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This is probably going to be another long post. To spare your friends page, I shall hide my ramblings behind an lj-cut tag

And now on to the show... )
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I've had three (possibly all three... need to go to the EngiNet people tommorow since they haven't emailed yet) of my classes so far. I know you're all desperately curious (... not), so I'll tell you about them.
on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have two classes: Groundwater and Design.
The groundwater class, so far, is exactly what I expected. At the moment, it's boring as it's all repeated stuff I've seen many times before. I hope it to get more interesting in a month or so, once we start modeling actual sites. (which is the reason I'm sitting in on this class)
The design class... well, where to start.
The design class is trying to learn from the mistakes that the practicum made last semester (that was the class from hell that seemed to take all my time). Dr. Rabideau is trying something radically different (but it looks better) from the practicum.
The design class will be working (this year) with Letchworth State Park (and the state parks commission). The problem is this: Letchworth State Park is a camping ground for a few thousand (up to, I think, 10,000 or so people during events) people each year. Their water source comes from seven collectors around the park. These collectors collect (just under the surface) groundwater, given them only basic treatment and serve to the different watering station (and a few cabins) around the park.
Now it has come to light that the groundwater may be being aversely affected by fertilization of the ground in Letchworth. (quick explanation: fertilizator contains phosphorus. Phosphorus makes algae grow and grow. Algae grows, dies and becomes organic waste which consumes oxygen and drives the quality of the water down. This is part of why Lake Erie used to be so godawful nasty in the 70s). So the following questions need to be answered: Is the groundwater under the influence of the surface water. And (assuming it is), what do we do to take care of the problem? (treatment system design, maybe... not sure yet)
On Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays I have GIS applications. This course really excites me. I took a course in GIS a while back, but to be honest, it wasn't very useful to me. It was basic stuff for geographers and planning people, but no really ENGINEERING applications were discussed. In this class, we'll get into real engineering applications of GIS including spatial analyst, 3d analysis and scripting languages to make a front end for C++ or Fortran programs. I have to do a project for this class and I'm thinking I'll make a visual frontend to POM to display the interesting features (velocity, temperature, concentration. Whatever I like.). Like I said, I'm really excited :)

Had lunch with Dave today (did I mention he's going to UB now?) we ate at the commons and had Chinese. Yum :) He was telling me of his new addition (his 2 year old cat he got from the SPCA after Pud died ). Apparently, she's very affectionate. Loves to cuddle up to him. Purrs if you look cross-eyed at her. Yay, affectionate cats! :) I have to meet her :)

Dinner meeting tommorow for AWMA. I'm excited.

This stands as living proof on how stupid we really are. Gods... like [ profile] trillain just said on Chaotic... you can't force McD and BK to be responsible because we don't eat well. It's a choice on our part. I know *I* was educated (in health) on how to eat properly. It's a choice... we choose to go and get a quick dinner and McD instead of stay home and cook something. This has to be the stupidest argument I've heard in a while...

Anyways, another test (I think it's rigged. It seems like EVERYONE gets Cheer Bear)
See what Care Bear you are.
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OK, I haven't written in this thing since Friday, so it's time for catchup, I guess.
OK, as close to chronologically as the altered state I'm dealing with due to not being at all awake...
So, Friday I went home early (no one was here at work anyways, including my boss. I took a nap (in preperation for midnight bowling), played some video games, got a call from Soreth (the guy who no internet access at the moment) to hear good news that his family is doing a line test to see if he's OK for DSL. If he is, he'll get it within a week.. and within that week will have access to a free number for his modem (which will be slow as hell, but.. better than nothing!)
Unfortunately, my call with Soreth got cut short because of an insistent beeping in the phone I kept hearing which I later found out was the call waiting we have now (not that anyone has shown *ME* how to use it!)
I *DID* go Midnight Bowling with my brother. For those unfortunate enough not to know what Midnight Bowling is, I'll explain it...It is Bowling (the sport with the heavy bowling ball and the ten pins).. at midnight. How is it different from usual bowling? A few differences: 1) They turn most of the lights and turn black lights on so that pins.. and some of the bowling balls, glow in the dark... 2) They turn Music Videos on that you can see either from your display or two central screens during the bowling.. so that you are bowling to music. This is, all in all, in my not so humble opinion, ten times better than regular bowling because it's so much cooler.
Anyways, despite my protestations, Joshua refused to take the nap I asked him to and so spent the entire 2 hours yawning and tired. Then came home and told me *I* was annoying. I dunno if I'll do it again... if I DO, it will NOT be with just him. He's just not cool enough to hang around. Especially when, having TOLD him to take nap, he didn't and then was cranky through the bowling.
Saturday came.. woke up much earlier than I'd have liked. C'est La Vie. Called Babbage's and asked if Startopia was there yet. Of COURSE Not! It's been booted to the 26th now =P *grumble*. So I decided to console myself by getting a $20 program (Dance Ejay) instead.. plus needed to get a new wallet and a book. So I drove to the mall.. then I drove to BJs Wholesale to get stuff (I got more of the sparkling water I love so much).. then we went home, I called my friend Dave, made plans to go see "Swordfish" (GOOD Movie! GO SEE! Lots of Explosions!) and we had a discussion. I forced him to tell me about his trip to Pittsburgh with the woman you love to hate, Marci and her boyfriend, Mike (?.. I THINK his namje is Mike. It doesn't matter.) which once again leads me to believe that my friend Dave is a complete and utter idiot when it comes to this woman who has used, abused and then thrown him out.
Oh well.
So, Sunday comes along.. and it's the first Sunday we go to the beach (the family has a long standing tradition of going up to Crystal Brach, Canada to my grandmother's cottage. We go to the beach then eat dinner at Grandma's. It's a good tradition, except for the bit where I tend to get sunburned easily. )
So I brought my book along, enjoyed the sparse sun, went home before I got sunburned (I may have gotten burned a little around the neck, but it's not bad.) and it was an altogether pleasant day at the beach.
I got home and called Soreth back and we had a pleasant discussion about this, that and everything else.
Then I went back to reading my books and turned in for the night.
That's all I have to report, I guess. So now I'll read through my friends weekends and go seek out my boss again. Toodles, people!
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well, I forgot all about hosting "Whose Line is it Anyway?" last night. I have really good reason, tho. I went with my friends Dave and Carl and their friend Paras with the idea that we'd be going to Lasertron then Dave left, upset and depressed (I guess he's having a really tough time with the fact that most of his friends who have been with him for years and years are all leaving town for college or real jobs. I can relate, but...) and Carl and Paras and I ended up hanging out till 11:00 just shooting the sh*t and playing video games. I completely forgot about Whose Line Is It Anyway. Sorry to all my ChaoticMUX friends for that.
Today I'm supposed to be taking my first official Driving Test. Silly really as I've been driving for a month now... in the day, in the night, in the rain (on a train, with a fox, in a box.. no I will not eat green eggs and ham, I will not eat them Sam I Am) and even went on the thruway.. albeit once. But whatever... it'll make my mother more comfortable and it'll cost only $30 and 45 minutes. So whatever.
I think I've got plans to go out Midnight Bowling tonight with my baby brother.. I haven't been Midnight Bowling FOREVER, so I'm definitely looking forward to it.
In other news, Alana finally read my journal and posted accordingly. I expected it (and am shocked it took her so long to reply!). I've no comments about them, tho. Tis not worth it.
I just read a book called "Doc Sidhe".. a really interesting premise... faerieland exists etc. etc. etc. but that the faerie world DID move on past the dark age world we usually picture it as to a world much like (in this story) the 30s... it's a really cool premise. I keep picturing what such a world would be like if it were like today (with computers and such)...
Well, time to wrap this up. Toodles from Buffalo-ville.

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