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 So, this past weekend, I ended up taking a 3 Day Weekend. I'd had to work some mad hours the week of July 4th and while I didn't actually work the 4th itself, since I'd worked 40 hours that week, I was allowed to postpone my holiday.

And while part of me feels I cheated the system, I did. And then took it last Friday, giving myself a three day weekend.

It was.. exactly what I needed.

On Friday, we swam. Our little waterbaby only had his third "swimming lesson" but already he's floating on his back (with a little help from momma) and kicking and blowing bubbles. He's really taken to the water. We'll have to get him to a splash pad soon and see what he thinks of that.

On Saturday, we went back to the Norman Library to drop off books and get new ones. And, oh, there's a cookbook sale going on. K and I left with 10 library books (I found 4 books, none of which I could put down.. :D ) and 3 cookbooks. 

And we saw Transformers 3 on Netflix, which was absolutely awful.

We also ended up buying Civ V: Gods and Kings on Saturday. More on that in another post, I'm sure. :D Oh, and a friend bought two of "Frozen Synapse" on Steam and gave me a copy. So I got two new games for $27. Not bad at all. :D Wow, it just hit me.. on Saturday, I got three cookbooks and two video games for the price of a dinner out with the family...

Sunday, we hung out at home. Played Civ V. Got stuff done. Mostly, we chilled.

It was just nice to spend the time with my family without feeling wrung out and exhausted.

I don't work a 40 hour job. 45-50 hours per week is kinda typical. I get there early and leave late. And while I spend a little bit of time with my son and wife each day, it isn't much. (And sometimes that's just as well, because sometimes my little boy becomes a possessed hellion) and depending on how exhausting the day/week was, I'm already mentally checked out. Weekends go by quickly as I catch up on sleep and chill out time.

I need to plan to take some vacation time. Even if it's just a staycation. I have the time, god knows. And August is pretty clear, as far as my schedule goes. 

I also need to get back to Buffalo. I feel out of touch with the rest of my family. I've usually been back to Buffalo by now, but with us down here, I haven't been. 

In any case, it was a lovely three day weekend. And I'm sure R and K would agree.  :D

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Date: 2012-07-17 09:43 pm (UTC)
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We also ended up buying Civ V: Gods and Kings on Saturday. More on that in another post, I'm sure.

I will be waiting with much anticipation. :)

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