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I read alot of Diet and Food books. Honestly, I find the topic really interesting because they're information that affects ALL of us, since we ALL eat, and most of us, myself included, need to diet.

The entire subject of Food and Exercise and Nutrition is so.. absolutely complicated. Overcomplicated, maybe.

But that's a rant for another time.

So I picked up Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think We Eat" by Brian Wansink. You've heard of this guy. We all have. He's the guy who... invites a bunch of people over to a superbowl party and offers free wings. Then has the wait staff only bus away the leftovers bones from half the tables and then at the end of the night when everyone goes home, counts all the chicken wings eaten to see whom ate more, those with the chicken wing bone remnants in front of them, or those whose chicken wing bones were taken away (the answer is.. the one with the chicken bones in front of them).
He's the guy that invites people over to a restaurant he knows to try out a fresh soup recipe he knows, where half the people in the crowd have a bowl that empties, and half have a bowl that refills itself from the bottom up and then sees how much soup each person had.

This book 'mindless eating' is about.. all the little cues we take around us that instruct us to eat, whether we need to or not. It's about understanding those cues and then using them to your advantage.

I've only started reading the book, but it's interesting, and kind of scary, honestly.

He gives the details of one experiment. He works together with a Chicago movie theater for a presentation of .. well, the movie doesn't matter. Five days before the movie, they pop the popcorn. Then they let it go stale in a clean environment. Then, right after lunch one day, they offer free popcorn and free drinks to the movie patrons. Half the group gets a Medium Tub of Popcorn. Half the group a large.

During the showing, it's clear no one's enjoying the popcorn. "It tastes like Styrofoam", complains one guy to the management, forgetting the popcorn was free and demanding his money back.

And yet.. despite that, everyone ate it. They kept shoving it into their mouths. And worse than that, those eating out of the large tub, eat more of this garbage than those in the medium tub.

The question is.. why eat this stuff if you don't enjoy it? The answer is.. there were cues all around that day that made people, without even thinking about it, eat. The movie itself. The sound of other people eating popcorn. And, yes, the size of the bucket.

As I said, really interesting and yet really scary. We do this eating without any real clue we're doing it.

It's a really interesting book. I might say more as I finish it, but as of where I am, I'd suggest it to anyone who is also interested in Food and Diet books.
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I was talking last night to [ profile] salome190 over gtalk yesterday, throwing thoughts out and trying to put into words thoughts that were bouncing around my head. I feel like it's leading me to a new "Diet Manifesto", an updated and better version of what the C-C Diet was (though Erik and Igor wouldn't necessarily approve of this one and I wasn't posting it to their site ANYWAYS!)

More Food/Diet Stuff. Move on if you aren't interested. )
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Oh my god! I'm metamorphosizing! (note: YES, I know I didn't say it right. :p)
I'm turning into... an adult!
God help me!

OK, seriously.
I wanted to post about two non-work things

Thing One (which should not be mistaken for Thing Two.. or Things Three or Four or Five, not the Cat in the hat.. but.. uh.. ANYWAYS!)
As of today, I am going to attempt to lower my cola intake to.. negligible.. at least while at work. Pop is expensive, especially when I buy it out of the machine. And it's not particularly good for me either, even the diet.
So, as of today, I'm going to attempt to switch to water.
Well, not just plain old water.. fruiter water. That is to say, I currently have, next to my computer, a small water bottle with about 20 oz. of water.. and three sliced strawberries. The strawberries don't give ALOT of extra taste, but enough that it doesn't taste just like water. I'm going to experiment with some other fruits. So far I've tried orange.. which was.. OK.. I probably need a sweeter orange (like a mandarin orange) to really enjoy that one.. and the strawberry.
Because it's a hellalot cheaper to buy a box of strawberries or blueberries (what I want to try next), ($3 - $4 for an approximately two week supply of Strawberries.) than it would to buy enough soda to last as long.
Also, again, healthier. Water is good. Fruit is good. I can't go wrong with fruiter water. :D

So.. wish me luck on that.


I forgot what Thing Two was.

OK, if I think of it, I'll either amend this post or post something new.
*thinks harder*
Yeah. Can't remember.
Time to go to work.


Mar. 10th, 2002 10:56 am
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So the past two nights I've been at my old high school, listening to my brother be the male lead in the musical.
Poor Josh, he's sick. I don't know if it's a cold, a sinus sickness or whatever, but he sounds stuffy and he's run down.
Despite that, he sounded pretty damn good. You could tell he was stuffy and, on Friday, he coughed a little, but he sounded good!
I'm impressed anew!

So, Friday night, Freddy came down from NYC to see Josh. Our cleaning lady, Linda, came too and gramdma's friend, Dorothy. Oh, and Marc and Stacey (Marc's girlfriend.). Marc is looking shaggy again. He said he won't shave until he finds a Kosher Razor.
I'm not the most knowledgable on some aspects of the Jewish lifestyle, but I'm pretty certain that being Kosher refers to food only.. and not a razor.
Saturday night, uncle Jeff, aunt Janice and Josh (my youngest cousin) came down from Toronto and saw Josh perform.
Today is Josh's last performance and I don't know if anyone special is going. He said he didn't care if mom didn't go.. and I can't. I slacked off yesterday so need to do homework today.
Including I need to start my presentation for Friday!
(As a reminder, I'm off to Syracuse Friday)

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day. Warm, Sunny, about 65... I wimped out of trying to jog outside though *gryn* S'cool, though. I got in a good workout. Did the elliptical for half an hour and jogged for 20 minutes.. and worked out my arms (I like arm day. Better than leg day. Possibly because I see the results better than I do the leg exercises.)
Unfortunately, it got cold and VERY windy last night. Thank goodness, we didn't lose power... (yay, buried power lines!)

The exercise routine is going pretty decently...
I can't believe i've already lost 50 lbs. (probably more) of fat, though. I'm still impressed with it. And everyone notices it. Even I notice it (and that's important!)
I gotta take half my clothes to goodwill, though. NOTHING fits anymore that I haven't bought in the last few months.
No wonder, though. I'm wearing an XL shirt (instead of XXL) and 40 waist pants.
Actually, I hope to get a new spring jacket this week. The old one fits.. but it's too short. It doesn't have the length I need. Plus, it falls off me in even the slightest breeze and while it may be the point for some people to ahve the slightest breeze take their clothes off, I wear my jacket because it's cold and want it on!

Not much going on that I can think of to write about. It's been pretty quiet, but busy. I wanna try to get pictures from last weekend up today if I can. Depends on how long I end up working on the presentation and stuff.

I miss all my ChaoticMUX friends. Hopefully, I'll see y'all soon! :)

All ducks aren't sweet and innocent and you prove that. You have a nasty streak.

Find your inner rubber ducky.

Still don't have "Closer to Fine".
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It occurs that I have been so busy being agitated, that I haven't really posted anything about ME lately. So this will probably a long post. As such, I shall do the decent thing and hide it behind an lj-cut tag

Catchup Time )
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Let's talk about numbers. Numbers rule our world. It is the "purest of all languages", according to some. 2 + 2 = 4, no matter what the language. Numbers are ESPECIALLY important if you are Scientist or Engineer. Because Numbers become Equations and you work with and try to form new Equations to explain and work with the world as it stands.
But what is in a number? Which number defines the form best?
For me, the question comes as such...
Today is weigh-in day. I tell y'all what my weight is and y'all clap and say "Look! LITE's lost another x pounds!". But due to a lousy reading yesterday and today, my three day average weight is 258. Yes, the scale says I've gained a pound since last week.
But is it true? Let's look more carefully at the facts.
Last Saturday morning I ended up with an all-time new lowest weight of 255.5. Saturday morning.
Is this the weight that describes the form?
Or how about the fact that just this week I've been able to pull my belt to the third notch giving me a waist of approximately 41 inches. Or the fact that I'm wearing a 40 inch waist pair of jeans when only a few months back I was wearing 46 inch waist jeans.
Is this the number that describes the form?
My answer.. it's a combination of all this.. plus more... other important numbers are resting heart rate, how much I can lift and basal metabolic rate.
And so I post to you my weekly weight: 258.. with the realization that.. it's just another number.. one of many important numbers.
No more.
No less.
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First off, let's start with the astoundingly cool news.
I just bought myself some new pair of jeans today. Why? Because I had a little extra moolah and I could.
So I head off to Walmart (had to go that direction anyways. My mom needed me to drive her.) and go try on some jeans.
I can squeeze into a 40-32 set of jeans. That is.. 40 waist, 32 legs..
40 waist! ^.^
(Keep in mind, when I started this diet, I was getting into 46-32 jeans.)
It's so much easier to find pants and shorts in 40-32 :)
*does a dance*
And so, for the moment, at least, 40 is my new lucky number.
Yay lucky number 40 :)
May my new lucky number be 38 or 36 :D

This was a yay weekend. Friday was an okee day. Had a UBEESC meeting which, like most UBEESC meetings, no one attended (well, not NO ONE, but very few people.). Went out and got Sid Meier's SimGolf in which, if I get a chance to play it, will be cool. Building my own Golf Resort = yay :)
Worked out a first draft of my resume (as I posted yesterday)
Listened to an hour of Nicole and went to bed.
Yesterday was a busy day... went to the gym (which has been REALLY busy lately. It's hard to work out as much as I'd like when people are all over the equipment, ya know?)
Went to go see The Count of Monte Cristo. It was good! I enjoyed! I think most of you would enjoy too! Go see!
Then I went to play midnite bowling. It was cool! I scored 108 and 110 in consecutive games (not bad when last week my best was maybe 80) and my friend TJ got *268* 8 strikes (out of a possible 12). Go TJ! Go me! =)
Woke up late-ish, went to the gym... jesus christ, it's warm out.. it must have been over 50 degrees out there. It was nice :) I liked :)
Went to Walmart and mentioned the jeans.
Which brings us back to my LJ.
So, like I said, it's been a Yay Weekend.

And now a rant about Gun Control in Utah )
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I am highly amused (and a bit flattered) right now. My mom comes up to me this morning (as I just woke up and just before she had to go) and says "Howard, what are you planning to wear to New York?"
Um... probably a dress shirt, tie and a nice pair of pants.
My mom nods and says I need a new dress shirt, then. My two dress shirts have started to look sloppy. Apparently, I've lost enough weight that my dress shirts don't fit right. I find this highly amusing and rather cool. So, as long as my check DOES come today, I'll go get a couple of new shirts to wear.
And a 1 and 2 and a YAY WEIGHT LOSS! :D

Actually, I can note with another sort of amusement that my waist size has dropped approximately 5 inches. I've gone from the last notches of a sized 46 belt to half-way on a 40-42 sized belt.
And again... YAY WEIGHT LOSS! :D

So, the AWMA dinner meeteing was rather cool. Arrived at 5:30 for the open bar. I chose not to partake of the flowing alcohol and walked around, instead, with a glass of diet cola. A couple classmates (Jean Balent, her boyfriend whose name I can't think of, and Natalie Sauer) arrive and we sort of huddle in one corner talking about this and that. Throughout the open bar, people kept coming up to us, shaking our hands and meeting us. They were thrilled to see UB students (and one student from the Buff State geology department) at the meeting. They hinted, in a not so subtle fashion, that they had lots of money they'd be willing to spend for worthwhile causes (one man at the table we were sitting on, stood up, laughed (much like Santa Clause) and said "Wow, we gotta lotta money!") including us university types.
Dinner was good. I had the cornbeef and cabbage. I was shocked and amazed when they handed me my plate with, I kid you not, a eighth of a head of cabbage and a HUGE side of corned beef (let's not forget the previous courses (potato soup, salad and a fresh-baked roll.. PLUS desert) with a few potatos and carrots on the side. Certainly not a bad dinner for $10. Then there was a presentation on creating a landfill without a leachate collection system.
What is leachate? It's water that gets caught up in a landfill, either from the waste itself or infiltration from rain events and, having gone through the landfill, needs to be treated. It can't be left in the landfill or it might leak out and contaminate the ground around it.
Anyways, they created a landfill for concrete kiln dust (CKD) (some some of leftovers when making concrete, I guess.) which tends to be very dry. As it is dry, they don't feel leachate as a problem because it will just naturally settle into the system and get sucked up the CKD. I'm not certain I believe it as A) water + concrete = hard and water landing on a hard surface on concrete won't catch the water and B) it looks like they assumed the water would mix equally with the CKD, but it probably won't. I dunno, though... I'm not an engineer YET.. it just made me wonder.
In all honesty, it's cool to be able to listen to such a talk and understand it. I feel all smart now :)

UBEESC meeting at 3. We'll be talking about the coming trip to New York (which, if I get the check I expect and it's as big as I hope, I'm in... more on this soon), the Greater Buffalo Environmental Conference in May, the upcoming design competition and more.

To New York... I'm not sure what to expect, but I'll (most likely) be going to New York for the day on February 5 for a NYWEA conference. Tuesday is the students day and there'll be a round table discussion and other goodies I'm not 100% certain about. They've offered to reimburse us up to $500, so hell.. I'll go :) I'm not certain what to expect, but I'm sure I'll enjoy myself. The only question is when we're all going (as in... are we taking the 6:30 AM flight in or the 10:00 AM flight in), since I WAS going to take the 10:00 AM flight in, but i don't REALLY wanna be the only person trying to get a cab to the convention when everyone else is there.

What else? Gotta pick up materials for my EngiNet course. It's all fixed up, so I'll take Biological principals from that (and see if I can get into it or not.) This might be tough because I'll be watching a tape and NOT in a classroom situation and I'm not sure I'll enjoy it.

Probably going midnite bowling again tommorrow.. past that, no plans this weekend.

That's all I can think of to post. Laters!
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Well, my day was just totally made this afternoon.

It actually started just before noon. I went to see Dr. Atkinson and Monica stopped me on the way out. Monica is Dr. Atkinson's secretary. A very nice (and very christian) lady who acts like a second mother to me. Anyways, Monica's been shocked and delighted as I've lost my 40-some lbs. and she wants to do it too.
So, anyways, she told me I'd inspired her to start walking the track in the Alumni Arena gym (where I workout, but I use the treadmills, not the track) and she's taking a spinning class (exercycle with visualization, as I understand it) this semester.
So that was Yay #1

Yay #2: The bigger of the Yays.
I was walking back to my car, having tried to work the kinks out of the schedule (almost there!) and a girl I've seen at the gym a couple of the time stops me and she says "You've lost a lot of weight" to which I agree. She asks me how. I give the usual answer... lots of exercise and eating better.. and she's like "Yeah, I've seen you jog. How long do you jog?" 30 minutes. "How on earth can you keep jogging like that?" Apparently, she'd been trying to jog for a while, but she can't keep it up. I SHOULD have told her I take breaks every 10 or 15 minutes (or so), but I didn't. I told her the other part.. I just took it a minute at a time until I got all 30 minutes done. She was impressed. She said I was her inspiration as well.
A near total stranger :)
Woooo :)

So that's why today's been good.
Poor Dave, tho. He had to put his kitty, Pud, to sleep. Pud was 15 and getting really sick. He's really upset about it. (I would be to. It's like if I had to put Smokey, my cat (Yes, we have five cats.. but Smokey is my fave. She's taken to me and I her), to sleep.)
Poor Dave :(

So, anyways, yesterday was good. Yesterday, I went cyberbowling (like midnite bowling, but from 10-12) and a good time was had by all (I did better than last week.. high score being 81 instead of 70 something. A slight improvement.
Can't remember what else.. but yesterday was a pretty good day too.

I have a kewlie site for y'all to play with (posted, originally by [ profile] amaterasu). Acme License Maker. Have fun with it (I have! As obvious from my new picture :)
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It's been a good day.
It started early this morning when I got a new lowest weight (on the scale). Yay! :) It makes all the sweating worth it to get new lowest weights :)
Got my check today and it was $225 more than I expected too. That's a second yay! :)
Did a full 60 minutes of cardio, too.. triple yay there.
and I finally got off my ass and bought "Comfort Eagle" by Cake (I believe if I like a band enough, I should buy their CDs. I like Cake alot. So I bought a CD. I'll buy more when I can.)
So all in all, a good day :) Yay for that :)

So I have to begin to wonder... I've read Kar's Post and my own last post and have to wonder... have I become a fitness freak? I mean.. I've yet to wear Lycra (which has to be a point in my favor) but I can have entire conversations on the way to get fit with others like me and I post about it all the time.. and I *AM* going every day.. and hell, I bought Nutrition for Dummies for fun and because I was interested.
Have I become a Fitness Freak?
I was, at first, really offended when Kar referred to fitness as a fad. It's not... at least with me. But I can't say as I'm totally sure if I have any sane reasons to push myself as hard as I can... I certainly wouldn't have been bothered with this even a year ago.
Not eating slurpies. Worrying about the extra calories in a donut.
What have I become?
And is it bad, good, or a bit of both?
Part of me feels worried. I worry I'm pushing away those of my friends who aren't into fitness like I am. After Kar's post and a comment [ profile] trillain made about how she felt I was signaling her out as an obese American (which i wasn't, but...)
Probably unnecessarily worrying, but still...
Oh well. Time to post.
See y'all latahz.
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I'm feeling a little goofy today (partly because I got "Nutrition for Dummies" yesterday on a whim and partly because I did cardio and no weight lifting today), so I'm gonna pretend like I'm a fitness guru and write a column for y'all. Why? Cause it's my journal.. and I can!

Onto the Column
Greetings my little readers and welcome to another exciting week in fitness-land. Today, we've brought back some important and often asked questions for those trying to lose weight and find ultimate fitness (hooray).

Mr. Richard T. Bamboozled asked:
I don't understand why people think that high fat/low carb diets should work. It's unbalanced and leads to real cholesterol problems.

Dear Richard,
This is a good point. Yes, the Atkins Diet (low carb/high fat) does seem to work IF you don't eat too much protein and fat. By denying your body of carbohydrates, it's primary source of fuel to work and exercise and grow and play, you force your body to go to it's secondary sources of fuel: fat and muscle. So, yes, your weight does go down, but at the expense of your muscle and your health.
The Atkins Diet is based on pseudo science that, firstly, protein is directly turned into muscle (wheas, in reality, it is burned into calories and used for many purposes, including , but not only, muscle growth.) and, secondly, that insulin, a hormone created when eating carbohydrates, is directly responsible for weight gain.
As for a diet plan that works, Mr. Fitness suggests eating responsibly and exercising daily. That simple. Just eat responsibly and exercise.
Continuing on...

Mrs. Peggy T. Noodlehead asked:
I just started exercising in the hopes to lose weight. But I'm confused: one book I read said I should work in the fat burning zone and another suggested I work within the cardio zone. Tell me, Mr. Fitness, how hard should I be working out?

Dear Peggy,
Here are the facts on the fat burning and cardio zones.
Fact: The harder you work out, the more calories you burn
Fact: The harder you work out, the more the chance that you will burn muscle instead of fat.
That's the whole principle of the Fat Burning Zone. That if you work at a reasonably slow pace, you'll burn more fat than anything else. However, you burn less calories working the same time in the Fat Burning Zone than in the cardio zone. The more calories you burn a day, the more weight you will lose a week.
Mr. Fitness suggests that you try to work in your cardio zone and add some weight training so that you gain, and not lose, muscle mass.

Stay tuned, ladies and gentleman, for another exciting edition for Mr. Fitness latter. But for now, good day and good luck!
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Oh, what a weekend it's been. Mostly good.
The fun started Friday Night. Dave called and we went out Midnite Bowling, which was cool. I haven't been Midnite Bowling since... July? When I went with Josh. It was... OK... but we fought and we got tired and not funness ensued. So, Dave and I went Midnite Bowling. We met TJ there (who can actually bowl) and the three of us had a good time. I got a total of three strikes (in general, I suck at bowling :) ) all night.
The good part was, Midnite Bowling used to be really taxing, but it wasn't too bad. Yay, being fitter! (Especially since Weight Loss isn't what I'd like it to be. More on this later.)

So, I get home by 3:00 and go to bed.

Wake up semi-late (I think, like... 9) on Saturday, get dressed, go to the gym, call Dave and make soms plans for Saturday Night. Saturday Night, we go to Lasertron (YAY!) and then stay up till about 2:00 with Dave, Carl and two of their friends Pahras (who I like but don't quite consider a friend as I don't know him too well ) and Marc, whose birthday it was. We played Baldurdash. A good time was had by all.

Something else happened Saturday, though, that was most definately not good.
I found out from (I THINK) scoob that some person (I suspect I know who, but I won't post it) was going to send an incriminating livejournal entry to my old boss, Dr. Aref but that (again I think, not sure) scoob and ara talked him out of it.
Luckily, I'm alot calmer now, otherwise the rest of the entry would be full of angry talk about who would be so... the best word I can come up with here is shitheaded... to do that. To try to get me fired over my own personal thoughts.
I do suspect I know exactly who did.
As a direct result, I have decided that it is high time some of my journal entries (I refuse to make the entire journal friends only) friends only. As such, if you are someone who reads my journal but are not on my friends list and you notice that a few posts have disappeared, you know why. Or if you wonder why I haven't posted, you also know why.

So Sunday comes. Wake up late again. Go to the gym. Practically die.
Note to self: half an hour straight of jogging is still too hard. I need to break it up a bit more still. I'm thinking maybe I'll do fifteen minutes of jogging, do my weight lifting AND THEN come back for the other fifteen minutes of jogging. At least until such a time as I can do a half hour without needing to go find someplace to sit down in between.
Anyways, I still plan on making one or two days of pure cardio a week as I did last semester. For the moment, those days are planned as Tuesday and Thursday, but it's all schedule dependant.

Today, I feel good. Grumpy, though. My weight loss has slowed down quite a bit. Not stopped... I'm still losing weight. More than that, I'm losing dimension (look! I'm 2D! ;) ) Seriously, though... even though it isn't showing in that number the scale gives me, my waist is still getting smaller. I know I go through periods where the scale number doesn't change much, but the weight loss continues. I can't explain it (especially since I highly doubt I'm gaining muscle mass that fast) but.. it happens. I just hope that the scale number catches up to actual fat loss soon. I'd like to be able to say I'm 250. :)
Oh, how much do I weigh now? I'm 259. I apologize for not posting last week, but I had gained weight over christmas/new years and I was ashamed (totally my own fault. i could have gone to the gym a BIT during the week, but it was cold and I had no car and no radio and I just didn't WANT to walk in the cold and try to keep my mind wandering for an hour), so I didn't post anything. It was 260 then.. I've lost about a pound this week.
Hopefully, I'll lose another pound or two for next week :)
I wanna be 250, dammit!
The idea of weighing less than I did when I graduated high school and having more muscle mass appeals to me.
Honestly, I probably AM thinner now than I was when I graduated high school (I was about 255). If not, I'm close.
This is why I continue to exercise. It feels good.. to be fitter, to be able to enjoy things like Lasertron and Midnite Bowling and not be winded by them.. to be able to say... I'm thinner than I've been in *8* years!
I look better too :)
Who wants to come over and feel up my muscles? ;)
Come on, don't be shy... I know you want to ;)

Anyways, time to get back to reading the POM user manual...
Oh, did I ever mention what POM is?
OK, POM (the Princeton Ocean Model) is a hydrodynamic model developed for ocean turbulence. What *I* plan to do with it is use a version of it developed for the great lakes, or something akin to it (possibly GLFS (the Great Lakes Forecasting System) to model the hydrodynamics of Lake Ontario throughout an average year.
Before doing that, however, I need to understand how these programs work. So that's why I'm looking through the information about them now.
Which I shall go back to doing.


Jan. 11th, 2002 02:18 pm
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They're making The Sims: Vacation...
I phear it.
Of course, that doesn't mean I won't buy it.. of course I will.. but sheesh!

Took today off. (in other words, no I did not go to the gym.) I'm still sore and I figured the soreness isn't going to go away unless I take it easy for a day, so I will. Tommorow, hopefully the soreness is at least mostly gone.
You know.. a couple months ago, the idea of taking a day off on PURPOSE would shock me. I'd have NEVER done such a thing. Now I realize it's the best thing to do.. and tommorow I'll get back onto that treadmill and jog again.
With luck, the soreness was a more or less one time thing as my body protests saying "*whine* But I've never had to jog BEFORE. Why do I have to do it nooooow?" Mind over Body. Yep.

I've decided I know what Blue Fang and Microsoft need to do to top Zoo Tycoon. Add an expansion pack with extinct animals! This has potential! I'm not just talking dinosaurs here (tho, of course.. yes.. dinosaurs would be cool. For those "in the know" there's an easter egg in the game to get you a triceratops.. and a unicorn (they could always try for more mythical animals too.) but wooly mammoths and sabre toothed tigers and supersized alligators and do do birds and other such cool things.
Saying such a thing would prolly piss of [ profile] soreth and [ profile] malytwotails but I'd LOVE to have a dragon in my zoo. Or a griffin or a manticore or a mermaid.
Plus. there's so many REAL animals they could easily add.. wild horses and otters and eagles and falcons and iguanas and komono dragons and peacocks and walrus and stuff.
Anyways, what I'm saying is..- c'mon.. give us an expansion pack! :)
Hey, if Sims can do *4* and RCT can do *2*, you can certainly come up with one or two. :)

Not much else to report, so I'll just post this.


Jan. 10th, 2002 08:46 pm
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I'm such a masochistic bastard...
I'm still sore and stiff from yesterday's half hour jog.
So what do I do?
I work out even harder today. Half an hour jogging on the treadmill, half an hour on the elliptical and then (what I didn't do yesterday) weight lifting.
On the plus hand, I don't think I'm as sore as yesterday.
On the minus hand, I'm more sore than I was before I worked out.
On the plus hand, jogging is a really good cardiovascular workout. Better than walking. That's why I'm trying to make it a habit.
That and the fact that I'm severely masochistic.
Oh well.. It will be worth it in the end. Honestly, it will...

Not much else to report. Had that meeting with Ching and Dr. Atkinson and I found out what I'd get paid for RA ($519 per two weeks, a slight pay cut from being a TA). Otherwise, it's been an uneventful if sore day.

Oh, by n by.. if I was worried about the little one not jumping, he's definately jumping now. All over. Onto the chair. Onto my bed. Onto me. He can jump. Now we need to get him to work on his pounce.. it's still pretty pathetic :)

Time to go to press :)
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I passed a new milestone in my voyage to fitness and health today: I jogged.. for half an hour. (Normally, I'd have walked, but.. well.. I'll let the story unfold).
There's some history to this and I'd like to discuss it.
As many of you, Somewhere in I THINK September, the gym had closed for a day. These were the days that I majorly sweated the idea of missing a day of working out. So I figured it was warm enough, I'd jog and run around the pond behind my house.
Big mistake.
I was stiff for like two days running and really out of breath the whole night and day after.
I swore off jogging and running forever.

Fast forward a couple months...about a month ago, The usual routine was walking for half an hour on the treadmill than doing half an hour on the elliptical. I dunno.. I was bored, I was energetic.. but I leveled the treadmill and just started jogging. I think I lasted five minutes before I had to give up and go back to walking.

Fast forward again to yesterday... yesterday I watched as they took my two favorite treadmills away and replaced them with newer gadgets. Problem.. they're the king that have these "wings" at the side. That seriously cramps arm movements if you're just walking. So the choice is... be very careful and walk, jog, or never use the treadmills again.

Keep in mind the longest I've ever jogged, to date, was 5 minutes. (not counting when i swore off jogging and running because that tended more towards running than jogging and was, probably in reality, more walking than both)
So I decided to try to jog. See how long I could do it.
Went back to an old strategy I had when I first started using the treadmill... 7 1/2 minutes of jogging, take a drink and catch my breath, another 7 1/2 minutes etc.
Basically eke out 30 minutes with three breaks.
It worked.
Imagine my joy (once I get over being stiff and exhausted) at being able to pull of an entire half hour of jogging. I honestly feel like I passed a milestone here.

*does a dance*

That's all I can think of to say.
Ciao all!
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You know.. I've been doing this for about four and a half months and I still don't like to exercise. Don't get me wrong.. I'm not about to stop exercising.. I like weight loss and muscles and the idea of eventually being fit. But I don't like the act of exercise.. it's boring, tedious, tiring and, in general, no fun.
I wish there were a way short of buying a gym at home to make the gym constantly interesting, at least.
That is all.
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No more school!
No more classes!
No more being a TA!
No more practicum projects!
No more sadistic advanced math!
No more overstress!
... well, for a month, at least.

Choices, choices, choices.. do I work on my web page? Play a computer game? Work on this summary of my classes?
These are choices I can deal with :D
What summary? OK, so I had four classes: the practicum, the math class, the fluid mechanics and the groundwater class.
The practicum class I learned nothing new in except how frustrating doing what you learn in classes can be in practice.
The math I learned pretty much out of the book. It's a good book, too!
The fluids book sucks, though. It was a good class. So I'm doing a summary of what I learned in that class.
And I want a summary of the stuff I learned in groundwater too. It will take a while.. but it'll be all good.

My plans today include.. doing nothing, going to the gym, doing nothing, doing nothing, going to my brother's holiday concert and doing nothing.

Hey, all you TMBG fans.. check this song out
Double Take - Birdhouse In Your Soul
a capella Birdhouse! Coolies! :D
The Brown Derbies are doing their own version, too. But I don't have it yet.

What else? Oh, my weight! I didn't post it yesterday. Well, my weight is 262 lbs. Not as big as a drop as I'd LIKE, but it's been a stressful week and I don't think stress is good for a diet...

Can't think of anything else worth saying, at the moment. Hasta, folksies!
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Well... today is monday. That means it's time for the weekly weigh-in!
I know yer as excited about it as I am (not!)
Anyways.. with all due haste. This week's weight is... 265. That means 35 lbs. gone! WOOHOO!

Not much going on in LITEsville. The car went into the shop today. Hopefully it'll be fixed tommorow thru wednesday and I'll pick it up wednesday (wish i could pick it up tommorow, but I have class till 5 and the garage closes at 5)
Until then.. I'm back to walking to school.
At least I'm more fit than I was this time last year so walking to be school should be no problem!

Wow.. 35 lbs. gone. Go me! ^.^

OK.. not much else to say. Post later when I have things to talk about...
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Twas Two Days After Thanksgiving
And All Through The House
Not a critter was empty.
Not even Mr. Mouse.
The fridge was stocked with turkey sky high,
With Stuffing and carrots and sweet potato pie.
The residents were groaning, their belts a bit tighter
(except for Howard, who's just a bit lighter)

OK OK, so I don't know how I did it, but the weight readings do not lie! (snigger) and I have actually LOST a pound between the day before thanksgiving and now, and I haven't been to the gym in two days! Well, I guess I chan chill over stress because I didn't go to the gym for a couple days. The weight loss continued.

So, let me tell y'all about Thanksgiving in my house. It started on a bad foot. My brother called at 11:00 (while mom and I were watching Planet of the Apes) to say "I can't get a ride. You need to take me!" and after the many and various calls where Marc did the same thing to grandma who, despite the fact that she doesn't like Marc as he acts now, didn't feel it appropriate for even Marc to not be with family Thanksgiving Night.
So we tell him "we'll meet you at work." (he works at the Olive Garden near the Walden Galleria Mall. It's a bit of a walk away from his house, but it's easy to find and we're comfortable going there (compared to Marc's neighborhood, the roughest neighborhood in all of Buffalo.) Marc whined and wheedled but finally accepted.
Then Marc springs "You guys are gonna come in and see the apartment and the cats, right?" and mom says "Well, we'll see."
Then *I* get pissed.
I was looking forward to the idea that Marc wasn't going to be able to go to dinner with us (did I mention I *DON'T* like him?) but then to make us run down to the Galleria Mall and then to my grandmother's house (Northern Edge of Buffalo, for people like [profile] trillain, [personal profile] dawnstar and [personal profile] phinnia, who have a geographic sense of how we're going out of the way here), but then to stop at his house having picked him up, having had dinner with him and having had to drive him home? No, I don't think so.
So I tell Mom to tell Marc we're NOT GOING IN. She doesn't.
Fight ensues.
Eventually we cool off, but I guess it shows how much NONE of us want to pick Marc up or be a part of this.
4:00 comes and we're JUST about ready to go out the door. We're making sure we have everything and, sure enough, Marc calls. He "missed his bus" and we need to pick him up someplace. Furious, mom gets the place (an intersection of a couple of other big streets.. Walden and.. I forget.) and calls grandma to find out how to get to grandma's house from there.
So we get to the intersection.
Do you think Marc was there waiting? Do ya?
Of COURSE not!
So I get out of the car and sprint to the corner, spot a plaza he MIGHT be in, we go, look, nope. Finally as we pull out and get ready to give up and just go to grandma's, we spot him, walking towards the spot he said he'd be at, smoking.
Josh gets out, gets his ass in the car and suddenly I am OVERPOWERED by the smell of Marijuana. Marc must have just been smoking some. Grrr!!
So we get to grandma's house. Dinner was good. Who was there, you ask? It was me, mom, Josh, Marc, our great uncle Alan, grandma and grandma's neighbor Laura.
Personally, I couldn't sit still. I didn't want to be in the room with Marc (despite the fact that he was following Josh and I around), but at the same time... that's where the food and comfortables chairs (not the dinner, cheese and crackers and veggies and dip.) were in the other room.
The nice thing was Uncle Alan (he hates it if we call him Great Uncle, so.. whatever.. :) ) noticed the weight loss immediately (yay!) and thought I looked great :)
Dinner went off without a hitch. Tired of hanging around Marc, Josh and I volunteer to go outside in the chlly air and take a nice walk. Marc volunteers to come along (*groan*) and before an argument takes places, grandma cuts us short and more or less says "Marc is going."
Now, the fun starts. Josh, who can't ignore Marc and is furious he can't get AWAY from Marc starts talking shit (You know, stuff like "Your rap sucks." (and it does.) and "We need to cut your beard off" (And we do. His beard looks terrible. ) and Marc talks shit back. Finally, I just give in and go home. Watch half the Everyone Loves Raymond episode and go into the kitchen to talk with mom and grandma and laugh at the fact that my mom, a teacher, can't get any of her biology experiments (like...put a potato in a maze and watch the roots get out into the sunlight.) to work!
Finally, we go home. Luckily, Marc got a ride home from his girlfriend. We were thrilled. Honestly.

Other things happening Thanksgiving Day. Well.. one important one. We got the holiday paper and, of course, everyone is having sales for the day after Thanksgiving. I, personally, wasn't planning on going out at all, ya know? Only madmen go out, right? So my mom shows me the Best Buy add and, suddenly, I'm a madman, because for $150 I can get an HPA Jordana Colour PDA with Windows CE and 16 MB Memory. It seemed like a HELL of a deal, even if it was Windows CE.
So, Friday, after the pictures, our plan is to go to Best Buy (and Best Buy ALONE!) and get this PDA, right? Just remember that!

Friday comes along.
As you may recall (or may not), today is the day we have to get our pictures taken for my father and stepmother. So Josh and I get up early (*groan*) and drive to Dad's house. After the pictures, we'll have a "typicall" Hannukah Dinner (only a couple weeks early!) and get our presents.
So we get up and get to dad's house on time.
He tells us to open our presents now. Especially as he wants us to wear one of them to the pictures. So we do.
I get.. a nice sweater for the picture, a couple of other very nice shirts (one I'll wear, one.. eh, one... never! I'm returning for something better!) and a Car Emergency Kit (THIS present I like.. it has all sorts of goodies.. jumper cables, flashlight, flare, cone, emergency water. Stuff like that. So this is a GOOD GIFT (that I'll hopefully not use much!) ) I put my sweater on and Marc and Aaron (Elaine, my stepmother's son. He's pretty cool.) arrive. We take the family portait.. one of all six of us, one of just Marc, Josh and I (for mom and grandma and anyone else in mom's side of the family) and one of Dad and Elaine and just Aaron (for Aaron's father's side of the family)
Not too painful, if not fun.
We get back home and dad's like 'we'll be serving lunch in an hour."
ERK! We don't really wanna sit around the house with Marc wandering around and making comments and Marc's crappy Israeli (well.. it wasn't necessarily crappy but.. jaunty.. it jumped around from theme to theme. That grated on me. I'm used to gradual changeover like you hear from classical music and even today's rock operas), so Josh was like "Want to go to Media Play so i can get some Playboys??"
So we go. Media Play is, of course, mobbed. But Josh finds two Playboys and $50 Playstation 2 ($5 off because it's The Day After) called 007: Agent Under Fire. (The graphics on this game are SWEET, Man! Much better than Goldeneye. I wonder if the multiplayer mode is akin to Goldeneye, that'd be sweet too!! ) and I go to Circuit City (which is just a two minute walk away, to look at PDAs and see if there's a better deal than that Jordana)
Get back, hang out for another 20 minutes and lunch is served.
Lunch was.. lacking somewhat. Apparently the traditional hannukah meal is potato pancakes, applesauce and some thing with squash and apples. It wasn't particularly filling. So, we sit and talk for another 20 minutes, maybe half an hour (my father is thinking of getting Adelphia Powerlink, the Cable Modem I'm on now) and then leave.
Grandma comes over with even MORE leftovers! We have so much turkey! After we're done, I doubt I'll want turkey again until NEXT thanksgiving! Luckily, turkey is very much on my diet :D
So then we decide to go get the PDA. Remember, One Store.. and we know exactly what we're looking for. We get there and they're all sold out. They sold out in *20 MINUTES* SOB!
He does try to hook me up with a SONY CLIE, but I say I wanna look around a bit more.
We go to Circuit City and CompUSA to see if A) they have that PDA and B) They'll match the price in the ad. Neither one had it (It must have been going out of stock with the new Jordana's, hence the price!), but since I don't wanna drive with the other madmen BACK to Best Buy, we decide to pick at CompUSA. I come out with a very nice Handspring Visor Neo.
And hence, I HAVE A PDA! I HAVE A PDA!

And I need it too! My organization skills are severely lacking and I have my information all over. In my email box, written down in books, on little bits of paper, etc.
That's why I wanted/needed a PDA. Not just because it's EXPECTED in the Engineering Profession, but because I could use the extra organizational boost.
So I'm now looking for all the bits of information I have and need and putting them into the Visor (along with a small selection of fun things.. like a couple of games and a tarot card program.)
But I've got all my homework in there, and email adresses of people at school and my friends. Important birthdays, Holidays etc.
I already feel more organized :)
Get home, take a nap and my oooold friend Todd Fryburger who I haven't seen in a while since he moved down to Pittsburgh for his job is back up for a couple of days. We'll probably get together today and chat and catch up. I've invited him to go see Monsters Inc. with us tonite too, and I think we're going.
The rest of the night I spent playing with my PDA!

Got on the scale today and Lo! I have a new lowest weight and I have LOST WEIGHT over thanksgiving without exercise!
Wheeheeheeheehee! :D :D :D
Well, that's all I can think of. Ciao folksies!
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Ah, Thanksigiving. The season for family, homemade dinners and thanks-giving.

What are you thankful for?
I'm thankful for many things.

  • I'm thankful I actually got the chance to start graduate school and the fiscal resources to pay for it (no matter how much I bitch about being a TA, I have to look on that bright side. It also pays my tuition.)
  • I'm thankful for a healthy family and four healthy cats. And, at the same time
  • I am thankful for the time I DID spend with little Merlin
  • I am thankful for all the friends who've stuck with me through the thick and the thin, the good and the bad.
  • I am thankful to ChaoticMUX for simply continuing to exist. Alot of people may think it's dead or dying, but you know what? It doesn't matter. What matters is that I know that when I need friends to be with (whether in a good mood or bad), that they all congregate there.
  • I am thankful I finally "saw the LITE" and started working on my weight, and that I've done so well so far.

OK, enough with the soppiness.

So I did get paid yesterday. Given that I had the majority of the day off, I went off and did a bunch of errands. Gassed up the car, got some salad, got some shoes, some of my flavored water, an ice scraper, picked up some certified mail, bought the Jim Carrey "Grinch" DVD for myself and rented " Planet of the Apes" for mom, and bought a game "The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions". I also got a free sweatshirt as I'm a UBEESC officer (the sweatshirt is from one of the parent associations: the Air and Waste Management Association.) and it looks quite nice :) Got the theory behind my final project for groundwater all figured out too (I think), so.. as you can tell, it was a busy day.

I doubt today will be half as busy. We're probably going to watch "Planet of the Apes" and I'll do laundry either today or tommorow.. otherwise i'll probably play The Incredible Machine.. or maybe Zoo Tycoon.. or maybe The Sims.
I LOVE Choices :D

There are two negative aspects to the day: #1: The Gym is closed for today and tommorow. This bothers me alot. As most of you know, the gym is my big secret to weight loss. As long as I work out (alot) in it, I feel like I'm at LEAST doing the things I need to do to lose weight. Also.. with the fact that i JUST stopped plateauing, I don't REAL:LY want to go back.
Of course, what happens happens.. I don't intend to curtail my eating habits. I LOVE Thanksgiving dinner. So.. whatever. Hopefully I don't gain weight. If I do, hopefully (most likely) it isn't much and I can lose it more or less just as easily.

#2: The Family Dinner. I DO love Thanksgiving Dinner... I love Turkey and Mashed Potato and Sweet Potato Pie and all of it. But today dinner will be strained. Why, you ask? Surely you aren't so obsessive you'll let your diet get in the way?? No. It's not that. It's my brother Marc. As a quick reminder for those of you who don't know the entire backstory.. Marc is the black sheep of the family. His adventures in the world (if anyone know what they all were and not the bits and pieces we get from phone calls and letters) would make a hell of a movie. Drugs, Gangs, Sex, Possible Fatherhood, being almost injured by a car bomb in Israel, finding religion etc.

My life may seem dull and drab by comparison, but I wouldn't switch lives for the world. I AM intelligent enough to stay away from drugs and gangs. I doubt I'd EVER go to Israel (if I had money to visit something, it'd be Great Britain and Ireland) and as for religion.. well... I'm pagan, but I don't go around wearing a pentacle, a ceremonial robe and having private pagan ceremonies before dinner. I have no trouble with the fact he's gone ultra-conservative Jewish EXCEPT for the fact that you can't be a good jew and break the 10 commandments the way he does continuously. If he became a good person who could even think about other people not himself and remained ultra-conservative.. more power to him. Until then... it's just a big joke.

And then Friday, we get to see the dear brother for a "Family portrait" my father wants us all to pose for. Here i'll be, in contacts, nice haircut, just lost 30 lbs.. I'll look pretty good. Marc will probably pose with his full length scraggly looking beard and his gang sign.. er.. I mean Jewish Star in front of his shirt.

Did you know in Buffalo the gang sign of one of the major gangs, the crips, is a Jewish Star? They have some reason for it... whatever.

Oh, and then after the pictures, we can all have lunch together and enjoy each other's sparkling company (gag gag gag. Don't like Marc. REALLY don't like my Stepmom. Dad is OK only when Elaine (the Stepmom) isn't on a rampage.)

Another set of thoughts I've been wondering lately... maybe it's the time of year or maybe it's my increased sensitivity to it, but has anyone else noticed that at least 50 or 60% of us want to lose weight?
I can see why the Diet industry is still booming.
And this leads me to another set of thoughts.
Why are we letting ourselves get so fat?
Once we become fat and try to lose weight, why can't we?
And once we LOSE the weight, why can't we keep it off?
I met a girl on Phat Chat last night who said she still needs to lose 250 lbs.
250 lbs!!
How can you DO that to yourself? How can you ALLOW yourself to balloon up that big?
There are plenty of valid and less-valid reasons, of course. Emotional eating is a big problem in a lot of people. People get into funks and start heading for the chocolate, cheesecake and marshmallow pies.
This just created a cycle. Get upset... eat alot of crap. Look in the mirror.. get upset.. eat more crap etc.
I've never really suffered from emotional eating. I did.. do.. eat while bored. I'll be bored and look for things to do.. so I'd grab a handful of chips or whatever.
At the same time, I didn't detest healthy food. I've always loved chicken, rice, vegetables.
250 lbs?? I didn't ask age. I don't think it MATTERS.
And this woman had been dieting on and off for a few years and had yo-yo'd that is.. taken some weight off and put it all back on.
Listen folks, dieting is NOT HARD! It's time-consuming, but not hard! If you think it's hard, you have the ABSOLUTE WRONG ATTITUDE and, chances are, you will fail and end off where you were or worse.
Attitude is everything.
First off... for those of you (and this seems to be ESPECIALLY women) who "need to lose 5 lbs. so I can get back into that swimsuit" or "lose 10 so I can look good for the school reunion." Don't bother, you'll fail. Or if you succeed to take the poundage off, you'll put it right back on again right afterwards, which in my book still means you've failed because you'll have to go back and do it again.
Dieting shouldn't be about vanity.. well, vanity alone in any case.
You can't lose pounds just to look good.
The only way you will succeed is to look towards more loftier goals: total physical fitness and good cardiovascular health.
Did you know your metabolism slows down a bit every year? Hence, if you never change your eating habits in 70 years, you'll still gain some poundage.
There are ways to fix this, of course... exercise. Metabolism is based on many many things... sex, age, background conditions (race, parentage etc.) and lean body weight.. that is.. the weight of your body that ISN'T Fat.
Guess which of those things YOU can fix?
That's right... just pumping iron for half an hour three or four days a week will increase your metabolsim. Muscle definately counts as lean mass. And it is NOT HARD to gain muscle.
And while you're in the gym, working on your muscles.. why don't you consider some cardio? There are so many ways to get your heart pumping...walk, jog, run, swim, bicycle, climb stairs or use the elliptical machine in the gym. Cardio work strengthens your heart, strengthens your lungs and makes you fitter. You'll be able to be one of those people who can walk up a flight of stairs without needing a few minutes to catch your breath. You'll be able to be one of those people on the court playing tennis or raquetball while the unfit people look enviously at you from inside.
You'll feel more alive than you can possibly imagine unless you've been there. Unless you've gone from Immobile to Mobile.
And while you are on the court, exercising, making yourself healthier and stronger and fitter, your body uses up calories and burns off fat.
And if all you're looking for is to lose some fat.. just eat foods with less calories. Put down the cheesecake and pick up some cottage cheese. Put down the ice cream and pick up some iced grapes.
There's no trick here, folks. This is the only way guaranteed to work 100% of the time. Exercise more, eat better.
It will take time and it may be frustrating at times, but you WILL see the difference. The pounds will come off. You'll feel fitter, more alive, more vibrant and the whole time you will be getting healthier and healthier.
Have you ever noticed how fit people get sick less than unfit people? There are reasons. Ever notice how that old man on the courts playing raquetball tends to have less problems with cholesterol levels than the old man on the couch watching TV?

And you need to do this for yourself. Don't do it because you think other people want you to be thin. Don't do this to get even with that boy who said he'd NEVER date a fat girl like you. Do it for yourself.. for your health and for your self.
Otherwise, you still fail. Because you WON'T keep the pounds off.
As Fred over at Phat Man would say... the only secret to success is to live like a fit, healthy person who doesn't have the weight you want to lose. Me? I'm trying to live like a fit, healthy 200 lb. man. To get into the habits I hope to take with me when I finally reach 200: exercise, weight lifting and eating better.
That when when I finally reached 200.. there's no adjustment. I'll already be eating normally.. I'll already be exercising normally (Honestly, I'll probably cut down on the exercise a bit when I finally get to 200... go for half an hour of cardio a day instead of an hour. But.. we'll see. I'm not there yet.) And that is how you succeed... because getting there was pretty easy.. you ate and exercised.. and staying there is just as easy. Maybe easier because you're used to it.

Wow, this post got long.

Well.. I'll mention one more thing and call it quits.
I've given myself a new long term plan. I'm going to try to reach 250 by January 1st of next year. I may be able to reach it. I may not. But that's my new long term goal. I'm not TOO Far away.. only about 17 lbs.. and I have 6 weeks to do it. It'll be close one way or the other.

That's all. Have a good Thanksgiving!

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