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So.. two things.

1) Streaming the superbowl was a total disaster. If I needed to watch the game, without the.. superbowl experience, it was OK, I guess, and the game WAS decent, but..

A) They played the same FIVE ads over and over and over. If I had ANY interest in Call of Duty, it's been sapped from me after seeing that ad at least 50 times. And don't get me started on Samsung or GE.

B) They didn't play the half-time show. K and I had to find it after we watched the commercials. It wasn't much to see, mind you, but it's part of the experience and I was pissed that didn't stream it.

C) So.. there WAS a way to see the superbowl ads, after it aired, but NOT while they played those same five ads, over and over. That is.. I was locked into seeing the streaming ads, but if I wanted to miss the game for a minute, I could see the superbowl ads.

So... yeah. Total disaster. Never doing that again.

Though, having seen the superbowl ads now, I thought some of them were cute but most of them weren't great this year. My favorite was the Met Life ad, though, with all the WB and Hanna Barbera cartoons. That was cute. :) I wonder why Disney didn't say yes to that...

I didn't care for the "Ferris Bueller's Day Off Remake". It was... more strange than amusing.

2) Totally new topic.

The time came this weekend to face the music. Yes, I'm working overtime. Yes, it will help once I finally get that money. But.. chances are, we're still drowning in debt. So.. K is officially looking for a job again. More on this to come...
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I can't help but feel angry. Angry at how often we tried to get the doctors to believe us that the boy was spitting up an awful lot, that he was too gassy, that.. that.. that.

We've gone to the doctors multiple times with what was likely all the same problem. The first few times, they tried to pass it off as normal. Those doctors should be shot.

Then we got frankly STUPID advice. One says to K "He's probably sucking in too much air when you burp him. Burp him less."

Nobody mentioned that he wasn't gaining like he was supposed to. Nobody told us that the kid was not doing well.

And that's why the only reason I'm agreeing to stay with these idiots is if we get this Dr. Stewart K finally got Monday. Because I am hugely unimpressed right now.

Luckily, the boy has a GI specialist appointment today. We're coming in, armed to the teeth, ready to fight for them to stop dicking around and telling us what is going on with our boy and how we can fight it.

This is the sounds of a father who's had it with his son being sick and so-called medical professionals not giving good answers. Compiling the boy's medical history reminds me just how much stupid we've had to deal with. And I'm not accepting any anymore.


Oct. 19th, 2009 08:02 am
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If I say something like "Hey, I've been getting between 5 and 6 hours a sleep for the last 6 days" (which is true, I have.) and I'm tired, I do not want to hear you say "Wait til the baby arrives."

I'm already aware of the fact that the baby will wake us up and it will suck but PLEASE SHUT UP! Firstly, it isn't the point. Secondly, I get it already.

It's like a broken record. I say I'm tired and someone says "Wait til the baby arrives."

I realize this is well-meaning people trying to communicate a shared pain in my direction, but I'm not interested in hearing it anymore.

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Dear Science Fiction Channel (aka Sci-Fi, now the channel known for destroying Farscape)

I *AM* the general public. When your channel was first growing, I'm the one that watched you and your infinite Star Trek Reruns.

But now you think you're too good for me? That, heavens help, Sci-Fi brings images of furtive viewing from that geek with four-inch thick glasses in his mother's basement?

Do you know what I think your problem is "SyFy"? It's the fact that you lost the real geeks a LONG time ago by trashing good shows you used to put on, such as Farscape. You lost the geeks to the Discovery Channel and the Science Channel and instead you put on total garbage. Destination Truth? Ghost Hunters? These are some of your best programs?

And while we're at it. Is that really what you think a geek is? That tired old cliche? Are we all the geeks from "Saved by the Bell" to you? Boy, are you off the mark. There's so much geekiness that doesn't fall into your little cliche... most of the people on this friends' list, most of the people on my friends' list back on CC don't fit into your little cliche. But.. if you want to go with cliches, let me tell you what cliche YOU remind me of "SyFy". You remind me of the adolescent boy, still growing up, trying to figure out who he is and trying to figure out if he's as 'uncool' as he fears he is. You're in Denial, "SyFy", and you're adolescence is astounding.

So good luck to you "SyFy". I've not watched you much before (because of the drek you put on your station), but I'm fairly sure I won't be watching you hithertoforward either.

PS: If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read here
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Anyone who believes Obama is a terrorist.. is an idiot. I'm sorry, but it needs to be said. Anyone who really believes that just because Obama met an ex-terrorist who is now a respected college professor in Chicago, and thus must be a terrorist himself.. is an idiot. A total moron.
Anyone who still believes that Obama is a Muslim.. is an idiot.

Anyone who believes that just because ACORN is backing Obama and just because Obama defended ACORN once as a trail lawyer, that he must be for fraudulent voter registration... is a total and complete moron.

Anyone who believes that Obama is like Reverend Wright, a super-radical black man who wants to punish whites.. is a complete and total dunderhead (and clearly didn't bother to watch the debates)

Anyone who actually thinks that it's OK to scream "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!" and get VIOLENT on the campaign trail.. isn't just an idiot, but a very very scary nutjob as well. These are the idiots that I hope the Secret Service is keeping an eye on because they'll be the ones who try to gun down a president.

There. I've said it.
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It's Great To Know (tm) that we (America) don't need any help looking for survivors. At least, we're not inviting Canada to come over and help out.
What. The. Fuck?

Well, fuck, why doesn't someone tell the Red Cross so they can go home too?

*WHACKS Bush with a Fucking Clue by Four of doom*

Please remember this, Republicans. People are offering assitance and we aren't inviting them in. THIS is your candidate's "leadership" in action.

This post goes public.
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I wrote, some time ago, about what it was like to be a white boy in a predominantely lower class black neighborhood.
I wondered, aloud, how this might change me.
I think I know the answer.. it probably won't shock any of you.
If anything else, some might say I've gone rascist. I haven't really. I don't think all black people are XXX or YYY, but I feel my attitudes changing slightly.

I've been trying to find the words to write about my neighbors. It's hard. It's hard treading upon the race line and not coming off sounding like a complete bastard. It's hard not repeating myself on the few safe points I can make.

If anything else, I have a better appreciation for you folks out there who.. are very little like these people here.

I can honestly say that, a year ago, I'd never ever ever consider moving to Virginia. That's republican country. That's the place where whacked out senators suggest whacked out ideas like forcing women to publicly record when they go to abortion clinics.
That's changed totally. I'd totally live near a bunch of "redneck" middle class white republicans over living here.
I've never missed Amherst so much. Maybe I was sheltered, but honestly, I would never ever ever live this close to a city again. I'm a suburban boy. I realize this now. I like living NEAR cities where things happen, but not in them.
And people wonder why most cities can't seem to have a positive cash flow. :p Now that I've lived this close to one, I truly can say I understand.

More news

May. 18th, 2005 12:11 pm
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It's good to know that sexism is alive and well in the army.
What a brilliant idea! The Army can't get enough recruits as it is, let's make sure that they get even less by both closing 21,000 spaces to women but also showing yourselves as sexist, in time of war when many people are already wary of joining the army or reserves because of the WAR.
Fuckin' idiots.
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Dear Media Centers of the World,

Exactly why am I supposed to care if Paula Abdul was in a relationship with Corey Clark?
Why the hell am I supposed to care why some soon-to-be-wed woman pretended to be kidnapped but ran away to Vegas instead?
Are these stories really worth the constant expose on otherwise decent televsion programs?
Is there so little newsworthy activities going on around the world that this is the best I can see?
This is pretty lame, guys. Really really lame.

An unhappy viewer.


May. 3rd, 2005 05:46 pm
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Can I say how much They Might Be Giants is beginning to PISS ME OFF!
First, their newest project, Here Come the ABCs. As far as I can tell, No may have been a "kids" album, but it wasn't aimed at the Barney Crowd. Here Come the ABCs looks like it is. Not only that, but the music is... terrible. I won't download it and I consider myself a very devout fan.
Now is telling me that, lo and behold, TMBG is coming out with Yet Another Frikkin' Compilation
Did I miss something here? Wasn't Dial-A-Song enough?

Someone had better get their ass in gear and start coming up with some quality stuff cause I ain't buying this crap...
And I certainly as fuck don't want to go to a TMBG concert if they're playing "Here Come the ABCs"
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If there was something the last... well, since November has shown me it's.. how suddenly conservative the nation feels.

Things are looking bad for those of us liberals who are interested in neutering the ever-expanding power of corrupt companies, of educating the masses of illiterate people, of making the world a safer place by NOT causing world-wide chaos, of making sure that every man, woman and child, despite their sexual orientation, or gender have rights over their own body.

We are besieged on all sides by a very powerful and scarily well-organized christian coalition. And the democrats... are becoming scarcer and scarcer.

I can't begin to tell you my disgust at every battle we liberals are fighting.

The Alaska Wilderness is all but toast, soon to be an environment disaster and for what? Will it bring the price of gas down? Even Bush has said No, not really.

The war in Iraq is "going well", if you don't count the fact that there's still a shit load of American kids overseas and they're still being picked off in groups of three or four by angry Iraqi insurgents.

The war against a gay rights and a woman's right to even the most PRACTICAL of birth controls is soon to be at the forefront.. and.. you're going to lose. Women will probably lose abortion again. They may lose ability to get birth control. And.. for what?

I think there's a sort of.. attitude inside the republican party of "Grab what you can now and don't worry about tommorow." Every one of their policies seems, to me, to make the world a WORSE place for tommorow, not better.

It completely boggles the mind. It's like they can't see through the reality of the situation and.. guesstimate where things go from there.

Take away birth control and.. what? Do you think men and women will stop lusting?
I heard something that shocked the hell out of me on [ profile] kiwiria's journal yesterday. Someone commented to her that.. she thought that Catholics didn't cheat. And she was devastated that her husband of 10 years did.
Lust.. is. Men and women lust. Taking away birth control won't stop us from lusting, it will just mean we have more babies to feed.
Well, babies are good, right? We all should have babies.
Except... no. Take a look at Africa or Asia, places where birth control isn't always practiced, if at all. Sure, America's richer than Africa or Asia, but there's still only so many resources at our disposal.. for food, for heat, for shelter, that.. eventually you do run out.

I could go on... I really could, but... chances are, you know.

I know that history goes in circles. We gain rights, we lose rights. The country becomes progressive, the contry becomes conservative. It's just.. worrying, aggravating, upsetting.

I just hope things don't go too far right. To the point where we've screwed ourselves royally.
And keep fighting to make sure the republicans don't get their way. They've got the white house, the senate and the house and now they're going after the judges. That's the scary part.. They're smart, the opposition, and very well organized and so far they've gotten their way.
I hope eventually we get our act together as well as they have and can kick their backwater asses out of power. Please.
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OK, I'm in a particularly foul mood today, and something stupid just raised my hackles, so I'm going to spot gibberish in my journal for a little bit.

Society teaches us we're supposed to be open-minded, to respect everyone regardless of race, religion, sex, personal beliefs, personal handicaps, age and any number of other options.
And then turns around and paints everything in broad strokes of Men and Women, Black and White, Catholic and Protestant.
We teach our kids in equality. I swear to god (and I'll fight you tooth and nail on this one, Kristen), I WILL NOT. I will teach my children to see in black and white (possible pun not intended) because that's how the world works.

Deep inside, we know that there's no equality. We know men aren't EQUAL to women. We know that gay people aren't equal to straight people. We know handicapped people are not equal to those of us who aren't.
The argument, the since-man-became-conscious argument that's been going on is: Who is Better.

You hear it all the time:
The bible tells you homosexuality is immoral. So straight people are BETTER than gay people.
You hear off-color jokes about how once you go black, you don't go back. Blacks are BETTER lovers than whites.
And, hell, even the dean of Princeton is trying to tell us (I'm NOT saying he's right) that boys are BETTER than girls at Science and Math.

We can try to see past the common divisions: past religion, politics, race, sex etc. etc... I'm saying try, because most of us can't.. because most people clothe themselves in ONE of these divisions.. as a good liberal or a good christian or as a black worthy of black pride.
We can TRY to see past these people.. and try to see everyone as individuals.. and then discover, for yourself, that there are STILL worse people and better people.

My point.. if there's much of a point here at all is... let's get off the equality talk. There is no equality. Try to accept people as individuals, try not to lump and accept that some of us suck and some of us rock and that there will ALWAYS be divisions between those who suck and those who rock.
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Now, from Paramounds Entertainment.. the newest, scariest disaster movie ever: 3 to 6 inches!
BE GLUED TO YOUR SEAT as the half a foot of snow DESTROYS National Monuments

Movie Clip: My God! The Washington Monument! It's Fallen over!
Curse You, Mother nature! Curse you!

GASP as the snow grinds government to a halt!

Movie Clip: My God! The snow caused Air Force One To Fly into the ocean! The President is Dead!
My God! The Snow has caved in The White House! And Congress!

ANGUISH at the desperation of common people just like yourselves!

Movie Clip: Hovering Helicopter: And as you can see below you, this is the 100th car in the 243-car pileup on the Beltway! Hundreds dead! Hundreds more injured! When will this madness end?!?!

3 to 6 inches! Coming to a theater near you!!
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It really boggles the mind how some completely moronic people can take some completely off the wall situation and say that someone is gay.
Take any example: .. let's take the most FUN one.. Spongebob.
Apparently Spongebob is gay because he has a best buddy named Patrick. And they do all sorts of wild and crazy things together episode after episode.
And this makes them gay.

The concept is absolutely mindboggling.

The concept that we are incapable of having a friendship with a person of our sex without it being sexual is absolutely mindboggling. The concept that two men or two women who live under the same roof MUST be homosexual is absolutely mindboggling.

It's mindboggling how you can take Bert and Ernie who, given that the show is aimed at toddlers, have done nothing more disgraceful than quibble and they MUST be homosexual is absolutely mindboggling.

I actually wish Freud were alive right now. I have to wonder what Freud would say about people like this. I imagine he'd something very rude, most likely suggesting that these backwater hicks are projecting their own homosexuality upon Bert and Ernie.
Then again, maybe not. I dunno.

It's really disconcerting to me to see our generation growing up under the influence of morons like this. More disturbing because obviously the evangelical movement is WORKING... from small grass roots campaigns to a good portion of the American government.
An entire generation of people so small-minded and deluded that I can't even begin to comprehend their universe. I can't even comprehend a world where the new testament must be taken literally (except where it isn't) and where Faith has more power than reason. (And no, I really don't think reason ever enters into it. Reason requires thought. It requires telling society to go fuck itself so that you can think through things yourself an come up with what, to you, is the best answer.)

I fear for the world my children will be brought into. I only hope that I, and those like me, will be able to pass wisdom to our child.. to make him capable of thinking for himself and questioning the faith and values of those around him.
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First it was Bert and Ernie, then Tinky Winky, then (apparently) Spongebob.

Now the fucking religious right have a problem with BUSTER BUNNY (from the Arthur the Aardvark universe).

Because he's got a new show (where he travels around the world learning about things) and he goes to Connecticut to learn about how maple syrup is made and *GASP* he goes into a house with a HOMOSEXUAL marriage.

Let me say that again, on learning about how to make maple syrup, Buster bunny, a show aimed at young children, went into a house where two adult women lived.

And the fucking stupid ass backwater bible thumping evanfuckingelical Christians want to ban the show because a young child is *gasp* being exposed to homosexuality.

I really hate these assholes. Really hate.

Fucking idiots.
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So, it's back. The big "should christmas be celebrated at school" debate.
Well, no, it never really went away, but it's back in the limelight again.

I definately have a position about this, and I'll get to that, but first a little bit of personal history.

My senior year of high school, my school district, Williamsville School District did the unthinkable: they banned overtly religious songs and displays from their schools. This was unheard of, unthinable! Well, not really, but as a Senior, that's a great deal of what I heard.
The problem was this.. and this is true, I suspect, of all these suburban school districts that this argument is happening in.. as far as anyone could see, the district was predominantly christian (false - it turns out the neighborhood had a really pretty good mix of christians (all denominations), jews, muslims and.. other (I had no understanding of the other, but trust me, they were there.)
The issue at stake wasn't about songs like Frosty the Snowman, but about "Silent Night" and "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen". There was a growing majority of the district population who did not feel that these overtly religious songs belonged in a public school setting.
A referendum occured (at the time, I did not want to go, my mom dragged me. But 11 years later, I'm glad I was there.). I remember it fairly clearly, actually. My mom, Marc and I went to North. As we stepped in, we passed a bunch of Born Agains singing Christmas Carols.. and one loonie old woman going on and on about how the jews were trying to take away their heritage. We went inside the auditorium and all concerned citizens were allowed to speak their minds. There was a little of both: both people who felt that these songs were harmless, part of American heritage and should be left alone.. and those who felt it was specifically not.
Anyways, a vote passed and overtly christian songs were banned. Gone.
Instantly, the entire school district was a mockery. We were the PC school district.
An interesting note.. at the time all of this was going on, yours truly was collecting CDs from a local radio station: 97 Rock. By and large, the CDs were bad (I loved them anyways) parodies of rock songs about.. The Buffalo Bills. (Yellow Submarine turned into the Yellow Steelers Team and, my favorite right now, Dude Looks Like a Lady turned into Drew (yes, Bledsoe) throws like a lady.) Anyways, the year this happened (and a whole slew of other big item tickets in Buffalo THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH SNOW) happened, 97 Rock turned out a CD about Buffalo. I still have and enjoy this CD. (Especially songs like "Erie County Fair" and "Peace Bridge" and "Cheektowaga Polka" (I'll hook you two up, [ profile] blackfelicula and [ profile] ecwoodburn. You would appreciate!) And, of course.. the Williamsville School District's CHristmas Carols.. like We Wish You a Memorable Seasonal Tidings.
At the time, I was both angry that we kids had been put into the middle of a very adult problem.

11 Years Later..
It's back.
I've grown up since then and I've definately learned some things since then.
And I still staunchly agree with the Williamsville Policy.
Personally, I have a very Grinch-like attitude toward Christmas. I suspect it's because I'm an outside. I've never celebrated Christmas. It's meant nothing to me. All I see is that for one month a year, everyone gets "Holiday Spirit"( they try to be nice to one another. Something they apparently can not do the other 11 months.), and the popular media is awash with a butt ton of Christmas Songs, Christmas movies and Christmas TV Specials.
I see the truth behind the facade. People who will be nice on the phone go into a store and start cussing out the poor guy at the counter because they are too stupid to read the sale sign correctly or because the manufacturers cause a drought of Tickle-Me-Elmos until the week before Christmas so it seems like they're always sold out.
Moreover, I see an important religious holiday converted into a capitalist's wet dreams: presents and cards and candy and gaudy lawn displays.

More than all that, though, what I see is an otherwise secular nation suddenly converted into Christmas Mode. And it disturbs me.
I wonder how many people have ever thought about what it says about our culture that for over a month, America lives and breathes Christmas, despite the fact.. and I want to make this perfectly clear, America is NOT a Christian nation and Christmas is NOT a national holiday.
I think this is the important point right there. America is NOT a Christian Nation. I'm not sure how many Americans do actually celebrate Christmas, but I strongly suspect it's a great deal less than one might guess due to the complete tidal wave of Christmas songs, movies, television specials etc.

So, let's get back to our original topic of discourse: religious songs in public theatre.
And I say no. No that's not right.
I'm not saying No to Frosty or Rudolph or We Wish You a Merry Christmas. I'm saying that Jesus should be left at home.. or at church, but not at school.
This is the part people don't get: They're upset because we want to close one forum. Yes, I do agree that school is an important place for your child, but you have no more right to demand that they sing "o Holy Night" than I do that they go up on stage and sacrifice kool aid and graham crackers to the Lord and Lady and wish the Lord a happy death.
That's the heart of it right there. Just because there are more of you doesn't mean it's right. Just because the nation goes Christmas-crazy doesn't mean it's right either.

Keep Jesus out of the Christmas Play.
Thank you.

I am keeping comment enabled. Feel free to argue.
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So, as I said yesterday, I watched the 9/11 Special on CBS. I also saw the tower of lights they erected in New York City. I'm not sure it fills me more with patriotism than with fear or worry.
I've been thinking alot lately about a certain question: Have we, the American People, REALLY changed since 9/11? A mere 6 months later, people are getting back into their routines, living their lives in a normal fashion. Has anything really changed?
Right now, they say, people are able to look past race and sex and religion and see each other as Americans... more than ever before. Is this true? Based on what? I'm not sure I disbelief, but I have to wonder how long it lasts.
My answer is simple.. it'll last until Al Qaeda and those who harbor Al Qaeda are defeated. When we finally vanquish the enemy, we'll go back to hating each other.
I think one thing that's changed is that, all of a sudden, billions of americans everywhere realized that their cities and states were.. insignificant. That they now HAD to look past their own borders to know what's going on in the world.. before it hits us again.
I was reading an interesting article. It was about Ari Flieschman's (not sure I have the name right) recent comment blaming Clinton for allowing Al Qaeda to grow.
It said, and I agree, that it ISN'T Bill Clinton's fault. It's ours. Because we didn't want to look past our own borders to the troubles around us and felt secure and happy and peaceful and there was little real chance of getting us into a war with an idea until... something happened.
It makes me more suspicious that Septmeber 11th was a setup. That our government knew something was going to happen, allowed it to happen... but no one; not Osama bin Laden, not our own government.. knew how bad it would be.
Because if they hadn't allowed something to happen, we'd still be blissfully unaware and evil (and I do believe these radical islams are evil) would be allowed to grow inside and outside of our own borders.
I truly believe that, as a people, Americans are notoriously isolationists. America is so far away from most current events and so we don't care. It's easier to just deal with our own dull little lives and let current events be.. unimportant. And it takes something like this or Pearl Harbor to snap us out of it and realize... A) we're not invulnerable and B) we NEED To be aware of what's going on in the world around us.
The world is a scary place... there's calling for war in Israel, terrible violence in India and Pakistan, and... who knows what else. Those are just two examples that have been in the news recently.
There's been alot of question lately... 6 months after 9/11. What's next? I heard a poll that said 80% of Americans believe that this isn't over... that this war won't take place just in Afghanistan, but on American soil, killing Americans innocents.
I'm with that 80%. I believe that something else will happen: potentially more terrible than 9/11.
We haven't done jack shit to the Al Qaeda network. We've POSSIBLY (but not necessarily) taken Afghanistan away from them.. but, even then, for how long. I heard tale (in TIME of course) that America recently had to REBOMB Al Qaeda Terrorist training camps where Al Qaeda terrorists were regrouping.
And Afghanistan is only the tip of the iceburg. Even if we shut down the ONE nation, there are so many more. Some which no one's sure how to deal with.
Take Saudi Arabia... we have to go in there and either whup some ass or get their government to whup some ass. Because Al Qaeda is VERY strong there (along with various Palestinians terror groups). News suggests to me that, while they don't want to anger us, they're slow to get their own terrorists out.
What do we do about this?
What do we do about Israel itself? Israel is decidedly our ally, but it's a haven of terrorists and busting them (if you haven't seen current events) is messy and not working as well
Hell, what do we do about US? We've busted NO American Terrorist Cells. They've hidden and we don't know how to get to them. The INS (Jesus, 60 Minutes ripped the INS a *NEW* one last night. And the Red Cross too.. more on that to come.) is a joke at the moment... our borders are still very weak. And there's serious concern that WHEN something else happens in America, we won't be ready for it.
This is where Americans have changed... we're more aware (to various degrees) of what's going on, we've reevaluated (some of us) what's important to us and we realized that our time alive may be much shorter than we'd like and... tried to deal with it.
And I can't help that laugh that, most likely, everything WE fight for here and now... will be torn down by our children who don't understand the need for tighter security and think that the powers that be have too much power and have been abusing it.

On a vaguely related topic, as I know I've said more than once, I'm no longer a fan of the Red Cross. I know that I (and most of America) donated money FOR THE VICTIMS and FAMILIES of 9/11. And, as so far, 6 months later... most of it hasn't found it's way to the victims. I don't know what the Red Cross has done with it (there are various rumours).
60 minutes, last night, ripped the Red Cross a new one. It did it's research and found some VERY interesting facts. It never actually mentioned 9/11, sticking with the San Diego office of the Red Cross, but it was vaguely insinuated that the problem doesn't just lie in the San Diego office.
Two problems mentioned: 1) The Big Quake of 89.. the Red Cross got a few million for the victims of the Big One.. and most of it never got into San Diego until the city took the Red Cross to court.
In another episode, a smaller disaster.. a fire that burned a few homes... the Red Cross not only gave NO aid to the people who had lost their homes, but then proceeded to use the pictures of the residents to collect money in their name.. which they also didn't get.
It took a huge court battle and what was found out was that the funds were, instead, used on a new phone system. After the court battle, the Red Cross finally had to pay the residents.
I suspect that it will take another court battle to get money to the victims of 9/11 and their families.
Until then... I know *I* will never donate to Red Cross again.
Yes, I know.. I DO hold grudges... but this one I'll stick by...

I can't think of much else to say except to post my weight.
As I thought, the 251 was due to my being sick. Apparently, it was.
Today's weight is 253 (it WAS 252, but it was a rough weekend)

Hasta luego, folksies!
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I have a headache. It's been gaining on me since 8:30 this morning when I went to check my email to find out that NO ONE APPARENTLY GOT the second version of my report. So I've been scrambling to get it finished.
Add to it that I'm now stuck in the trailer waiting for a place to find a 250 meg zip disk so that I may continue playing with the project and get it DONE by 3:30


Part of my headache is overstress at the world. Lots of things i've planned on discussing here and I haven't had the time to... from the supposed "peace plan" certain Saudi Arabian princes offer (What a bloody brilliant line.. yes, have Israel go back to their pre-1967 war boundaries... losing Old Jerusalem and the Western Wall and you will "Talk to the arab world to promise peace")
I'm sorry... maybe it's my Jewish heritage, but Jerusalem ISN'T your most holiest of cities like...I can't think of the name of the city that muslims try to go to each year, but it's in Saudi Arabia. Jerusalem *IS*, however, the Jews most holiest of cities.
I mean, if y'all were willing to let Jews have access to Jerusalem to be able to pray and live, it'd be one thing, but history suggests you weren't willing to do that before Israel took Jerusalem back and I seriously doubt you'd do it now.

It's really easy to get into an anti-palestinian, anti-arab mood.
It's very easy to feel sorry for all the innocent americans of arab decent who will probably spend the majority of the next 20 or so years looked upon with hatred... or at least distrust.

I was reading a very disheartening story in TIME Magazine. The question is... are we prepared for another 9/11... and can we stop it?
The fact is.. we're not.
While there has been increased communication between the intelligence bureaus... very little has actually changed for the better. It's still too easy to get explosives or like onto a plane. It's too easy to cross the border and the fact is we've still managed to bust 0 American Terrorist Cells.
Which, I believe, doesn't mean they aren't there... they're just hiding.
And I truly believe something else WILL happen. Something even more horrific than 9/11.
*shakes head*

I've come to the conclusion that the human being is an unsalvageable wretch: pathetic and terrible. Each and every one of us has the potential to be a monster, a terrible inhuman beast. I don't know where the line lays between the "Good guys" and the "bad guys" anymore, because we're ALL the bad guys.
I look to India and Pakistan... I've met a few people from both countries and I've liked them all. But they have such TERRIBLE hate for each other. There are stories of people in India taking women and children, stripping them publicly and raping and defiling.
It's not as if either nation is what I'd call a third world country either. These are educated intelligent people.
Except that they aren't intelligent. They're terrible, horrible, inhuman bastards. In this week's TIME there's a story of a poor girl who lost her entire family in riots... of Hindus LIGHTING FIRES to four year old boys and killing them!
Or we could go to the inhuman beasts preaching to our catholics in Boston and beyond who have found it OK with their god to sodomize and harass young boys. More inhuman beasts.
Or there are the stories of the Afghani who gave American military information that a wedding party was really a group of Al Qaeda terrorists when it was... a wedding part. All so that said Afhani could repay some "debts". I hope that man burns in hell.

I should stop reading the news. I think it's getting unhealthy for me.

In any case, time permitting, I'll be playing Tropico tonite and make the headache go away.

Sorry for the odd rambling. I'm in a rambling mood.

Hey, that's fun to say.
Try it with me.
Wheeheeheeheeheee :D

er... right.
Oh, and did I mention that I'm apparently Kar's hero?
Apparently I got so ramblingweird in one post, I blew her mind.
Woo! :D

OK, time to post and finish things up.
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I'm feeling better than I was yesterday. I really was beginning to feel crappy. The throat just kept hurting and hurting to the point I thought I'd choke on simple cold water. :P (Thank god I was smart and bought some Jolly Ranchers before going down to Letchworth. It didn't help MUCH, but it did help :P )
I'm feeling better, as I said, but my voice sounds all...odd. I dunno, methinkx maybe my vocal chords are gooed up with mucous or something. *shrug*

So, yesterday... yesterday was LOVELY!
Between not sleeping well due to hurty-throat, the work computer memory chip dying.. and then letchworth.
Let me TELL you about the trip to Letchworth :P
It started at 12:00.. it was rainy and yucky.
Heather and I loaded the stuff into Heather's car and waited for Chris.
About 10 minute late, Chris shows up. No problem, really.
So we get on the road. No probably getting there.
So 1:45 we pull in, get Dave Herring (head Park Engineer) and go to the first collector. Pop the Diver into the computer to find out that NO DATA WAS RECORDED! NONE! ZIP! ZERO! ZILCH!
Not only that, but the tests we did (Temperature, Conductivity and pH) seemed to take forever.. at least temperature and conductivity.
So, 7 1/2 hours after we left, we returned to Buffalo with very little data and lots of frustrations. (Though Dave Herring probably is more frustrated)

And now a thoughtful discussion *snicker* and a poll )
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First off, I went to go see "The Mothman Prophecies" last night. CREEPY CREEPY movie. Not bad, just creepy! All in all, it was an alright movie. Certainly not a new favorite, but it was okee. Just be ready to be scared a bit, especially if ghosts scare you.

In just under a week, I'll be with [ profile] kareila, [ profile] alierak, [ profile] trillain, [ profile] dawnstar, [ profile] kolys, [ profile] phinnia and [ profile] tallin (assuming all goes well.) at the Galleria Mall, having lunch and having a good time. I'm really quite excited about it. All these people I haven't seen (and some favorite I have). More excited about the prospects of lunch with all these peoples then the actual concert (which I am looking forward to, but Indigo Girls isn't one of my favoite bands (not like the excitement I'd feel of going to see BnL or TMBG or Cake or something)
Still, I'm excited. It'll be cool to meet peoples.

Had a big fight with my littlest brother last night. Still a little bothered about it. It started out over typical things.. accusations that I'm not holding up my end of the household chores, but he's not holding up his end of the household chores (of course, they're getting done anwyays, so chances are.. we both are, even if it's late at times.), but it evolved into how I don't treat him like a grown up (which I can't say I fully understand his arguments about.)
As I understand it, here is one of the underlying problems. I am 8 years older than Josh.. I have a, in general, better relationship with my mom. We bicker alot, but we get on pretty well. On the other hand, Josh doesn't really relate to my mom in the same ways and ends up getting yelled at alot for stupid teenage stuff. We've tried to include him in our conversations, but he rarely has anything to say on the subjects we speak about. I think he's really jealous of our relationship, buit I can't say I think there's any sort of real answer here. We've tried to include him, but while we're downstairs watching TV together and arguing over politics or Boston Public, he's up in his room.
And then he thinks I'm a lousy brother because by the time night finally gets here, I'm edgy and grumpy and have found something else to be annoyed/angry about (a common occurance, I must admit.) Night is, if I can manage it, my cooldown period. I chill out, relax, play games or hang on Chaotic or whatever. Meanwhile, Josh gets home from work/practice/school and wants attention.
So let me reiterate... here I am, more often than not, grumpy over a hard day or something I felt someone's done to me, and here he is, looking for me to ask him how his day is, to be attentive etc.
I can SEE his point, but at the same time, he needs to see mine. I'm willing to work out some sort of compromise, but there are just going to be days I'm too busy or grumpy and he has to accept that. Period.
I'm not certain where this came from, but he needs to realize that, while not perfect, the family he's got now is certainly better than some of the alternative. We're not perfect, but we act pretty well as a family unit. Certainly better than we did with Marc around.
I dunno where he's getting his ideas from, but this is who we are and this is how we act as a family unit. It's not bad at all.

Actually, I'm frustrated over other matters. Talking to someone today who just...
I'm a cynic, but I feel like I understand people. People in general and people I know fairly well in specific. Hence, it amazes me sometimes when people are bloody STUPID. Example of bloody stupidity..
Sue is having a bad day, she's depressed and upset. So Mary takes that moment to pester her about something inconsequential right then and there instead of waiting a day.
Bloody stupid!
Listen, folks... you need to be aware of the people around you... yeah, yeah, I know.. Pot. Kettle. Black.. but, regardless, you need to look around you at the people you interact with. Before saying something ask yourself "How will this person ask if I say this? How would *I* feel if this was asked of me."
You would solve half the world's problems if you just THOUGHT a second.
Person A is sick, and hence, miserable. Person B is mad at something Person A did. If PErson B would WAIT until Person A was less miserable to confront him/her with whatever Person B is mad at, it would stop alot of arguing before it happened.
Just think a second, will ya?
Otherwise, you get called selfish, callous and unfeeling.

That's all I gotta say for now.
So I'll post this.

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