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This is kinda meaningless, in that it has little to no meaning to anyone but me, but it was kinda interesting to do anyways. :)The List )

The results aren't much of a surprise. Favorite artist is.. TMBG, followed closely by Weird Al (who hit his peak in the 80s and the 90s). BnL was hit and miss (for every good album they had, the next one never really worked well..), as was Fruvous.

Looks like 1992 and 2001 were REALLY good years for music.

It's no shock that since I started collecting CDs back around 1992, that's when things start getting continuous.
Except for 2005.
.. there's a few decent songs from 2005, The Caesars "Jerk it Out", OK Go's "Here we go again", but nothing really stuck as far as great albums. *shrug*

Meaningless, but interesting anyways. :)


Jul. 15th, 2009 07:17 am
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Apparently, Weird Al is putting out an 'internet single' that includes five different songs being released one after another.

His latest, "Skipper Dan" was released yesterday and I kinda like it. I'm not sure, but I'm thinking it might be a style parody of Weezer's 'Red Album'. The song reminds me strongly of "Pork and Beans" in some places. v
But then again I could be wrong.

I'm mostly tickled because the song is about a guy who works at the "Jungle Cruise" ride in Adventureland.

I like this song better than the last two singles ("Whatever You Like" and "Craig's List".)

I've been playing alot of Guild Wars recently. Actually, I restarted from the last time I played and decided to try to be a Ranger. With a Monk Secondary Class, but I'm not doing much with that just yet.

We're probably going to see Harry Potter this weekend. I've heard at least one really good review, so... well, we're going to see it anyways, but it's good to know they didn't totally screw it up.

In a week and a half, the wife and I are headed up to Chautauqua for vacation. I'm excited for a week of doing very little.

And.. that's just about it.


Jun. 16th, 2009 07:01 am
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Got the newest Weird Al single off iTunes this morning, "Craiglist". It's a spot-on style parody of the Doors. It's Weird Al at his best doing what he can do and none else do, some real good style parodies.
If you like Weird Al and like the Doors *eyes [personal profile] kareila*, I suggest getting this song for $1.29

Driving up to Philadelphia early Thursday. I've got Project Management Training. It should be interesting and a break from some of the garbage going on over here.

Work's been especially stressful lately. Another one of our engineers quit a week ago and so that means extra work load for all of us. I've now got 14 active cases on my docket, some of which aren't giving up without a fight. It's made work incredibly stressful and frustrating.

One day someone's going to tell me that the Powers that Be have managed to actually get a new contract started. I don't know when that day will be. Especially since the contract was supposed to begin last March. But.. one day.

And that's about it from over here. K's been writing up about the CSA so I won't post much about that except to say that finding ways to use some of these recipes has been tricky at times, but we've picked at least one new recipe I like, so that's a benefit. CSA pickup today after K comes home (and eats, maybe.)
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Blind Melon - No Rain
Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains (might need the Richard Cheese version of this song too)
B. J. Thomas - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (Triple Swing - Dammit, I really can't listen to music normally anymore!)
The Cascades - Rhythm of the Rain
Johnny Rivers - Summer Rain
Nelson - After the Rain
Queensryche - Another Rainy Night (Without You)
Milli Vanilli - Blame It On The Rain (HAHAHAHAHAHA! >;) )
The Weather Girls - It's Raining Men (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! >;) )
James Taylor - Fire and Rain
CCR - Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
CCR - Who'll stop the Rain?
Animaniacs - Several Drops of Rain
Eurythmics - Here Comes the Rain Again
Winnie the Pooh - The Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down
Phil Collins - I Wish It Would Rain Down
Travis - Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
Peter Gabriel - Red Rain
Grease OST - It's Raining On Prom Night
Billie Myers - Kiss the Rain
TMBG - Pencil Rain (I bet I can find a TMBG song for any "list" ;) )
TMBG - When it Rains it Snows

Roxette - Watercolours in the Rain
OK GO - Let it Rain
Caesars - May the Rain
Captain Tractor - West Coast Rain
The Brown Derbies - Dry the Rain (I don't have the Beta Band version)
Honeychurch - Making Rain
Neutron 606 - Teardrops in the Rain
Off-Kilter - A Walk in the Irish Rain
ZEUT - Rain Won't Go Away
Army of Freshmen - It Never Rains in Los Angeles (I think [personal profile] janinedog would like Army of Freshmen
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OK, this may not be the ULTIMATE Halloween Playlist, I'm sure with a few more dollars and more time, I could come up with THAT, however...

My 2008 Halloween Playlist )

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I like Captain Tractor. They are an especially spiffy Canadian Band (I swear, they're Carbon Leaf, but with more of a sense of humor and no electric mandolins). I would like to suggest people like [ profile] dawnstar, [ profile] kolys and [ profile] mythagon, who are Carbon Leaf fans, give Captain Tractor a try. You too, [ profile] kareila
Seriously :)

I mean.. they cover "If I Were A Rick Man" from Fiddler On The Roof! (*wonders how to make his brother, Josh, listen to this*)
And The Arrogant Worms' "Last Saskatchewan Pirate"!

Just.. check 'em out :)
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For those of you looking for scary yet amusing covers of familiar songs, I suggest y'all check out Richard Cheese. He has four albums out: Lounge Against The Machine, Tuxicity, I'd Like A Virgin (LOVE the title!) and, his latest, Aperitif for Destruction. He does... lounge covers of familiar songs. The original concept was to do lounge covers of Alternative and later hits. He does a cover of "Cover" which is far too reminiscent of Sesame Street (AUGH!) and "Only Happy When It Rains" is VERY Reminiscent of "Singin' In The Rain" (Including tapdance part.) He's turned "Rape Me" by Nirvana into a swinging Cha Cha coverand "Sunday Bloody Sunday" into a Mambo.
I'd originally heard of Richard Cheese from [ profile] ar_lain but he's on the iTunes Music Store now (with "Lounge Against The Machine" and "Aperitif for Destruction" only, sadly. Want to get my hands on the other two!)
His latest album takes a swing after "Welcome To The Jungle" (You have NEVER heard Guns n Roses like this. Never. Guns n Roses as a swingin' lounge song.) "Somebody Told Me" is now a sad, weepy lounge cover. And "Been Caught Stealing" features an actual dog.. who may or may not be shot.
Seriously, just for laughs, check this out. And then when your brain melts.. blame [ profile] ar_lain and not me!
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Yay! TMBG won a grammy! Hoorah! Yay! Hoorah!
OK, I'm better now.. :)
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It occurs that I have been so busy being agitated, that I haven't really posted anything about ME lately. So this will probably a long post. As such, I shall do the decent thing and hide it behind an lj-cut tag

Catchup Time )
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As maybe can be guessed by the Subject, this is probably going to be a longish post. Lots of thoughts bouncing around in my head I want to touch on, briefly or... less than briefly.

Let's start with the DiSC test. What is it? It's a personality profile that tells you something about your basic personality: your drives and how you are wont to be. I had to take this test for the design course. The results were.. interesting. Truth be told, the results were dead on about me.
My results were as such...
I am strongly dominant. I want control. Simply put, I need to be in charge. If I'm not in charge, I'm generally not as happy as I could be.
I'm very focused on the tasks in front of me. I'm not, in general, interested so much as the people responsible for getting the tasks done as much as I am for getting the tasks done.
I'm professional. During business meetings, I expect us to stay on track and not run off on wild tangents about what people did this weekend or what some other person is doing.
For feedback, I look to myself and those who have more knowledge in the subject at hand than I. Sure, it's cool if my peers think it's good work, but if an expert or my professor or my boss like it, then *I* know it's good work.
I'm very future oriented. Things happen now in order to get to some result I hope for and want in the future. I'm willing to sacrifice the present for some prefered goal in the future.
I have a very strong personality. I tend to dominate others in that fashion as well. Shy is not I. I'm very verbal.. if I have something that I need to discuss or that's bothering me, I'll just say it.
I tend to think nonlinearly... I can go from steps 1, 2 and 3 to 8 and 9 without any problem. I'm very multifocussed.. able to do three or four things more or less at once. I tend to set a very fast pace for myself that way. As I said before, no dawdling.
I got my results from a professional who helped explain the results of the DiSC test. For those interested in taking the DiSC test, you can take a free version of it HERE and while you may not be able to get all the answers I got, I might be able to supplement a few. I'm lax to explain the test more than that because I'm afraid to do so might give it all away and change the results of the test.
If you DO take the DiSC test, please tell me what your answers are. I'm rather curious :) I suspect I know what a few of you are, but I'd rather not say, again in the hopes of making sure I don't sway the results.

So there's that...
In other news, I'm annoyed.. I'm annoyed for a variety of reasons. My main annoyance is Sid Meier's SimGolf. I bought this game a couple days back and was ready to play (time permitting). I'm still rearing to go. Problem is.. I loaded up, sent it to play and it gave me error messages. I can't get the terrain to load. So what I see are things floating on a "black" terrain. This sucks.
I emailed tech support and the best they had to say is that they were aware of the problem and hope to have a patch out soon.
I guess I'll wait.
On the PLUS hand, if I had played SimGolf, I'd never been able to complete "Running Through The Rainforest" (more on this later).
In other news, my mom is apparently sick. Apparently because I have no idea what she is.. she just says she feels crappy. She's not stuffy, she doesn't look all that bad, she just says she feels crappy. S'cool though.. the weather sucks and *I* dun wanna go anywhere anyways.
And that's reason #3.. the weather... a couple days ago it was bright and sunny and 50. Now it's snapped back... I would have been OK if it had just snowed. Snow I can handle... but NOOO.. it snowed.. and hailed.. and freezing rain.. and rain.. and more freezing rain.. back to hail.. rain.. hail.. freezing rain
Now the ground is slick and slippery and I really DON'T want to drive in it at ALL! Hell, I don't even want to walk in it...
Stupid Weather. :P

And this is a fitting segue into why the pixie is a putz. The pixie has been a putz all day.
I woke up really early, mind.. like 3:30.. tried to sleep for 45 minutes and gave up, went downstairs and screwed around on the computer for another 45 minutes and then went back to bed. I'm a bit tired. This may be part of the reason why I've been so putzy.
Woke up.. made lunch... forgot to put the fork in my lunch pail. So I had to eat salad with a spoon. That was... interesting.
Anyways, put lunch in trunk along with bags. Drive to school.. slowly (the crap weather had started already and I wanted to be careful driving).. was so worried about driving safely that I turned the motor off, turned the lights off, opened the door, locked the door... and preceded to lock my keys in the car.
Called home and mom tells me to call AAA, so I do.
I call AAA, tell them where the car is, tell them to meet me in the front of the Alumni Arena, pick up a Time magazine (to read while I'm waiting) and a Diet Dr. pepper and wait... on the wrong side of the Alumni Arena. Called back over an hour later to find out that they'd been there and I was never in the right place... stupid me. So ask them to call back, wait on the REAL front of the Alumni Arena (you know.. where the front lobby is.. not just a pair of stairs and a door :P ) and get the keys out of my car.
Feeling stupid, I then precede to eat the salad with a spoon.
I go back to the Career COunseling center to get them to take one last look at my Resume before Monday ( a few minor changes were suggested, but otherwise the resume finally looks good! WOO! :) )... get back into the trailer... and the power goes out.
So I stood around for like 20 or 25 minutes, talking to the other guys in the trailer (some of whom are going home in this terrible weather. I would, but for a 3:30 class... we're going to do the teamwork workshop.. you know.. the ROPS COURSE (if you don't know what I'm referring to, you've never been stuck doing a leadership workshop. Consider yourself lucky. It's an amusing way to waste an hour and a half, but I'd rather be at home...)

And now the end.. why I rock.
As I said earlier, since SimGolf WON'T WORK I looked for other things to do... picked up Dance Ejay 2 and decided.. what the heck.. i'll play with it.
By the end of the night, I finished my... *goes to and counts* 19th song (not including remixes which don't count because some of them I did simply because of the vocals wouldn't let me keep in the song because of copyright laws...)
Let me be the first one to say that this song really rocks. I want to make a few minor adjustments before I post it to (with a certain sample that comes in a little too early for my taste and cuts out a little too late), otherwise I'm completely satisfied with the song. it really rocks. :)
For me, that's the test the song has to pass.. if I don't think the song rocks enough, then it's simply not good enough. I don't know if I can explain it much better than that.. I look for a lot of things.. it needs to have continuity and development. It needs to express a theme of some sort (for example Theme to "Haunted Dancefloor of Death" is a near perfect halloween song. It just speaks, to me, halloween... even if I took the sound effects out (heaven forbid) it would speak halloween to me. It just sounds, to me, like a typical slasher film theme. This song, on the other hand, does what I'd hoped to get out of Hunting with the Tribe.. a song that says "Lookie me! I'm a song about a jungle!"
Truth be told, I'm half-considering switching the titles. I'll name THIS one Hunting with the Tribe and the other one Running Through The Rainforest.. it sounds, to me, like it'd make more sense.
Except I won't. I've already named the other Hunting with the Tribe. S'all there is to it.
Anyways, I was lucky and found a whole bunch of great free samples off the ejay web site that I'm rearing to play with and I may end up with a new song on my hands soon. Yay new songs! :)

That's all I can think of to report, so I shall post this.
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Lots to talk about today.

And this week's weight is.. *drum roll*... 264!
That means I've lost a WHOLE POUND this week :P
God damned Plateaus. On the other hand, at least I posted a loss instead of a gain.
Yay, loss!

I had a nice surprise when I got into the trailer today. It's all decorated for christmas. There's streamers all over and bows and little silver bells. And by each office is a little stocking with candy inside. It was a nice surprise and it DOES give the office an extra cheery touch.
And it puts LITE in a holiday spirit (up until I turn the radio on and hear more blasted christmas carols. I can take a few. A few are even catchy (and I LOVE what Bob Rivers does to them >:D )) but a whole month of them is always enough to drive me batty and make me feel very grinch-like.

So, I saw "Heist" on Saturday Night. It was a good movie. Da pixie man gives it four stars out of five. Lots of twists and turns and you're never quite sure what's going on or who has the goods (The movie is called Heist. It's about a Heist.), Gene Hackman or Danny Devito. In the end, it was a lot of fun. A great movie romp!

Then last night, I watched the first part of Jack and the Beanstalk. The idea sounded interesting. What happened if Jack and the Beanstalk actually happened? So the first two hours was a retelling of the story and setup for the next two hours in which a more modern Jack goes and visits (for lack of a better word) Faerieland. For those of you who missed the first two hours, poor you :( It was cute and tuesday's end to the program looks cute too.

This amuses me... some people simply can't let go.
Player Name On For Idle Are You In The Holiday Spirit Yet?>
eStebe 22:47 1m I didn't misspell WHORE, I have a log.

What else? My checks were finally shipped off last Saturday. I had to order new checks. Don't recall if I ordered the "furry friends" (kitty and puppy poses together) or.. the ones with the amusingly bright background. Regardless, though, they've shipped.

What else?
Do you realize I have only five more days of class? Yay, end of classes! Yay, upcoming christmas vacation.. Boo, finals and final projects.

That's all I can think of to say for now. Hasta, folksies!
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Another random entry coming. Consider yourself warned.

Let's start with today's Subject. I was at the mall yesterday.. didn't buy a whole lot. Put money down on The Sims: Hot Date which SHOULD BE OUT IN LESS THAN A WEEK :D :D :D and bought a new Terry Pratchett Book "The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents" which is Terry Pratchett's take on the Pied Piper story.. in Discworld! It should be amusing and fun! :D

On the subject of new things, my Brown Derbies CD "Jericho" FINALLY got here (I only ordered it in AUGUST) but it's here and it's cool and the new one out next year sometime should be even cooler cause they are covering my all time favoritest song ("Birdhouse In Your Soul" for those of y'all who don't know the LITEster well enough). So.. major :D :D :D :D!!

What else? Oh! Welcome our newest livejournaler, [ profile] nissacrosseyed whom I personally gave a code to so she could get a livejournal. I think I'm going to steal something from her and start having today's Quote of the Day. I'll try to keep the quote of the day topical depending on what amuses me or what's on my mind.

So.. I had an odd idea today I'm kick around. An idea for a story I'd like to try to write. The working title of this story is "The REAL story behind the music." The idea? A story written completely in the TMBG Universe. It would star some mad scientist (working Name... Mr. Klaw) who has succesfully been able to test his new invention. A tuning fork that plays a tone that basically acts as a sonic lobotomy. Once you hear the tuning fork, you do more or less whatever Mr. Klaw says to do.
And of course like every mad scientist.. he intends to take over the world. And so he hatches the plan to use these tuning forks in New York City (nor like ours.. bigger, more futuristic. nearly every building is a skyscraper etc.) by adding them to the bells in the new big church they're building.
I haven't worked out who the good guys will be except for an international spy (who was a Hotel Detective, but now she's better connected).
Oh.. and in the middle of all this.. Aliens from Venus land and a cult leader (working name: Spider..) take power.
And all in all it should be a fun romp through a vaguely science-fiction and maybe slightly fantasy world.
Like I said, it's just an idea I'm kicking around.

So Kareila got onto ChaoticMUX yesterday. Apparently she wondered why 6 people had left Chaotic in 1 week. Those six people... Deve, fil, Dustkitten, arabella, scoob and Circa, all wanted off for more or less different reasons. Deve didn't feel right there anymore because he couldn't thrive there and still be himself (no one wanted to hear his Anti-America attitude), fil left over an argument with Aldar (well... last straw apparently) and was the gentleman I posted of a while back who said "You're no more civilized than my dog's left testicle". Dustkitten.. I told you about. And the other three left because of me and my posts two days hence.
So Kareila checks out the livejournal post and I'm sitting here going "Will KAR think it's Sexist/Racist etc?" Kareila is the most open-minded easy going person I know.. if she felt it was sexist or racist.. it probably was.
Anyways her comments were "I'm not sure that ultra-feminism has anything to do with the rise of violence agaisnt women." and that the whole thing had been blown completely out of proportion and SHE still likes me.
To me this was basically like "Alright.. despite what ara and scoob say, I'm NOT suddenly an asshole!" so I feel slightly better now that I've passed the Kar test.

That's all I can think of posting. So I'll end with Today's quote of the day.

Today's Quote of the Day.
"A wise man is superior to any insults which can be put upon him, and the best reply to unseemly behavior is patience and moderation." - Moliere
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Tori Amos sucks. UGH! Never download her stuff again. Not even if she's doing covers of songs you love.
OK, so I was reading the entertainment magazine we get and they were going on about Tori Amos's new CD "Strange Little Girls" where she covers men's songs so that she can bring out the "true meaning" or.. whatever.
For the most part, I strongly dislike Tori Amos. I think I like only one of her songs (Silent All These Years) and the rest of her stuff is TERRIBLE.
So, my interest, piqued.. i load up audiogalaxy and decide to give a song I try.
Now, personally.. I LOVE "Enjoy the Silence" it's my favorite Depeche Mode song ever... I have the original and various "Techno" and "Dance" versions.
So I tried Tori Amos's...
She doesn't GET it!
First off... let's go through the simple facts. Women CAN NOT sing Men's Songs. Let me qualify this statement.. Men Singers don't sing ONLY Men Songs.. there are Men songs and others..
Let's take Eminem as the perfect example. Take a song like the real Slim Shady or Stan and this is an OTHER song.
Then take the one he wrote on the last album about beating and killing his wife. I forget the actual name. This is a man's song. This is a song that women CAN NOT relate to. Period. (This is probably a song that women don't WANT to relate to.)
This is a song that a woman CAN NOT sing and do it RIGHT.
it's like.. i will survive. the gloria gaynor song.
No man can really sing it.. not right.
So.. anyways... where was I?
Oh yes, my point is Tori Amos sucks.
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I got sTiLe and his cronies to play my song "Theme to 'Haunted Dancefloor of Death' on their Nicole radio program, broadcast live from WWPI, The WPI Radio station. They apparently liked it. Quite a bit. Quoting from Their Website:
LITE is the artist behind the Friday, October 5th playing of "Theme to 'Haunted Dancefloor of Death' (Vocal Mix)", a nifty techno take on an imaginary B-movie. Since people reacted so favorably, we've posted the song here. If you like it, you can hear more of LITE's stuff at

Oh, and by n by,
Click here to find out what robot you really are
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I'm listening to Theme to "Haunted Dancefloor of Death" again. Over and over. I love all my songs but I feel like Dancefloor is one of my all time bests. I mean.. it really sounds, to me, like the theme to some terrible slasher movie.
I think I'd like to make that movie, Theme to "Haunted Dancefloor of Death". I could provide all the music, of course. All I need is a crew willing to help me make what would probably be the all time worst slasher movie of all time.
I can see it now, the plot (or lack thereof). It starts in the middle of a discoteche. The lights go out, a stab, a scream.. thus starts the movie. It would be the worst part of all the terrible slasher movies ever. It would be so hokey it would be funny.
Hmmm... any of y'all in InternetLand want to help me see this vision come true? Even if it never made it to the big screen, it would be a wickedly funny home video to show your kids and say "look how demented your daddy/mommy" is.
I can see a more than passing similarity to Phantom of the Opera in this too.. like.. Phantom of the Dancefloor but alot more deaths and alot less singing.
But there'd be my music, of course.
I like the idea =D.
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THIS is a cool and amusing link about what I would do if I Ever (Goddess Forbid) Became a Vampire.

So, Mink Car is officially out on TMBG Unlimited! That means I have it LEGALLY (whereas before that, I had it ILLEGALLY thanks to a really cool guy). I STILL think the Album Kicks.. even tho The Elegant Too RUINED "I've Got a Fang!" (they couldn't ruin Mr. Xcitement.. it already sucked.) Still.. I'm learning to like Fang and Xcitement regardless. And to think, HOPEFULLY within a month I've got my own AUTOGRAPHED copy of this CD :)

I'm both excited, agitated and bummed.
I am bummed because I was supposed to be at the beach today, but my mom isn't feeling well, so we didn't go.
I am excited because, weather permitting, i should have two of my very best friends at my house in a week and we'll all be going to Six Flags Darien Lake Amusment Park (WHEE!)
I am agitated because my brother's friend Justin was supposed to get me $15 Darien Lake tickets and help me get a cheap price on getting my muffler put back in place and he failed me on both counts. So I now have to go and spend money I have to borrow temporarily to pay for both.

Otherwise, everything is OK. Neogenesis is picking up pace and I'm enjoying it immensely. Just wrote out the Official Rules for doing magick yesterday.
Everything else is cool.



Jul. 31st, 2001 04:32 pm
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My new album "Scintillate Scintillate Asteroid Minific" is finally out. 10 songs for $11 dollars. I hope I can get them people who like my music to buy a CD :) If yer interested to listen to my music first, it's here.. Check it out. It's cool techno :)
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Trying to figure out how to use PEST (stands for Model-Independent Parameter ESTimation) in any sort of useful way. What a pain, man!
Blah blah blah
In other news, I'm not tired like I was yesterday. I actually slept last night. Part of it was the rain, I think. Rain (sans Thunder) is very relaxing to listen to for me. I like it. Of course, when it thunders.. that's a completely different story. Thunder keeps me up. It's too loud to sleep through. At least I'm not afraid of it anymore, tho...
I think I've decided that after work I'm gonna get our Dance E-jay (if I can. Family is having yet another fight. Mom and Josh again...) and take a crack at taking the soundbytes out of Illudium Pew-36 Space Modulator whilst keeping the quality of the song. (It's probably at the moment one of my favorite). Then again, I also intend to start work on a cover for Scintillate Scintillate Asteroid Minific, my second album so I can have sell it (Of course, if anyone wants to buy it.. that's another story).
I'm amused by something I said when to myself when the first album came out two Halloweens ago. Basically I said.. in the first album, I was getting my groove on. In the second album, I'll REALLY begin to rock hard. It's not at all wrong. Not to say that some of my first album songs weren't great (I mean.. C'mon.. Is This A Dream? Ready 4 Takeoff? Battle in Zero G?)...and that all of my second album songs are as great (I still think I'm gonna take another crack at 'In The Circle' one day and see if I can't make it have more of a point than it does..).. but, in general, the quality of my songs have DEFINATELY gotten better. I've learned how to do new tricks with Mixman Pro (such as can be heard on "Breaking Windows"), use a new program (Dance Ejay) which allows me to do certain things Mixman doesn't and just gotten altogether better. Just my musings.
That's all I can think of worth talking about now.
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OK, enough of that.
So I just got done playing with the colour schemes in the friends section, what do y'all think? I tried to mix it up a little (I loved the navy blue.. it worked, but.. I saw Vissith's friends page and the colours worked well n stuff. So.. i thought I'd try it. I like it :)
I think I'm going to buy the $25 full year paid journal.. just so I can have 10 pics.. I can have smokey n cleo n mousey n mystery pics.. and maybe my Picture (which is cool) and maybe a TMBG sign or something. i dunno. I just think I wanna do dat.
And speaking of, I've had my third compliment on my music in like.. two or three weeks. It's making my ego inflate. I mean.. *I* knew my music was good, but WOO! Apparently others think it too! For those of y'all who dun know.. my music can be found here at MP3.Com

Ooo.. Talking heads! I love this song! (And She Was)
The world was moving, she was right there with it.. and she was.
The world was moving, she was (floating above it?).. and she was
And she was.

Got a meeting for ChaoticMUX tonight... still don't know exactly what we'll talk about, but it's an important wizard-type-meeting and from it we should get a few things done (or else.. *grouch*). Then, the plan is to have a players meeting with me and any other staffies who can make it and all the players who can.
In other ChaoticMUX news, Trillian wants me to start up my roleplay that I WAS gonna do on Chaotic a while back. Based vaguely on White Wolf, the idea (I call Neogenesis) is that Magick comes back to earth right now.. and people gotta deal with it and the fact that all sorts (good and bad) have awesome magickal powers... it should be interesting. I guess I'll give it a shot.. but only if there's enough interest to get it started. Three or Four players at least who can meet weekly.
That's all I gotta report, I guess..
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She Was a Hotel Detective
But Now She's Gotten Her Motive
I Don't Think It Was The Money
She Didn't Care About Expensive Things
No Birds or Pearls Or Fancy Cars Or Diamond Rings

She Was a Hotel Detective
But Now She's Better Connected
She Didn't Have To Change Anything
Just The Stencil On Her Window
She Used To Be Quite A Lady
She Drove The Underworld Crazy
But Now She Goes Insane In Her Way
When It Suits Her Occupation
She Read That Motel Directive
It Told Her She Was Defective
I Guess She Found An Easier Way
Up The Ladder And She Took It
Now That Lady is Running The World!!

I lurve that song! :)
So, I found my way back onto EFNet #tmbg.. w00ga. It's been a while since I've been here. Don't remember why I left. Probably annoyed with trying to get into IRC. Met lots of other TMBG fans.. all who, apparently, have decided they are going to HATE the new TMBG album coming out in September, Mink Car. I don't understand why. Yes, they remixed the songs.. but they may NOT be worse.. only one way to find out, right? I, personally, am excited about Mink Car. How could you hate an album that has "I've Got A Fang", "Man, It's So Loud In Here", "Drink", "My Man" or "Older"? Especially before you've even heard it? *boggle* Well, *I* am excited at least.
For those who don't know, this, apparently, is the track list for "Mink Car"
1. Bangs
2. Cyclops Rock
3. Man, It's So Loud In Here.
4. Mr. Xcitment
5. Another First Kiss
6. I've Got A Fang
7. Hovering Sombrero
8. Yeah, Yeah
9. Hopeless Bleak Despair
10. Drink!
11. My Man
12. Older
13. Mink Car
14. Wicked Little Critta
15. Finished With Lies
16. She Thinks She's Edith Head
17. Working Undercover for the Man
C'mon.. this looks like a GREAT ALBUM!

Then again, said TMBG Fans also seem to have decided they hate John Flansburgh. HOW COULD YOU HATE JOHN FLANSBURGH. TMBG is NOT TMBG without Flansburgh! It's John Linnell. Sheesh. I like TMBG. I don't care one way or the other for Monopuff or Linnell by himself, but together they ROCK! Enough said!

I dunno, I've been in a big TMBG kick (For those people who know me better, yes, I am ALWAYS on a TMBG kick.. but this is bigger than usual. *shrug* It happens :) )

In more personal news, it's time to bring my mom's damned computer in. The damned thing sucks. It won't print things properly and there's just been a string of problems with it. We've just gotten sick of it. Blah. Blah. Blah.

My July 4th was good. We saw Dr. Dolittle 2 (which was lotsa fun) and then the UB Fireworks. But, somehow, when I took a nap, i think I threw my back out or something. It's been killing me since yesterday afternoon. Blah.

Oh well, I've written enough, I think. Till later.

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