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Jun. 4th, 2011 04:55 am
hkellick: (Engineer)
So I LITERALLY just backposted an entry from a couple days ago about, among other things, a job interview with a company in NC. Since I think/hope this is important enough.

Just responding with more here...


Well, I got a call back on the NC job. They want me for a second interview with even more higher-ups in RALEIGH. The interview is scheduled for Thursday at 2:00 PM. Which, yes, means Robert will be up again.

I think I'm half-expecting I'll be called to North Carolina for a REAL interview soon.

It's gratifying to be a serious candidate. It gives me hope. And while I have decidedly mixed feelings about leaving DC, I am absolutely bouncing in my seat at the prospect of no longer being unemployed.

I hopehopehope this pans out.

... if only I knew anyone in the Charlotte, NC area.

Six Months

Jun. 1st, 2011 09:08 pm
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Well.. got back from Buffalo a couple days back. Buffalo was.. not what I hoped.

Mad at youngest brother, who decided he had better things, like going to a friends' BBQ, than to see us or Robert. Frustrated with dad too, because he either had no idea what the plan was or totally forgot it due to ChemoBrain. I can't blame dad for ChemoBrain and at least he's done with the Chemo in six weeks, but still frustrating.

Robert had a tough weekend too. We were supposed to wean him down to a single 1 mL of Prevacid per day and he woke up two nights in a row crying. We're pretty sure, since we checked all other issues, it was Acid Reflux.

We were supposed to pick up furniture and bring it home, but that got moved back, which worked out just as well given how badly we slept this weekend with Robert keeping us awake. K's parents are supposed to be driving it down here in a couple weeks. But that may change. More on that to come.

Got home late Monday, in the middle of a heat wave. At the end of May. This summer's gonna suck. :/

Spent yesterday just.. relaxing. Trying to get over the weekend. Oh, and we signed up for Netflix for Wii, which I'm really having alot of fun with. Started watching the Hitchhiker's Guide Mini Series, Dilbert, the Animated Series, Heroes and K and I started Dr. Who. Lots of stuff to keep me amused for a while.

Then I got a call late yesterday, about 4:00, setting up a phone interview for today with D***. This job is in Charlotte, North Carolina, which I have decidedly mixed feelings about moving to, mostly because I know no one there and I'd miss my friends in Baltimore and DC if I moved.

Phone interview was today. I think it went well. I think I am a serious contender for this position. Last week, they told me I was one of two people they were interviewing. I've already gotten contact information from the company and they're deciding what the next step is, either another phone interview with people I'd be working with in Raleigh, or an actual interview. Color me nervous.

The timing is good, because today.. I've been out of work for six months, a fact I am not happy about. Though I am significantly happier than I would be if the latest news was the I-don't-know-what-happened in PA.

And I've got plans with Chu this weekend. R and I. K *WAS* considering coming, and may still show up, but she was offered a chance to work overtime Saturday and she's taking it.

Holy Crap!

Apr. 18th, 2011 10:30 am
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Holy Crap Holy Crap Holy Crap and did I say Holy Crap?

So... what I THOUGHT was going to happen was that I was going to have a phone SCREENING at 9:30. That they'd go over the job, go over my resume, etc. Relatively low pressure. I reviewed the specific responsibilities of the job I applied for, looked at my resume and was as ready as I was going to be.

Imagine my surprise, then, when the interviewers told me that the job was NOT what I thought it was, but was a Wastewater Treatment job at a paper mill (I did my review and knew that the company was a paper mill in a paper mill town.)

The rest of the interview just went at warp speed from there, and it WAS an interview, a tough one.

We went over my education, we went over my experience. I told them about the classes I tool in college and my stint as a research assistant helping a fellow student testing out using tires as a filtration medium. We talked about my experience working the FEMA job and my experience as a team lead.

Then we got into the technical questions and I was quizzed. The manager even said.. well, we're a paper mill, what sorts of materials do you think we check the effluent for?

Um.. excuse me as a cheat, I say, as I rush to pull out my Civil PE Review book and look, naming.. oxygen, nitrates and heavy metals, maybe? And apparently that isn't cheating, apparently that's knowing where to get the information you need and I think I scored points with that.

And he goes again.. well, we watch out solids and air. What do you think we watch for? Well.. what do you DO with your solids and air.. do you burn your solids, do you landfill them? Oh, we dry them and reburn them to fuel our plant. Well, says I, I think that's OK.. oh! That's why you have to watch your air, you need to make sure that you filter out anything nasty before it escapes.

I still wish I'd know what I was being interviewed for, though. I'd have reviewed those chapters this weekend and been more prepared, but I think I was able to at least sound like I DO know what I'm talking about.


All in all, I think I did well. I think I'd be surprised and disappointed if they don't call me in for an interview.
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It's been nearly four months since I got let go and I honestly did not expect I'd still be out of work. I honestly thought I'd have had a job by now. If nothing else, I thought I'd be working for the PTO since my friend A was all but certain they desperately needed people like me to work for them. But that opportunity, like so many others I thought I at least had a chance with, have not come to pass.

Which is why it's all the tougher to watch my wife get call back after call back. Within the last week, everyone wants a piece of my wife. Two phone interviews and a couple of email chains and my wife's mind is spinning with confusion and giddiness.

And here I sit, feeling like a turd because I can't get a job.

I honestly don't know what I should be doing that I'm not, if anything. I know the job market is... to be nice, it's slow.. to be not nice, it's practically nonexistent for someone with my experiences. I have six years of hydraulic and hydrologic modeling experience. While I didn't expect them to be beating my door down the way they are K's, I expected that this experience would be USEFUL SOMEWHERE.

I've applied to companies that were in direct competition with my old company, FEMA contractors. I'm not sure I want to work FEMA for the rest of my life, but at least I have the experience and I THOUGHT that people would be interested in me, but.. not so much. Not a phone call back. From any of them.

I've looked for other environmental engineering jobs, but either I just don't have the experience they want or I'm applying for a graduate level job (which, I'm guessing I'm not getting calls back from cause.. I'm not a new graduate.)

My resume is (now) on LinkedIn, Dice, Monster and I have not one but two headhunters out there looking for me.

Is it me? Is there something more I can be doing, should be doing? Is it time to screw staying in the Northeast and start applying for all jobs anywhere, even halfway across the world? I know I look for jobs and there aren't alot in this area, especially with the government still so close to shut down and certainly not alot for people with my particular experience. Is it the economy?

I think what I need, right now, is a reality check. Am I not working hard enough or do I just need to wait out the economy slouch and near-government shutdown until such a time as there's interest for someone with my skillset?

I don't know anymore. I honestly don't.
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It's been.. over 5 years since I developed a resume and I just reworked mine to try to reflect my six years of experience working in the FEMA MT-2 field and the useful experiences I've garnered from them that could help me get another job doing hydraulic or environmental engineering.

I've screened comments. If anyone would like to look at it, comment with an appropriate email address and I'll pass it along.

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Woke up late. Showered. Came downstairs to get breakfast and the phone rings.
It's someone from Human Resources at Ecology and Environment, Inc.. She's gotten my resume and wants to ask me a few questions.
She asks me questions about when I'll be done with classes, GPA, current and past work experience, when I'd be around for an interview.
She then tells me I'm one of five people being considered for the entry-level civil engineering position, what sort of salary I'm expecting (I have no idea! What sort of salary SHOULD I be expecting? Somewhere between $35 and $40K, I guess)
She says she'll give this information to the person doing the hiring and if I don't get a call back by Thursday, here's her number, feel free to call her and see what's doing.

I'm calming down now and find myself more tired than bouncy, but I'm still excited.
Everyone pray for me to get this job!
Of course, this means then that I have to deal with an interview *fear* but if I get the job, it's all OK.

*runs around in circle*

Edit: The ultimate irony for me is that I looked for a job in Boston for about two months and got nowhere. I still wonder if possibly the problem was that my home adress was in New York, not Massachusetts.
First job I try in the Buffalo area, though, and I get a callback. *boggle*
Not that I'm complaining. Staying in the Buffalo area would be good. At least it keeps me close to [ profile] ecwoodburn.
*hopehopehopes he GETS the job*
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It's been a pretty good couple days. Not as good as Tuesday, but pretty good.
Yesterday I wore my contacts. First time in a while. I need to get used to them again. Unfortunately, I forgot that they make me tired. But I survived. I'm okee. I would have put them on again today, but I didn't sleep well, so I didn't want to make myself any more tired than I already was.
Actually, yesterday was a busy day.
The story (I know you want to know!) started Tuesday. I got an email saying that commencement was May 11 at 1:00 PM (y'all are cordially invited to UB to see me get commenced , if any of you can and care to make it) and that all people who were to be commenced were on a certain web page. Go to the web page and make certain your name is spelled properly.
So I go to the web page and look for my name.. not there. Look more.. not there... use the netscape "find in page" feature.. it is, in fact, not on the page. Looking, though, I noticed that none of the Environmental Engineers were on the list. So I email Peggy Lane (Engineering secretary) and ask what's going on. She emails me to say she hasn't put Environmental Engineering students on yet... but wait, I hadn't filled my paper work on time, so i wasn't eligible to get my diploma in June.
So after a bit of running around by myself and the environmetnal engineering advisor, Dr. Rabideau, we realzie I won't get my diploma in June, period. But they can "sneak" me and Samuela (who also forgot/didn't know to fill out her paperwork too) into commencement and we'll shake hands and etc. but we'll get our diplomas in September.
That's fine with me, I'll be in grad school still anyways, so it's cool with me if the diploma comes in September. As long as I can go to commencement and shake hands and my family can gush proudly and stuff, it's all good.
I also got my new printer yesterday. It's an Epson Stylus C60. Quality of printout is good and it's MUCH faster than my 8 year old canon. So I'm very happy with the printer :D
Today, like I said, I didn't sleep well.. Made it through groundwater. Barely. Luckily there's a test tuesday, so I don't have to go to class. Yay sleeping late :)
Decided that I NEED to take a nap.. so eat my lunch and sneak out of the trailer and off to home to sleep for two hours. Get up, get dressed up, go off to the design class to discuss stuff.
The plan is to go to Letchworth State Park Tuesday afternoon at noon and come home... whenever. Not sure when we'd be home.
So, off to the Meet and Greet (hosted by R&D and GRA Engineering). Basically, like 8 people from the 2 companies arrived, met those of us environmental engineers (and some chemical and civil engineers) who showed up. They chatted with us, offered food, and took resumes. I handed a resume to the project manager from GRA (R&D is mostly process work... pumps, water and wastewater treatment.. not what I wanna do for the rest of my life. GRA is bigger.. they do remediation and stuff, too.. so I handed them a resume and told them I wasn't graduating for another year and a half.
I feel cool.. I had my resume on fancy paper and in an envelope. Most of the other resumes I saw were on plain white paper. I think it looks more professional to have yer resume on the fancy stuff, personally...
Other than that, got home, played with the kitty, wrote up some homework and the other LJ post and here I am!
Talk to ya dorks later!

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