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I can't remember who reminded me. If it was K's family or my father or what, but someone asks me sometime last month "Have you tried a test run to the hospital yet?"

Test Run? Whoops!

Truthfully, I hadn't given it much (read: any) thought. I think the plan had always been to pull the GPS out and find my way, but it was a good idea. And K agreed. So we decided we'd pick a weekend and just do it.

That weekend was this last weekend, specifically two days ago.

So we get up early enough to be out the door by 9:30. The weather says there's danger of some winter weather, with a couple of inches of snow, and that didn't sound so bad and looking outside, it looked OK, a little bit of snow falling, but nothing huge.

So we start driving. K tunes out and listens to one of her tracks (we assumed that when we made the real drive, it would just be me and the GPS, that K would be.. somewhat indisposed). So I turn the GPS on, ask it to get us to the hospital (K had made it a favorite recently) and off we go.

As we drive, the snow starts coming down harder. By now, I'm on the Toll Road going at high speed, but the driving seems OK.

The hospital itself isn't too far away, 15 minutes or so, a drive down the toll road to the beltway to 650. I'm certain I've been here before, probably during the Gall Bladder thing.

As we hit the beltway, visibility has gone to almost nothing. This is no longer a fun ride. We get there no problem, but as we approach the hospital, my car begins to lose traction. Enough to slide around a bit, but not out of control, thank god. So we turn around, try to get to the beltway, see the exit is blocked (from one direction only. No clue why that is.), u-turn and head back home in whiteout conditions.

By the time we pull into the parking lot, we were sorely glad to be home. I'd slipped and slid enough for one day. (I miss my old Mercury on days like Saturday. It had crap gas mileage, but it never slid.)

That said, if we can get to the hospital in weather like that, we can get through in ANYTHING!
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I keep meaning to post, but I'm never really sure WHAT to say.

Life is.. finding it's groove, but we're not exactly doing much, just getting through.

K is veryveryvery pregnant now. Chances are, if you're reading this, you're on her filter and you know what's going on with her, the aches, the pains, the sleeplessness. I think we're both at a stage where we're ready for the kid to pop out already and we can get on with our lives.

Things have been slow. We both are working on limited amount of spoons. There's alot to do and we'll get it done, though indubitably, some of it will be last minute.

The new office is settling down and I'm finding a new groove here as well. It's different than the old place, better in some ways. I'm enjoying not driving and find the commute taking an hour doesn't really bother me cause, honestly, there were plenty of days it took an hour anywyas, and then I had the stress of dealing with traffic.

My computer was returned to me a week or so ago, with one slight issue. We replaced the hard drives, both of them, with a single hard drive. What that meant is that I retained my music and lost all of my ratings. For over 10,000 songs. Gah.
So I'm rerating my stuff. Again. Not a project I was really looking to do, but.. oh well.

Still playing Guild Wars. Two or three times a week. Maybe not as much as I'd truly like, but as much as I truly can, at the moment. I'm still moving forward in the game, and that's important to me. All sorts of drama going down with the guild I joined in GW, but none of it has to do with me and I'd rather ignore it and keep playing.

Birthing Classes seem to be going positively. It definitely seems to be working for K, which is the important part.
I'm learning alot of stuff. Stuff I needed to know. Not only what K wants (and doesn't want), but also.. what my roll in the whole day is going to be. That is precisely what I needed. Knowing my roll and the expectations of me, I feel alot more confident and ready for the big day.
And that's without the script that K's class wants me to read to help me feel calm and confident. Calm isn't normal for me, but confident is, if I know what to do.

And that's what's going on over here, my quick life update.
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It has been.. a heck of a Week. )'

That's been my week. Busy doesn't do it justice.
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We've had... a little bit of excitement on this end in regards to the pregnancy.

Might be TMI. Regards Bodily Fluids and such. )


In less TMI excitement... the FEMA contract I've been working for the last three years is over and everything's changed (but not entirely. Anything that came to us before August 1 will stay with us, including all the cases I currently have and a few that we have to assign today.)

I'm all moved in to my temporary office (mine for.. either six weeks or through September, I'm not sure.) and am at least capable of doing work, though I'm definitely lacking in space and that's a bit of an issue, but I'm doing my best to get around it.

I will admit to being excited to get through the transition and begin working on the new contract, partly because I'm hoping for something a little more new and interesting, but mostly so I don't have to work with.. some of the individuals I've come to dislike working with under the old contract.

More on this as more becomes clear. The future is as clear as mud at the moment, so...

I'll post more about the vacation when I have time. But I've got some major work to do today.
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Crossposted to Calorie-Count

I'd like to file a complaint. The engineer responsible for this Pregnancy Process has done a lackluster job.
Oh, I'll give you that the process does seem to reach the desired conclusion, so it's an acceptable process, but there are so many unwanted side effects! I think that the engineer in question should seriously consider a redesign!

I'm at work today. My wife is not. After a week straight of getting up at somewhere between 3:30 and 4:00, the wife was up this morning at 3:00. 3:00! Two and a half hours before we have to wake up.

It wouldn't be so bad if she could turn over and go back to sleep. Thank god *I* was able to do that last night. But, no. K's brain goes on overdrive.

On top of all that (and possibly in part because of all that), K's stomach is giving her issues as well. It's been much more acidic than usual.

I feel bad. There's nothing I can do. There doesn't even seem to be anything she can do. But it sucks.

I guess, on the plus side, according to The Bible, the n00b is developing muscles this week. Which is interesting.

In non-pregnancy news, we saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this weekend, and enjoyed it. We tried to get K a netbook and failed and I tried to get into a little bit of trouble, game-wise and failed (I learned a valuable lesson last year: don't buy a game until you've read the reviews, unless you KNOW you'll love it e.g. Sims 3)

Next week we're off on vacation. That means this week we prepare for vacation. Make sure to run laundry once during the week. Plan out a few things. And Pack, obviously.

On top of that, as my cubicle (and everything in it) is being moved from the fifth floor to the fourth floor while we're on vacation, I HAVE to clean my cubicle up. Put things back together, get rid of things I can get rid of. Stuff like that.

And that's the news that's fit to print

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