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In which I discuss the Idiocy of Democratic Senators who are squandering their chance for health care reform )
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Anyone who believes Obama is a terrorist.. is an idiot. I'm sorry, but it needs to be said. Anyone who really believes that just because Obama met an ex-terrorist who is now a respected college professor in Chicago, and thus must be a terrorist himself.. is an idiot. A total moron.
Anyone who still believes that Obama is a Muslim.. is an idiot.

Anyone who believes that just because ACORN is backing Obama and just because Obama defended ACORN once as a trail lawyer, that he must be for fraudulent voter registration... is a total and complete moron.

Anyone who believes that Obama is like Reverend Wright, a super-radical black man who wants to punish whites.. is a complete and total dunderhead (and clearly didn't bother to watch the debates)

Anyone who actually thinks that it's OK to scream "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!" and get VIOLENT on the campaign trail.. isn't just an idiot, but a very very scary nutjob as well. These are the idiots that I hope the Secret Service is keeping an eye on because they'll be the ones who try to gun down a president.

There. I've said it.
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I am not posting this on the public forums. I know better than that. I know some of my friends are conservative, and that's fine. I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but here's what I think...

I think Ms. Palin was a bad choice for McCain. I'll stand by that. She may help comfort the republican base and the religious right, but I suspect she'll scare off alot of moderates and for as long as *I*'ve been watching elections, an election is typically won by the person who can get the most moderates and the most undecideds (not always the same group, but sometimes they are). Does McCain believe Palin can help him do it? Or does he think he can do it DESPITE Palin?

I don't know. But... I think Palin may hurt him greatly that way.

I think she poked a big hole in McCain's "It's experience that counts" attitude. McCain has alot of experience, which I don't deny. But a VP is there to take over if the president is somehow unable to due his duty, and she has approximately as little experience as Obama (you may say less, she says more. I'm not going to argue that. Approximately as little.)

I have to question whether McCain TRULY knew what bringing Sarah Palin in to the campaign would do. Did he know about the emails where she demanded her former BiL be fired? Was he aware she accepted money for the "Bridge to Nowhere" when he sought so hard to demonize the lobbyists and those taking money from them? Did he not thing these things would find the light of day if he did know? I don't actually know, but given that those in charge of the vetting process admit they didn't even meet Ms. Palin until just before they asked her to become VP, I have to wonder.

I'm not even touching Bristol. Though I DO have to wonder what Obama did to Palin. As far as I know (and someone can correct me if I'm wrong here), Obama hasn't said anything about Palin at all (the press has done it for him), except to say that family was out.


That's just my thoughts. You can agree or disagree or argue or whatever it is you feel you want to do.
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This is just a public political rant, in my journal.

This was supposed to be a good year for the Democrats. The Republicans don't have much of the way of a leg to stand on. Bush is very unpopular. McCain would leave us in an unpopular war.

But once again.. once again, just like the last two presidential elections (and probably many others before that, but I only remember the last two), the republicans turn to negative campaigning. McCain can't say anything good about himself, so he campaigns by trying to tear down Obama, calling him a celebrity, making what, I'm sorry, are some pretty stupid twists of the truth about Obama.

And what's worse is that it works.

Right now, as the polls are showing McCain in the lead ONLY because he ran a rather succesful negative ad and not because he's suddenly a much better candidate, I despair.

This is one of the major reasons Kerry lost last year. He allowed the Republicans to brand him, instead of him branding himself. I only hope to god that Obama is NOT going to make the same mistakes Kerry made.

I feel despair because.. in a perfect world, the one I wish DID exist, we elected candidates based on what they stood for, who they were, what they wanted to do with their candidacy.. not because of negative campaigning and such.


Rant over.
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96% Hillary Clinton
96% John Edwards
96% Barack Obama
93% Chris Dodd
87% Joe Biden
82% Bill Richardson
71% Mike Gravel
68% Dennis Kucinich
57% Rudy Giuliani
48% John McCain
35% Mitt Romney
33% Mike Huckabee
33% Tom Tancredo
21% Fred Thompson
11% Ron Paul

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

I find it interesting that I match with the three primary contenders that closely 8o

I know Obama has MY vote in the Primaries.

EDIT: Looking at my friends list.. holy geez.. how did I end up so much of a better match than... all of you? 8o
The Iraq question, maybe?

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