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 Last weekend, K and I did date night: Burgers and Batman.

K's more of a Marvel Girl, but I think she has a soft spot for at least the newish Batman Trilogy. Actually, I guess I'd say the same about myself.. I prefer Marvel, but I always loved the Batman animated comics and have a soft spot in my head.. er.. sorry, a soft spot for Batman. ;)

The movie was intense! And good, but INTENSE! Not helped, I'm sure, that we decided to go see it on the IMax Theatre.

K gets out of the theater and says "Wow, I'm so full of adrenaline, I have no idea when I'll sleep." I blew her off because I felt fine.

Go home, pay the babysitter, get ready for bed, get into bed and.. nothing. Not tired.

I take half a Melatonin and go back to bed. Still nothing.

I get up, go into the computer room and, on a whim, I started watching a playthrough of Arkham City because I was kinda looking for a cool new game to get with birthday moneys and I only thought of that game when I got home.

I stayed awake past 1 AM. I, the guy who is usually asleep at 10 PM, could not sleep until 1:30 or 2:00. 

There's a moral to this story, regarding being careful what movies you watch in the IMAX theatre before bed.

Thankfully, the boy slept until 8:00 or so, so I could cope, even though I was tired.

Oh, and yes, I did get Arkham City. 

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Firstly, I don't think there's anyone who reads this who doesn't have a DW code if they want one, but if you do, I have, like, a metric butt-ton of them.
OK, it's really 13, but it feels like a metric butt-ton.


The Sims 3: Ambitions is scheduled for "Summer 2010". It looks like a career-based expansion pack. Needless to say, I'm very interested.
However, there's been a small problem. As I think I mentioned, a couple months ago, my motherboard died. We got it replaced with something similar to the one I WAS using, so most of my hardware would work with it, but.. for reasons I couldn't understand, after installing The Sims 3, it would not run.
It would get to the starting screen, the screen would go black and then.. back to my desktop, with no error messages, nothing.
With the next expansion coming, I realized I REALLY wanted to play Sims again.
So I tried calling EA support to help me figure it out.
After being on the phone for an hour and a half and being kicked off their chat thrice (the chat would claim to be looking for people to help me, but when I was finally in queue, I got booted with no explanation but that no one was available to answer the Chat.), I finally gave up, frustrated. K suggested I try again yesterday morning.

So, I did. I called.. well, 10 minutes before their phone lines opened and then again 11 minutes later and after waiting over 30 minutes (and being kicked out of Chat once again), and just as I was bitching at Kristen how PISSED I was at EA Support, I got a nice lady from Texas who helped me figure it out (I needed to update my video card driver. Duh.) and, in short, I finally have Sims 3 up and running again. Woo!

So... I poked around with Sims 3 as I could during the day.

Meanwhile, little boy had given us a long night of not sleeping much and a longer day of.. still not sleeping much and K and I were getting cranky at each other. Luckily, I'd had an idea the day before, which was.. since K's parents were here and coming over, maybe we could ask them to babysit for a couple of hours and we could both go see "Alice in Wonderland."

They agreed, and we both made it to the 3:30 showing. We were out and free and it was great! We both really enjoyed the movie (but then.. it was Tim Burton. Tim Burton seems to have this thing for Johnny Depp, but past that, I love his stuff ;) )

It was date time, something we hadn't had in a month.

Came home, dealt with cranky baby, but both still a little happier for getting out.

Then I played a little more Sims 3 til we went to bed and LAST night, the boy slept. So thank goodness for that.

And that was my weekend so far. Not bad at all, all told. And I have my Sims running again! :D Woo! :D


Jul. 15th, 2009 07:17 am
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Apparently, Weird Al is putting out an 'internet single' that includes five different songs being released one after another.

His latest, "Skipper Dan" was released yesterday and I kinda like it. I'm not sure, but I'm thinking it might be a style parody of Weezer's 'Red Album'. The song reminds me strongly of "Pork and Beans" in some places. v
But then again I could be wrong.

I'm mostly tickled because the song is about a guy who works at the "Jungle Cruise" ride in Adventureland.

I like this song better than the last two singles ("Whatever You Like" and "Craig's List".)

I've been playing alot of Guild Wars recently. Actually, I restarted from the last time I played and decided to try to be a Ranger. With a Monk Secondary Class, but I'm not doing much with that just yet.

We're probably going to see Harry Potter this weekend. I've heard at least one really good review, so... well, we're going to see it anyways, but it's good to know they didn't totally screw it up.

In a week and a half, the wife and I are headed up to Chautauqua for vacation. I'm excited for a week of doing very little.

And.. that's just about it.

Star Trek

May. 10th, 2009 08:17 am
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The wife and I saw this yesterday. A sign of how good the movie was was that my wife, who never could get into TOS, loved it.

Graphically, it was gorgeous.

Writing-wise.. the lines were great, the back and forth and the little homages to TOS (I'm a DOCTOR, not a Physicist!), the script itself... well... SPOILER! DO NOT READ ID YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILEd!! )

Coming out of the movie, I look to my wife and FIRST I say "I NEED TO SEE THAT AGAIN!"

In short, I loved it. It was fun, it was a bit campy, it was gorgeous. And I need to see that again!
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So.. I did see Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy last night.
I was... disappointed.
Should have cut. Sort of spoilerish. )
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First off, I went to go see "The Mothman Prophecies" last night. CREEPY CREEPY movie. Not bad, just creepy! All in all, it was an alright movie. Certainly not a new favorite, but it was okee. Just be ready to be scared a bit, especially if ghosts scare you.

In just under a week, I'll be with [ profile] kareila, [ profile] alierak, [ profile] trillain, [ profile] dawnstar, [ profile] kolys, [ profile] phinnia and [ profile] tallin (assuming all goes well.) at the Galleria Mall, having lunch and having a good time. I'm really quite excited about it. All these people I haven't seen (and some favorite I have). More excited about the prospects of lunch with all these peoples then the actual concert (which I am looking forward to, but Indigo Girls isn't one of my favoite bands (not like the excitement I'd feel of going to see BnL or TMBG or Cake or something)
Still, I'm excited. It'll be cool to meet peoples.

Had a big fight with my littlest brother last night. Still a little bothered about it. It started out over typical things.. accusations that I'm not holding up my end of the household chores, but he's not holding up his end of the household chores (of course, they're getting done anwyays, so chances are.. we both are, even if it's late at times.), but it evolved into how I don't treat him like a grown up (which I can't say I fully understand his arguments about.)
As I understand it, here is one of the underlying problems. I am 8 years older than Josh.. I have a, in general, better relationship with my mom. We bicker alot, but we get on pretty well. On the other hand, Josh doesn't really relate to my mom in the same ways and ends up getting yelled at alot for stupid teenage stuff. We've tried to include him in our conversations, but he rarely has anything to say on the subjects we speak about. I think he's really jealous of our relationship, buit I can't say I think there's any sort of real answer here. We've tried to include him, but while we're downstairs watching TV together and arguing over politics or Boston Public, he's up in his room.
And then he thinks I'm a lousy brother because by the time night finally gets here, I'm edgy and grumpy and have found something else to be annoyed/angry about (a common occurance, I must admit.) Night is, if I can manage it, my cooldown period. I chill out, relax, play games or hang on Chaotic or whatever. Meanwhile, Josh gets home from work/practice/school and wants attention.
So let me reiterate... here I am, more often than not, grumpy over a hard day or something I felt someone's done to me, and here he is, looking for me to ask him how his day is, to be attentive etc.
I can SEE his point, but at the same time, he needs to see mine. I'm willing to work out some sort of compromise, but there are just going to be days I'm too busy or grumpy and he has to accept that. Period.
I'm not certain where this came from, but he needs to realize that, while not perfect, the family he's got now is certainly better than some of the alternative. We're not perfect, but we act pretty well as a family unit. Certainly better than we did with Marc around.
I dunno where he's getting his ideas from, but this is who we are and this is how we act as a family unit. It's not bad at all.

Actually, I'm frustrated over other matters. Talking to someone today who just...
I'm a cynic, but I feel like I understand people. People in general and people I know fairly well in specific. Hence, it amazes me sometimes when people are bloody STUPID. Example of bloody stupidity..
Sue is having a bad day, she's depressed and upset. So Mary takes that moment to pester her about something inconsequential right then and there instead of waiting a day.
Bloody stupid!
Listen, folks... you need to be aware of the people around you... yeah, yeah, I know.. Pot. Kettle. Black.. but, regardless, you need to look around you at the people you interact with. Before saying something ask yourself "How will this person ask if I say this? How would *I* feel if this was asked of me."
You would solve half the world's problems if you just THOUGHT a second.
Person A is sick, and hence, miserable. Person B is mad at something Person A did. If PErson B would WAIT until Person A was less miserable to confront him/her with whatever Person B is mad at, it would stop alot of arguing before it happened.
Just think a second, will ya?
Otherwise, you get called selfish, callous and unfeeling.

That's all I gotta say for now.
So I'll post this.
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It occurs that I have been so busy being agitated, that I haven't really posted anything about ME lately. So this will probably a long post. As such, I shall do the decent thing and hide it behind an lj-cut tag

Catchup Time )
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So my bud Dave calls yesterday and was like "We're going to see Fellowship of the Ring tonite, you in?"
Duh! of course I'm in!
So, I spent the majority of yesterday afternoon bouncing around, barely able to contain myself because I REALLY wanted to see this movie.
It was worth it.
The pixie gives it 5 out of 5 stars. I can't begin to rave enough about it. The plot (as no doubt, most to all of you know) is great, the special effects were great, the fight scenes (GO LEGOLAS!) were great.Th e soundtrack really worked well with the visuals. The movie was great!
I'll probably see it again shortly, with the family this time.

As all you TMBG fans know, TMBG unlimited is now over. That is to say.. there will be no more new stuff. I'm actually quite sad about this. Not everything recieved from TMBG Unlimited was GOOD, but at least a third of it was. Lots of cool stuff.
On the plus side, they're going to release No! (YAY!) in Spring, 2002 :D

My old friend Todd Freyburger (we've been friends since, like, freshmen year of high school) is back in town for Christmas. We'll probably get together soon'ish.

Got plans now for New Years Eve. As per usual (except for last year when I spent it in Boston), I'll spend it with Dave, Carl and their friends (not all of which are my friends, but some of them are tres cool.) It's kind of expected. Besides, so long as I can ignore Jeremy sucking faces with his boy friend, Hugh, it should be a good time. Trying to get Dave to bring Super Smash Brothers Melee too.

I think I'll start to write another post. Keep yer eyes out for it. I hope to post it tonite :)

Ciao, babes!
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Lots to talk about today.

And this week's weight is.. *drum roll*... 264!
That means I've lost a WHOLE POUND this week :P
God damned Plateaus. On the other hand, at least I posted a loss instead of a gain.
Yay, loss!

I had a nice surprise when I got into the trailer today. It's all decorated for christmas. There's streamers all over and bows and little silver bells. And by each office is a little stocking with candy inside. It was a nice surprise and it DOES give the office an extra cheery touch.
And it puts LITE in a holiday spirit (up until I turn the radio on and hear more blasted christmas carols. I can take a few. A few are even catchy (and I LOVE what Bob Rivers does to them >:D )) but a whole month of them is always enough to drive me batty and make me feel very grinch-like.

So, I saw "Heist" on Saturday Night. It was a good movie. Da pixie man gives it four stars out of five. Lots of twists and turns and you're never quite sure what's going on or who has the goods (The movie is called Heist. It's about a Heist.), Gene Hackman or Danny Devito. In the end, it was a lot of fun. A great movie romp!

Then last night, I watched the first part of Jack and the Beanstalk. The idea sounded interesting. What happened if Jack and the Beanstalk actually happened? So the first two hours was a retelling of the story and setup for the next two hours in which a more modern Jack goes and visits (for lack of a better word) Faerieland. For those of you who missed the first two hours, poor you :( It was cute and tuesday's end to the program looks cute too.

This amuses me... some people simply can't let go.
Player Name On For Idle Are You In The Holiday Spirit Yet?>
eStebe 22:47 1m I didn't misspell WHORE, I have a log.

What else? My checks were finally shipped off last Saturday. I had to order new checks. Don't recall if I ordered the "furry friends" (kitty and puppy poses together) or.. the ones with the amusingly bright background. Regardless, though, they've shipped.

What else?
Do you realize I have only five more days of class? Yay, end of classes! Yay, upcoming christmas vacation.. Boo, finals and final projects.

That's all I can think of to say for now. Hasta, folksies!
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Ugh! God damned sadistic bastard of a Math Teacher.
It shouldn't TAKE 8 or 9 hours to do any god damned homework... whether I'm a Grad Student or not. =P
Oh well.. at least THAT one's done. =P

OK... so y'all have been pestering and pleeping. How was Harry Potter, you ask? Well, I'll tell ya!
To be perfectly frank, I was a little disappointed with it. Don't take that the wrong way... I love the book! I've read it many times... the problem is.. Hollywood has yet to make a good movie out of a good book. And this is no exception. For someone like me who had read the book and loves it so much, it can't compare.
As a movie, it IS good.. the special effects are cool and the quidditch scene ROCKS! but... I can sit there and tell when the movie moves away from the book script or smoothes over important bits. I mean... it IS an over 2 hour movie.. but I'd rather see a 4 hr made for TV movie that's dead on then a big screen ADAPTION.

That's just me, tho

Can't say there's alot to mention today... I've spent most of the day bottled in the basement doing math homework and getting crankier and crankier about it. It is now finished but it took me like.. 8 or 9 hours!

I, do, however, leave you with a quote of the day (Thanks to CrackBOT.. the new ChaoticMUX toy) and a pointless poll...

Take the Affliction Test Today!

Quote of the Day
You paged CrackBOT with 'how many ways ARE there to do Ordinary Differential Equations.. and why should I CARE?'.
CrackBOT pages: t V u H t A s S F h U p.
You paged CrackBOT with 'how many ways ARE there to do Ordinary Differential Equations.. and why should I CARE?'.
CrackBOT pages: l m l x k.
You paged CrackBOT with 'how many ways ARE there to do Ordinary Differential Equations.. and why should I CARE?'.
CrackBOT pages: n am B T.
You page CrackBOT with "w t f?"
CrackBOT pages: hehehehe
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So, as I said I would, I saw the rerelease of Monty Python And The Quest For The Holy Grail!
Shut up, you. Right.
So we went down to the Amherst Dipson Theatre, got tickets, and TWO PACKETS of Monty Python and The Quest For the Holy Grail Playing Card Game (Boosters Sets - 15 cards each), This game looks too funny (of course, it's based on Monty Python, so it'd have to be, right?) So I'll probably, when I have extra money, try to get me some more cards.. for collection purposes of course :)
Anyways, the movie was as fun as it always was and it was cool to see it on a big screen. I enjoyed the movie totally (Knew I would, though.)

In other words, I learned an important lesson yesterday. If listening to music whilst working out, try to make it appropriate music. New Age music, whilst good to listen to now and then, is NOT appropriate work out (for me, at least) music.
On the other hand, rock and roll, techno and punk music (for me, again) are. So that's what i'll be listening to whilst working out.
I only worked out for about 13 minutes yesterday. It was my own fault., Part of it was music choice (Enya is relaxing. It's not the kind of music you want to run to, though. Cool down, maybe, but not run to). Part of it was I kept trying to fiddle with the programs on the treadmill instead of trying to stay more or less the same course I had two days ago. Then i tried to hit the abs machines. I plan to try again today.. perhaps "properly" (I think I was lifting too much weight. It hurt. It didn't feel right. I doubt, running the treadmill and stuff, I need to work on my legs much.. but my abs and stuff.. I should do..)

Ummm... not much else. Going back to the gym at 12:00. Gotta balance my mom's bank account AGAIN (because, somehow, she can't do it by herself :P ) then we're going to the Beach for DInner.

Tommorow is my first day of Graduate School. In one hand I'm excited. it should be a cool year. Totally different from any previous year. What with working out every day, with working as an RA, with driving to school, with being able to have Satudays off and go to SARPA (Role Playing Association at UB) if I so want to...
I feel like I did the first summer just before I started out as a freshman at RIT. The world is full of new possibilities I can explore. I can't explain it better than that, I guess.

Anyways, time to finally end this post. Ciao folks!


Aug. 20th, 2001 02:35 pm
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Well, as some of you may.. or may NOT know.. Monty Python and the Holy Grail has been rereleased onto big screen. And, despite the fact I didn't think it would, IT'S COMING TO BUFFALO *sproing*
*leaps about happily n stuff*

In other news, I've been having a great old time with Audio Galaxy Satellite downloading Dance Dance Revolution and Royal Canadian Air Farce mp3s. I LOVE THE ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FARCE! They are toooo funny! (So much funnier than certain *OTHER* Canadian Comedians *cough* Kids in the Hall *cough*) So I've downloaded alot of their stuff and I'm DEFINATELY enjoying it :) Wish we got their show down here...

In other news, I've decided what to do about Neogenesis. What, you ask? Begging to know? Fine fine fine. I'll tell you. I'm going to GM for as long as people choose to play. And I am going to have fun. And, excuse my french, fuck the players. Then the WRONG players will leave the game and the RIGHT players (if enough to keep the game going) will be able to play in a way that mutually works.
I have no beef with characters who would call demons down and who would turn into anime characters or who would try to bend space and time to their own selfish demand. I will not abide any players though who whine and cry and gnash their teeth. And so that is the course I shall sail.
Whether or not Neogenesis keeps going.. well... I'll keep y'all informed.

I think I'll end this.
TTFN! Ta Ta For now!
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I haven't written in a while. Partly because I'm that busy. Partly because I just haven't felt like I had anything important to say.
So, I've been busy. Part of it is working on The Neogenesis Home Page. The page currently has character sheets for the players (and main NPC, LITE) along with logs of most of the RP since this thing started. I thank my "mad skillz" with Macromedia Dreamworks to get the page up :) I'm proud of it :)
So I saw Planet of the Apes opening day on opening day. It was an OK movie... not spectacular but not terrible either. Good sound effects, good costumes, decent plot. Nothing caught me as terrific, though. And I PERSONALLY thought the ending was TOTALLY unnecessary ;) All in all, it was an OK sci-fi with a good script and a good plot, just nothing caught me as superspecial.
So, as I may have mentioned, the plan is to go to Darien Lake with some friends and enjoy myself. I had put out an invitation to my friends on the east coast (specifically, Kareila, her husband Robby and arabella.) I didn't expect any sort of positive reaction, but Kareila says if arabella wants to go, she's game. *boingy* I hope they show up :) It'd be really cool :) It'll be fun without them as, hopefully, Dave feels well enough to go and Josh's friend Justin who rides coasters too. Then again, Darien Lake was cool last year with just me and Josh.. can only get better with friends :) The more, the better? Still, here's hoping...
This week's Neogenesis was fun. I went to bed and all sorts of evil ideas sprang to mind. More to the point, I'm in a position I'm comfortable with.. where the players run the show as much as me. Do they do this? or not? If they do it, does this happen or not? This should break the game wide open so that the players finally have enough freedom to do what they want to/would do instead of what i want them to do. Most of my players seem pretty psyched too with what this campaign, so that's good :)
Not much else to talk about. I've played with the digi-cam (alot) and have some REALLY nice photos of my four darling cats. I've gotten a certain album I shouldn't have yet that's really really REALLY cool. And we MIGHT be seeing "America's Sweethearts" tonite (my family and I)
That's about it. I'll sign off then and try to remember to post more. Hasta! =D
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OK, I JUST saw Jurassic Park III. It was a really good movie. I'd say it was at least as good as the second, though I'm not sure it was quite as good as the first. This time around there are even more new dinosaurs.. you'll see the ankylosaurus, pterodactyl (or pteranodan.. I also mix those two up) and a new predator which I'm not saying much about because I dun wanna ruin it. Any rumours about the dinosaurs on the island being mutants is false.
All in all, it was a good fun movie... less people die in this movie (though it's true less people are on the island than before), though the dinosaurs are STILL scary. I believe that NOT taking your children to see this (especially if they've seen the original two) would be pure Child Abuse.
The only negative things I have to say about this movie is that there weren't quite as many of the fun one liners that made the original Jurassic Park as fun as it was. And I STILL WANT TO SEE MORE DINOSAURS! A good part of the movie is spent in the water.. how about Icthyosaurus? :)

My overall rating is 3.5 our of 5 stars. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and suggest you see it. :)
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So we (my mom, Josh and I) went to see A.I. last night. My mom really wanted to see it and I agree I wanted to see it too as it is WAS directed by Steven Speilberg.
I found this movie to be a big disappointment. The plot was TERRIBLE! In it, the ice caps have melted, burying the coast line cities under water. The people left are lacking in resources so built machines, mecca, to do things. For reasons I still don't understand, they create a little boy machine who loves. They give him to the family of one of the employees. The story follows his trials and tribulations trying to find love from a family that knows he is a mere robot. The point of the movie, I guess, was "If you force something to love you, what moral obligations do you have to it". I don't feel the point was made strongly. Instead, the movie spent ALOT of time being in some sort of Pinnochio/Find the Blue Fairy and make me a real boy sort of deal. The ending was very weak and though it probably SHOULD have brought tears to my eyes (it brought tears to my mom's) It was overly long, in my opinion, and SHOULD have been cut out.
I still don't understand the purpose of some of the scenes that were in the movie...
My only guess for why this movie was so bad was that, perhaps in the future, Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielburg should NEVER work together again as they brought together something so much less than both of their usual stuff.
In conclusion, despite the fact that many people out there loved this film.. I have to give it 2 stars out of 5. It made some interesting points, hade a few good moment but was otherwise too pretentious and UNHuman (Millenial Man was alot better in this regard - It was a HUMAN story about a robot who wanted to be a man. This was not) to make me care.
Feel free to post your rants and raves and such about my review.

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