Dec. 10th, 2013 12:42 pm
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So a long-awaited game finally came out last week: Starbound.

If you like Minecraft or Terraria, you'll likely like Starbound. It's the same kind of exploration and building game.

Actually, Starbound can be compared pretty directly to Terraria. They're both pretty similar. With Terraria, you explore a single world, being able to explore more and more as you level up your gear. In Starbound, you explore a whole galaxy of worlds, being able to explore more and more as you level up your gear. Graphically, the game is a lot like Terraria as well.

The game is Beta now. A lot of things aren't in yet, but what I'm seeing right now is wonderful.

I love hopping onto a new planet and just exploring. You never know what you'll found. You'll find towers and prisons, sewers and castles. Some long abandoned. Some with NPCs in it. You'll explore forest planet, jungle planets, desert planets, ice planets, moons and such.

So far, it feels like there's a near infinite variety of things to find. That may wear off at some point. Right now, it truly is all new to me.

Right now, there's always something new to see and a lot of it is really cool.

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