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Oct. 22nd, 2012 07:45 am
hkellick: Skyrim! (Video Games)
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I think it was Thursday that [personal profile] kareila pointed out how she was getting into a cute little Video Game called Glitch and was looking for other friendly faces to play. So I tried it out, not being sure, since it isn't precisely my standard fare.

And it's cute. Very cute. Mostly, the game is wandering around the various lands interacting with the scenery, collecting quoins and occasionally chatting with another person. It's kinda like a massive game of Animal Crossing.

There's tons of crafting available in the game that you'll unlock through various Skills. You can cook, plant and sow gardens, mine, do alchemy, and even create furniture. The more skills you unlock, the more you can do, which is good, because while exploring IS interesting, it's not much of a basis for a whole game.

Everyone there has been very friendly and I think the game rewards acts of friendliness. In fact, my first couple of hours, some friendly person gave me a whole backpack full of stuff. I mean full of stuff. Some of it more rare than others. It was a very nice welcome.

If the idea appeals to you, I suggest you check the game out. But it is VERY addictive.

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