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Another long entry, I fear.
Where to start?
Let's start with Pep Boys, I'll get the bitching done first.
So, those following the saga of my car problems have heard, i think, the latest (and not at all bad) theory that I got a load of bad gas. The bad gas plugged up the fuel filter once already and the new one is, supposedly, already dirty. This support my theory.
Anyways, I was agitated at the first mechanic because despite paying for a new fuel filter, my car was stalling and flooding. Badly. I had to trouble getting the car home three days in a row.
As you may recall, I found out I was law on transmission fluid. So I went to Pep Boys to get some. I explained the problems I was having and they suggested I bring the car into THEM to check the engine.
So I brought it in Wednesday night.
Thursday was the day that wouldn't end. More on that to come. When I called Pep Boys, though, they were like "We had alarms all over. The spark plugs need replacing. The distributor cap too. There was electricity ARCING. By, the way, this will clear up your problem with your Check Engine light."
(note: up to lately, my car's one oddity is that the Check Engine light is on all the time. I've learned to live with it and it doesn't bother me. I didn't want to pay extra money to fix that. It wasn't REALLY a problem. )
Did I mention they wanted $550 ?
Now, I just had the other mechanic look at the car LAST week and he said none of this.
LITE doens't LIKE being taken for a ride!
So... we told them we weren't interested in putting that kind of money in my old car and brought her home. As we picked her up, they mentioned that it was all IMPORTANT.
Anyways, once we got the car warmed up, it drove fine.
That's the key, though, to get the car warmed up.. without flooding it out.
It spent last night at school, in fact, because it flooded out.
At the moment, it's QUITE temperamental.
She's home now, though. So.. *shrug*
Still.. I kept the paperwork from Pep Boys. Just in case the problems persist. I can take it to the first mechanic and see if he mentions anything on the list. If so, maybe it IS legit. if not.. they WERE taking me for a ride.

So... going back.. The Day That Wouldn't End. That was Thursday.
Thursday started up TFE (Too Fucking Early). I had to be at school at 8:00.. And since the car was at Pep Boys, that meant I was walking to school.
And I had to be there at 8:00 to stay there all day to work on the pilot plant.
To fill in more details, this is the last project from the Practicum. The class had to get a Water Treatment Pilot Plant (already designed and put together) operational and run it for 8 hours to see if it works.
So we started the pre-run work (making sure the influent was ready to go etc.) at 8:00.
Let me describe the pilot plant to you. Maybe you care, maybe you don't. I'll tell you anyways.
Here's the basics.. first you need some sort of influent. We used a Kaolin clay mixed in tap water so that the turbidity (def: 1 a : thick or opaque with or as if with roiled sediment b : heavy with smoke or mist from Webster of 20 NTU.
The influent first meets up with a coagulant, a chemical used to bind the clay together into a bigger particle called floc. Since to do that, the chemical needs to mix with the clay, it first goes through a rapid mix (an inline doodad that swirls the water all about) and then through a system of basins called Flocculators. In these basins, the floc is formed.
Assumedly.. if you set your speeds right, the floc does NOT settle in the Flocculators but DO need to settle. hence we have a Sedimentation basin for the floc to settle into.
The remaining material is filtered out in a sand material.
In real plants, the effluent is then chlorinated, fluoridated and sent out to the distribution system. Our pilot plant didn't do that.
So.. I spent near eight hours watching the plant operate.
Plus, it didn't even operate well. We had to keep backwashing the filter because it was plugging up with clay since the settling basin didn't work too well.
Also, in the middle of the day I had to go and do some paperwork. Problem being.. I left the papers at home. So I had to get home. A classmate lent me her car... a beat up old white dodge that makes my car look well behaved.
The seats wouldn't go back.
So i drove in this tiny car with my knees behind the wheel and in 2nd gear since drive kept pooping out.
But I got home.. and I got my papers and came back.

And eventually the day ended and I went home to, i THINK, start work on my GURPS character. More on THAT later

Yesterday was.. better. I had the presentation, as you may recall, on desorption during resuspension events. And the car flooded and wouldn't go home. But we had a nice dinner out.
This is a cute story. Let me tell it.
My brother tried out for the musical monday. He wanted the male lead, Horace Vandergelder (the play is Hello Dolly).
So all week, he's been excited and obnoxious and unbearable because he REALLY wants the part and he's got the voice for it and he KNOWS he can do it.
We were ready to kill him.
Anyways, he said that if he got the lead, he wants to go to Pizzeria Uno, his favorite restaurant. And we agreed.
So yesterday comes and, grumpy from the car not starting, I come home and josh is like "Dress nice, cause we're GOING TO PIZZERIA UNO!"
So, he's got the male lead.
Go Josh :)

OK, so Friday I come home and I finish work on my GURPS Char. What the heck am i talking about? [ profile] trillain, [ profile] xb95 and [ profile] draci. I don't know much about the plot, but we get 100 points to spend on "normal self" and 50 more points to spend on becoming another species (elf, winged folk, were, reptile man..) or on MAGIC.
So my character is gonna be a Druidy type of character. Human, Male, lots of magic. Yay magic :)
Not much else to say yet.. I'm excited about roleplaying, tho :)

Can't think of anything else worth discussing it. So I'll finally post this.
Ciao folks!
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Hello Livejournal'ites.
I know my friends out there in ChaoticMUXland and Otherwise want to know what I've been up to, so I'll tell you.

I've been up to work, mostly. I've given up on that PEST program ever being useful like I want it to and have just been using the bruteforce method to find out the direction and magnitude of groundwater flow that best match the head measurements I have. It's actually been pretty effective, so I'm not unhappy. I actually have answers, and that's good.

In other news, I went to see American Pie 2 Tuesday Night. It was lots of fun. At least as dirty as the first movie, but still as cute, if not cuter. I enjoyed the movie immensely.
Next on my list of movies to see: Rat Race.

In even other news, I've decided to take my diet to the next level and plan to (finally) go to the gym today and try to figure out how to do what I need to start losing weight.

In even more other news, I finally figured out EXACTLY what to do about Neogenesis. Instead of playing tommorow and let it die naturally, I'm taking an approximately two month vacation to write out and change the rules and hope to start it back up in two months, around Halloween. amuses me. I ordered my own 2nd CD "Scintillate Scinitllate Asteroid Minific" once for a cheapie price and for reasons I'm still not certain of, I got two CDs. So now I got an extra CD I'm still trying to decide what to do with. I think I know what I'll do with it, if the person in mind wants it.

That's all I can think of, TTFN


Aug. 20th, 2001 02:35 pm
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Well, as some of you may.. or may NOT know.. Monty Python and the Holy Grail has been rereleased onto big screen. And, despite the fact I didn't think it would, IT'S COMING TO BUFFALO *sproing*
*leaps about happily n stuff*

In other news, I've been having a great old time with Audio Galaxy Satellite downloading Dance Dance Revolution and Royal Canadian Air Farce mp3s. I LOVE THE ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FARCE! They are toooo funny! (So much funnier than certain *OTHER* Canadian Comedians *cough* Kids in the Hall *cough*) So I've downloaded alot of their stuff and I'm DEFINATELY enjoying it :) Wish we got their show down here...

In other news, I've decided what to do about Neogenesis. What, you ask? Begging to know? Fine fine fine. I'll tell you. I'm going to GM for as long as people choose to play. And I am going to have fun. And, excuse my french, fuck the players. Then the WRONG players will leave the game and the RIGHT players (if enough to keep the game going) will be able to play in a way that mutually works.
I have no beef with characters who would call demons down and who would turn into anime characters or who would try to bend space and time to their own selfish demand. I will not abide any players though who whine and cry and gnash their teeth. And so that is the course I shall sail.
Whether or not Neogenesis keeps going.. well... I'll keep y'all informed.

I think I'll end this.
TTFN! Ta Ta For now!
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Yesterday was a terrible day for Neogenesis. It's the kind of day that really makes me question why I'm even bothering to run this campaign. All you other GMs out there know what kind of work running a simple campaign based on a set system is. Now add to that the headaches of trying to play with the system to fit your campaign and you get the idea of what kind of hard work I'm putting into this thing.
Yesterday I had to wonder whether the hard work is even worth it.
A good part of the occuring problem is my own fault. I should have had the entire system down pat before starting to roleplay. The ENTIRE system. Magick, Fighting, Experience Points and the lot. I didn't... this has caused alot of groaning on my and the players' parts. I've changed the magick system, stealing it directly from mage.. wrote it in GREAT detail (even the bits I didn't understand completely like Soulflowers and Soulgems.. just for completeness), was GOING to write up how to battle on the web page so everyone else knew (as a note, no one currently playing has ever played Mage or, apparently, any of the white wolf games.. which I think is a major drawback.. especially in a situation like this where we're playing online and they can't peruse the rules book.)

You want proof of how bad yesterday went? OK, let me tell you.
The players were directed to save a woman in the fifth floor of an apartment before she died.
So they get to the door and it's locked.
My character, having felt heroic, got there first and tried to break the door down. it was a fairly heavy, but old and slightly rusty iron door. To no avail yet.
Now all the characters had to do was get past the door.
There were lots and lots of ways to do this.
Break it down physically (three or four of us may have done it)
Or use magick
With Matter, one could turn the door to putty, or a liquid or gas. Or change the door into paper, cardboard or anything else easy to open.
Use Forces to pop the pins out of the door, get lock to pop and the door to swing open..
Use Mind to convince someone inside the building to open the door.
Use Spirit to convince a GHOST inside the building to try to open the door.
Use Fate to cause the improbable possibility of the door lock not working or opening
You get the point, right? LOTS of ways to open the door.
The next person after LITE, tries using magick.. except he can't do what he wanted to do.. make the door disappear into nothingess.. because that requires Prime 4. Mind you said person DID have Matter, so could have just transformed the door into something else. But when i tell him he can't just make it disappear, he has a hissy fit and lets the next person try.
The next person comes up.
He has matter too.. he tries to turn the lockening mechanism, I think, into a metal gas. I say sure. He rolls his dice and botches badly (two botches). NOW it occurs to me I could.. perhaps should have done was turn the entire door into a solid block of, like, hard steel or something. At the time I tried to make the campaign a little amusing, though, and have the spell bounce off the door and turn his clothes, watch and wallet into gas, making him naked as a jay bird.
To the end of last night, I hadn't heard the last of it.
The player had the character have a breakdown, unable to move.
And so now that player is probably out of the game, and of course it's MY fault.
Well, you know what, peeps, if I HAD magick and managed to nuke my own clothes, I WOULDN'T have a breakdown. I'd be supremely embarassed, mortified even, and angry at myself. But then I'd either make myself new clothes or get some and fast. And despite what everyone else said.. I think they'd do the same thing.
Finally, the third person in line uses Forces to pop the pins out (by this time I'm feeling nice, so I let them do it easily just so we can move on.)
Throughout the entire game, the player who had the breakdown mopes and whines as I try to get them back into the game. Saying.. I'm out, I can't RP past today, probably, anyways. I'm out. It seem a bad way to get yer character out of the campaign. I'd rather have written him out to let him live his own life out of the focus of the RP.
GM rule #1: You can't control the other players.

But that entire scene was ridiculous. Shit happens... if you botch, then you suffer consequences. Period. The roll is random.. or as random as possible based on a computer's random function.
I'm frustrated with where the roleplay is. I'm beginning to think that letting people play essentially themselves was a mistake too. I thought it would be cool.. that they'd get more into their characters. But some of the characters can't get into a "What if" Scenario. What if I DID have supreme magickal powers.. what would I do?
Personally, I'd do what I've always tried to do... help people. I'd try to use the powers properly and follow the wiccan rede of "An Harm Ye None, Do What Ye Will."
But some of the characters can't seem to get into it. A little moping and whining as loved ones suffer unspeakable fates is understandable, but when you have a breakdown because your own magick nuked yer clothes.... and, btw, you have a willpower of 9 which means yer VERY strong willed. No.

In essence, it was a terrible RP session. And while I know that some of the fault is mine for publicly emberassing the one players... No. No No No No.

I don't know.. but when the players aren't having fun and the GM isn't having fun, does that mean it's time to pack up and quit? My personal answer is yes.
But for the sake of fairness to all involved and because, despite the overpowering feeling of otherwise, i am a nice guy. I'll give it another try.

But I've thought about it pretty thoroughly and while I DO enjoy GMing, it isn't worth the agitation. Not when I could otherwise be having fun by playing video games or going out or whatever. I'm doing this campaign to amuse myself and, incidentally, a few other people roleplaying it. When I can't amuse myself with it, then something is wrong.

Oh well, peace out folks. Ciao.
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OK... testing to see if I can post with Lochjournal. So far so good.

*boing* a little more than a day and Kar and ara are here!
*boing* *boing* *boing*

In other news, it's been an iffy day. I blew my stack at this one guy in my RP group. He knows who he is. I blew my stack because I don't feel like he really cares about the RP.
I asked if everyone was cool with a certain night: Fridays. The resounding answer was.. yeah.
So we start roleplaying and that person comes to one Friday and then stops.
Then he asks we move the big rp session from Fridays to Wednesdays. I'm not thrilled, but I ascent to it. Throughout the week.. including just the day before I was like "Be here Wednesday". He didn't make it. He had to run out and get tickets.
I do understanding that, at times, things crop up in your life.. but that's three meeting he's missed. And when HE had suggested the day.
So.. I'm pissed. And we're going back to Friday. He can RP.. but he's lost to the main RP group.. he'll have to go his own way. He's missed too much important stuff and I don't know how to really write him into the story. He just shows up occasionally to find out what's been going on with people.
I hope I'm not being too harsh, but people need to be at these meetings or else they miss out. It's not fair to me, who is STILL the host of this game,to run around trying to bring people who can't be bothered to make the meetings, in.

Oh well.
1 1/2 days and we'll be going to Darien lake! =D

here's hoping it posts!

this is a test to see whether or not it edits as well as it posts...
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THIS is a cool and amusing link about what I would do if I Ever (Goddess Forbid) Became a Vampire.

So, Mink Car is officially out on TMBG Unlimited! That means I have it LEGALLY (whereas before that, I had it ILLEGALLY thanks to a really cool guy). I STILL think the Album Kicks.. even tho The Elegant Too RUINED "I've Got a Fang!" (they couldn't ruin Mr. Xcitement.. it already sucked.) Still.. I'm learning to like Fang and Xcitement regardless. And to think, HOPEFULLY within a month I've got my own AUTOGRAPHED copy of this CD :)

I'm both excited, agitated and bummed.
I am bummed because I was supposed to be at the beach today, but my mom isn't feeling well, so we didn't go.
I am excited because, weather permitting, i should have two of my very best friends at my house in a week and we'll all be going to Six Flags Darien Lake Amusment Park (WHEE!)
I am agitated because my brother's friend Justin was supposed to get me $15 Darien Lake tickets and help me get a cheap price on getting my muffler put back in place and he failed me on both counts. So I now have to go and spend money I have to borrow temporarily to pay for both.

Otherwise, everything is OK. Neogenesis is picking up pace and I'm enjoying it immensely. Just wrote out the Official Rules for doing magick yesterday.
Everything else is cool.

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Heh. I never imagined HOW MUCH WORK being a GM for Noegenesis would ENTAIL! I put this document I wrote about Magick in Neogenesis into html, added introductions to each of the nine spheres and a couple of pretty pictures (just check out the link above! Yes, it is the Mage: the Ascenscion Spheres) and, if I have to, I'll update the notes on what each dot in each sphere does, but that's a major undertaking and I'm not thrilled with that idea.
And speaking of Neogenesis, it has a New Homepage at Many thanks to Mark Smith (xb95) for the webspace.
This whole Neogenesis campaign, while alot of work, has been incredibly amusing for me. First of all is the fact that I REALIZE that the whole campaign is a continual stream of fantasy cliches. Generally bad ones as that.. and yet, it detracts not a bit from the story. No one knows what's going to happen next.. even me!
Heck, i'm still amused that Aria, one of main NPCs gave them a book yesterday. It's title? "Ars Magicka: The New Millenial Edition". Now I have to write THIS book.. well, the bits and pieces of it that relate to the mission. Most of it will be unusable, at this point. But... *giggle* I'm sorry, I love the idea of "Ars Magicka: The New Millenial Edition". At the very least, I can say *I* am having fun! :)
Not much else.. still have an on again/off again sore throat. But I think I'll be better by my birthday, so that's good. Diet is still OK. Tough. Not much else.
Tootles, folks!
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I haven't written in a while. Partly because I'm that busy. Partly because I just haven't felt like I had anything important to say.
So, I've been busy. Part of it is working on The Neogenesis Home Page. The page currently has character sheets for the players (and main NPC, LITE) along with logs of most of the RP since this thing started. I thank my "mad skillz" with Macromedia Dreamworks to get the page up :) I'm proud of it :)
So I saw Planet of the Apes opening day on opening day. It was an OK movie... not spectacular but not terrible either. Good sound effects, good costumes, decent plot. Nothing caught me as terrific, though. And I PERSONALLY thought the ending was TOTALLY unnecessary ;) All in all, it was an OK sci-fi with a good script and a good plot, just nothing caught me as superspecial.
So, as I may have mentioned, the plan is to go to Darien Lake with some friends and enjoy myself. I had put out an invitation to my friends on the east coast (specifically, Kareila, her husband Robby and arabella.) I didn't expect any sort of positive reaction, but Kareila says if arabella wants to go, she's game. *boingy* I hope they show up :) It'd be really cool :) It'll be fun without them as, hopefully, Dave feels well enough to go and Josh's friend Justin who rides coasters too. Then again, Darien Lake was cool last year with just me and Josh.. can only get better with friends :) The more, the better? Still, here's hoping...
This week's Neogenesis was fun. I went to bed and all sorts of evil ideas sprang to mind. More to the point, I'm in a position I'm comfortable with.. where the players run the show as much as me. Do they do this? or not? If they do it, does this happen or not? This should break the game wide open so that the players finally have enough freedom to do what they want to/would do instead of what i want them to do. Most of my players seem pretty psyched too with what this campaign, so that's good :)
Not much else to talk about. I've played with the digi-cam (alot) and have some REALLY nice photos of my four darling cats. I've gotten a certain album I shouldn't have yet that's really really REALLY cool. And we MIGHT be seeing "America's Sweethearts" tonite (my family and I)
That's about it. I'll sign off then and try to remember to post more. Hasta! =D
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OK, so.. surprisingly (to me, at least), there's been interest in my NeoGenesis game I had planned to run on ChaoticMUX. I have four.. possibly more people willing to play (Soreth, Lain, Josh and Crono, possibly with Aldar and Lady StarDust. Possibly.) I'm really excited :) It's a great idea I have (I'll explain it more in detail later in this post) which should be a hoot to GM.
The idea came to me a couple years ago... what would happen if magic came back to the world? The answer, chaos. Pure chaos. Life, as we knew it, would be over and a new world would begin (hence the name NeoGenesis.. A New Beginning).
So that's where the roleplayers come in. They'll start life as ordinary people living in ordinary times until the extraordinary occurs. The system is based on Mage: The Ascenscion and I use their magick system (and most of their ability/attribute system). From that point, the story is as much up to the players as me. I have some ideas of people they'll meet and battles they'll face, but otherwise I'm not planning it all out in advance since I like watching what people do on their own. After all, if you're running out of the city at high speed being chased by a horde of hellhounds because you just HAD to rouse them, chances are you'll miss the part in the plot where the evil sorcerer conjures up a mass of evil undead to ravage the city. Above all, I want to keep the campaign amusing at times (I don't wanna get dragged down in TOO much Seriousness. I hate watching movies like that and I refuse to run a campaign like that. It's a serious idea and I've given serious thoughts, but we're all still human..)
Not much else. Busy. Got a REAL Deadline on Tuesday to have some work done, but that's OK. I think I'll meet it.
My brother, Marc, whom I don't speak of much as he's the black sheep of the family.. is going to Israel soon, for a month. Before he goes to Israel, he wants to see Jurassic Park III with us. We'll probably go tommorow night (mom really wants to see the movie too and I offered to see it with her) to a late movie.
That's about it. I'll post more when there's more to say.

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