from them real soon.

Also.. more stuff and things )
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*waves to all*

Gah, I got the sick of doom. I don't know from who, though... :/ Not that it matters. Hopefully it ends with me and didn't get passed to K.

Quick four-day report.

Saturday, I headed off deep into Arlington City to meet up with some friends from Calorie Count. We went to a.. less than awesome middle eastern restaurant and just hung out. The company made up for what the food itself was lacking. I miss my Calorie Count friends.

While I was hanging out in Arlington, the wife had headed off to.. Centerville, I think, where she and her friends kidnapped our friend L who required kidnapping. Dinner came and she still wasn't home, so I was just about getting ready to figure out dinner when she calls to make sure it's cool if she stays out with friends for dinner. She suggests I call [ profile] blueslives and hang out with him for dinner, which I do. After a stop at Ruby Tuesday's, we ended up at Blues' house playing Super Swing Golf which.. I liked, sorta. In Theory. In reality.. I dunno that it's my kinda game. I borrowed it, brought it home and confirmed this.

By Sunday, the sick of doom had hit me and I realized that what I THOUGHT was allergies I was dealing with Sunday.. was not. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were doom. I played a little Wii, but mostly watched DVDs and drank lots of Sunny D. (I don't care if it's not as good for me as real juice. I like it. It's comfort food. Don't argue with Grumpy-Howard!)

Yesterday, the wife also let me know she had contacted [personal profile] zvi to see if she needed help getting the get-together.. well, together.. and zvi indicated she needed help, so.. I guess I've been brought in ;) Just as well.. Mark and Janine are headed my way and I want a chance to see them. Before the wedding, since they may be somewhat otherwise occupied come the wedding.

Speaking of.. if you're reading this, I am strongly considering another trip to Darien Lake in Middle August to celebrate my birthday. I miss Darien Lake. We don't have any good theme parks down here. And yes, Darien Lake is much better, in my mind, than the ones down here (Six Flags Great America? HA! And King's Dominion is.. OK, but not as good as Darien Lake)

If you're interested, contact me. :) I'll assume that you know how by now ;)
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Personal Day. Truth be told, I'm spending it with my wife. :D
Will be back in tomorrow.

Have been doing some thinking off and on this weekend. I try not to take for granted how wonderful my relationship with K is. I feel, sometimes, as though I'm reminded pretty strongly of just how awesome our relationship is.

My wife spent the weekend in West Virginia as part of an adult retreat. She didn't do much but hang out with people, but she had an awesome time. She played games, sat next to a campire, sang songs (Tried to lead others in "The Other Day I Met a Bear." - my wife, the dork little kid. ;D But then again, I'm sure I'd have done the same in front of a campire as well! ;D [ "On top of Spaghetti, all covered with Cheese, I lost my poor meatball, when somebody sneezed..."] )

Meanwhile, I had a great time at the Zoo with Kimba and Longwalker and two new people (Dee and Dawn). God, I forgot how much work it was walking around the zoo. I need to get more fit just so that next time, I can 0WN the Zoo instead of the Zoo 0wning me. We had lunch at Kallie's mediterranean place (the Hummus was as good as I remembered).

And then I came home and played a new game Civ IV Colonization, which I wanted to love, but... it wasn't as good as Civ IV. Too hard. :/  (But now I want to play Civ IV, so K and I may play that today. :D )

We both had a good time, and it wasn't TOO awkward being alone (I missed her, but it wasn't like "OMG, No K! What do I DO with myself?!?!", but K's homecoming was sweet.

There are some people who just don't understand the value of an actual life partner, someone who believes that, living together, life can be sweeter, better and altogether more worthwhile than it would be if you were on your own. I do. I understand the value of it because I know the ways that living with Kristen has encriched my life and made it easier.
Kristen isn't just a sexual partner (not JUST that), but she's a confidante, a friend, a playmate (By which I mean we play games together, you perverted friends o mine! ;p Like Civ IV!). She truly cares about me.
And that relationship makes her the most beautiful person in the world to me.


I probably have more, but I'll end it here.

Weighed In

Sep. 15th, 2008 07:09 am
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Weighed in Saturday. 1.8 lbs. lost last week - Total Loss of 4.8 lbs. since I got back on the diet. Not bad given a couple weekends ago.

So, Marie, that marks me as 17.6% completed with our challenge. How YOU doin? ;) Don't think I've forgotten about our challenge. I still intend to win it! ;)

Speaking of.. going to the gym today. I want to get in the habit of going thre days a week (it hasn't happened yet, but I'm working on it.) Sadly, I know I won't be going to the gym Wednesday because I have to pick K up at the metro station and we have to go dress shopping for her.

Freestyles (the Arthur Murray dance competition we signed up for) is in about two weeks. If anyone in the DC area can get up to Vienna and would like to see me dance, send me a PM and I'll give you details. :)
Anyways, Freestyles starts about 6:00 on Friday September 26th and lasts through Midnight the 27th. There'll be students dancing (including us), instructors dancing, food, socialization. it'll be a formal affair, so we both need to wear formal clothes. K has a semi-formal dress which MIGHT be OK as she's a newcomer, but we're looking for one or two formal dresses for her anyways.. with a solid colored skirt. I also need to get on the internet and get two black vests for me. I've got everything else already.

That's.. about it. :) Still losing weight. Mini-golf next weekend. Freestyles the weekend after and then K's ditching me the weekend after to go on an adult retreat through her church she really wants to go to. So... busy weekends ahead!
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Hey Local Folks, What's doing?

Anyone got anything interesting going on for New Year's Eve? K and I are looking for places to go/things to do. We did First Night: Alexandria last year and were slightly less than super-impressed.

So... who's doing what for New Year's Eve and is anyone looking for a tagalong or two? ;)
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So, I guess this year instead of a LARGE party with lots of friends, I'm going to have a small and quiet party, just myself, Kristen, various cattens of doom and whatever geek games we wish to play.
Kristen and I scored on the games this past year: She's got Chez Dork, I have CHez Geek and Chez Goth (actually, she has Chez Greek somewhere too.. dunno where). She's got Backgammon, I have Go. I also have not one but TWO Monopoly Sets now: Lord of the Rings (just got from Josh for Hannukah) and Star Wars (old, but still cool.)
We also have Chrononauts, Early American Chrononauts, Fluxx, Happily Ever After.

Of course, we could also break out the video games as well.
Or play with our iPods (see what happens when we connect her iPod to my computer)
Or Watch Farscape.

Or.. or.. or..
Yeah. We can keep busy :)

Also, I have every intention of ringing in the new year right! *wink wink nudge nudge*

So.. what are YOUR New Years Eve plans? :D
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It's bloody cold out there.
Arctic blast, indeed!

So, it's monday now.. I just waved goodbye to Jen and Robby and sent them on their merry little way to Boston. I expect, as they left about 9:15, I expect Kar will post her version of this weekend at approximately 7 at night. (having gone through the 40 or 45 other friends posts between now and then, of course :) )
Not to suggest Kar is addicted to LJ...
which she is...
which she proved yesterday morning...
as I, being the addict I am, waited impatiently for her to finish so I could read too ;)

The concert was good. It's a real pity [ profile] dawnstar and [ profile] kolys didn't get to see it. It was just the two of them performing... good good stuff, most of it.
The opening band, the Cash Brothers, were okee too...
I find it... ironic... extremely extremely Ironic that, in the end, Dawn and Oliver couldn't make it up after having gotten them tickets, having gotten them a ride to and from Rochester, having watched Star and Phinnia fight and makeup (as Star screams we need a backup plan in case they don't) and having Star change the plans at the very last minute.
I'm not angry at all... mostly amused.
This goes as further proof that Lord Murphy rules supreme!
Mathematically speaking, the higher the number of ways for things to go wrong, the higher the probability that one of them will.
LITE's version of Murphy's Rule right there.
If you use, quote me ;)

So, here's how everything really happened yesterday.
Started off at about 10:00 in the morning once everyone was actually awake. Went downstairs after Kar checked LJ, checked my email and there was the email from Dawn "Kolys has the plague. We can't make it up." okee.
Tell Kar.
At, I'm guessing, approximately the same time TalPhinnia (one of the two) got the same message... and, somewhere along the way, got very fearful that the transportation system wouldn't even get them TO the mall and their car seat was broken.
So instead we made plans to hang out with them at their house.
We got there (having nearly got lost once. Yay for Jen because *I* would have probably have gotten lost on my own. It's tough enough driving where you don't know where you're going, but looking for signs that weren't there (get this...TalPhinnia's exit was only available via the 190 South.. NOT the 190 North. What the hey?) and reading the map so I know where I'm going? No way.
So we got there, hung around for about half an hour.. met the gang (Talphinnisean and two rather small white bears, i think... they were a bit large to be cats ;) )
I dunno... maybe it's a guy thing... I know I was more comfortable cuddling up to kitties than I was to get too near to Sean.
Odd that, I think.
Jen, on the other hand, cuddled up to everyone (kitties and babies alike)
and Robby cuddled up to Jen ;)
So, after TalPhinnia's we ran to the Galleria to meet Trillidork... were there 10 minutes late (which worked out in our favor because I got to scare the hell out of Trillian. She was turned away from us and watching the other side of the mall. So I "snuck up" and yelled "Boo!" and she nearly jumped five feet! >:D)
Which is further reason for her to call me SATAN, I guess >:D
Had another delicious dinner at Johnny Rocket's (only hampered by my own drippy nose that I had to keep excusing myself to blow because I didn't feel it was... cool.. to blow it whilst others were eating.)
We hung out with Trillian in the mall till 3:30 (i got myself a cute little zebra striped cow (named: Incowgnito and a book)
went to visit the Mac store (which must be pretty new, cause I don't remember it from when Trillian and I walked around the mall last summer) and to Sears to look for a Carseat/Carrier for Talphinnia.
Then we went back home for a couple hours.. watched most of Moulin Rouge, went off to Chang's Garden for dinner (I thought the food was OK but I recall the shrimp and walnuts being better than it was.. (not that it was bad, I just recall it being better, ya know?))
Then off to the concert which rocked, home, sleep and that was it.
That was yesterday.
Thrilling, yes?

Today... I dunno.
We may or may not meet Marc for dinner. It all depends on WHERE he wants to meet and if we can pick up Josh... here's the issue..
Grandma doesn't want to meet Marc for dinner (which is shocking in it's own right. That's a MAJOR thing in our family. My grandmother believes that family is everything... she invites him to her house for the high holidays and thanksgiving and such... but to not want to go out with him?)
Maybe it's just my perspective.. she was tickled pink when we invited her to my pre-commencement dinner to Daffodil's and she's tickled pink at going to see Josh perform next weekend.
Maybe that says it all.
Anyways, grandma doesn't want to have dinner with him. I certainly as hell don't. And mom doesn't want to go alone. And add to this, we need to be around to pick Josh up from practice.
So... I dunno.
My major plan is, after class, run to Wegman's and get some milk for my mother and myself and catch up on sleep (I like having guests over, especially good friends like Jen and Robby, I DON'T like losing sleep because I have to feed the baby and he eats faster than the other cats, so he gets bored and looks for trouble (including pouncing suspicious moving things under the covers) while I try to SLEEP! )

Finally, before closing this post, let me post my weight for the week. Keep in mind, part of it might be due to lingering sickness (but I dun think so), my weight for the week is...
*drumroll please*
That means... *1* lb. away from 50 lbs. of WEIGHT LOSS :D
51 to go :D
*does a happy jig*
Actually, by my math.. if I lose approximately 5 more pounds, I can no longer be called medically obese, I'll simply be overweight instead. Trust me, that's a BIIG improvement on my health.
Even Jen noticed I'm not as poke-able as I was last summer.
Yay, me! Yay, weight-loss.. Yay, finally getting healthy (slowly but surely)
OK, time to post :D
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Well, I think the cold finally broke last night. I feel better (for someone who woke up way too f'in early to feed the goofball and never fell back asleep).
Other than being a little tired, I feel OK, tho.
I'm excited... in a matter of hours, I'll hang out with [ profile] trillain-san (again) and meet [ profile] tallin and [ profile] phinnia at the Galleria Mall. And a good concert is expected tonite.

The last couple days have been a bit of a blur. I despise being sick. Truly 100% despise it. Blah. But I caught up on some good reading and saw a couple of decent movies and I'm feeling mostly better which is good for hanging out at a mall.

Got my first GIS project. I hate to say it, but it excites me... I enjoy doing this stuff. I know I can do it and do it well.
Cocky? Yeah, but with reason.. I CAN do this.

My life has suddenly gotten Superbusy.
This weekend, of course, Jen and Robby are here and we'll hang out with friends and see a concert.
Next weekend is my brother's play. I'm excited to see the end results, but I'll be relieved when it's over, too. He's SOOOO UPTIGHT before the play. I know he'll be good, though and I know the play will be good, so it's all good. It'll be cool to see some of the extended family coming down to see Josh, too. Freddie's coming down, of course, and my uncle Jeff and aunt Janice (and possibly their kids: Jaime, Jonathon and Josh). I like my family most of the time. They're coolies :)
The unfortunate part is that this would be the weekend of the SARPA roleplaying event I enjoy being a part of.. but... family is a priority.
Besides, I ask alot of them, too... more on this to come.
The weekend AFTER I'm up in Syracuse at another conference and giving a presentation on my thesis project.

Other busy weekends are.. may 10th and 11th. Why?
I finally gradjeeate undergraduate university!
Only 9 years later! :P
The plans are.. as the first ever Environmental Engineering class, the faculty are going to take us and one guest (we have to pay for any other guests we take with us) to Daffodil's, a super fancy-schmancy restaurant. So (and I think I may have mentioned this), I'll bring Josh, mom and grandma.
And then Saturday, I walk on stage, shake the dean's hand and walk off in front of my attending family (not sure how many people will attend, since I'll just do this again next year, too)

In other news, tommorow is Marc's birthday. He WANTED to come over here and cook US dinner, but we nixed that idea. Instead, we might meet HIM at some restaurant or other. I'm SO thrilled (not). Still.. it'll (hopefully) be a decent dinner out... silver lining and all that.
Hopefully, I'll have worked up an appetitite at the gym, too!
I miss the gym :(
I'm such a freak.

Not much else I can think of that I need to say. So, I'll go attend to my guests and watch "Whose Line'' with them.
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First off, I went to go see "The Mothman Prophecies" last night. CREEPY CREEPY movie. Not bad, just creepy! All in all, it was an alright movie. Certainly not a new favorite, but it was okee. Just be ready to be scared a bit, especially if ghosts scare you.

In just under a week, I'll be with [ profile] kareila, [ profile] alierak, [ profile] trillain, [ profile] dawnstar, [ profile] kolys, [ profile] phinnia and [ profile] tallin (assuming all goes well.) at the Galleria Mall, having lunch and having a good time. I'm really quite excited about it. All these people I haven't seen (and some favorite I have). More excited about the prospects of lunch with all these peoples then the actual concert (which I am looking forward to, but Indigo Girls isn't one of my favoite bands (not like the excitement I'd feel of going to see BnL or TMBG or Cake or something)
Still, I'm excited. It'll be cool to meet peoples.

Had a big fight with my littlest brother last night. Still a little bothered about it. It started out over typical things.. accusations that I'm not holding up my end of the household chores, but he's not holding up his end of the household chores (of course, they're getting done anwyays, so chances are.. we both are, even if it's late at times.), but it evolved into how I don't treat him like a grown up (which I can't say I fully understand his arguments about.)
As I understand it, here is one of the underlying problems. I am 8 years older than Josh.. I have a, in general, better relationship with my mom. We bicker alot, but we get on pretty well. On the other hand, Josh doesn't really relate to my mom in the same ways and ends up getting yelled at alot for stupid teenage stuff. We've tried to include him in our conversations, but he rarely has anything to say on the subjects we speak about. I think he's really jealous of our relationship, buit I can't say I think there's any sort of real answer here. We've tried to include him, but while we're downstairs watching TV together and arguing over politics or Boston Public, he's up in his room.
And then he thinks I'm a lousy brother because by the time night finally gets here, I'm edgy and grumpy and have found something else to be annoyed/angry about (a common occurance, I must admit.) Night is, if I can manage it, my cooldown period. I chill out, relax, play games or hang on Chaotic or whatever. Meanwhile, Josh gets home from work/practice/school and wants attention.
So let me reiterate... here I am, more often than not, grumpy over a hard day or something I felt someone's done to me, and here he is, looking for me to ask him how his day is, to be attentive etc.
I can SEE his point, but at the same time, he needs to see mine. I'm willing to work out some sort of compromise, but there are just going to be days I'm too busy or grumpy and he has to accept that. Period.
I'm not certain where this came from, but he needs to realize that, while not perfect, the family he's got now is certainly better than some of the alternative. We're not perfect, but we act pretty well as a family unit. Certainly better than we did with Marc around.
I dunno where he's getting his ideas from, but this is who we are and this is how we act as a family unit. It's not bad at all.

Actually, I'm frustrated over other matters. Talking to someone today who just...
I'm a cynic, but I feel like I understand people. People in general and people I know fairly well in specific. Hence, it amazes me sometimes when people are bloody STUPID. Example of bloody stupidity..
Sue is having a bad day, she's depressed and upset. So Mary takes that moment to pester her about something inconsequential right then and there instead of waiting a day.
Bloody stupid!
Listen, folks... you need to be aware of the people around you... yeah, yeah, I know.. Pot. Kettle. Black.. but, regardless, you need to look around you at the people you interact with. Before saying something ask yourself "How will this person ask if I say this? How would *I* feel if this was asked of me."
You would solve half the world's problems if you just THOUGHT a second.
Person A is sick, and hence, miserable. Person B is mad at something Person A did. If PErson B would WAIT until Person A was less miserable to confront him/her with whatever Person B is mad at, it would stop alot of arguing before it happened.
Just think a second, will ya?
Otherwise, you get called selfish, callous and unfeeling.

That's all I gotta say for now.
So I'll post this.
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The little one is getting used to life in his new home (and the other cats are getting used to life with a new kitten.) He's such a cutie :) Wish we knew why he was still sneezy, though... is it a draft? allergies? hmm.. if it doesn't go away soon, we may have to call a vet and ask. Whatever it is, despite Josh's fears, he doesn't seem to be giving it to the other cats *knock on wood*

I saw the Royal Tannenbaums yesterday. It was... OK. I thought it would be alot cuter.. alot funnier. I can't imagine why Jeff Simon named it one of the best movies of 2001. It... isn't. It's a cute story of a very screwed up family and that's about it.

I'm really grumpy.. grumpy at so called friends. This happens every once in a while when an event happens that's important enough to me that it makes me have to question who really cares about me and who is, I guess you could say relegated to the list of people I'm friendly with, but not friends of.
*moves people around*

In good news, I hope to be meeting [profile] trillain again soon.. for lunch somewhere. Just to talk and see each other. We've only met once before last summer at the Galleria Mall, which was cool except for the two hours wandering around the mall, bit :)
In bad news, I don't believe I shall ever be meeting [ profile] kolys, [ profile] tallin. They're obviously very busy individuals with so very little time to meet myself. It doesn't matter.

I've been having alot of thoughts about friends lately.. friends gone, friends soon to be gone (caught up with their own lives), friends dating friends.
That's the really sucky part of the internet. I have friends all over the US (and bits of Canada) and I can't meet most of them when I need to chat or hang.
I can't complain that they've all become so busy with their own lives.. I have too.... I'm rarely seen on Chaotic anymore. A ghost of sorts, spotted at odd hours when I have nothing left to do and am bored.
It's sad to say Chaotic means so little to me that I only appear when bored.. but can you blame me? The place is dead until afternoon or night and when it's alive, I just don't care to talk to anyone anymore except for a very few people.
I've formed my own clique.
How gauche.
That matter so little anymore anyways. Most of y'all don't care one way or the other.. and those that do.. well, most of you are on my list of people I visit to talk to anyways.

I'm lonely. One of the many people floating through life looking for someone interested and compatible with me. I know they're out there, but I haven't seen them for who they are. I'm not sure I have the time for them, despite how desperately I'd like their company.


Whatever. I'll post this ramble.
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As it turns out, I have time to write a last entry for the year 2001.
Goodbye 2001. Tootles. Hasta. Sionarra.

So the family and I went to Eva Niles's funeral today. I didn't like it. I didn't like the rabbi. In general, I really dislike funerals. When my grandfather, Bobby, died a couple years ago, however, his ceremony was very poignant. The rabbis (there were two) and speakers reminded us not only of who Bobby was, but they didn't get all "O Lord whose fury is powerful, whose love is eternal and whose schlong is about the size of nebraska". It was poignant without being overreligious.
Much like Bobby himself.
Eva's... wasn't. I think I was turned off for sure near the end when the Rabbi spoke something akin to "and even though (son and daughter) have been made orphans in this world and her five grandchildren are all without their Nana..."
Eva will never die. She lives on.. in her son and daughter, in her grandchildren and in the many lives she touched. Death is sad... but to point out that, yes, Eva is gone.. that seems.. cruel. I might just be oversensitive, though.

I dunno. When I die, I've said.. I don't want a funeral, but a party to celebrate who I was. I'd want all my family and all my friends invited. And anyone else who felt I touched their life in some positive way.
That's how I'd like to go out. Funerals are depressing.
On the other hand, even if the service is depressing, it's always good to have the after-funeral lunch with the family to remember the deceased and to bond as a family. Because funerals aren't simply about remembering the deceased, but also about bonding as a family. I'm not completely sure why.. it might simply be a natural part of the cycle of life. Just as births are a time for family, so are deaths.

Back to the funeral, on the other hand of the experience was Dave who was openly crying. When we went up to say hello, he hugged hard and even as he left clutched my arm as if to say "I'm so glad you're here to lean on when I need it."
It touched me down the very core of my being.
I know he felt that way. He said so, even as I called him once or twice a day to make sure he was alright (and generally made a pest of myself.) but that touch spoke volumes more than the words ever did.
And so the New Year closes on a good day... because with that touch I know... I've done good.
Yay me :)
Actually, I think due to that (and some possible help from a very grateful Dave) I got a blast of instant Karma. Three things have happened...
1) My mom has three days of school off. What that means is that we can go and get Sherlock at 11:00 on wednesday when the SPCA opens. This gives him time to get used to us people before we take him to the vets at 6:30.
2) Just as I laid down to take a nappy, Al (my mechanic called). He's found the problem, replaced the part and though it cost a pretty penny, my car is HOME and appears to be working properly :D
3) It seemed for a while like my plans were to go out and watch a movie with my mother. What I WANTED to do was have a small party.. me, Dave, Carl, Carl's girlfriend and a few other small friends. I'll have to deal with Jeremy and the boyfriend, whom I don't like, but a small party is, indeed, on. This is yay :)
LITEY is happy :)
LITEY done good. :)

What a year!
What will next year bring? Hopefully nothing as horrific as 9/11. Hopefully a great year.
Then again, if I can live up to my New Years Resolution of (unsurprisingly) losing the other 59 lbs. (weight is 259, by n by) and being 200 and going to Darien Lake and riding the roller coasters and FITTING in them PROPERLY, it may very well be :)

Happy New Year to all of you.
May next year be better than this year.
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It's time to celebrate your birthday.
It happens every year.
We'll eat a lot of broccoli
and drink alot of beer.

-"Weird Al" Yankovic.

OK, so my birthday was super-duper-kick-freakin'-ass.
The festivities began on Friday with an attempted and failed dinner at the Olive Garden. Instead, we had dinner at one of my other favorite places, Homestyle Buffet. So we go home, and who calls but Marky to wish me a happy birthday (and he's never called me before, so it WAS cool.) So, that was cool. Then Kar and ara finally get here at 8:30 (when i was sure they wouldn't be here till 9:30 or later.) and we go out to Dennys so that Kar n ara can eat (we being, Kar, ara, my brother and I). We have a lovely convo and go home. josh goes to sleep and Kar, ara and I go downstairs and talk till 12:00
Saturday.. Darien Lake... It was a phenomenal day. We rode all sorts of rides, played games, bought stuff, got sunburned. It was great! We road the Viper and I didn't quite fit into the seat right and so the ride was uncomfortable and, according to the picture, I looked it. We went into the water park and road the lazy river and water slides once each. We went onto the Superman Ride of Steel which STILL simultaneously thrills and scares me (and this time I got the picture. it was great!) And finally, Laserblast, the Laserlight show.. and a good time was had by all.
Meanwhile, while I WASN'T home... my brother Marc called to wish me a happy birthday as did my friend Dave (who was invited to Darien Lake, so I can't guess why he called.) and a bunch of friends on ChaoticMUX sent @mails and left +polls telling me happy birthday (which is completely different from last year when NO ONE remembered until I told them! I'm so glad Chaotic's warmed back up again.. it's so much nicer this way.)
Sunday, we hugged Karabella goodbye as they went back to Connecticut and Boston. Then Mom, Josh and I went to the beach which would have been better if they didn't have the damned music/Karaoke. By the 6th song where a bunch of squeeky 12 years olds singing Backstreet Boys and N Sync I left for the day and slept in my grandma's cottage. Then everyone came home, we had dinner, and we left.
Now it's Monday.. back to the grind. Still a bit tired, despite my finally getting a chance to catch up on sleep. Not much going on today, so I guess I'll end this post here. :)
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2 1/2 days until two of my very best friends are here in Buffalo.
3 days till we're on the road off to Six Flags Darien Lake for a day of fun in the sun, water, bumper cards, laserlight show, games um.. OK, all of Darien Lake =)
*boingboingboingboingz all happy-like*

Gotta bring the car in to get the muffler changed today. That's my big evening plans. Well.. that and the big Neogenesis meeting for the week, since.. while I guess I may be here Friday night, my friends will be there soon after and I'll prolly be waaaay too excited :)

So the plans are to get my muffler fixed, go out to dinner, return my mother's defective external CD-Burner, come home.. RP online whilst doing laundry. Call Jen.. make sure plans are all set. Get tickets tommorow. Get the car gassed up, cleaned and check tires on Friday...

Full set of plans, huh? :)

Sure seems like it here. Plus, in the middle of it all, I work every day and have to keep the house clean.

Not much else going on here. I'm kinda stuck at work till I get to meet with the boss tommorow. Can't get any sensical answers out of this PEST program. Might be PEST. Might be SPLIT. Can't tell. That's pretty much it, tho.

Talk to y'all latahz!
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I haven't written in a while. Partly because I'm that busy. Partly because I just haven't felt like I had anything important to say.
So, I've been busy. Part of it is working on The Neogenesis Home Page. The page currently has character sheets for the players (and main NPC, LITE) along with logs of most of the RP since this thing started. I thank my "mad skillz" with Macromedia Dreamworks to get the page up :) I'm proud of it :)
So I saw Planet of the Apes opening day on opening day. It was an OK movie... not spectacular but not terrible either. Good sound effects, good costumes, decent plot. Nothing caught me as terrific, though. And I PERSONALLY thought the ending was TOTALLY unnecessary ;) All in all, it was an OK sci-fi with a good script and a good plot, just nothing caught me as superspecial.
So, as I may have mentioned, the plan is to go to Darien Lake with some friends and enjoy myself. I had put out an invitation to my friends on the east coast (specifically, Kareila, her husband Robby and arabella.) I didn't expect any sort of positive reaction, but Kareila says if arabella wants to go, she's game. *boingy* I hope they show up :) It'd be really cool :) It'll be fun without them as, hopefully, Dave feels well enough to go and Josh's friend Justin who rides coasters too. Then again, Darien Lake was cool last year with just me and Josh.. can only get better with friends :) The more, the better? Still, here's hoping...
This week's Neogenesis was fun. I went to bed and all sorts of evil ideas sprang to mind. More to the point, I'm in a position I'm comfortable with.. where the players run the show as much as me. Do they do this? or not? If they do it, does this happen or not? This should break the game wide open so that the players finally have enough freedom to do what they want to/would do instead of what i want them to do. Most of my players seem pretty psyched too with what this campaign, so that's good :)
Not much else to talk about. I've played with the digi-cam (alot) and have some REALLY nice photos of my four darling cats. I've gotten a certain album I shouldn't have yet that's really really REALLY cool. And we MIGHT be seeing "America's Sweethearts" tonite (my family and I)
That's about it. I'll sign off then and try to remember to post more. Hasta! =D

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