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Putting together my "2012 In Review" post, I realized that I'd lost track of the game I'd purchased in 2012. If I talked about it here, and I did some of the really shiny ones, I knew, but I got a bunch of smaller, indie games and for the life of me couldn't remember which. I know not all of them were worthy of being remembered much, and some I got as part of a game bundle, tried and decided I didn't care for it. But still.. I want to be keeping better track of at least what I got and whether it's worth remembering or not.


Steam is having some crazy sale until Saturday noon'ish, I think. I don't know if literally their entire stock is on sale, but quite a bit of it.

I had $20 in my pocket. I figured it would be OK to spend it and put the money back in the bank. I.. kinda overspent, but not massively. I got three games.

1) Borderlands: Game of the Year
Why I bought it: When Borderlands came out, I ignored the hype because, as a whole, I don't love FPS.. and I kinda suck at them. At least Fallout, which I've come to really like, had VATS which didn't mean I had to always click and shoot.
Then Borderlands 2 came out and a lot of people whose opinions I listened to sounded like they were having fun. Plus, I saw a youtube video. For.. incredibly cheap, I could get the original which would allow me to decide if I'd like it too.
Initial Impressions: Will Edit Later. Played only briefly so far. Liking it so far, though find myself confused. Will need to read up on Wikis to figure out what's going on and how to play the game BEST.

2) Tropico 4 + All DLC
Why I bought it: I have a soft place in my heart for city building and management games. Tropico 4 got good ratings and I've always been somewhat interested in it. The price was right. For $20 I got the game, it's expansion and all DLC. I decided to go for it.
Initial Impressions: Will Edit Later. Have no impressions yet.

3) Little Inferno
Why I bought it: I saw Lewis and Simon (of Yogscast) playing it on youtube. The game looks funny and sad at the same time. The actual gameplay itself is funny. You light things on fire. That's kind of it. Each thing reacts differently and most of the reactions are funny. The sad is the backstory. You're a child setting things on fire in your "Little Inferno Toy Fireplace." No hint where your parentals are, but it's snowing outside, it never stops and the snow gets colder and faster as the game progresses.
Initial Impressions: Have Not Played Yet. Will Post Later.
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