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Pretty decent week, pretty decent weekend.

We went townhouse hunting on Saturday. Sadly, we have to leave in another 6 weeks, tops, so we need a place to go. We found a place about a mile from where we live now, which is good because that makes the whole daycare thing easier. Rent is reasonable and the house was nice, so.. we put in an application. Here's hoping.

The little boy is sitting up now. This puts him a step or two away from crawling *fear*. I hope he doesn't start crawling until after we've moved. Trying to babyproof the house while breaking it down would be.. not so much fun.

The new daycare seems to be working well. At the moment, it's just Robert and Cecilia's other kids, and Robert loves the attention and is thriving with it.

Due to a surprising gift from my inlaws (surprising in that I GOT a birthday gift at all), I went and preordered Civilization V this weekend. It comes out.. about the time we're moving, actually. We're both really excited about this game. K started playing Civ back when she worked the night shift in Rochester, and was excited to find out that I was interested in it too and we both have had fun screwing around with Civ IV, so... this should be good.
Games K and I can share are always somewhat better than games we can't. :)

And that's pretty much it, for now. Busy week ahead.. well, half-busy, half duller-than-Enya. Oh well.
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I am so glad the move is basically over. OK, yes, we still have to finish unpacking and putting stuff away and such, but.. I am so glad that we made it, we're here.

Moving thoughts. )
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If I'm going to miss one thing about CC, it's actually posting to an audience, but.. *shrug*

We had a busy weekend and we're more or less on track to be all packed up and ready to go by October 24th. We've hired the movers, as suggested by our friends Lynne and Amy, and we should have everything that's going into a box in a box by Friday night.

It's so weird to look around and see my life being slowly but surely boxed up and put into a closet where certain cats can't claw at the boxes.

There's not a whole lot else going on BUT the move at the moment. After the move, we'll probably be ready to start working on other things again, but for now, the move is all (with occasional sanity-keeping breaks.


I want to touch on local politics for a bit.

In Virginia, it looks like McDonnell has a big lead over Deeds, and is probably going to cinch it. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that McDonnell is our new governor and this is entirely the fault of Deeds' campaign staff.
I'll be honest. I don't see myself voting for Deeds this year. His campaign has been lousy. I still have no idea what Deeds would do FOR me/Northern Virginia. All he wants to talk about is McDonnell's twenty year old thesis which McDonnell's already said "Look, I was young and I was stupid and 20 years and 3 daughters later, I don't have the same attitude."
Deeds is running a negative campaign. Were his staffers not paying ATTENTION in 2008 when that didn't work for McCain? Did they not catch the part where talking only about how bad the other guy is without saying what YOU'LL do is bad politics?
It's as if Deeds expects that since we're Northern Virginians we'll simply vote for him because we're Democrats but.. I was in New York when Cuomo got ousted and Pataki got put in mainly because Cuomo made way too many assumptions about how Buffalo would vote. I know a number of Northern Virginians who aren't happy with the way Deeds has campaigned, my wife and I included (and my wife is more liberal than I am)
I'm calling this for McConnell.


Sep. 22nd, 2009 07:49 am
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It's been a while since I posted any life updated here, huh?

Well, the wife and I looked at townhouses two weekends ago and found one we really liked, but the owner was less than thrilled when we dated to say that we wanted to move in at the end of October, not the beginning (Hello?!?! Two weeks from now!) and so, as far as we can tell, never took our application seriously. We just got word a few days later that they weren't interesting.

Ironically, this house has been on the market since June.

I'm willing to bet it's still on the market, but whatever! It forced us to go out and keep looking. We found a much nicer three floor/two bedroom place this last weekend, which we applied for. It's gorgeous in there! This time, the company is taking the application seriously. We know that they tried to contact K's boss to verify employment. They probably contacted mine as well.

Meanwhile, we've begun to systematically disassemble our household. Er.. I mean pack! There really is a limited amount of stuff we can pack up right now, but we're doing what we can to make it easier when it's crunch time later on. It's also giving us a chance to go through things and get rid of stuff we simply just don't need anymore. (We found K's old cable modem from when she left rochester. It's now gone.)

And that's what's going on over here. Hopefully we hear soon that we've got the townhouse we want and don't have to go back out this weekend.
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Yesterday, I had plans to go hang out with some friends from CC, which we did, and then go looking at townhomes with K. Notes on the townhouses we saw )
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So, after making about 100 phone calls, we finally figured out what was going on.

In short, it's not the Bank's fault and it's not REALLY my fault, it's the credit reporter's fault.

When I first moved to the DC area, I had alot of debt to take care of and wasn't making enough to live in this area and pay off my debts. I did my best working with everyone involved, but long story short, a couple of my student loans ended up going default.

About three years ago, we got a nasty surprise when we got a letter from a company telling me I was default on a bunch of loans and I had to pay $50,000 RIGHT NOW. Needless to say, I didn't have that, but we worked out a payment plan and began rehabilitating my loans. Two years ago, the loans were officially rehabilitated and I got a chance to consolidate all my loans into one loan that I've been faithfully paying for two years.

When the loan was finally rehabilitated, the department of education sent a letter to Equifax letting them know that the loan wasw not in default and remove this from my credit report. Equifax failed to do that. I've lodged an appeal of this debt from Equifax (and when I spoke to the Department of Educaiton, they also lodged an appeal saying, basically "Hey we told you guys in December of 2006 that this loan is no longer in default and remove this from the credit rating.") but it will take them 30-45 days to fix it, according to their website and all the people K and I spoke to yesterday, including our real estate agent and the mortgage banker we were sent to.

If part of the plan wasn't to close on a house by November 30 and get $8,000 back on our taxes, we probably COULD have still bought a house, but time is short and talking to everyone, it's incredibly unlikely at this juncture that Equifax will fix the error in a timely manner.

So... now we're back in the realm of renting, at least for a year (Keep in mind K is having a baby in six months, so there's no point in trying to do it sooner). Possibly renting a house, possibly an apartment, depending on cost and travel time, mostly. Our real estate agent is looking at houses for rent right now and we'll go out the weekend after labor day to start loooking at them, says she.

Our hopes are that Obama decides to resign the.. I'm not sure what.. that is offering the $8,000 tax refund if we are a first time home buyer. In that case, we can start the paperwork much earlier, begin looking earlier, etc.

So.. that's where we stand. One way or the other, we still feel like we HAVE to move, that this two bedroom apartment is not enough room. So... stay tuned, I guess.

Bad News

Sep. 2nd, 2009 12:50 pm
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I've had a long, extremely stressful morning. Between one boss and another, I've gotten no chance to do any actual WORK today despite two rapidly approaching deadlines on Friday, and this afternoon looks too busy to work too.

Getting out of ANOTHER meeting, there was a call from K. K got the call from the.. person at our bank we asked regarding getting a mortgage.

In short, despite consolidating all of my student loans some three or so years back, apparently one loan was missed, and it defaulted, and even if I get it fixed up and brought back into good standing, our window for buying a house is.. quickly fleeting.

So... now we need to consider other non-house issues.

Long run, this isn't a big deal, it's a pothole in the road of life. Short run, we STILL need to move because we STILL don't have enough room for a baby, so now we look at rentals or a three bedroom apartment.

Due to the morning, I'm just feeling.. unable to feel. I'm sure I'll be bitterly disappointed once I get a chance to THINK, but now... I just feel a dull ache.


EDIT: FINALLY got through to Sallie Mae (the holders of my Educational Loans). There's a mistake. No loans are in default.

What's going on? I has no idea.

I'm just glad that it isn't as bad as I feared.
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OK, folks, I need your knowledge.

Kristen and I are moving (within the DC Metro Area - Wherever it goes, it needs to be relatively close to a Metro Station, so that one or both of us can get to work) and we NEED to know which areas we should be conentrating on finding an apartment in. We want to know what neighborhoods are worthwhile and which are not.
At the moment, we've only looked at Silver Spring. I've been told to check out Fairfax. And Alexandria is an obvious place for me to check.
Other suggestions?

Our rent threshold is approximately $1,400.

This post is public. Please feel free to redirect people.

Thank you!
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OK, this is a call out to those of you who read my LJ and live in or have lived in Maryland.

K and I are going off to Silver Spring this weekend, to look at the city and possibly a couple of apartments.

I'm looking for stories, good and bad, about Silver Spring. Tell me what you know. Good places? Bad places? Good apartments? Bad apartments?

I need to know what the apartment adverts aren't telling me.

Thank you in advance!

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